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Anne with an E Recap: Episode 2  

We recap the episode of Anne with an "E" that best displays the scriptwriter's scope of imagination--book loyalists be warned. We argue about radishes, recipes, and the voices in Anne's head. 

Anne with an E Recap : Episode 1  

Our first recap of the new Anne of Green Gables adaptation, the Netflix show "Anne with an E"

Episode 87: Eleanor of Aquitaine, Part Two  

We left Eleanor right after her divorce from her first husband and mysteriously married to her second in just a few weeks time. We cover how that happened and all the other twists and turns in the very long life of this 12th century Queen.

Episode 86: Eleanor of Aquitaine Part One  

She was the Queen of France, the Queen of England, the mother of royalty, gave us a long life of ruling to talk about, and she was the winner of our last Guaranteed Content Poll. Excellent choice!

Episode 85: Artemisia Gentileschi  

Being known as one of the greatest Baroque painters wasn't easy, but overcoming life obstacles that should have held her down only made her accomplishments that much greater.

Episode 83: Lucille Ball Part Two  

Lucille's life after the premier of I Love Lucy was nothing anyone could have predicted.

Episode 82: Lucille Ball, Part One  

Lucille Ball had a long climb up (and down) before she made history when I love Lucy debuted in 1951, and we cover those struggles and successes in this episode. 

Episode 81: Mulan  

Mulan's story of her days as a Chinese warrior had simple beginnings and a whole lot of lasting power! 

Episode 80: Queen Nzinga  

The story of this powerful, 17th century African ruler was far from an ordinary Princess to Queen tale 

Episode 79: Lizzie Borden, Revisited  

Is there a better time to revisit our favorite Victorian More-Than-Likely Murderess, Lizzie Borden, than right now? We think not.

Episode 78- Shirley Chisholm  

We wrap up our short series of "women who ran for the US Presidency before Hillary Clinton" with Shirley Chisholm!

Episode 77 - Belva Lockwood  

We continue our series of female Presidential candidates with Belva Lockwood, the woman who many regard as the first “legitimate” female nominee for the office., with groundbreaking campaigns in 1884 and 1888.

Episode 76: Victoria Woodhull  

Victoria Woodhull crafted a life for herself from pretty raw materials. She traveled from an abusive childhood to a very aristocratic end...  and in the middle, was the first woman to run for the American Presidency. In 1872.  She was a woman ahead of her time.

Episode 75: Marie Curie Part Two  

The second half of Marie's life was spent without Pierre but focused on a mission to apply science to help all humanity even while non-science drama swirled about her.

Episode 74: Marie Curie Part One  

A lot of people only know Marie Curie as a woman who won a Nobel prize (or two...spoilers) but that's just a small part of the life of this physicist, wife and mother.

Episode 73: Agrippina the Younger  

Agrippina the Younger lived a dramatic and dangerous life as the sister of an emperor, the wife and niece of another, and mother of a third in ancient Rome.

Episode 72 - Elizabeth Keckly  

When we were researching Mary Lincoln we both admired her friend, Elizabeth Keckly, so much that we knew that had to talk about her. She was born a slave, eventually bought her freedom and built a very successful business (twice) all before she, too, realized her own White House dream. Yes indeed- Lizzie needs her time in the spotlight.

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