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Try as we might, we could never describe the show better than those who choose to make it a part of their daily lives, so, in the words of one of our listeners,"So who/what is Jason Stapleton/podcast? Before I answer that, ever heard of the saying, 'In a world gone mad...a glimpse of sanity' or 'In an ocean of island of calm'? Well, he's that and a whole lot more...entertaining, topical, knowledgeable, informed, traveled, intelligent and articulate. In his podcasts he brings his special sense of understanding and ability to simply the issues (governments, politics, economy, domestic and foreign policy, war, markets, morals, and more) an hour each day. If all the madness and all the turmoil (at home and all around the world) have you confused, aggravated and looking for a source of clarity, perhaps Jason can bring you a bit of sanity and a welcome sense of calm."


523: Thoughts on the Inauguration  

Donald J. Trump was sworn in today. Take just a minute and let that little nugget sink in. I'm not sure what to think about the entire thing. I like what I hear from his transition team about the significant cuts he intends to make to a variety of worthless and unconstitutional government money pits. But how much of it is real and how much is typical politician hyperbole? Today I'll give you some of my thoughts on the inauguration, and we'll talk a little about the protests happening in D.C. and around the U.S. I'm also going to tell you about the massive violation of your 4th amendment protection perpetrated by the Obama administration just before he left office. Let's just say any protection you thought you might have to unreasonable search and seizure just went right out the window. It's a mixture of fear and cautious optimism today. I find myself conflicted. Enjoy your weekend. Jason

522: The Cowardly Lion Calls for Troops on China Border  

Even I thought Lindsey Graham wasn't stupid enough to expand his desire for conflict to China. I was apparently wrong. Speaking with Tucker Carlson earlier this week Graham called for sanctions on China and even troops on their border as a response to their previous hacks of government computers. Is there anyone this guy doesn't want a war with? I doubt it, but if you're a former military man, someone currently serving or anyone who has known and loved a service member you need to watch this episode. Graham said something in his interview with Tucker that made my blood boil and I don't think anyone has caught it yet. Men like Graham are a threat to the peace and security of the free world. I think Grahm is a coward and I call him out as one on today's show. That and much more today, on The Jason Stapleton Program. Jason

521: MSNBC Reports More Speculation as Truth  

One of the things you guys said you like the most are when I take progressive ideas and squash them using their own words. Yesterday I showed you how Chris Matthews took wild speculation from Rep. Maxine Waters and turned it into a legitimate story. Today I'm going to show you how Rachel Maddow can spin a story to make any attempt by Trump to de-escalate tensions with Russia look like he's being blackmailed. It's just another example of how the media manipulates you to achieve the outcome they desire.

520: Chris Matthews Helps Maxine Waters Plant Fake Story in the minds of Viewers  

I know, I know the term Fake News is getting way to much play right now. Everything is getting classified as "fake news" but to me the real travesty in American journalism today is just how little journalism is happening. Today's is an excellent example of that. Chirs Matthews had Rep. Maxine Waters on his show to talk about her refusal to attend Trump's inauguration on the 20th. Maxine talked about her support for Rep. Lewis and what she thought Lewis meant when he said Trump was not a "legitimate president." Then she went off the rails suggesting investigations might be forthcoming to determine if the Trump campaign had colluded with the Russian government to help get Trump elected. Not only did Chris not call her on the carpet for the unsubstantiated claim he ran with it, asking Maxine what she thought should be done IF such a connection could be made. Today I'm going to take you play by play through the exchange and explain exactly how the media plants a false story using tactics like this and then treats them as though they are legitimate questions that deserve answers. It's a great show, don't miss it. Jason

519: Progressive Implodes on Paper While Attending World Economic Forum  

I've got a lot I want to cover today. First, we'll cover the comments by Rep. Lewis about the legitimacy of the Trump presidency. I'm amazed how much latitude Lewis is given in the face of what is clearly an incorrect assertion about Trump. Apparently being a civil rights leader entitles you to make provably false statements about the president-elect and get away with it. From there we'll cut to some clips of Bernie Sanders on the stump to save socialized medicine in America. If you listen to him tell it, Republicans are about to commit 20 million Americans to death. You and I know better. As I've spoken about at length, the Republicans have no intention of repealing Obamacare. The best we can hope for is a less complicated and expensive system, but even that looks unlikely at this point. Everything you're seen from both sides is nothing but pure political gamesmanship. Finally, I read an incredible article from a progressive attending the World Economic Forum this year. Reading the thoughts of a man who's coming to the conclusion that his entire philosophy on life might be wrong is fascinating. I want to share his comments with you. I think you'll get a kick out of it. Enjoy! Jason

Can you Put Cats in the Microwave?  

It's AMA Friday, the day I take your questions and turn them into something worth listening to. Enjoy!

