The Harland Highway

The Harland Highway

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Get your dose of Harland's twisted world of comedy on The Harland Highway. This is the place to be for Harland Williams jokes, commentary, interviews, observations & hilarious reoccurring characters. Put the pedal to the metal & tear on down The Harland Highway.


812 - FINAL chapter of Harland's short story. Radio clips. 911 gone wrong  

The final segment of Harland's short story. Crazy 911 calls. Harland on morning radio.

811 - Harland talks about DESERT TRIP concert. Harland on radio. Short story part 7  

Harland talks about the Desert Trip rock concert. Morning radio hijinx. Part 7 of Harland's short story.

810 - Harland on morning radio. A caller sues all TRANSGENDERS. GARDEN HOSE STORY Part 6  

An irate caller wants to file a lawsuit against all transgenders. Harland on morning radio. Part 6 of Harland's short story.

809 - HARLAND ON MORNING RADIO. OLDchella concert. Garden hose story continued  

Follow Harland on a morning radio slog. Part 5 of the Garden hose story. Off to the OLDchella music fest. And calls from listeners.

808 - Crazy NEWS story. Kids on a bus. Part 4 of Harland's short story.  

A crazy kid falls to his death or dies he in Today's CRAZY news story. Part 4 of Harland's Water Hose story. Happiness is, kids on a bus.

Technical difficulties!  

Technical difficulties!

807 - LOUD cell phone people. Harland's garden hose short story. One liners.  

Harland continues reading his garden hose short story. Obnoxious cell phone people. Funny one liners.

806 - AUNT RUTHY calls in. Farmer's markets. Harlands short story part 2  

Aunt Ruthy calls the show to talk about Uncle Harry's Viagra. A walk through a Farmer's Market. Part 2 of Harland's short story.

805 - DEBATES between Cap' Lames T. Kirk and Cinamon Boy. Harland reads his new short story.  

Presidential style debates between Cap'n James T. Kirk and Cinnamon Boy. Harland reads 1st segment of his water hose short story.

804 - CROCK POT BOMBINGS. Crazy News Story from the air.  

Harland talks to a military expert on Crock Pot bombs. Crazy news story that comes from the air. Garden hose time machine update.

803 - Human RABIES. Harland does STAND UP. Pissed off at TV.  

Harland does a live stand up show for you to hear. Do you have rabies? Pissed off at TV anchor people.

802 - Sex, insects, ringtones, and dirty SEXTING!  

Harland enters the cicada sex orgy zone. SPECIAL ringtone hell. Dirty SEXTING.

801 - Creepy bugs and UFO's. Sample clip from LET'S HAVE A FIGHT Podcast.  

Harland talks about a UFO sighting and some creepy bugs that invaded his food. Also a clip from the LET'S HAVE A FIGHT Podcast, funnnny!

800 -  Question of the day, AWKWARD!!! Calls from thiefs!  

Today the QUESTION OF THE DAY involves awkward dating scenarios. Also some low down dirty thieves call the show!

799 - Harland's adventure to the BURNING MAN FESTIVAL  

Harland shares some inspiring moments from the BURNING MAN FESTIVAL.

798 - Mr. Featherstone visits Harland in studio. Labor Day madness.  

Mr. Featherstone visits Harland's studio and forces him to go to a hospital to deliver a baby. Our food habits!

797 - Col TOM DOWDY mad about woman President. BBQ Eddy,  

Lieutenant Tom Dowdy is upset that we may have a female President. BBQ Eddy still looking for a BBQ, Favorite Podcast episodes.

796 - BBQ Eddy returns. Harland is a THIEF. Death by music!  

BBQ Eddy calls all over the country to try and find a BBQ. Harland steals and is so guilty he needs to confess. A strange, musical way to die!

795 - If you SEE SOMETHING SAY SOMETHING program is discussed. Photo album memories.  

A caller complains about the see something say something program. Re-living the past with your photo collection. Caller tells of favorite episode.

794 - R2D2 IS DEAD. STAR WARS cast calls in. The Olympics naaaaaa..  

The actor who played R2D2 has died, his cast mates call the show to mourn. The Olympics suck. Calls from listeners.

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