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Try as we might, we could never describe the show better than those who choose to make it a part of their daily lives, so, in the words of one of our listeners,"So who/what is Jason Stapleton/podcast? Before I answer that, ever heard of the saying, 'In a world gone mad...a glimpse of sanity' or 'In an ocean of island of calm'? Well, he's that and a whole lot more...entertaining, topical, knowledgeable, informed, traveled, intelligent and articulate. In his podcasts he brings his special sense of understanding and ability to simply the issues (governments, politics, economy, domestic and foreign policy, war, markets, morals, and more) an hour each day. If all the madness and all the turmoil (at home and all around the world) have you confused, aggravated and looking for a source of clarity, perhaps Jason can bring you a bit of sanity and a welcome sense of calm."


568: Tim Kennedy on War, Podcasting, and Waterboarding Steven Crowder  

Today my very special guest is Tim Kennedy who many of you know has made quite a name for himself in the world if MMA, self-defense, and personal protection. Tim has recently launched a new podcast to complement his company, Sheepdog Response and you can find out more about both at his website. We cover a lot of ground in this interview, and I think you're going to get a perspective on foreign policy that runs contrary to current libertarian opinion. In the end, I was impressed with Tim. It was a pleasure to have him on the show and I suggest you go check out his podcast. Jason

567: Media Goes Orgasmic Over Republican Healthcare Defeat  

Watching the Sunday shows this week you'd think all the pundits just got raises. The giddiness was hard to contain. It was evident they were relishing the fact that Republicans failed to deliver their healthcare bill for a vote. But the jokes on them. Real liberty minded people didn't want that garbage either. I was overjoyed (while not surprised) to hear that Ryan's plan to strong-arm Republicans into supporting his tired excuse for healthcare reform. Now they turn their attention to tax reform, or at least that's what they're saying. I think the president is more interested in infrastructure spending and if he wants to secure a win for himself, he will do far better if he started with his trillion dollar stimulus. It doesn't matter. If Trump starts with stimulus, we'll go deeper into debt, if he starts with tax cuts we won't see a dime in spending decreases. In the end, Washington stays the same, only the leadership changes. Special guest on the show tomorrow. Listen in to find out who it is. Jason

566: Trump Delivers Ultimatum to Congress -  Massie's Response is Priceless  

Yesterday President Trump delivered an Ultimatum to Republican leadership in the House demanding a vote on the new healthcare bill by the end of day Friday. Paul Ryan, being the good little soldier he is, snapped to attention and as of this writing has scheduled a vote for later this afternoon. Now, we know they don't have the votes, and I would be shocked if they go through with the process of watching their first piece of legislation go down in flames. They will more than likely pull the bill from consideration and move on to tax reform. But the Presidents ultimatum brings up an important question; one Rep. Thomas Massie asked in a Twitter post this morning. "If Exec branch tells Legislative branch "when 2 vote" "how 2 vote" & "what it will b allowed 2 work on if vote fails," is that a republic?" - Massie I've also been asked by a few people why this bill isn't "an inch in the right direction." I'll address that on today's show as well. *** From there we'll discuss Schumer's threat to filibuster the SCOTUS vote for Gorsuch. I think he's bluffing and I'll tell you why. *** Finally, we'll look again to Venezuela and take a look at their continued slide into third world status. We have a real world socialist implosion on our hands, and nobody is talking about it. Your children are living through this event, and there is an incredible teaching opportunity you should capitalize on. We've had a great week. Enjoy your weekend and don't forget to like and Share! Jason

565: Thoughts on the London Attack and Surveillance State  

We have more information on the London attack and as I expected this appears to be a lone attacker who's actions were inspired but not orchestrated by ISIS. For a long time, I've talked about the danger of single, independent attackers executing small terror attacks that yield tremendous results. In the absence of ease to acquire firearms those looking to do harm have simply moved to weapons like vehicles, knives, and hatchets. It's a dangerous world we live in. Vigilance is required. *** It appears the vote on the Republican healthcare bill is still up in the air. As of this writing, the freedom caucus still says there is no deal. My gut tells me this vote gets delayed, perhaps indefinitely. It's a bad bill, and I'll explain why this is not a situation where we should "take an inch." *** House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes found himself in a bit of a scandal yesterday when he went directly to the president with information about unmasked surveillance conducted on him and his team after the election. I've got a lot to say about this, and it's one more example of the media and the government missing the larger constitutional picture. All that and the assassination of an exiled Russian MP who found himself on the wrong side of Putin's wrath. Jason

