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The House from CBC Radio


CBC Radio's The House takes you behind the scenes in the world of Canadian politics. Parliament may take a summer recess but the business of national politics never stops; nor does The House.


What's next for electoral reform?  

On The House mid-week podcast, Conservative Scott Reid, NDP MP Nathan Cullen and Mark Holland, the parliamentary secretary to the minister of democratic institutions, discuss the controversy surrounding "" and the future of electoral reform.

Justin Trudeau's pipeline and electoral reform challenges  

Natural Resources Minister Jim Carr, Alberta's Rachel Notley and Green Party leader Elizabeth May discuss the approval of the Trans Mountain project. Then, are the Liberals are setting the stage to break their promise to reform the electoral system?

Midweek podcast: Justin Trudeau's energy test begins  

On the midweek podcast, we look at the decision to approve Kinder Morgan's Trans Mountain pipeline project with North Vancouver MP John Wilkinson and Green Party Leader Elizabeth May.

Catherine McKenna on her green blueprint and dealing with Trump  

This week on The House, Environment Minister Catherine McKenna joins us to talk about next month's first ministers meeting on climate change and how to work with incoming U.S. president Donald Trump.

Midweek podcast: procurement expert blasts Ottawa's fighter jet plan  

On the midweek podcast, Canada's fighter jets saga continues. Alan Williams, a former assistant deputy minister of materiel with the Department of National Defence, joins us to explain why the government's latest move is "absurd" and "unnecessary."

Ahead of Trump presidency, NATO braces itself for possible Russian test  

This week on The House, the election of Donald Trump continues to raise questions on a number of fronts, including security and defence. How will the arrival of the billionaire businessman in the White House affect NATO?

Mid-week podcast: Justin Trudeau goes to Cuba  

We hear from a former ambassador to Cuba about what Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's trip to the communist island signals and where the relationship should go. Then, we get a U.S. perspective about the future of NAFTA from Ohio.

The aftermath of America's choice: what Donald Trump means for Canada  

We explore the consequences of Donald Trump's victory on the Canada-U.S. relationship with Ontario premier Kathleen Wynne and former Bank of Canada governor David Dodge.

America chose Trump: a special The House/Pollcast analysis  

The House and the Pollcast team up to bring you full analysis of the stunning U.S. election results. Chris Hall and Éric Grenier are joined two MPs who have just returned from the United States: Conservative Michelle Rempel and New Democrat Nathan Cullen.

Spy agency broke the law, so who will be held accountable?  

This week on The House, Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale explains how he plans to respond to this week's scathing court ruling slamming Canada's spy agency.

Mid-week podcast: PBO's take on the fall fiscal update  

Chris Hall sits down with the assistant Parliamentary Budget Officer, Mustafa Askari, to discuss Finance Minister Bill Morneau's economic update.

Special fiscal update podcast  

On this special podcast, Chris Hall dissects finance minister Bill Morneau's fall economic update with CBC parliamentary bureau chief Rob Russo, CBC senior reporter David Cochrane and Power and Politics executive producer Amy Castle.

CETA and its tough lessons for the European Union  

This week on The House, Germany's Ambassador to Canada, Werner Wnendt, outlines what CETA's bumpy road to ratification means for the future of the relationship between Canada and the European Union.

Mid-week podcast: Your thoughts on health care funding  

We hear from House listeners on the health care funding battle between Ottawa and the provinces and we talk to the president of the Canadian Nurses Association, Barb Shellian.

A new front in the federal-provincial health funding battle  

This week on The House, will Ottawa and the provinces manage to bridge their differences over the future of health care in Canada? Federal health minister Jane Philpott, Quebec's Gaétan Barrette and former Saskatchewan premier Roy Romanow join us.

A year after the Liberals' election victory  

On The House midweek podcast, Chris Hall sits down with CBC parliamentary reporters Catherine Cullen, Susan Lunn and Tom Parry to look back on the 2015 election, what's happened since, and the challenges ahead for the Liberal government.

The Florida contest: Donald Trump's final hope  

This week on The House, we travel to Florida to put the U.S. presidential race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump under the microscope.

Midweek podcast: Dominic Barton on Canada's growth  

On The House midweek podcast, senior producer Nick Gamache talks to the chair of Canada's Advisory Council on Economic Growth, Dominic Barton, about his prescription for the economy.

National price on carbon is coming  

This week on The House, we examine the federal government's decision to impose a national price on carbon starting in 2018. Environment and Climate Change Minister Catherine McKenna explains Ottawa's decision and its timing.

Mid-week podcast: inside baseball  

On The House midweek podcast, we bring together baseball fans from three different parties to talk about why politicos love the game so much. We also discuss whether Justin Trudeau's surprise carbon pricing announcement was a homerun or a foul ball.

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