The Jeffrey Charles Podcast

The Jeffrey Charles Podcast


Jeff talks about sport, Star Wars, food that will kill you and why driving sends you insane.


#51 Bill Something?  

Jeff is back in the Honda Jazz Studio and ready to give some half-baked opinions on Trump, Auspolitics and cartoons from the 80s.

#50 Sunday Rant 17.4.16  

Jeff is back in the Haitara Kingdom and talk some serious rubbish about sport, Australian Politics and himself. Eagle and Neil drop by for a quick chat with "The Great Man".

#49 Jeff Watches Real Housewives Of Melbourne And Entourage  

Jeff watches Real Housewives of Melbourne and Entourage with the mute button. So, Jeff has to make up the dialogue!

#48 Eagle And Jeff Talk Sport  

Jeff talks to his good friend (and radio co-host) about everything related to sports. Eagle reveals some surprising sporting skills and the highs and lows of being a Tigers fan.

#47 Drive Thru Rhino  

Jeff is back in the Honda Jazz Studio and ranting about junk food, highway patrols and

#46 Bran Muffin  

Jeff is back in the Honda Jazz Studio! Hear Jeff shout out to more sponsors that do not sponsor the "World's Worst Podcast"; whinges about how people annoy him with their misinformed comments, the poor performance of the truly terrible Sydney Roosters and a drum solo?

#45 Bunnings  

Jeff rants as he drives to Bunnings to do some work around the house (which he hates).

#44 Sunday Rant 20.3.16  

Jeff is back at Triple H and rants about Trump, Arnold Schwarzenegger and terrible movies from the 80s.

#43 Traincast  

Jeff rants about being exhausted, strange buildings and free stuff while he sits on an empty train

#42 Thanks with pizza  

Jeff is back in the Honda Jazz studio where he rants about hipsters in Canberra, watching his football team lose and saying thanks to everyone who supports "the world's worst podcast".

#41 Chucky  

Jeff talks about horror movies from the 80s, negligent pedestrians whilst he loses his mind in Sydney's abysmal traffic.

#40 Sponsor Drive  

Jeff is back in the Jazz and trying to find sponsors for his terrible podcast.

#39 Argentinian Pizza  

Jeff is in the car and talking some serious rubbish about NBA trade, playing sport and driving around the glorious city of Ryde.

#38 Jeff watches Foxsports  

Jeff takes advice from a listener and provides commentary with the mute button on. There plenty of low-quality rugby league, aleague and Jeff's terrible accents.

#37 Labyrinth  

Jeff talks about David Bowie, NBA trades and authors he'd love to emulate (if he had the talent!)

#36 Soup Bowl  

Jeff talks some rubbish about the Super Bowl, fantasy movies and forests.

#35 SNWJC 29.11.15  

Jeffrey Charles talks to Yanus about his love/hate relationship with Taylor Swift; why Steve Bogan doesn't like pink spheres and Atticus offers to help an Australian politician who needs a boost in the opinion polls.

#34 NRL GF Rant  

Jeff rants about upcoming NRL Grand Final....that has already happened. Jeff really failed to put this Podcast up in time.

#33 Glass Half Empty: Spit  

Jeff is back in the car and is ready to rant about hygiene.

#32 Glass Half Empty: How Do I Subscribe?  

Jeff rants about how he fails at everything technological and idiots on the train.

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