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The Jason Stapleton Program


Try as we might, we could never describe the show better than those who choose to make it a part of their daily lives, so, in the words of one of our listeners,"So who/what is Jason Stapleton/podcast? Before I answer that, ever heard of the saying, 'In a world gone mad...a glimpse of sanity' or 'In an ocean of island of calm'? Well, he's that and a whole lot more...entertaining, topical, knowledgeable, informed, traveled, intelligent and articulate. In his podcasts he brings his special sense of understanding and ability to simply the issues (governments, politics, economy, domestic and foreign policy, war, markets, morals, and more) an hour each day. If all the madness and all the turmoil (at home and all around the world) have you confused, aggravated and looking for a source of clarity, perhaps Jason can bring you a bit of sanity and a welcome sense of calm."


545: Why Milo Yiannopoulos is Wrong for Conservatism and Bad for the Liberty Movement  

A lot of people have asked me why I've never had Milo on my show. I get emails from people offering to make the connection or suggesting I should reach out. It generally involves some disclaimer about how they "don't agree with everything he says" but how it would be "be a great interview and would get a lot of downloads." Let me state for the record that I love ratings and increasing my following is of primary concern as we work to build a bigger megaphone for liberty but that doesn't mean I'll do anything to boost my numbers. Milo's latest gaffe has cost him a 250,000 dollar book deal and untold numbers of speaking gigs. Since Milo makes his living preaching a provocative right-wing message to college kids his standard of living is about to go down. I've also just received word that he's resigned from Breitbart News, his other source of revenue. It's the trap many provocateurs fall into. They get headlines by making over the top statements about culture and politics but if they don't hit ever higher forms of socially incorrect discourse their fall out of the news cycle. Today I want to talk with you about Milo's recent comments about pedophilia and why he's such a bad poster child for both conservatism and the liberty movement. It's a jam packed show today. Listen now! Jason

544: Trump, Putin, and the Media. Who's Telling the Truth?  

Trump has lashed out at the media again, this time calling them "the enemy of the America people." The media has responded by suggesting this is a tactic used by dictators to silence a free press. John Mccain has weighed in on the issue even going as far as to criticize the president while giving a speech in Germany. Not directly mind you, but he did give a point-by-point takedown of the president's worldview calling it Nationalism. But how much credit should we give McCain? Fellow senators like Rand Paul say not much, claiming McCain's criticisms are a reflection of a personal feud between him and the president. Rand went on to suggest McCain has been on the wrong side of history for the last four decades. Today, I'm going to tear into this feud and explore some of the criticisms of both Trump and McCain to see if we can find some truth among the spin. *** Also, If you thought I was joking about the government taxing robots I've got some great comments by Bill Gates. Can you say, hypocrite? It's great to be back with you. Don't forget to like and share the show!! Jason

543: Trump Press Conference Breakdown and His Ongoing Media War  

I said yesterday that we were going to have some great clips of Trump's recent press conference and today I deliver. Trump claims he wants a "fair" and "honest" media. Is that true or does he simply want a sympathetic and supportive media? Our media has an important responsibility. The are another check again power. It's their job to help expose corruption and inform the citizenry of what's happening in their government. They should be skeptical and confrontational. The media and government are not friends. Their relationship SHOULD be strained. But has our media become so politicized that it can no longer fulfill it's role? I happen to think the answer is yes, and no. I'll pull several clips from the Trump press conference to prove my point. The press is not perfect, in many cases they are incredibly biased but that doesn't mean every time the press challenges Washington its a political witch hunt. Thanks for listening! Don't forget to Share! Jason

542: KrisAnne Hall Talks Supreme Court and Original Intent  

With all the talk about executive orders, Supreme Court Nominees and judicial oversight I thought it would be a good idea to bring KrisAnne Hall back on the show to discuss the role of the judiciary, specifically the supreme court and it's intent under the constitution. Most of you know who KrisAnne is but if you don't you can check out her website and podcast here. She is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the subject of our constitution and the history of our nation. I'm alway excited to get a chance to talk with her and today is no different. Check out the show and don't forget to share! We need to educate our nation on our responsibilities as citizens and it starts right here with this episode. Jason

