The Great Debates

The Great Debates

United States

Without any preparation, or really any thought at all, Steve Hely and Dave King debate the great issues of the day. Moderated by Dan Medina. Produced by Marc Carusiello.


115 — Chest Hair  

In which the listeners continue their barrage of demanding topics.  The gents enter into a dispute, at micro-length, over the reanimation of Benjamin Franklin.  In Host Chat, a moment or two for the States.  For the main event, we talk chest hair. 

114 — Listener Micros  

In which the listeners are the real stars of the show.  The gents duke it out over debit cards & credit cards, the complexity of baby-relationships, the design of digits, and of course, Putin.   No games, no boring stories, just a whole lotta debate.

113 — Guitar Is The Sexiest Instrument  

In which John Mayer & BJ Novak return for more debates!  The “Double-Micro” is invented.  The group debates about the relative success of the family vacation.  Hely brings musical memories to Host Chat.  John takes the pro in a debate he was born to win. 

112 — McDonald’s: More Good Than Bad with BJ & John  

In which the gents observe a holiday tradition, welcoming back John Mayer and BJ Novak to the Great Debates Studios.  John and Steve address the Sadness in Christmas.  BJ and Dave consider the Happiness of Snoop Dogg.  Hely has a game for the group.  Medina has a hot debate for the whole gang. 

111 — Fish Tastes Good  

In which the attractiveness of astronauts is argued.  Dave opens up about a hobby.  Hely has a new game (what’s new?).  Fish is for dinner. 

Gifts Are A Good Idea  

In which the gents are overcome with the spirit of the holidays, and so turn their gaze on the intimate life of Santa & Mrs. Claus.  Hely has a new game, and King brings it.  Medina gives the gift of more time. 

109 — Provables Week  

In which the gentlemen engage in the newly-invented sport of Provable Debates.  The Statue of Liberty is examined.  Clint Eastwood’s acting career is reviewed.  We make a call to Sugarfish on La Brea.  

Great Debates Classics - It’s Better to Be a Wizard Than a Knight  

This week the guys welcome Matt Warburton, showrunner for The Mindy Project, to the Great Debates Studios. They duke it out over whether it would be worth it to be killed by Bigfoot, whether it's bett...

Thanksgiving 2016  

In which Thanksgiving topics for The Great Debates Game are suggested, Medina shares a few words about the importance of the Thanksgiving Meal, and a classic ep — Parades Are A Waste Of Time And Resources — is shamelessly re-run.  

108 — Westworld Could Be A Good Place For A Family Vacation with Shannon Woodward  

In which a Clintonian Micro eases post-election tensions.  The guys welcome special guest Shannon Woodward of HBO’s Westworld.  Hely breaks the ice with a few rounds of Tough Impressions.  Shannon and Dave debate the relative Americanness of Hollywood and Iowa.  Medina enjoys a special ice cream.  Hely and Shannon consider family-friendliness at Westworld.  

106 — Trees Are Cooler Than Fish  

In which the subject of Coolness is explored.  A debate about fashion, a debate about fish.  King brings a new game, for which Hely provides a new name.  

105 — Halloween Spooktacular 2016  

In which the gents debate various aspects of the Spookiest Night of the Year.  

104 — The Human Body Is Disgusting With Guest Megan Amram  

After a cool, Lin-Manuel Miranda Micro, the guys are joined by special guest Megan Amram.   Megan takes the pro against Hely for “The Human Body Is Disgusting,” and then faces off against King for “The Hamburglar Is One Of The Three Best Things About McDonald’s”.

103 — The Town Hall Debates  

In which the gents participate in a Town-Hall Debate, answering questions important to the lives of everyday Americans.   

102 — Great Debates Live at the 2016 Musack Carnival  

In which Donald Trump’s knowledge of the Beatles’ catalog is considered.  The friendships of Tom Cruise are examined.  The weather is topical, as are the Musack Carnivalgoers.

101 — You Can Judge A Book By Its Cover with Fabrizio Copano  

In which Steve and Dave debate baby names.  The guys then welcome special guest Fabrizio Copano to the Great Debates Studios.  Fabrizio takes the Con vs. Steve for “You Can Judge A Book By Its Cover”, and the Pro vs. Dave for “Tom Cruise”.  

The 100th Episode  

In which, while attending the World Podcasting Championships in Banff, the guys get stuck in a cabin in the Canadian Rockies, and must fend for themselves.  

99 — Great Debates Junior!  

In which Steve and Dave are joined by Dave’s niece and nephew, Kate and Ben.  The question of whether Dogs Should Be Allowed On The Beach is answered, as is whether or not Turkey Is The Best Luncheon Meat.  In a final debate, the Junior Debaters square off over Pokémon Go.  

98 — School Is Stupid  

In which the guys debate about the chance that their great grandfathers would have been friends.  After a Back-To-School top about ‘ems, a scholastic debate.  

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