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Try as we might, we could never describe the show better than those who choose to make it a part of their daily lives, so, in the words of one of our listeners,"So who/what is Jason Stapleton/podcast? Before I answer that, ever heard of the saying, 'In a world gone mad...a glimpse of sanity' or 'In an ocean of island of calm'? Well, he's that and a whole lot more...entertaining, topical, knowledgeable, informed, traveled, intelligent and articulate. In his podcasts he brings his special sense of understanding and ability to simply the issues (governments, politics, economy, domestic and foreign policy, war, markets, morals, and more) an hour each day. If all the madness and all the turmoil (at home and all around the world) have you confused, aggravated and looking for a source of clarity, perhaps Jason can bring you a bit of sanity and a welcome sense of calm."


640: The Thousand Yard Stare of My Cubical Neighbors  

I actually have an article to go with that show title, but I couldn't help tying in the hopeless, defeated, noose tightening gaze coming from the employees of the company across the hall from us.

A couple of weeks ago Darren and I discussed how dissatisfied most people are with the work they do, but many of them feel trapped.

I guess they should feel lucky they have a job now that labor force participation remains so low.

But all I could think about was an article I just read about Social Security. I want to share my thoughts with you on today's show.

Life doesn't have to suck. You just need a little heart and a willingness to lay your future on the line.


639: Let's Talk about Subsidies  

I know that most of you listening to the show today will be against subsidies but do you understand why?

It's one thing to say "taxation is theft" and then support that statement with an understanding that stolen money shouldn't be appropriated as a form of corporate welfare.

But do you really understand WHY we shouldn't prop up a company, market or industry? Do you know what happens in the economy when you do?

That's what I want to talk about today. We've got a great example in the news that illustrates the problem perfectly.

Also, I got a chuckle out of Walmarts latest attempt to combat Amazon. I'll tell you about it at the top of the show.


638: Austin Petersen Talks Trump, Foreign Policy and His Run for Senate  

It's always a pleasure to have Austin in the studio. If you don't know, Austin is a former candidate for President on the Libertarian ticket who's now switched parties and running for Senate in Missouri against incumbent Claire McCaskill.

I invited Austin in to talk about his run. Having switched parties, I was interested to know if his hardcore libertarian principles still guided his opinions on foreign policy, the Republican Party and the role of government.

Listen to our conversation, and if you want to support Austin you can go here:



637: The U.S. Moves One Step Closer to War With North Korea  

Over the last couple of months, we've been following the North Korea situation closely.

Despite what you may have heard, the likelihood that North Korea could hit a U.S. mainland target is slim.

What I said several weeks ago was to look for a significant escalation in news stories talking about the imminent threat from North Korea. If the government wants a war, they'll start by using the media to exaggerate the threat North Korea poses.

Today we see signs they are doing just that.

Not only is the media now claiming NK can hit the U.S. mainland they are also claiming the country has "miniaturized" it's nuclear arsenal.

If true, it means the NorthKoreans could put a nuke on those ICBM's they claim can hit the U.S.

Republicans are already responding by demanding more money for missile defense.

Yesterday I said Trump needs a war. He might have found one.


636: Trump TV is Pure North Korean Style Propaganda  

If Obama had tried anything like this, the conservative community would have gone into convulsions.

Last weekend former CNN pundit Kayleigh McEnany posted a broadcast from "Trump Tower" on the presidents Facebook page.

The show resembled a legitimate news broadcast and claimed to be the "real" news.

What was it? Pure propaganda. It would appear the president is no longer satisfied with the coverage he's been getting and has decided to do it himself.

Is this a one off broadcast or is this a new era in political communication in America?

In my mind, it doesn't matter. It's dangerous. The president has wondered into dictator territory, and we should all be concerned.

This is going to sound crazy, but Elizabeth Warren is making a case for reduced regulation.

Apparently, government imposed regulation has increased the price of hearing aids ten fold!

Those aren't my figures those are Warrens numbers.

Give them long enough and even the most ardent supporters of government regulation have to admit they've gone too far.


635: 100% Inheritance Tax? Why not?  

I'm shocked we still have the conversation in 2017, but the fact is most people are ignorant of history and immune to good ideas.

Such is the case for Guardian columnist Abi Wilkinson.

Wilkinson laments the fact that so many people die with money in their pockets, choosing to pass it on to their family rather than giving it to the government to be redistributed.

