The Irrelevant Show: Sketches from CBC Radio

The Irrelevant Show: Sketches from CBC Radio


Download or listen to some of your favourite Irrelevant Show sketches from the season, including Bee Circus, the Ben Mulroney song, and many more!


Kieran Martin Murphy song “Vacation Jorge”, Power Outage, Beat Poetry Parents, Puntervention, Shock Jock and more.  

A man believes he becomes exciting version of self on all-inclusive vacation. Another man faces personal apocalypse as apartment power goes out for a few minutes. And your mom and dad perform beat poetry and it wouldn’t kill you to listen.

Dueling Stories - Sketch  

Men and women tell the same romantic stories.

Toques - Sketch  

Hey Americans. We need to talk to you about Toques.

Panthers - Sketch  

An exterminator breaks the bad news to a customer: you’ve got panthers.

Book Club - Sketch  

A man finally speaks up about the weird stuff going on at his book club.

Song: Roughriders Love - Sketch  

Love song captures true heart of Saskatchewan and the Roughriders

Behind the Music: Loreena McKennitt - Sketch  

Gritty documentary traces Loreena McKennitt’s rise from Manitoba harp battles to stardom.

Mysteries of Canada 1 - Sketch  

Explore the bizarre and bewildering mystery that is: the Canada

Kris Demeanor Song: Turning Into My Dad - Sketch  

Worst case, he’s turning into a vampire or zombie. Best case, he’s turning into his dad.

Future Review: Jurassic Park - Sketch  

Critic reviews next Jurassic Park movie years before it’s released or even filmed

Blast to the Past - Sketch  

Millennial time-travellers journey back to 1970s, promptly refuse to leave.

Prison Escape - Sketch  

Meet the gang of prisoners who just can’t settle on the perfect day to escape.

Samson Shower Heads - Sketch  

They’re great shower heads – unless you want to take a shower.

Life Mechanic - Sketch  

A man takes his car to the garage to get his wiper fixed – what he gets is a life-changing upsell

Mysteries of Canada 3 - Sketch  

A final journey into the strange and bewildering life of Canadians.

Mysteries of Canada 2 - Sketch  

Another exploration of the inexplicable enigma that is the Canada

Goldilocks Airline 2 - Sketch  

Another ad for Goldilocks Airline, the carrier that tries harder than Air Canada, but not as hard as Westjet - it’s just right

Philosophical Cheerleaders - Sketch  

High-school cheerleaders do a cheer so profound it changes lives

Baby! - Sketch  

Do you hate waiting in line, and sleeping? Try: Baby!

Gym Openings - Sketch  

After you join a gym, you still have tough decisions to make

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