541: American Freedom and Healthcare on Life Support  

We've fallen again. The Heritage Foundation now ranks America 17th on its list of 180 freest countries on earth. America is now less free than countries like Estonia and the UAE. Canada ranks 7th, a full ten countries above us. I'm disheartened every time I see these rankings come out. How can we still call ourselves the land of the free and home of the brave? We're not even brave enough to stand up to our own elected representatives. *** Tax season is here, and once again I'm questioning what exactly I'm paying for. Every other bill for service I get has an itemized list of things I've paid for. The one exception is my tax bill. All proponents of big government claim all this tax money goes to pay for services and products we all need. I want a list. I want the government to explain where my money goes. The problem is they can't. They can't because even they don't know where all the money goes. But if you're wondering if this is the year you should protest the fed by not paying your overlords might I suggest you think twice. It is a terrible injustice we are subject to each year, but it's far worse to end up doing 10-20 for tax evasion.

540: Michael Flynn Resigns as Media Sharks Smell Blood in the Water  

Once again the media has taken a non-story and turned it into a scandal. Here's the short of it. Flynn as committed no crime. He was cleared by the FBI of any potential issues as it relates to his conversations with the Russian Ambassador. He DID, however, tell the Vice President that he had not discussions regarding Russian sanctions, a statement that was later proved to be false. So, Flynn is guilty (at worst) of lying to the Vice President, and that assumes it was, in fact, a lie and not merely a misstatement. I find it hard to believe the former national security advisor would intentionally lie to the Vice President especially considering he had done nothing wrong. Naturally, we don't know the whole story, but we do know this is, at worst, a minor controversy involving internal White House communications. It hasn't stopped the media from blowing this story up into a full-fledged frenzy. I'll lay out the truth for you on the show today, and We'll also talk about some creative ways to pay for education that doesn't involve taxes. Great show today, don't forget to share! Jason

539: Jim Rogers Warns of Dire Economic Days to Come  

"We're about to have the worst economic problems of a lifetime." Those are the words of famous commodities guru Jim Rogers. How bad is it going to get? "A lot of people will disappear." according to Jim. *** Congratulations! You paid more in taxes over the last three months than at any time in history! A record $7,133 per working American. You might think with all this big money being confiscated that the government is FINALLY running a surplus. But you'd be wrong. Our benevolent thieves in Washington actually spent 154 BILLION more than they brought in over the last three months. When are Americans going to wake up to the realization that government will never have enough money? Right now Bernie Sanders is eagerly plotting the theft of trillions of dollars so he can take credit for providing "FREE" healthcare and college to every American. A guarantee he cannot possibly give at any price. If you want the truth about what's happening in the world of international politics and economics, you need to tune into this show each and every day. The truth, Unfiltered and Unashamed. Jason

538: Tyranny of the 9th Circuit  

What happens when the law becomes nothing more than the decision of three judges in California? What happens when the law becomes nothing but the decision of one man in Washington D.C.? The answer is, liberty dies. That is what we face today. A president who rules by executive order and a court that supplements the law for its own political opinion. Today we're going to talk about the 9th Circuits decision and what it means for our liberties. *** I'm also going to discuss the call by Yvette Felarca for more riots to silence speech and scare people into compliance. She was on a local news station recently calling for terrorism to achieve the goals of her group "By Any Means Necessary" (BAMN). I hate bullies, and I'm willing to fight to defend our liberty. If progressives are going to use terror to achieve their ends, they're going to find me, and men like me, very unforgiving. Jason