So, why is an inheritance tax such a bad idea? Wouldn't it be better if Britains took the 77billion pounds gifted in inheritance each year and spent it on the welfare state?

Well, NO! If you want to understand why this is such a bad idea listen to today's show.

Should we repeal the 17th amendment? If your gut response is, "What's the 17th amendment?" then you need to hit play and listen to the discussion.

Lot's of great stuff today. I love days like this.



634: Schumer Says Dems are "Namby-Pamby"  

Apparently, the Dems think they lost the election because Americans didn't know what they stand for so, according to Chuck Schumer, they've rolled out a NEW, BRAVE and BOLD plan to win back blue collar workers.

What is this plan you ask? In short, new infrastructure spending, a raise to the minimum wage along with paid maternity leave and child care.

If you think that sounds a lot like Roosevelts "New Deal" it's because it is. This is the same platform Democrats have run on for decades. It's not new, brave or bold. Its a retread of old ideas.

632: Union Workers Lose as Teamsters Pension Defaults  

Here's a question for you...

Why would the federal government pass a law to bail out a private pension program?

What business is it of the federal government (or any government) to involve itself in a private contract dispute?

Crazy as it might sound the feds, led by Bernie Sanders, is trying to pass the Keep Our Pension Promises Act which would provide a form of bailout to the Teamsters private Central States Pension Fund which currently pays out more than $3 for ever $1 it brings in.

It's a form government corruption, not at the hands of crony capitalists but by unions who made promises of fat pensions they could never hope to cover.

Is Maxine Waters running for President in 2020?

Lord, please say yes!

Can you imagine the hours of material a presidential run by Maxine would provide? She's a goldmine of political humor.

It's not impossible. She's headed to New Hampshire for a picknick to hobnob with the Democratic elites of Strafford County.

Here's me, crossing my fingers.


631: Social Security Headed for the Cliff...  

What happens when social security starts paying out more than it brings in? It's going to happen sooner than you think.

Right now social security is projected to be upside down in just five years.

In addition, the Disability Insurance trust fund will start paying out more than it brings in by 2028.

Those who advocate for bigger government, more spending and big promises need to look at the promises they've already made but can't hope to pay for and those of you who think government promises equal guarantees need to take a hard look at our current situation.

Three things are going to happen over the next twenty years.

1. Taxes are going up.
2. Promises will be broken.
3. Standards of living will fall for many who thought their government guarantee would provide for them.

Don't fall victim to the lies our politicians tell us. It will cost you dearly down the road.


630: Another Prediction Comes True  

Repeal and replace is now finished and the Senate is having trouble mustering the votes just to bring a repeal bill up for debate.

At this point, it's safe to say the congress is incapable of functioning.

Some of you could not be happier, and under normal circumstances, I'd be right there with you. But a repeal of Obamacare and a rollback of regulation combined with tax reforms are things I'd like to see happen. The problem is, Republicans don't.

If you ever thought Republicans stand for your values of limited government and free markets the last few months should be a huge reality check.

629: Elon Musk Calls for AI Regulation  

If you want to know why someone would call for MORE regulation in their industry just follow the money.

Once a company has established itself in the space, controlling competition becomes a serious concern.

One of the easiest ways to prevent competition from entering the market is to petition the government to institute burdensome and expensive regulation.

The established company can afford to pay the cost associated with the regulation while the startup will struggle. It's an old game being masterfully played by Elon.


628: Dysfunction in the Halls of Congress  

Normally I'd be excited. And maybe I should be. Obamacare reform isn't going to happen. (Even if it does happen)

There's little to no hope of any tax reform which means no increase in the debt and deficit and...

There's no budget on the horizon which means getting big spending projects done is nearly impossible.

These are all good things, but it would be nice if, for once, Congress could get some significant spending cuts, tax cuts, and regulation reform accomplished.

This has been the Republican promise, but alas, as usual, their tough talk turns out to be just that, talk.

Today I want to talk with you about government lies and empty promises. We'll use the current state of affairs as our examples.

Happy Friday everyone. Enjoy!


627: Net Neutrality is a Silly Made Up Term  

I'm so sick of hearing all the proponents of "net neutrality" complain about the FCC's attempt to remove hundreds of pages of unnecessary regulation.

