Episode 309 – The Monster of Lake LaMetrie  

We're kicking off Creatures of the Black La-June with The Monster of Lake LaMetrie by Wardon Allan Curtis! Special thanks to our reader, Alexandra Hansen! Check out Tellers of Weird Tales! Next week: TBA

Episode 306 – The Other Side  

Werewolf History May marches on to The Other Side by Count Eric Stanislaus Stenbock! Thanks to reader Greig Johnson - co-creator of From Beyond the Beyond! Our subscription site is still down with some database issues - we're doing our best to get it fixed up promptly. In the meantime, enjoy this free episode! Next week: Wolfshead by Robert E. Howard!

Episode 305 – The Refugee  

We're kicking off Werewolf History May (and Lackey's birthday) with a great story: The Refugee by Jane Rice! Special thanks to our reader, Heather Klinke! Don't miss the latest Lackey Johnson take on Lovecraft: From Beyond the Beyond Next week: The Other Side!

Episode 301 – The Gateway of the Monster  

This week we delve into the world of Carnacki: The Ghost Finder with The Gateway of the Monster by William Hope Hodgson! Our lovely reader, Jon Hancock, brings the story to life in beautiful and terrifying ways. Next Week: The House Among the Laurels

Interview: Gabe Fajuri, President of Potter & Potter  

Chris and Chad interview Gave Fajuri, president of Potter & Potter about the upcoming auction of Houdini manuscript, The Cancer of Superstition. Houdini supposedly commissioned the piece from C.M. Eddy and H.P. Lovecraft, but who is the true author?  We don’t know!

Episode 297 – For the Blood is the Life  

MARCH IS FOR DRACULAS RETURNS! It's For the Blood is the Life by F. Marion Crawford! Thanks to reader Greig Johnson - check out The Ordeal of Randolph Carter! HERO Child-Rescue Corps on the HERO Child-Rescue Corps.

Episode 293 – Of One Blood – Part 1  

We're putting the weird in Black History Month with Of One Blood by Pauline E. Hopkins! Special thanks to our reader, Felicia 'Fli' King! Watch The Ordeal of Randolph Carter right now! Next week - MORE BLOOD!

Episode 289 – The Captain of the Pole-Star  

We're kicking off 2016 with some arctic ghostliness: The Captain of the Pole-Star by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle! Special thanks to our returning master-reader, Jon Hancock! Next up: The Judge's House by Bram Stoker

Episode 288 – The Lovecraft Comedy Quiz Show – LIVE  

Tune in as we broadcast our "comedy" quiz show, LIVE from the Biltmore Hotel in Providence, RI on August 22, 2015! Thanks to our panelists, Andrew Leman and Kenneth Hite, as well as our illustrious host, Mr. Paul Maclean! Extra special thanks to the NecronomiCon Providence for hosting us! Happy New Year! Next week: The Captain of the Pole-Star by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle!

Episode 284 – The Dark Brotherhood – LIVE  

We interrupt this Decembrose to bring you some August Derleth! This was our show at the NecronomiCon - LIVE from the Biltmore Hotel in Providence, RI - August 22nd, 2015. Special thanks to our sponsor, Fedogan and Bremer - check out their 2-disc set of The Fungi from Yuggoth! Also thanks to Lyle Erickson for providing music, Andrew Leman for rocking the readings, and Tom Mueller for suggesting the story. We loved it! We'll be back later in the week with more Bierce, and the COMEDY QUIZ SHOW mentioned in this recording will be up for New Year's Eve! THANKS TO ALL WHO KICKSTARTED US TO PROVIDENCE!  

Episode 283 – A Resumed Identity & Beyond the Wall  

Ambrose Bierce month begins! (Biercember? Ambrosember? Decembierce?) We're talking two stories from Can Such Things Be? First up, A Resumed Identity, and then the ghostly Beyond the Wall. We are sponsored this month by the excellent weird fiction collection With a Voice that is Often Still Confused But is Becoming Ever Louder and Clearer by J.R. Hamantaschen. Please support the show and pick it up! Special thanks to our reader, the inimitable Andrew Leman - you can pick up A Solstice Carol now at the HPLHS site! Next week for subscribers: The Stranger and A Diagnosis of Death - dig it!