537: Syrian Priest Speaks Out Against Media Lies  

For more than a year now I've been telling you about what's happening in Syria. I've told you the truth about the role our government has played in the destruction of that nation and the attempted outsting of the democratically elected president. Now another voice is speaking out. A Christian Priest named Father Daniël Maes who lives in an ancient monestary about half a mile from Demascus. He says the story the media has been telling you about an organic uprising in Syria is a lie. He says the entire war was started by al Qada and funded by western governments. He claims the real reason for America's involvment is to pave the way for an oil pipeline from Saudi Arabia through Syria to Europe and that is why Assad has to go. This is exactly what we have been telling you for close to a year and it appears the media is doing a poor job of reporting on the war. I'll have a full breakdown today. Jason

536: Highlights from the Ted Cruz, Bernie Sanders Debate  

Last night CNN hosted a debate between Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders over the future of the Affordable Care Act. Apparently, CNN liked the ratings boost it got from the presidential debates and is trying to keep the momentum going. Personally, I'd love to see more of these debates with people tuning in to hear the ideas from all sides. I've got a lot of clips from the event and I, of course, will have plenty of witty commentaries to go along. Cruz did ok against Sanders, but he should have destroyed him. Cruz missed a golden opportunity to deal a death blow to the Sanders ideal. Instead, he only managed to score some nice sized wounds. Thanks so much for listening and sharing. Don't forget to subscribe!! Jason

535: Ayatollah Vows Retaliation for Trump's Comments  

You knew this was coming. Anyone who thought the Iranians were just going to roll over and capitulate to Trump's ultimatum does not understand the culture or the social pressures of the Middle East. Now Ayatollah Khomeini has fired back in a statement saying the Iranian nation will respond to Trump's comments on February 10th. Nobody knows what that means, but I'd expect it means another missile test designed to send a big "SCREW YOU" in America's direction. While Trump has worked had to avoid a conflict with Russia he seems determined to start a new conflict with Iran and ruffle feathers with China and Mexico. Don't get me wrong; I've got no issue with our President ruffling feathers. There's far too much consideration given to public sentiment and media response. But I do worry when our Presidents words could expand our war footing and put American lives at risk. *** We're also going to talk a little about gun control and open carry today. You won't find anyone more pro-gun than me, but theses open carry nuts often do more harm than good with their provocative display of weapons. It's another great show, Don't forget to like and share. Jason

534: American: Land of the Free or Despotic Empire  

Coming up with a title for today was difficult. I'm not sure if I got it right or not, but I thought I'd focus a chunk of the show today on Trump's comments about Russia and the U.S. Government. To say it's a political foe paw to speak about America's dark past would be an understatement. We're brought up hearing about all the wonderful things America, freedom, and capitalism have done for the world, and you know what, it's all true. But our government approved history books conveniently omit things like our war of aggression in the Philipeans, the Moro Rebellion, and My Lai. It's not that we don't hear about these things, but we speak of them as though they are the exception to the rule, a few bad apples in an otherwise unblemished history. But the truth is far less pristine. America, like all nations, has committed its share of atrocities. Just don't mention it to anyone or you'll quickly be labeled anti-American. Trump made such an error this weekend in his interview with Fox's Bill Oreilly. I want to talk with you about those comments and the criticisms of Trump in general. There's a lot of emotion but very little substance in the arguments being put forward. Also, if you wonder why I'm so skeptical of climate change I'll give you more evidence today. It turns out NOAA intentionally falsified climate data to impact the recent Paris Climate Accord. Nobody is looking out for you. Not even the people charged with doing just that.

533: The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict and the Battle over the West Bank  

The Israeli-Palestinian debate has been raging for years, and there are a lot of emotions on both sides. Both have made mistakes, and neither side is blameless in its application of violence against the other. With that said there is the TRUTH and there are LIES when it comes to who has the right to control areas of the West Bank and Gaza. Do the Palestinians have a right to the lands in the West Bank? Should there be a two State solution? I'll do my best to give you the facts around this very polarizing debate. *** Betsy Devos has cleared yet another hurdle toward her goal of becoming the next education secretary of the United States. To be frank, I don't have any idea if Betsy is qualified for the job or if she'd be any good at it. Since I don't think the government has the constitutional authority to HAVE a DOE, the idea that our education secretary might have ambitions of dismantling or hobbling its ability to harm our education system is refreshing. What I'd like to do is point out the hypocrisy and shameless comments by many of the committee charged with vetting her. I've picked out Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders to illustrate my point. I think you'll get a kick out of it.