564: Government Nearly Kills Child Using Cyanide Bomb  

That is not a catchy headline designed to get your attention. A 14-year-old child narrowly escaped death when he unknowingly triggered a cyanide bomb near his home. The boy's dog was not so lucky. I'll give you the whole story today on the show, but the perhaps the biggest "screw you" from the government came in the aftermath of the incident. No one has bothered to apologize or even assist this boy and his family with the exposure. Imagine the outrage by these same government agencies and politicians if a private company had exposed a citizen to this level of deadly poison. *** It looks like the Republican health care bill will fail if brought up for a vote. I've got clips from Paul Ryan and Rand Paul talking about the divide between conservatives in the freedom caucus and RINO Republicans in the House. All signs point to Ryan pulling the bill before the scheduled vote tomorrow. According to the Freedom Caucus, they have 25 "no" votes, and they only need 21 to prevent the bill from passing. *** I briefly discuss the attack this morning in London, but with limited information, there's not much to cover. If there turns out to be a story there, I'll cover it tomorrow once we have some facts rather than speculation to draw from. Jason

563: Republicans Move to Block Their Own Bill  

It a move of pure defiance the freedom caucus appears to have the votes necessary to block the new Republican health care replacement. To call it a replacement is quite a stretch. In reality, it is a modification of the Affordable Care Act that leaves in place most of the mandates from the ACA. It's a far cry from the platform Republicans have run on for the last eight years. This hasn't stopped the Republican leadership from spreading doom and gloom. In an attempt to secure passage of the new Obamacare Lite bill, they are suggesting that if they cannot pass healthcare that tax cuts might be in jeopardy. Today I'll break down the why and tell you exactly what you need to know. *** Gorsuch is on Capital Hill this week giving testimony for his supreme court nomination. There's not much here worth covering, but that hasn't stopped the media from running the hearings in full. I've been watching for the last hour, and it's been night but Democrats attempting to catch Gorsuch in an incriminating statement while Republicans try to protect him. Gorsuch doesn't seem to need much protection. In my opinion, he has handled himself with incredible poise and clarity. I cannot see how he could not be confirmed. *** Finally, Twitter is shutting down accounts in record number. More than 636,000 accounts have been terminated due to what Twitter calls "extremism." Despite what some would like you to believe, this is not a freedom of speech issue. You don't have the right to say whatever you want on Twitter's platform. But this does cause me some concern when I think about how fragile the first amendment has become. Twitters hard line is just one example of how our society is becoming increasingly intolerant of views with which we disagree. Thanks so much for listening. Don't forget to like and share the show!

562: Testing the Limits of Free Speech and Police Power  

Today we'll discuss the limits (assuming the exist) of both free speech and police power. I two separate stories the government has is attempting to expand its power by diminishing the 1st amendment and second amendment while at the same time increasing policing power. These are two issues that should bring all sides together. Both ones freedom of speech and the right to defend one's home and family are issues that unite us as a people when presented correctly. What I'm going to do today is give you the template to use when discussing these issues. *** Tomi Lahren came out last week on the daytime talk show "The View" as pro-choice and chastised those who claimed to support limited government while suggesting the government should decide what she can do with her body. Her comments immediately generated headlines which were likely the intent. Conservatives took to the internet to discredit Tomi and her statements. I've been a critic of Tomi since I became aware of her shortly after she joining The Blaze TV. I don't dislike her because she's an attractive and successful conservative. I dislike her because she's dumb. I could be kind and say she's not very well informed, but the truth is she presents herself as a conservative thought leader in America, but her opinions are short on "thought." She, like Milo, is engaged in shock-commentary and like Milo, she has taken things one step to far. But I don't think Tomi needs to worry. This latest revelation will likely do nothing but strengthen her appeal and her value to an industry that puts controversy and provocative rhetoric above substance.

561: American Dream? "Move to Canada" Fed Says  

I'm not joking. If you're looking for the "American Dream," (the joy of owning your home and the idea that your children will do better than you) your odds are far better in Canada than they are here in America. According to a new study from the St. Louis Fed if you start in the bottom 1/5 of society you are twice as likely to end up in the top 1/5 if you live in Canada rather than the U.S. Many would say we have a wealth inequality problem, but that has nothing to do with it. It's a question of focus. America chooses to focus on inequality rather than mobility and ends up with greater inequality and less mobility. It's something that has to change if we want America to be the Land of Opportunity again. *** I'm also going to talk a little foreign policy. Secretary of State Tillerson has announced a much tougher line with North Korea as we move one step closer to war. In reading the article, it reminded me of an email I received from a 10th grader who listens to the show. He was asking me about World War II, and I think his question has parallels with our situation today. Lots of great stuff in today's episode including a video of Nancy Pelosi making a fool of herself...again. Enjoy, and don't forget to subscribe!