Inauguration Day, Obamacare, and State Sovereignty  

Great show today. Darren and I attended the 5th annual 10th amendment dinner last night and had a great time. I wore my Indochino suit and looked like a million bucks if I do say so myself. Washinton is planning for large protests of up to 200k people who intend to object and/or disrupt the inauguration of Donald Trump. More than 7,500 national guardsmen have been called up to assist in the security of the event and based on what some protesters are saying it's probably a good thing they'll be there. General Mattis was on Capitol Hill yesterday talking about talking about the threats from Russia and China. I know I may take some heat for my comments, but I found Mattis's opinion on both Russian aggression and the South China Sea Troubling. I'll discuss today. Thanks to all of you who share and subscribe to the show. We've got big plans for 2017 and I'm glad you're a part of them. Jason

Indiana Faces Down EPA: Nullification in Action  

While most of the media is focused on the pointless vetting process happening on Capital Hill, one state is trying to fight back against federal oppression. Indiana has introduced a bill that would nullify all EPA regulation in the State. The working in the bill is powerful, to say the least. Here's a taste: “The regulation-making authority of the United States Environmental Protection Agency is not authorized by any article or amendment of the Constitution of the United States and violates the Constitution’s true meaning and intent as given by the founders and ratifiers.” This is not a bill designed to prevent state employees from assisting the EPA in their duties; this bill goes at the heart of states rights claiming the EPA has not constitutional authority to act. This is the kind of action we need in every state, but it will take more than a piece of paper. If passed, the EPA will challenge this law, and Indiana will need to defend its citizens and businesses from federal prosecution. Let's hope they do a better job than Kansas has done. Jason

Bernie Sanders: The Rise of an Economic Illiterate in America  

Few men have been more successful at branding themselves an expert on a subject they know virtually NOTHING about than Senator Bernie Sanders. A devout socialist who spent the bulk of his early life making socialist propaganda while working odd jobs has managed to craft a national reputation as a cult icon and voice of the working class. In reality, Bernie Sanders is a bumbling old man who has risen to the height of social influence and political power by convincing a poorly educated electorate that he is an expert on the economic problems and solutions that plague us today. He is nothing of the sort. His understanding of basic economics is elementary at best. He promotes a simple message: - The Rich are Evil - Corporations exploit their workers and pollute the environment to line their pockets. - Only the heavy, righteous hand of government can save the helpless citizenry from the failure of capitalism and the injustice it produces. Last night Bernie was granted airtime once again by CNN to promote his nonsensical ideas. Ideas that, when tried throughout history, have resulted in more death, poverty, and suffering than any other political ideology on earth. You see, Bernie is a socialist plain and simple. He will try to cloak his true beliefs by using the term Democratic Socialism but what he desires is a government that controls every aspect of an economy. One that tells businesses what they can produce and in what supply, what they must pay their workers and what benefits they must offer. He believes capitalism is immoral and that workers should control the means of production through direct ownership or government protected unions. These ideas are not only foolish they are dangerous. As I said, they have lead to the deaths of tens of millions and the unimaginable suffering of countless more. Only liberty and free markets can raise people out of poverty by providing them the opportunity to make for themselves what they can. History has shown a nation that respects individual liberty and economic freedom produces more wealth and opportunity for more people than any other system devised by man. Bernie's ideas are not new. The are old, failed ideas. Ideas receiving attention today because we have failed to teach our children their results in practice. Enjoy the show, Jason

Is it time to abolish the debt ceiling?  

That's what Treasury Secretary Lew thinks. How sad is it we've come this far. Before 1917 ever single time Congress wanted to borrow money they had to approve the expense. This proved far too inconvenient, so they authorized the Treasury to borrow as much money as they needed up to a certain point. Over the years our debt has ballooned into the trillions as Congress sees every new expenditure as an opportunity to buy votes. Someone is always looking for a handout and politicians are in the business of selling you your coat at an inflated price. We're also going to play some clips of John Mccain and Lindsey Graham talking to Chuck Todd on Meet the Press. The fact anyone consults these two clowns on matters of state is scary. If you laid both of their foreign policy opinions down side by side, you'd notice neither one of them have been on the right side of history in the past 20 years. Nothing is going to change until Americans become better educated. Knowing what's going on is not enough. Understanding is what's critical. Jason

It's Ask Me Anything  

These have become some of my favorite episodes. We've got lots of great viewer submitted questions, from personal to political. Thanks to all of you who are helping us with our 100k listener challenge. LIKE, SHARE, SUBSCRIBE and discuss. That's all you have to do. Als don't forget about the 10th Amendment dinner next Wednesday in Topeka, KS. We have a great list of speakers including yours truly. If you haven't purchased tickets yet you can do so here: There are already 300 scheduled to attend. It's going to be a great night. Jason

Reuters Says Joblessness at 43-Year Low; Jason Explains Why  

Alright, so I had a little rant today after destroying my phone and a little incident with a shipping company but once we got to the meat of the episode I had some really good stories to share. We start off with a discussion of the kidnapping of that young white by a few, soon to be convicted felons. It's a terrible story that leaves me with more questions than answers. From there I hit on Obama's recent award and his confiscation of more than 500 million acres of land. I want to dispell some myths about private land ownership and what would happen if the government didn't provide for public lands. Finally, I want to tie a couple of economic stories together for you. The first, as the title alludes to, is about the joblessness rate here in America. The second is the record debt countries have racked up around the world. Many of you are wondering if America has turned a corner. Sentiment continues to be positive, and all the financial talking heads are upbeat about our future. I want to try and inject some reality into the discussion and that's what I'll do today. Thanks again for listening and sharing the show! Jason