532: American Saber Rattling Signals War on Horizon  

In the wake of the supreme court nomination and the riots at UC Berkeley, you might have missed the comments by National Security Advisor Michael Flynn who put Iran on notice after its recent ballistic missile test. The announcement comes on the heels of a statement by Iran that it would abandon the U.S. dollar in all financial and foreign exchange reports, a move that will no doubt put the dollar conspiracy theorists into a frenzy. **** We'll also discuss the group of left-wing regressive extremists who took to the campus of UC Berkeley to protest the speech of Milo Yiannopoulos. It's symbolic of what progressivism has become, a form of fascism that sees no moral hypocrisy in using violence to silence what they deem as hate speech while screaming profanity and hate filled rhetoric into a megaphone. In typical fashion, the police were on the scene but did nothing to prevent the riots or arrest those involved. *** The JSP Store is Now Open!!! Get your gear now!

531: Big Brother Fights to Control the Narrative  

With the nomination of Neil Gorsuch to fill the vacancy left by the death of Antonin Scalia, the battle lines in Washington have been drawn. Even before Trumps pick was announced, Democrats were lining up in open opposition to whoever was chosen. Today, Republicans voted to change the rules to push forward the nominations of the HHS Secretary and Treasury Secretary after Democrats refused to attend the committee meeting, preventing a vote from taking place. The Blaze is also reporting the White House has put a ban on spokespeople speaking to CNN claiming the network, "doesn't help them spread their message." The battle lines have been drawn. Today I'm going to explain what's happening on Capitol Hill. Rumors and allegations are flying, and I'm going to separate the truth from the lies.

529: Is Trump's Executive Order Legal?  

America blew up this weekend when Donald Trump signed his latest executive order putting a temporary hold on all immigrants from seven predominantly Muslim countries. The backlash as been predictably stupid. Senators, Congressmen and political pundits have taken to the airwaves to call this a "religious test," a "ban on Muslims," and Tim Kaine even accused the President of being racists. The question you should be asking, and the one I will attempt to answer on this show is, is it constitutional? Does the president have the power to do what he's doing? I think some of you will be surprised at the answer. Jason

Taxes, Tariffs & Fines  

Last night I went out for ice cream. My wife and I do that some nights after the kids go to bed of course. On the way home I ended up getting pulled over and was issued a ticket for nearly $140. I'll tell you the whole story on the show today, but it really got me thinking about the barriers governments throw up that keep us from getting ahead. Today President Trump met with Theresa May, the Prime Minister of Great Britain and one of the things she remarked on was how she and Trump agreed that they want to make the issues facing average citizens at the forefront of the discussion. What the Prime Minister and so many others in government fail to realize is THEY are the problem. It's not individuals or companies or even other nations who play the villain; it's our own politicians who always seem to hurt the very people they aim to help. This is a great show for sharing. Don't forget to subscribe! Jason

526:  Donald Trump and the Wall- Everything You Need to Know  

There's been a lot of hype about this wall. Tensions are high. Mexican President Nieto recently canceled his trip to meet with Trump to discuss the future of U.S. Mexico trade relations. It's a sure sign more drama is to come. But how exactly does President Trump intend to build a wall and make Mexico pay for it? Can the President simply back out of NAFTA or modify the terms without consulting Congress? How much power does this guy have? Today I discuss all of this in detail, and I think you'll find after we consult that pesky constitution that the president's power does have, it's limits. Of course, having limits on power hasn't stopped previous presidents from overstepping in the past, and with the House and Senate controlled by Republicans, I imagine there will be little pushback to the president's expansion of authority if he chooses to do so. Thanks to all of you who share the show! We continue to grow! Jason

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