560: Trump Gets Hit from All Sides  

From Trump's latest travel ban to his new budget proposal the president has been met with nothing but pushback from both Democrats and Republicans. Many pundits have said the Democrats are a political party in disarray, but from my chair, it would seem they are far better mobilized and clear on their mission than the Republicans are. The Republican Party is fundamentally broken. They appeal to a mostly conservative, limited government block of American voters but once in office they rarely make good on their tuff talk on the campaign trail. It's not as thought Trump's proposals are all that great. The new Obamacare is a disaster and Trump's own budget does nothing to curb government spending. If we want Washington to change we've got to change the people IN Washington. They're not going to leave on their own. We've got to show them the door when primary season rolls around.

Trump Tax Returns Make Rachel Maddow Look Foolish  

I was watching TV last night when Twitter started blowing up with claims that MSNBC host Rachel Maddow had secured Trump's tax returns. But instead of cutting into regularly scheduled programming to drop this bombshell on the world MSNBC instead decided to wait and reveal them on Maddow's show. For half a minute I considered switching over from a riveting film starring Bryan Cranston to check out what Maddow but I decided against it when I realized she likely had nothing and social media would no doubt relay the information the second it was available. It turns out Maddow's "scoop" debunked what progressives have been claiming for months, namely, that Trump had paid no taxes in years due to creative accounting. It turns out Trump made about 150 million dollars and paid 36.5 million in taxes. According to some reports, that's more than MSNBC, and it's parent company paid. So, to boost ratings Maddow ends of blowing the controversy over Trump's tax rate and ends up with egg on her face. To save what little dignity she had left she spent the balance of her show speculating about where the $150 million came from and stoked the flames of another progressive conspiracy about Trump's ties with Russia.

Is bitcoin Finished?  

No, not exactly, but it had a major setback last week. It's a stretch to call it a setback. What really happened was the SEC stated publicly what professional traders and investors have been saying for years. In its decision, the SEC denied a proposal to launch the first regulated bitcoin exchange. The launch of a Bitcoin ETF would have opened new doors for the new digital currency that struggles with liquidity issues and high volatility. I have been a voice of reason in the hype that surrounds Bitcoin these days. I've tried to point out the dangers investors face when putting money into Bitcoin and I've been met with a wall of resistance from those I call "Bitcoin Apologists" who are suggesting I don't know what I'm talking about and claim I need to "educate myself." So I thought today I'd explain in detail why I don't invest in Bitcoin and why you might want to use caution in making your own decision. I'm not telling you it's right or wrong for you. I don't know you. But I can tell you what to look out for and help you understand the dangers if you do decide to invest. ***** Follow Jason on Twitter: Follow Jason on Facebook: Follow the JSP on FaceBook: Visit the JSP Website:

557: The Great Dan Carlin  

I'm getting ready to hop on a plane as we speak but I wanted to get this episode out to you ASAP. Enjoy!

556: Americas Foreign Policy Nightmare  

We've got ourselves in a real mess. America has managed to find itself in conflict around the world. Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, and Yemen all have an active military presence. Then there's saber rattling in Russia, China, and North Korea. Recently North Korea launched several missiles into the ocean off the coast of Japan and claimed they were practicing hitting U.S. military targets in Japan. America responded by sending the THAAD Anti-Missle Defense system to South Korea. China and Russia didn't like that one bit. They claim the system isn't designed to defend South Korea but rather to spy on Russian and Chinese military capabilities. We are in a foreign policy nightmare, and if we're not careful, it could turn into a world war. It's time America reevaluate it's entire foreign policy doctrine before it's too late.

555: When Stupid Money Enters the Market, Run for the Hills  

I warned all of you about Snapchat last week, and it didn't take long for me to be proven right. Today Snapchat traded below its opening price of $24 and appears headed back to its IPO price of $17. From there who knows but what I do know is market hysteria has hit a new high. It's not just companies like Snapchat that have no value yet receive widespread praise. There are also deeper concerns in the stock market. Retail money is flooding back into the stocks, this time in the form of ETF's. The question is, how long can these prices be maintained once all the uneducated investors are fully invested. Watch out. When worthless companies received ridiculous valuations and stupid money starts flowing into stocks alarm bells should be going off in your head. Don't fall victim to the hype. It can cost you everything.

554: Is Trump Crazy or is This the Next WaterGate?  