Episode 279 – The Slithering Shadow – Part 1  

We are kicking off November with yet another excellent Robert E. Howard Conan tale - it’s The Slithering Shadow! Don't waste time! Check out this week's sponsor, One More Story Games! It's a great platform for both writers and gamers, and currently featuring cash prizes in the Write a Story Game 2015 contest. Get involved now! Thanks to our reader, Andrew Staton, and our musician, Reber Clark. Reber is currently offering 25% off all music with code SILVERKEY! Next week: MORE CONAN!

Episode 275 – Notebook Found in a Deserted House  

BLOCHTOBER BEGINS! We're kicking it off with "Notebook Found in a Deserted House," a story that can be found in a number of collections. We read it in Mysteries of the Worm from Chaosium. Check out this week's sponsor, the excellent weird fiction collection With a Voice that is Often Still Confused But is Becoming Ever Louder and Clearer by J.R. Hamantaschen! If you dug the music this week - it's all on Sense Impacts, also at Chaosium. Next Week: The Faceless God

Episode 271 – Something in the Moonlight  

We're back from Providence and ready to rock with Lin Carter's Something in the Moonlight, which can be had for next to nothing in the Cthulhu Mythos Megapack! We are proud to be sponsored this week by One More Story Games. Check out their site, play a story game, write your own story game, or check out a video of how the engine works. This is a really exciting project for all out there wanting to write and/or game - please give them some love as they bring the site to fulfillment! Thanks once again to our reader Greig Johnson - watch him be funny on the YouTubes NOW! Next week: THE XIPÉHUZ by J.-H. Rosny aîné

Transreality 2: New Worlds  

Just letting you folks know that I'm trying to Kickstart my second graphic novel, Transreality: New Worlds. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2084279113/transreality-new-worlds Transreality: New Worlds is a graphic novel about a 21st century man exploring a post-singularity, transhuman universe. With this new book, Transreality: New Worlds, we'll follow James, Soni and Alexis as they move out of their know home reality and into the realms of splinter societies that range from the mundane to totally bizarre. James searches to find what happened to his children who lived through extreme societal changes, but will he find a place with them for himself? Transreality: New Worlds explores more of the possibilities of a Transhuman world, where people are no longer bound by their physical needs and are able to become whatever they want. But what are we if we are not bound by limitations? Is this a good thing? These and many other questions will be explored in this full-colour, 128 page, soft-cover graphic novel.

Episode 267 – The Survivor  

We're kicking off August for August - it's the master of the Arkham House, Mr. August Derleth! First story: The Survivor! Extra special thanks to our sponsor, The Shadow Out of Providence! Pick it up and READ! Next week: Innsmouth Clay

Episode 263 – The Hounds of Tindalos  

Frank Belknap Long gets the podcraft treatment as we conjure The Hounds of Tindalos! Make sure to pick up Cult of the Great Eleven by Samuel Fort, available in e-book and paperback now! Special thanks to our reader Greig Johnson! Check out his awesome videos at his YouTube Page! Next week, we'll be back with Long's The Space-Eaters! We could not find an online version, but will be reading from the very affordable book: The Cthulhu Mythos Megapack! UPDATE: There IS an online version of The Space-Eaters, located HERE.

Episode 259 – The Tale of Satampra Zeiros  

This month we roll around in the works of Clark Ashton Smith, starting with The Tale of Satampra Zeiros! This week’s reader is the delightful Greig Johnson! Check out his awesome, and hilarious videos at his YouTube Page! Support our Kickstarter and see us live! Next up: The Hunters from Beyond


Join us for a very special, super-sized episode of the show covering the epic poem Beowulf! Thanks to all of the Kickstarter supporters who made the show possible. Special thanks to our reader, Andrew Leman, and our composer, Reber Clark. EXTRA special thanks to our illustrious guests, Mr. Bob Hanske and Dr. Catherine Batt! You may download the Beowulf theme here. Please credit any usage to Reber Clark. More notes to come. Stay tuned for info on this year's Kickstarter for live shows in Providence and Chicago!

Episode 255 – The Black Stone  

Robert E. Howard puts HPL in a headlock with THE BLACK STONE! Why didn't anybody warn us?! Purchase HIGH STRANGE HORROR right now! What are you? A baby? Special thanks to our incredible reader, Mr. Caleb Hoffert! More REH next week: The Children of the Night

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