The Jasta Show

The Jasta Show


Musician, former television host, and podcaster Jamey Jasta (Hatebreed, Kingdom of Sorrow, Jasta and the former host of MTV's Headbanger's Ball) interviews your heroes every Monday and Thursday.


Episode 266 - Davey Suicide  

After much requests I finally manage to get together with Davey Suicide out in Vegas. He goes into some great detail about his issues with his old label and some great music biz stuff. PLUS I get to answering more of your questions! Follow the show @jameyjasta @gasdigital

Episode #265 - Alissa White-Gluz (Arch Enemy) & Doyle (Doyle/Misfits)  

I finally make it out to Vegas to chat with the one and only "power couple" Alissa White-Gluz (Arch Enemy) & Doyle (Doyle/Misfits). Always a fun, fascinating, and great time with these two. We get into videos, music, food and so much more don't miss it! Follow the show @jameyjasta @gasdigital

Episode 264 - Alex Lopex (Suicide Silence)  

Alex Lopex (Suicide Silence) joins me on the show from Nova Rock festival in Austria, making it the first "full band" that's appeared on the podcast. Follow the show @jameyjasta @gasdigital 

Episode 263 - Brann Dailor (Mastodon)  

Brann Dailor (Mastodon) is back on the show again today. Its always a good time when we get to sit down together. He tells us about playing with Metallica, we hit issues with violence at shows, psychedelics and much more. Follow the show @jameyjasta @gasdigital.

Episode 262 - Mike Muir (Suicidal Tendencies)  

The one and only Mike Muir (Suicidal Tendencies) is on the podcast again. If you wanna talk can't miss episodes, this is one of them. We could talk for hours but we had to end it at some point. We had such a great time talking about everything from music, to politics and everything in between. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as we did. Follow the show @jameyjasta @gasdigital

Episode 261 - Dave Lombardo (Dead Cross)  

The one and only Dave Lombardo (Ex-Slayer/Dead Cross) joins the podcast again today. He tells us about the new Dead Cross record, working with Mike Patton & Ross Robinson, some drum tech talk and SOOOOO much more. Follow the show @jameyjasta @gasdigital

Episode 260 - Kurt Brecht (DRI)  

Kurt Brecht (DRI) joins me on the podcast during this swing thru Europe with Hatebreed. We talk about some of the wild tours and shows over the years, what a perfect tour day is like and some ideas for the HAAAAAAAARD Hall of Fame. Follow the show @jameyjasta and @gasdigital.

Episode 259 - Dying Fetus Listening Party  

Hatebreed drummer Matt Byrne joins me on the podcast today as we dive into the brand new Dying Fetus album coming out June 23rd! Follow the show @jameyjasta @gasdigital

Episode 258 - Frank "3-Gun" Novinec (Hatebreed)  

My buddy Frank "3-Gun" Novinec (Hatebreed) joins the show today. We're about to get on this European leg part 2 but before that we have a great chat I hope you guys are gonna enjoy. We get into bad movies, his love of old school gaming, and even Disney. Follow the show @jameyjasta and @gasdigital

Episode 257 - Riki Rachtman  

Former Headbangers Host Riki Rachtman is my guest today. We go back and reminisce about the old MTV days, talk about his Ricki's Ride charity and so much more. Follow the show @jameyjasta and @gasdigital

Episode 256 - Chris "Zeuss" Harris  

Metal, hardcore producer extraordinaire Chris "Zeuss" Harris finally joins me on the podcast again today. We get into a bunch of tech talk, working with different styles, scoring movies and even 8 bit versions of songs. We have a great time today I hope you guys do too. Follow the show @jameyjasta @gasdigital

Episode 255 - Howard Jones (Devil You Know)  

Its time for another 'monthly' Howard Jones (Devil You Know) podcast episodes again! We get updated, pitch some band names, and maybe even set up a live podcast during warped tour. Follow the show @jameyjasta @gasdigital.

Episode 254 - Brian Slagel (Metal Blade Records)  

Brian Slagel founder and CEO of Metal Blade Records joins me on the podcast today. I pitch him your band name suggestions for Howard Jones, trying to break bands in the modern era, mor Metal Guys Doing Non-Metal Things and more! Follow the show @jameyjasta @gasdigital

Episode 253 - Zoltan Bathory (Five Finger Death Punch)  

Zoltan Bathory (Five Finger Death Punch) is my guest today. You're in for a treat, Zoltan does not pull ANY punches, from politics and labels to SJWs we have a fascinating chat. I really think you're going to enjoy this one. Follow the show @jameyjasta @gasdigital

Episode 252 - Cris Kael (Five Finger Death Punch)  

Cris Kael (Five Finger Death Punch) joins me on the podcast today. This is another one of our South America episodes. We had a great time talking about his beer, traveling the world, and almost even just going back to be a regular guy. Follow the show @jameyjasta @gasdigital

Episode 251 - Warrel Dane (Sanctuary)  

Warrel Dane (Sanctuary) joins me on the show today, along one of the stops of our trip thru South America. We talk about the new music he's working on, some great Metal Guys Doing Non-Metal Things, and even about his Ayahuasca trip. Check it out and follow the show @jameyjasta @gasdigital.

Episode 250 - Piggy D (Rob Zombie)  

Rob Zombie bassist Piggy D is my guest on the podcast today. We managed to get together and for a great chat out in Brazil. We get into Metal Dudes Doing Non Metal Things, veganisim, people that DO! and so much more. Follow the show @jameyjasta @gasdigital

Episode 249 - Rob Zombie  

The one and only Rob Zombie joins me on the podcast today as we keep "Zombie Week" going with the man himself. We get into so much, check it out you're not going to wanna miss this one! Follow the show @jameyjasta @gasdigital  

Episode 248 - John 5  

One of the most talented guitar players in the world John 5 is my guest today. We manage to get in a great conversation while on the road that I think you're really gonna enjoy. We get into so much from his DIY attitude, his love of KISS, and what its like on tour. We had a great time you don't wanna miss it. Follow the show @jameyjasta @gasdigital

Episode 247 - Howard Jones (Devil You Know)  

Howard Jones (Devil You Know) joins me on the podcast again today for the long over due monthly appearance. We get updated on the new music, pitch more band names, and finally get a chance to catch up again. Follow the show @jameyjasta @gasdigital

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