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The Jasta Show


Musician, former television host, and podcaster Jamey Jasta (Hatebreed, Kingdom of Sorrow, Jasta and the former host of MTV's Headbanger's Ball) interviews your heroes every Monday and Thursday.


Episode 200 - Kerry King (Slayer)  

We did it! Thank you everyone who helped us get to episode 200! Today we have the one and only Kerry King himself on the show. We talk co-signing a band, old 'beefs' his influences and favorite live shows, and even inventing a new word. Plus in honor of episode 200 a bunch of new music and your fan questions. Thank you so much for all the support and onward to 300! Follow the show @jameyjasta and @gasdigitial

Episode 199 - Charlie Benante (Anthrax)  

This week I get to sit down for a while with Charlie Benante from Anthrax. We get into his love of the Misfits and bands he loved to see coming up, the excitement of a live show the dynamics of a different band lineup and more. Plus new music from Among the Betrayed and more fan questions. Do not miss this one! Follow the show @jameyjasta @gasdigital

Episode 198 - Rob Caggiano (Volbeat)  

This week I managed to get a sit down with guitarist and producer Rob Caggiano (Volbeat/Anthrax) We have an awesome time and talk about producing Brian Johnson, arguing with Cradle of Filth in studio, splitting time between the US and Copenhagen, choosing to leave Anthrax and so much more. Follow the show @jameyjasta and @gasdigital

Episode 197 - Lajon Witherspoon (Sevenedust)  

It's been a long time coming but today I finally get Lajon Witherspoon from Sevendust to sit down with me for a great hour. We get into starting up a new label, how they've been able to stay together so long as a band, figuring out how to get the rights and masters back from old albums and how Justin Bieber?! blew his mind. It's another great one you don't want to miss. Follow the show @jameyjasta @gasdigital

Episode 169 - Devin Townsend (Devint Townsend Project)  

This week I finally get the great Devin Townsend back on the show for a fascinating discussion. We get into his upcoming new book, the illusion of control and being able to give it up, learning how to be brave enough to fail, being able to sit back and be a regular joe, and even finding solace in nature. You don't want to miss this one. Follow the show @gasdigital and @jameyjasta

Episode 195 - Craig Gass (Comedian)  

This week I got together with the very funny Craig Gass @craiggasscomedy on the show again. We get into how he got on to Opie and Jim for the first time, the 'trouble' he got in on the KISS cruise, opening for Motley Crue, not trusting people that work for him and so much more. He's a really funny dude and we had such a fun time. Follow the show @jameyjasta and @gasdigital

Episode 194 - Richard Christy (Charred Walls of the Damned)  

This week I've got Richard Christy (Charred Walls of the Damned) to sit in on the first ever video version of the show! We stop by the beautiful GaS Digital studios and have a great time. We talk about the new record, our love of horror flicks, how John Carpenter is a huge influence, and some of the coolest haunted cities tours. And remember, the only way to see the video edition is with a subscription to, promo code JASTA! Follow the show @jameyjasta, @gasdigital.

Episode 193 - Kurt Ballou (Converge)  

This week I got Kurt Ballou of Converge to sit down with me for a while at Riot Fest. He tells us how he nearly became a patent law student, where a newbie into audio engineering should go. He's got all sorts of studio stories, plus we get into wild frontmen and the difficulty in recording vocals and a bunch more. On top of that I've also got a new Barishi track for you to check out too! Follow the show @jameyjasta and @gasdigital

Episode 192 - Josh James (Stick to Your Guns)  

Josh James sits with me today and we have a great time. We swap old core stories, traveling around the world and he tells one of the gnarliest Egypt tales ever! Don't forget to follow the show @jameyjasta and @gasdigitial

Episode 191 - David Draiman (Disturbed)  

David Draiman is my guest today. We have a fascinating talk today. We get into the Disturbed hiatus, dispelling perception, the texting incident, streaming and writing lyrics by feel and much much more. You can't miss this one. This episode features music from Anciients and Commonwealth. Follow the show @jameyjasta and @gasdigital

Episode 190 - Myles Kennedy and Mark Tremonti (Alter Bridge)  

Today I've got Myles Kennedy and Mark Tremonti of Alter Bridge sitting in with me. We talk their upcoming new album, what they do to keep their vocals fresh, the current state of music, finding that "Next Dangerous Band," the importance of big festivals and so much more. PLUS featured music from Barishi and Mark Rizzo. Follow the show on Twitter @jameyjasta and @gasdigital

Episode 189 - Al Jourgensen (Ministry)  

Al Jourgensen of Ministry is my guest today. We talk about the new record (Surgical Meth Machine, and the recording process,the possibility of perfoming in Cuba, weed vs pizza delivery, and the fine line between good guys and bad guys. Follow the show on Twitter @jameyjasta, and @gasdigital. Plus featured music from Anciients via Season of Mist Records.

Episode 188 - Mark Holcomb (Periphery)  

Mark Holcomb of Periphery is my guest today. We got deep into the importance of kids having musical instruments in the house, getting a new riff recorded no matter what, new creative ways to interact with fans, tasting exotic foods, some hot sports talk, and more! Follow the show on Twitter @jameyjasta, @gasdigital. This episode features music from Periphery & Haunted Shores.

Episode 187 - Ken Casey (Dropkick Murphys)  

Ken Casey from the Dropkick Murphys was my guest today. He has some great stories about hometown shows, being friends with Bruce Springstein, New England sports, promoting boxing, repping Boston, and more!

Episode 186 - Jason Bittner (Shadows Fall)  

Today, I talked to Jason Bittner of Shadows Fall and Flotsam & Jetsam. We get into what he's been writing, teaching drums, how to pick bands to tour with, the logistics of being in more than one band, some Goody stories, and Jason narrowly avoids the Title Police!

Episode 185 - Jim Breuer  

Jim Breuer joined me today, as well as a surprise guest, to talk about what it takes to get plays on the radio, how to make money on tour, the trick to song parodies, fine tuning a joke, plus some hilarious stories! This episode features music from Barishi and Late To Scream.

Episode 184 - Howard Jones (Devil You Know)  

Howard Jones joins me to talk fishing, roasting the audience, MMA, plans for upcoming records, negotiating foreign toilets, and more! This episode features music from Barishi.

Episode 183 - Sonny Sandoval (P.O.D.)  

Sonny Sandoval is my guest today. He's a religious man, so we got right into it. How it's been navigating the metal scene as a Christian, his feelings on organized religion, the importance of living with humility and forgiveness, the fun of having local bands open for him, some hot port-a-potty talk, and more!

Episode 182 - Todd Jones (Nails)  

Todd Jones from Nails is my guest today. We talk about what Record Store Day has done to the industry, what it takes to master a great sounding album, why bands don't play more deep cuts, reminisce about the hay days of a few favorite bands, and more! This episode features music from Rotten Sound.

Episode 181.5 - Joey Jordison & Frederic Leclercq (Sinsaenum)  

In this episode I sit down w/ Joey Jordison (Ex-Slipknot) & Frederic Leclercq (Dragonforce) to discuss their new project Sinsaenum, the Metal Hammer Golden God awards, their favorite black metal artists and more! This episode features music from Sinsaenum, Nails, Always War, and Rotten Sound.

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