Episode 370 – Ancient Sorceries – Part 1  

Episode 370 – Ancient Sorceries – Part 1 Hey you crazy cats! We’re back and covering Ancient Sorceries by Algernon Blackwood. Special thanks to our reader – the one and only Greig Johnson! Tune in to Rachel Watches Star Trek. Get your hands on Fear Boys with Bugs. Next week: MORE SORCERY!

Rachel Watches Star Trek  

Rachel Watches Star Trek We are off this week, so we figured we would give you folks a little peek at Chris Lackey’s other podcast, Rachel Watches Star Trek! Rachel Lackey is not a sci-fi fan, yet Chris has gotten to watch the original series of Star Trek with him, then talk about it on the […]

Episode 366 – The Events at Poroth Farm – Part 1  

Episode 366 – The Events at Poroth Farm – Part 1 We’re winding up the summer with the T.E.D. Klein novella The Events at Poroth Farm – get into it! Special thanks to our awesome guest, Ken Hite! Please check out and support his Kickstarter for Tour de Lovecraft: The Destinations! Who was that reader? […]

Episode 362 – The Fire of Asshurbanipal  

Episode 362 – The Fire of Asshurbanipal Join us as we swing into summer reading with Robert E. Howard’s story The Fire of Asshurbanipal! Special thanks to our reader, Eric Weatherington! Check out Fifer’s new/old album: FEAR BOYS WITH BUGS – on sale now! (warning: not appropriate for younger listeners) Next week: Dig Me No […]

Reading 11 – The Yellow Wallpaper  

Get creepy! It's a full-length reading of The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, featuring Heather Klinke!

Episode 358 – The Time Machine – Part 1  

Travel along as we climb aboard The Time Machine by H.G. Wells! Special thanks to reader Greig Johnson – you can hear him fight the hordes of weird along with Chris at www.QuietAndBold.com

Episode 354 – The Day of the Dragon  

Folks don't know this, but THE GREATEST STORY EVER TOLD is a reference to The Day of the Dragon by Guy Endore! Special thanks to our reader, Wyatt S. Gray, reader of Shadows and Teeth.

Episode 350 – Frankenstein – Part 5  

We're wrapping up Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein by interviewing Leslie S. Klinger, author of the New Annotated Frankenstein, available for pre-order now! IT'S ALIVE (this July)!

Episode 346 – Frankenstein – Part 1  

March is for Frankensteins, y'all! Clasp our clammy hands as we dig into Mary Shelley's Frankenstein!

Episode 342 – Bloodchild  

Black History Month kicks off with the excellent Octavia E. Butler story Bloodchild!

Episode 338 – Gonna Roll the Bones  

Let the games begin! We're kicking off 2017 with Gonna Roll the Bones by Fritz Leiber!

Reading 10 – The Statement of Randolph Carter  

Happy Holidays! Ring in the New Year by the graveside with this full-length reading of The Statement of Randolph Carter by H.P. Lovecraft!

Episode 334 – The Human Chair  

'Tis the season to sit in laps, whether you want to or not. It's The Human Chair by Edogawa Ranpo!

Episode 330 – The Man of the Crowd  

POE-vember is upon us! Thrill to the weirdness that is The Man of the Crowd!

Episode 326 – The Secret in the Tomb & The Suicide in the Study  

Blochtober goes beyond with The Secret in the Tomb & The Suicide in the Study, both of which can be read in Mysteries of the Worm from Chaosium.

Episode 325 – HPPodcraft LIVE in Chicago!  

It's Bloch-tober - a celebration of all things Robert Bloch - and we're kicking it off by releasing last year's live show in Chicago!

Episode 321 – Transformation  

Chris and Chad tackle an issue they know NOTHING about - the destructive male ego! Dig on Transformation by Mary Shelley!

Episode 317 – The Seven Geases  

Get ready for some monstery goodness as we cover The Seven Geases by Clark Ashton Smith!

Reading 9 – Pickman’s Model  

We interrupt our normal Wuthering Heights service to bring you PICKMAN'S MODEL!

Episode 313 – Wuthering Heights – Part 1  

Ramble across the moors with us as we tackle Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights!

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