The media is in an uproar over Trumps most recent tweets. Yes, I understand how ridiculous that is to write, but that makes it no less true. Although Trump tweets are the main story today, I've got one that you won't see in the mainstream. It's another scandal at the ATF. This time they're running cigarettes not guns and defrauding the cigarette industry out of millions. If I was writing a novel, I couldn't have crafted a better fiction. Unfortunately, this one is 100% accurate. Enjoy, Jason

553: Republicans Work from the Democrat Playbook  

Yesterday, Rand Paul, along with an entourage of media, marched down to the room where the Republican health care bill was on display. He was met by armed guards who denied his entry inside the room to read the bill. Republicans are taking a page right out of the Democratic playbook by hiding their bill from Congress in the hopes it will pass before most objectors have the chance to read it. *** I've had several requests to talk about the current Kansas budget shortfall. A lot of progressives are using the massive budget shortfalls we have here as evidence that tax cuts don't work. Today I'll give you the facts and explain why it's been such a disaster here in Kansas. Jason

552: Jeff Sessions and the Hypocrisy of Politics in America  

I can't believe this has become a story. Not only is it a story it's a HUGE story. It's stupid is what it is. You can't help but be floored with the audacity of crooked politicians pretending to be outraged about another potentially crooked politician. They're all pure as the wind driven snow when they smell blood in the water. But is there any truth to the Sessions story? Did he lie under oath? Should he resign? You're not going to find any honest answers to these questions in the mainstream media because none of them are interested in getting to the truth. Today I'll walk you through the Sessions controversy and give you an honest assessment of the situation. *** From there we move to the Republican's plan for the replacement of Obamacare (or lack of a plan). It turns out they finally have something down on paper, but if you wanted to read it for yourself, or find out any details, you're out of luck. Like the left, Republicans are hiding the proposed legislation from the public. Congress has the chance to go into a closed room and read the bill, but they cannot get a copy of it. If this causes flashbacks to the TPP and Obamacare, it should. It's the same underhanded tactics progressives used to push their trash through the house. If you think there's a difference substantive difference in principle between Republicans and Democrats, I'm going to test you today. The more we expose these men and women for what they are the better off we'll all be. It's not about party it's about principle, and right now there are but a handful in Washington who have any. Jason

551: Austin Petersen Talks CPAC and Trumps Speech  

It's my pleasure to welcome former Libertarian Presidential Candidate Austin Petersen back in studio. He has recently returned from CPAC, and I asked him to come by and give us some insight into the event and what his takeaways were. While I've got him here, I'll also chat with him about the president's recent speech before Congress. If you listened to conservative TV and Radio, you'd think Trump gave a barn burner speech. I was less enthused.

550: Governments Around the World Focus on Getting you Laid  

Yeah it’s a real thing. It’s actually a bit of humor to start the show off today. It turns out countries around the world, in an effort to boost birth rates, have designed a variety of programs to get your headboards knocking. The latest is Spain who’s death rate exceeded it’s birthrate last year for the first time. In an effort to boost their birthrates Spain has resorted to hiring an “Sex Czar”. It’s a typical government response to a problem (hire more people, create a new program) but if I was ever going to get behind a new government initiative this seems like the type of thing I’d support. :-) *** In more serious news I want to read an article for you from the Wall Street Journal that talks about the correlation between Japan’s easy money policy in the 1990’s and ours today. I think many of you will be shocked to see how similar Japan’s lost decade is to our own stagnant economy. It’s a fantastic show today. Thanks to all of you for sharing and promoting the show! Jason

549: Delta's Profit Motive Beats Government Good Intentions  

549: Delta's Profit Motive Beats Government Good Intentions Do you ever wonder why government inefficiencies never seem to get fixed? The TSA has, from its inception, been plagued with problems. From long lines and employee, malfeasance to cost overruns. Everyone hates the TSA. Even if you're sympathetic to the workers, you can't help but curse under your breath every time you're forced to stand in a 30-minute line before being stripped and scanned. Why don't these problems get solved? It has to do with incentives. What incentive does the TSA have to improve their processes and provide a better experience? The answer is zero. The TSA gets its funding from the government. They have no direct responsibility to you. If you're unhappy with your experience, you can't pick a different screening provider the next time. Nor can you withhold your money by choosing to travel by car or train. The TSA is going to get paid no matter what. The only incentive the TSA has is to make sure they always follow the make sure the line keeps moving and the laptops come out of the bags. Contrast this with the private sector who have a profit motive with everything they do. Yes, the GREEDY corporation only concerned with its own bottom line. Delta, one such company, just did what the TSA has been unable to do since its formation. It solved the wait times at the Atlanta airport. By investing its own money it signal handily cut wait times by up to 90%. How could this be? Simple, they wanted to make more money, and they were tired of spending millions to rebook unhappy passengers due to missed flights and TSA inefficiencies. The desire for profit pushes companies to be as efficient and consumer friendly as possible. A free market, consisting of competing companies, helps to drive down costs while creating a better quality product. This is something you will never see in a government run monopoly. We can learn a lot from Delta and the TSA. These lessons apply to a host of problems America now faces from education to Obamacare. Jason

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