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The Harland Highway

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Get your dose of Harland's twisted world of comedy on The Harland Highway. This is the place to be for Harland Williams jokes, commentary, interviews, observations & hilarious reoccurring characters. Put the pedal to the metal & tear on down The Harland Highway.


836 - The Parsley Papers interview Hillary. CRAZY news stories. Harland stand up.  

Charles Parsley interviews Hillary on The PARSLEY PAPERS. Crazy News stories. Harland does some twisted stand up LIVE!

835 - SAMUEL E. QUOKE reads romantic letter. Crazy words and crazy celebrities.  

Samuel E. Quoke drops in to read a romantic letter. Crazy word mix ups and crazy political celebrities.

834 - Question of the day. Cool song and cool phonecalls  

Harland takes phone calls from listeners and plays a cool RETRO song. Also, the question of the day!

833 - RUSSIAN KGB agent talks about HACKING. Princess Leah is dead.  

A Russian spy calls to discuss hacking the USA. Harland's memories of Princess Leah. Abuse at a lemonade stand.

832- DR. ASCOT  drops in for therapy. The future of Twitter. Prank calls. Question of the day.  

DR. ASCOT drops in for therapy with Harland. The future of Twitter. Prank calls. Question of the day involving football.

831 - NEW YEARS EMPOWERMENT! Boy George calls in. Sex crank calls!  

Harland talks about doing GREAT things in 2017. BOY GEORGE calls to discuss George Michael's death. Sex prank calls.

830 - GEORGE MICHAEL passes away. Mr. Featherstone New Years plans  

A chat about the life of the late, great George Michael. Harland's boss, Mr. Fetherstone comes up with New Years moneymaking scheme.

829 - After Xmas afterglow. Getting fired up for new year!  

Harland talks about the coming year. A new president and the ever changing world. Also, Xmas afterglow!

828 - Zsa Zsa Gabor's death. WALLY the ELF. Harland sings Xmas song.  

Zsa Zsa Gabor's death is talked and sung about. A young listener calls for WALLY the ELF. Harland sings an Xmas carol.

827 - RABBI PAPPENHEIM calls in with holiday greetings. Phone calls from listeners  

Rabbi Pappenheim calls in with holiday greetings for Harland. Prank UFO calls and listener phone messages.

826 - Harland visits the CHRISTMAS STORY house. Xmas social issues.  

Harland goes inside the CHRISTMAS STORY movie house. Prof Rutherford Grimes with socially aware Xmas carols.

825 - WALLY the Xmas elf calls in. Harland gets tech pissed.  

Wally the Xmas elf calls in from Santa's workshop. Harland gets PISSED OFF about tech. Naughty Xmas song.

824 - PRANK CALL CAT SHOP. Dirty Xmas carol. And guy with 800 kids  

Harland prank calls a cat shop. A guy who has 800 offspring. A naughty Xmas carol for you to hum along to!

823 - SEX prank calls - Sex Xmas songs - Sex dogs  

Sex laden PRANK CALLS on today's show and lot's of uncomfortable sex talk. Dogs, humans and even Santa!

822 - Corporal TOM DOWDY on TRUMP. Listener MAIL BAG.  

Corporal Tom Dowdy calls in to talk about the new president Donald J. Trump. Listener MAIL BAG, and Thanksgiving.

821 - MR. FEATHERSTONE drops by to gobble. Eating testicles. Too much poultry.  

Mr. Featherstone wants Harland to teach him how to gobble. Too much poultry. Harland tricks friend into consuming testicles.

820 - THANKSGIVING EPISODE. The Parade, Senior Fuentes and more!  

Today we have the 49th annual Thanksgiving Day parade. Senior Fuentes drops in to discuss stuffing a turkey. Turkey horror stories!

819 - GEORGE MICHAEL on election. Good deeds and laughing creepy's!  

George Michael calls to discuss election. Crazy tickle news story. Harland pushes a truck!

818 - SPECIAL GUEST comedian Eddie Della Siepe  

My very funny friend and SPECIAL GUEST, comedian,  Eddie Della Siepe talks about life and plays game TOO SOON or NOT TOO SOON.

817 - Aunt Ruthy votes. The ELECTION RESULTS. Crazy news story.  

Harland responds to the election results. Aunt Ruthy has trouble at the voting booth. Crazy truck news story!

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