The Hungry Gardener

The Hungry Gardener


Welcome to The Hungry Gardener Podcast, where I talk to people passionate about my two favourite topics, food and gardening. We touch on everything from food security, buying and growing quality produce, creating culinary masterpieces, sustainable farming, lessons, tips and a few stories along the way. Be sure to subscribe to my podcast journey through itunes and if you’d like to receive a newsletter or updates on future episodes, go to our website …Thanks for listening.


06 - Kaye Roberts-Palmer - Save our Citrus - The Hungry Gardener Podcast EP06  

This episode we speak to Kaye Roberts-Palmer who is a passionate advocate for ‘Save our Citrus'. We learn about the danger posed by the invasive 'gall wasp' and its devastating effect on citrus trees all across Melbourne. She explains what to look for, pruning techniques, disposal of the affected limbs, and how to educate friends and neighbours of this serious issue we are facing in our backyards.

05 - John Challis - Virgin Worm Poo - The Hungry Gardener Podcast EP05  

This episode we speak to John Challis who runs a business producing Virgin Worm Poo. John farms millions of worms on his property and has developed his own techniques for producing maximum quality poo and for maintaining the health and longevity of his worms. He also shares tips for growing healthier plants, getting started with food composting and offers some surprising observations he has made about worms in general. A very interesting listen.

04 - David Reid - Nursery and Garden Industry of Victoria - The Hungry Gardener Podcast EP04  

On this Hungry Gardener episode, I speak with David Reid from the Nursery and Garden Industry of Victoria. We discuss the Victorian School Garden Awards, kitchen gardens, urban forest strategy, eating as a vegan, nutritional yeast and the Metro nightclub.

03 - Matt Wilkinson- Pope Joan - The Hungry Gardener Podcast EP03  

This episode I speak with Matt Wilkinson, chef and owner of Pope Joan and Jack Horner. He talks openly about his journey into hospitality, farmers apprenticeships and how he looks for the joy in food.

02 - Mike Hoyle - Limoncello - The Hungry Gardener Podcast EP02  

I interview Mike Hoyle, my good friend, chef and owner of Limoncello café in Sandringham. We touch on the seasonality of food, gardens in Oakleigh, The Yarra Valley Food Group, challenges for small business, Stephanie Alexander and rabbit and fig pies.

01 - Fabian Capomolla & Ben Hodson - The Hungry Gardener Podcast EP01  

This is the first episode of The Hungry Gardener Podcast and we kick it off with Ben Hodson, the producer of the podcast, questioning me about the motivation behind putting this project together.

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