None of them have the slightest idea what they're talking about. For starters 'net neutrality' isn't even a real thing. The Internet has never been neutral or even equal. That's because it's a free market and in a free market broad INEQUALITIES that exist.

Net Neutrality is a made up term invented by those who want to have the internet regulated for their own financial gain.

I've spoken about this at length in the past, but the trolls are back out claiming the "free internet" is going to come to an end when these regulations get rolled back.

Today I'm going to clear things up and give you the firepower necessary to teach the truth.


626: Has Yellen Gone Insane?  

From the mouth of Fed Chair Janet Yellen, "I don't believe we will see another financial crisis in our lifetime."

I had to reread the quote three times.

From there my mind began to race working all the angles. Why would she say that? What political or economic gain could come from such a ridiculous statement.

I am at a loss which leaves me with only one answer. Yellen is drinking her own Kool-Aid and actually believes she can control the market.

It's nonsense of course. Attempts to control the market always fail. But that doesn't stop each generation of control freaks from giving it the old college try.

It's a mad, mad world.


625: Trump in Trouble. A smoking gun has appeared.  

I know some of you think I've been watching too much MSNBC but I think Trump has some new problems.

It turns out Trump's campaign met with a Russian lawyer because they though she had dirt on Hillary Clinton.

That, by itself, is no big deal. The problem is they thought this lawyer was working for the Russian government.

What's worse, the guy they sent to the meeting was none other than Trump Jr. The man who sits at the left hand of power. (Ivanka is on the right, naturally.)

It's impossible to fathom Tump was not aware of the meeting or the circumstances surrounding it.

Is this collusion? No, because everyone admits there was no damaging information shared at the meeting. But it does show an ATTEMPT by the Trump campaign to get information from a representative working for the Russian government about a political opponent.

That is going to cause Trump some problems.

Naturally, he's going to come out clean. That's what presidents do. But it proves the claims that some Trump campaign officials DID seek to sway the election with the help of the Russians.


624: Progressives Push for the End of Uber and the Birth of Single Payer  

Shocking as it may be, having seen the collapse of health insurance at the hands of government there are still those who push for a single payer system as an answer to what ails us.

In a painful to read article from the New York Times, the author asserts the many reasons why switching to a single payer system will...wait for us money.

It's the same gas we heard out of progressive mouths when Obamacare was being voted on. Since that worked out so well, why not give the government total control over our healthcare decisions.

I'm also going to shred an article from Harvard Business School professor Benjamin Edelman who wrote an indefensible piece about Uber.

I get a little fired up today. Apologies in advance.


623: Norway Offers a "Voluntary" Tax. It Did Not Go Well  

That's right, after outrage over a recent tax cut politicians have made it easy to pay more taxes if you feel you're not receiving a firm enough rooting from the government.

To date, they have brought in the equivalent of $1,325.

You see, most people feel like the taxes they pay are far too high or at least high enough. It's only the other guy doing a little better than we are who are not paying his "fair share."

MiConnell is all but admitting they aren't going to get a repeal done on Obamacare. But here's one thing in the article from CNBC that gives us some insight on what the narrative is going to be moving forward.

The results are in over our debate about CNN's ratings. Tune in to find out who was right. (as if there was ever any doubt.)



622: CNN's Tough Talk Backfires BIG TIME.  

CNN could not have misplayed their hand worse if they tried. Apparently, CNN is still living in a world where they control the narrative and hold the all the power.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The power in today's media is held by the nameless, faceless trolls on the internet who have both time and skill as their weapons.

CNN found out the hard way that heavy-handed threats and self-righteous demands will not scare off the hoards of social media-savvy Americans who won't be muscled.

Chicago school children will now face one more hurdle before graduation. Regardless of their academic proficiencies, if students can't show they have a government-approved plan after graduation, they will not be issued a diploma.

I'll give you the details today.

Elizabeth Warren was in Afghanistan this week to celebrate 4th of July with the troops. If you find it odd the Mrs. Warren would be in Afghanistan you have reason to question.

Since joining the Senate in 2013 Warren has been to Afghanistan exactly zero times. I'll explain her recent change on today's show.


621: Are You White? Then You're the Problem  

That's the claim of one Fairfield University professor.

If that sounds like straight racism, you're right! It's the exact definition of racism.

I've also got the inside scoop on Austin Petersen's Senate announcement and some great stories on what qualities make us successful.


P.S. If you were looking for the link to my business course, here it is.

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