The History of Denmark

The History of Denmark


An amateur history podcast about the oldest Kingdom in Europe. It follows the Danish monarchs from Gorm the Old to Margaret II across 1000 years.


Episode 21 – The Brink  

Frederick III outmaneuvers his rivals but is then faced with a crisis that threatens to destroy the independence of Denmark.

Episode 20 – Christian IV Part 2  

Christian IV charges headlong into the Thirty Years War and then faces a rising Sweden.

Episode 19 – Christian IV Part 1  

We look at the first half of the reign of one of the most famous of the Danish monarchs.

Episode 18 – The Nordic Seven Years’ War  

Denmark and Sweden quarrel over trade and coats-of-arms.

Episode 17 – The Protestant Reformation  

The teachings of Martin Luther are enacted in the Kingdom of Denmark in the aftermath of a civil war.

Episode 16 – Rex Tyrannus  

We reach the transitory period between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. King Hans fights pole-vaulting German peasants and his son, Christian II, becomes known as “Tyrant Christian”.

Episode 15 – Chaos in the Union  

The Kalmar Union shatters and reunites several times and a new dynasty gains control of Denmark!

Episode 14 – Eric of Pomerania  

The last Eric to rule Denmark feuds with Holstein and the Hanseatic League.

Episode 13 – Almighty Lady and Mistress  

We say goodbye to Valdemar Atterdag and see control of Denmark pass to his daughter Margaret.

Episode 12 – A New Dawn  

The power of the Danish Crown reaches new lows after 1320, but is restored two decades later by Valdemar IV ‘Atterdag’.

Episode 11 – The Geography of Denmark  

We look at the geography of Denmark and other fun things!  

Episode 10 – Family Feud  

Several Erics and Valdemars, all descendants of Valdemar the Victorious, fight for control of Denmark!

Episode 9 – Valdemar the Victorious  

We look at the 39-year reign of Valdemar II ‘The Victorious’! Check out the link below to listen to the Girls’ Choir of the Danish Broadcasting Corporation sing in 2016! 1st song: Vær Velkommen (“Be Welcome” – hymn dedicated to New Year’s Eve) 2nd song: Kong Christian stod ved Højen Mast (“King Christian stood… Continue reading Episode 9 – Valdemar the Victorious

Episode 8 – Valdemar the Great  

We follow Valdemar the Great and other notable figures throughout his reign!

Episode 7 – Sweyn Estridson and his sons  

We follow Sweyn Estridson, his sons and the kings who reigned through the decades of civil war which followed.

Episode 6 – The Sons of Canute  

We look at what happened to Denmark, Norway and England after the death of Canute the Great.

Episode 5 – The North Sea Empire  

We follow Sweyn Forkbeard and his son, Canute the Great as they each conquer England and forge an Empire of three Kingdoms. Pictures:

Episode 4 – The Birth of Denmark  

We look at the family of Gorm the Old, the Jelling Monuments and the christianization of Denmark! Pictures:

Episode 3 – The Viking Age  

New episode ready! We take a look at the famous warriors from Scandinavia, and examine their expansion, culture, religion and way of life.

Episode 2 – Denmark before the Viking Age  

You can listen to the episode here: Pictures of the things mentioned in the episode are attached here.

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