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The Jasta Show


Musician, former television host, and podcaster Jamey Jasta (Hatebreed, Kingdom of Sorrow, Jasta and the former host of MTV's Headbanger's Ball) interviews your heroes every Monday and Thursday.


Episode 218 - Danny Diablo (Crown of Thornz)  

Today I got to sit down with NYHC legend Danny Diablo. The amount of stories he has could fill hours worth of podcasts. We get into him going to rehab, being kicked off tour with Motorhead, fickle HC kids, big time fights, plus new music and a new label, such a great episode for you guys. Follow the show @jameyjasta @gasdigital

Episode 217 - Fight Buddies with Howard Jones (Devil You Know)  

Howard Jones joins me today for a special Fight Buddies episode of the podcast. We talk our favorite fights and fighters, making fighters the future stars, and for you non-fight fans we talk about what's coming up on the horizon for Howard in 2017.

Episode 216 - Jim Breuer (Comedian)  

The incredibly funny Jim Breuer joins me again today for a hilarious sit down as he gets ready for a show in NYC. We swap some great stories, like why he hates Bon Jovi, his love for Judas Priest and singing with Halford having a crush on Juliette Lewis and almost getting into a fight with Danzig. Follow the show on twitter @gasdigital @jameyjasta

Episode 215 - Ben Weinman and Kevin Antreassian (Dillinger Escape Plan)  

Ben Weinman and Kevin Antreassian of Dillinger Escape Plan join me at the gasdigital studios today. They talk about owning a studio, trying to get shows when they started via payphone, not fitting any musical style, DEP is ending and a great story of meeting and hanging out with ODB & Wu Tang before he passed away. Follow the show on twitter @jameyjasta and @gasdigital

Episode 214 - Don Jamieson (Comedian)  

Today the very funny Don Jamieson joins me today at the gasdidgital network studios for a real fun episode. We talk his new book, band beefs and the Dokken breakdown on That Metal Show, opening for rock acts and even smoking up with David Lee Roth. follow the show @jameyjasta and @gasdigital

Episode 213 - Logan Mader and Lauren Hart (Once Human)  

Today we've got another very special video episode with Lauren Hart and Logan Mader (Once Human) We talk about Logan coming out and wanting to play again, Her 1st ever live show opening for Fear Factory, making music for video games, STAR WARS, dream tours and more! Follow the show @jameyjasta and @gasdigital

Episode 212 - Alissa White-Gluz (Arch Enemy) & Doyle (Misfits)  

Strap in folks cuz this week we've got the punk/metal power couple Alissa White-Gluz (Arch Enemy) & Doyle (Misfits) on the podcast. We get into just about anything you can think of from the Misfits reunion, book shopping with Danzig, being kicked out of her previous band, learning how to play and write music, loving "wrong" sounding musicians, villain worship and soooo much more. As always follow the show @jameyjasta and @gasdigital

Episode 211 - Jim Root (Slipknot)  

Killer show today guys, I managed to sit down with Jim Root (Slipknot). He's not one for long form interviews so I try to make it count. We talk learning guitar and growing up in Iowa, neck surgery, and even some early demos, plus I've even got a surprise for you guys today so look out for that. Follow the show @JameyJasta @gasdigital 

Episode 210 - Shuli Egar (Comedian)  

We get the very funny comic and Howard Stern show correspondent Shuli Egar on the podcast today. This dude is hilarious, we get into him making a living working casinos and dealing in Vegas, getting his daughters into metal, opening for Dice and Howie Mandel, and how similar metal and comedy can be. Follow the show @jameyjasta @gasdigital

Episode 209 - Nick Diaz (UFC)  

Today the one and only badass himself Nick Diaz and I sit down for an amazing interview. We talk growing up in Stockton, being the "#1 athletic stoner" and breaking the weed stigma, a bunch of great fight and training stories and his mentality going into a murderer's row of fights. You can NOT MISS THIS EPISODE! Follow the show @jameyjasta @gasdigital

Episode 208 - Luis J Gomez (Comedian)  

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Podcaster, radio host, comedian, and entrepreneur Luis J Gomez joins me today. We get into  starting off in booking, building & growing a digital network, UFC/MMA, we fan boy over Shark Tank, Luis shares how he got a leg infection on a cruise. Follow the show @jameyjasta @gasdigitial  

Episode 207 - Carley Coma (Candiria)  

Today I sit with Carley Coma (Candiria) for a long overdue chat. We talk about the infamous crash, the new album, how different writing a concept album is, the dependence and addiction of phones, and what it's like being black in a predominantly white scene. As always, follow the show @jameyjasta and @gasdigital. 

Episode 206 - Howard Jones (Devil You Know)  

I finally get Howard Jones (Devil You Know) to sit with me again for another great episode. What don't we talk about? In the first post-election podcast, we get into politics, movies, music, and more and have a great time. Follow the show @jameyjasta @gasdigital 

Episode 205 - Corpsegrinder (Cannibal Corpse)  

The one and only Corpesgrinder episode is finally here! Such a great dude, and we could have talked forever. We get to everything from his crazy claw machine prowess, to his love of WarZone and hardcore, a TON of road stories, never missing his kids' birthdays, and so much more. Follow the show @jameyjasta @gasdigital 

Episode 204 - Erik Rutan (Hate Eternal)  

I finally got a chance to sit down for a fantastic conversation with Erik Rutan. What DIDN'T we talk about? We get into a buch of Morbid Angel talk, Politics, producing, his love for and touring with Pantera, great thrash albums, using music as therapy. We get into so much this episode you can't miss this one. Follow the show @jameyjasta and @gasdigital

Episode 203 - Edsel Dope (Dope)  

Today I get a chance to sit down and talk with Edsel Dope. We talk about the new album Blood Money, the benefits of social media and the importance of youth in the music industry, art vs the numbers and so much more. Follow the show @jameyjasta and @gasdigital

Episode 202 Trevor Strnad (Black Dahlia Murder)  

This episode I manage to sit down with Trevor Strnad as we catch a break down in Mexico. We get interrupted by room service, talk buying out the 7-11 and great food trucks, writing for Metal Injection, playing in front ok 90,000 people, genre eliteism, the rock "BEEF" book and so much more. As always follow the show @JameyJasta @gasdigital

Fight Buddies BONUS  

This week a very special bonus episode of the new FIGHT BUDDIES PODCAST. The MMA/Combat Sports podcast will be getting into all angles of the fight world with some of my friends, and professionals in the fight world. This week we sit down and talk a ton of MMA with Damon Martin and Jeremy Loper. 

Episode 201 - Rob Blasko  

Back again for the 3rd time is the one and only Rob Blasko. We pick his brain for a wealth of information, tips on how to survive as a band and the current music industry as a whole, and the possibility of a industry podcast to come in the near future. Follow the show @jameyjasta and @gasdigital

Episode 200 - Kerry King (Slayer)  

We did it! Thank you everyone who helped us get to episode 200! Today we have the one and only Kerry King himself on the show. We talk co-signing a band, old 'beefs' his influences and favorite live shows, and even inventing a new word. Plus in honor of episode 200 a bunch of new music and your fan questions. Thank you so much for all the support and onward to 300! Follow the show @jameyjasta and @gasdigitial

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