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CBC Radio's The House takes you behind the scenes in the world of Canadian politics. Parliament may take a summer recess but the business of national politics never stops; nor does The House.


Gearing up for NAFTA talks  

This week on The House, there's less than a month until NAFTA renegotiations begin and the pressure is on. We check in with Conservative leader Andrew Scheer, Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister and Politico's trade reporter, Megan Cassella.

Midweek podcast: Morneau closing the loop and B.C. (finally) gets a premier  

David Cochrane sits down with Canada's finance minister to discuss his latest proposal to close a tax loophole for some wealthy Canadians.

Canada hoping for a win-win-win on NAFTA  

Just days before the U.S. is expected to release its trade objectives Trudeau pitched Canada to VP Pence and governors. Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland gives us her take on those talks.

Midweek podcast: What it's like being a politician during a disaster  

As forest fires rage in B.C. we check back in with Melissa Blake, the mayor of the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo, which includes Fort McMurray, about how she viewed her role as a politician and resident during the 2016 forest fires.

Talking Paris in Hamburg  

This week on The House, Canada tries to sell the Paris climate goals at the G20 summit - but the U.S. isn't buying. What does that mean for global climate action? Environment and Climate Change Minister Catherine McKenna is here.

Midweek podcast: A 'totally unprecedented' G20  

We get a read on what's at stake during the G20 summit this week with CIGI fellow Tom Bernes. We also dive into the Omar Khadr deal with lawyer Paul Champ and the Canadian Taxpayers' Federation.

The Road to Confederation  

On a special Canada Day edition of The House, we go back in time to look at how politics created Canada and how, a century and a half later, the decisions of that time continue to shape our political debates and institutions.

Midweek podcast: Spring sitting review  

On The House midweek podcast, Chris Hall looks back on the spring sitting of Parliament with CBC parliamentary reporters Aaron Wherry, Katie Simpson and Catherine Cullen.

The Liberal approach to national security  

This week on The House, it was a key campaign promise: repeal the "problematic elements" of the Conservatives' anti-terrorism law. Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale joins us to discuss Bill C-59. We also hear from the opposition parties.

Midweek podcast:The Liberals present their national security plan  

On The House midweek podcast, University of Ottawa law professor Craig Forcese gives us his assessment of the Liberals' new anti-terrorism measures. We also get the latest on the B.C. political drama with the Globe and Mail's Justine Hunter.

Justin Trudeau's neighbour says goodbye  

Governor General David Johnston is spending his last Canada Day at Rideau Hall, he reflects on his tenure and the 150th anniversary of Confederation in this week's episode of The House. Canada's top solider gives us his review of the new defence policy an

Midweek podcast: Senate tries to deal with 'out of whack' court delays  

Senators George Baker and Bob Runciman on how the government can help alleviate court delays. Then a look back at Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin's career on the bench with the CBC's Alison Crawford and University of Ottawa law professor Carissima Mathen

A made-in-Canada foreign policy  

This week on The House, Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland explains what role her government wants to see Canada play on the world stage. We also get reaction to this week's developments from NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.

Charting a new course for Canada and its military  

Former national security analyst Stephanie Carvin the CBC's Murray Brewster break down this week's announcements by the Liberal government on foreign affairs and defence.

The new face of the Conservative Party  

He's called himself Stephen Harper with a smile, but what can we expect from Andrew Scheer now that he's the leader of the Official Opposition? This week on The House, we sit down with the new Conservative leader to talk about what comes next.

Midweek podcast: B.C.'s Liberal MPs face a political pipeline pickle  

On The House midweek podcast, we get reaction to the unfolding political drama in British Columbia from Shachi Kurl, executive director of the Angus Reid Institute, and Vancouver North Liberal MP Jonathan Wilkinson.

The Conservatives pick their new leader  

This week, The House is at the Conservative leadership convention where the next leader of the Official Opposition will be chosen. We hear from Conservative MPs Candice Bergen, Michelle Rempel and Diane Finley and former MP Peter MacKay.

Midweek podcast: Who will lead British Columbia?  

The final results are in and we still don't know who will end up in charge in British Columbia. The Green Party holds the balance of power and could decide to help the Liberals or the NDP form a minority government. We speak to leader Andrew Weaver.

Rona Ambrose's goodbye  

This week on The House, with just a week left before the Conservative Party picks a new leader, outgoing interim leader Rona Ambrose talks about her decision to leave politics, the state of the party, and where things go from here.

Midweek podcast: Trouble with the force  

On The House midweek, podcast, we look at a series of reports critical of the RCMP with CBC senior reporter Alison Crawford. Then, we talk to the author of one of those reports, Auditor General Michael Ferguson.

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