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CBC Radio's The House takes you behind the scenes in the world of Canadian politics. Parliament may take a summer recess but the business of national politics never stops; nor does The House.


The era of legal marijuana taking shape  

Ontario has a plan to handle the pot in 2018. The province is the first to outline how and where marijuana will be sold once it becomes legal. But will their approach work? Ottawa's point person on pot, Liberal MP Bill Blair, joins us.

Midweek podcast: Round 2 of NAFTA talks and tax talk at the Liberal caucus retreat  

Guest-host David Cochrane dissects the second round of NAFTA talks with CP's Alex Panetta. Then, we check in with the CBC's John Paul Tasker from the Liberal caucus retreat in Kelowna.

What would Canada look like without the Indian Act?  

Former prime minister Paul Martin and Naiomi Metallic, the chancellor's chair in Aboriginal law and policy at Dalhousie University, reflect on this week's signal from the Liberal government that they're willing to move the country beyond the Indian Act.

Is the government taking care of Canada's first responders?  

Results from Canada's first national survey looking at operational stress injuries among first responders such as police, paramedics, firefighters and 911 operators suggest they are much more likely to develop a mental disorder than the general population

New Conservative leader Andrew Scheer gears up for the fall  

This week on The House, Conservative leader Andrew Scheer joins us to talk taxes, John A. Macdonald, and border crossings. We also talk to Quebec's Immigration Minister Kathleen Weil about how the province is handling the recent spike in the number of asy

Canada's yet-to-be-announced peacekeeping mission  

Defence specialist Murray Brewster brings us up to speed on the federal government's peacekeeping plans.

Canada's NAFTA motto: 'Get 'er done'  

Foreign Affairs parl. secretary Andrew Leslie weighs in how Round 1 of NAFTA talks rolled out in Washington. Plus, the mayor of Birmingham, Alabama, on his approach to a Confederate monument, and India's High Commissioner on 70 years of independence.

Midweek podcast: U.S. comes out swinging on 1st day of NAFTA talks  

U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer didn’t hold back on the first official day of NAFTA negotiations, saying the 23-year-old agreement has “fundamentally failed” many Americans and “needs major improvement." Dan Ujczo, and international trade lawy

How should Canada handle North Korea?  

What do President Donald Trump's threats of "fire and fury" against North Korea mean for Canada? Andrea Berger, senior research associate at the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies, walks us through the war of words. Plus: Dominic LeBlanc.

Midweek pod: Climate pressure  

Katharine Hayhoe is the Canadian scientist who helped write the U.S. climate change report sending shockwaves through that country. How does she think the Trump administration will respond? Plus: Senator Bob Runciman says goodbye to the Red Chamber.

Pressure point at the Canada-U.S. border  

Hundreds of people have been lining up in recent days to illegally cross into Canada. What is behind this latest surge in the number of asylum seekers hopping the border? We talk to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Minister Ahmed Hussen.

Is it too late to fix the MMIWG inquiry?  

This week on The House, the Minister of Indigenous and Northern Affairs, Carolyn Bennett, discusses the future of the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls amid a storm of criticism.

Duty to consult and NAFTA disputes  

This week, we look at what the Supreme Court of Canada's ruling involving the duty to consult means for future energy projects. Then, we dive into NAFTA'S Chapter 19 with Maryscott Greenwood, CEO of the Canadian American Business Council.

Gearing up for NAFTA talks  

This week on The House, there's less than a month until NAFTA renegotiations begin and the pressure is on. We check in with Conservative leader Andrew Scheer, Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister and Politico's trade reporter, Megan Cassella.

Midweek podcast: Morneau closing the loop and B.C. (finally) gets a premier  

David Cochrane sits down with Canada's finance minister to discuss his latest proposal to close a tax loophole for some wealthy Canadians.

Canada hoping for a win-win-win on NAFTA  

Just days before the U.S. is expected to release its trade objectives Trudeau pitched Canada to VP Pence and governors. Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland gives us her take on those talks.

Midweek podcast: What it's like being a politician during a disaster  

As forest fires rage in B.C. we check back in with Melissa Blake, the mayor of the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo, which includes Fort McMurray, about how she viewed her role as a politician and resident during the 2016 forest fires.

Talking Paris in Hamburg  

This week on The House, Canada tries to sell the Paris climate goals at the G20 summit - but the U.S. isn't buying. What does that mean for global climate action? Environment and Climate Change Minister Catherine McKenna is here.

Midweek podcast: A 'totally unprecedented' G20  

We get a read on what's at stake during the G20 summit this week with CIGI fellow Tom Bernes. We also dive into the Omar Khadr deal with lawyer Paul Champ and the Canadian Taxpayers' Federation.

The Road to Confederation  

On a special Canada Day edition of The House, we go back in time to look at how politics created Canada and how, a century and a half later, the decisions of that time continue to shape our political debates and institutions.

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