Republicans Sellout on Obamacare Pledge  

There will be no repeal of Obamacare. Republicans WILL pass legislation they will call a repeal, but like most things that come out of politicians mouths, it will be a lie. On today's show, we're going to discuss the Republicans proposed plan in detail and explain how they're screwing over everyone who voted for them. My greatest fear is no one will be paying enough attention to recognize the deceit and treachery. I've also got a great story on the bond market as well as a fantastic article out of the Atlantic on Bernie Sanders, socialism, and capitalism. Here's a link to the article: Thanks so much for being part of what we're building. Your support keeps us going. Until tomorrow, Jason

Russian Hacking, Congressional Oversight, and Civil Deutsche Banke  

It's the first show of 2017, and I've got more stories than I can cover in the meager hour we have together, so I've decided to focus on some of the most talked about yet under-reported stories in the headlines today. You might wonder how anyone paying attention could be misinformed about the Russian hacking scandal, but it would seem the media either doesn't understand the story itself or is choosing to misrepresent the truth. I'll dive into the specifics today with the help of Sharyl Attkisson and her piece from *** 10th Amendment Dinner On Jan. 11 I'll be speaking and MC'ing the 5th Anual 10th Amendment dinner in Topeka, KS. If you happen to be in the area and would like to attend here's the link to get your tickets. See you tomorrow! Jason

The Final Episode  

Well not the final-FINAL episode, but it is the last episode of 2016. Today I've got an interview I did with Marc Clair on his show Lions of Liberty. This isn't your typical libertarian episode. Today we're talking survival and preparedness. It's right in line with our the new podcast we'll be launching next year. Enjoy the show, enjoy the holiday. Talk to you again January 3rd! Jason

What to Do About Aleppo  

If you listen to the media today, you'd think the massacre in Syria is a result of American inaction. How anyone can say that with a straight face today is beyond me. The Syrian crisis is a direct result of our intervention in the middle east starting in Iraq. We created ISIS, and we supported them early on in the fight to take out Assad. Now the middle east is on fire, and the same people who said we needed to fund ISIS are the same ones calling for more violence. I'm sick of the media treating these foreign policy baboons with kid gloves. Today I'm going to take them to task. We're also going to talk a little about the vote today that will undoubtedly elect Donald Trump as our next president. The media, in typical fashion, is giving voice to the false idea that Democrats may have some chance of preventing Trump's assertion to the American throne. I'll put that notion to rest as well. It's a full episode today. Glad to have you listening. Don't forget to subscribe and share!

Ask Me Whatever You Want  

It's AMA Friday. That means we're going to talk about the things important to you. Today we talk Bitcoin, Education, Economic Turmoil and much more. It's going to be a great show. Enjoy! Jason

Lindsey Graham Ready to Start another War  

"Crippling sanctions" is the way he frames it but what Lindsey Graham wants is a war with Russia. Why might you ask? Because he wants to do the same thing to Iran and China and he feels they might not take us seriously if we don't get tough with Russia. I refuse to believe Lindsey Graham is a moron. He may not be the sharpest pencil in the government drawer, but he's not an idiot. That means he's advocating for these abuses with the full understanding that they will lead to more destabilization and more war. Today I also respond to some of the critics of my limited government position from yesterday. Full show again today! Enjoy! Jason

You Cannot Have Liberty Without the Law...  

...and the law must be enforced. Originally I was going to title today's episode "Government's answer to everything is higher taxes, " but after finishing the show, I realized the real meat of the episode came after the break when we discuss a recent abduction in Mexico. I know this is going to anger some listeners, but I've made a promise always to tell you the truth and never lie to you. Liberty and the laws are cornerstones or our freedom, and many people seem to think you can have liberty without any mechanism to enforce the law. Today I'm going to challenge that belief and tell you why governments are necessary if we want to have any chance of living in a free society. Jason

Bob Murphy Talks Trump, Tariffs, and Obamacare  

It's my great pleasure to welcome the legend Bob Murphy to the show today. He's and incredible libertarian mind and Austrian economist who's written several books including "Choice: Cooperation, Enterprise, and Human Action" and "Primal Prescription: Surviving the 'Sick Care' Sinkhole." I wanted to get Bobs take on some of Trump's policy positions including tariffs, taxation, and deficit spending. Trump has proposed more than a trillion dollars in new spending while also expressing a desire to cut taxes. This has created an imbalance in the stock and bond markets as investors expect higher equity prices while at the same time looking for higher interest rates. We're also going to talk about Obamacare. Bob is somewhat of an expert on the law, and I wanted to get his take a solution to the mess we're in now. It's an exciting show and one you'll want to share. Enjoy, Jason

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