The Jim Lahey Show & Randy

The Jim Lahey Show & Randy

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Pour a lil' drinkypoo and join Jim Lahey and Randy for chat, cookery, special guests and more as they blunder their way through the funniest and most dysfunctional podcast on air!


Episode 16 - Make Randy's Kitchen Great Again  

Mr. Lahey has been drunk every single day in 2017, and he and Randy are excited to usher in the Year of the Cock! They interview their “best guest ever,” a yo-yo expert that Lahey met at the laundromat.

Plus: Randy’s Kitchen goes to a whole new level!



Episode 15 - Smaller Buns in 2017  

Randy reflects on 2016 and makes some healthy resolutions for 2017 but the show goes to s**t as soon as Lahey wakes up from his liquor nap. Marguerite arrives and she’s P*SSED, Bobby Mac shows up with a burning desire, and the SwearNet crew have a singalong!



Episode 14 - A S**t Hawk in a S**t Tree  

The spirit of Christmas has consumed Mr. Lahey! The 6/10 drunk trailer park supervisor bought gifts for everyone in Sunnyvale! On Randy’s Kitchen, Bobandy serves up some Christmas Burgers, and a special guest from the park joins the show for a sippy-poo.



Episode 13 - The Shart Tank Pt. 2  

Lahey and Randy are still looking for ideas that will take Sunnyvale to the next level. On the latest Shart Tank, will Nova Scotian actor/mime/jaw-model Rhys Bevan-John’s win the burger of acceptance?



Episode 12 - The Shart Tank  

It’s a time for renewal in Sunnyvale and Mr. Lahey and Randy are now looking for the next great idea to take the park to another level. The first guest on THE SHART TANK is author, sailor, smuggler, and singer Tom Gallant!  What does he envision for the future of Sunnyvale?




Episode 11 - Mr. Lahey Hates Halloween  

Randy is excited for Halloween (he even made brain burgers for Randy’s Kitchen), but Mr. Lahey is a wreck, due to the painful memories of Halloween 1977.  Instead, Mr. Lahey would rather have a sippy-poo and share footage of a recent trip he and Randers took to Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia!



Episode 10 - In the Spirit of Liquor  

Lahey and Randers are back from their summer road trip through the USA! Randy cooks up a feast fit for a fiesta, and week’s special guest – Dom Carlos, liquor professor – discusses the spiritual effects of spirits!

Plus: Lahey has a special surprise planned for Randy! 



Episode 9 - He Let the Liquor Do the Thinking  

This week, Randy hosts because Mr. Lahey tried to drink himself sober before the show. Bill Wood joins the show to perform some magic tricks and Randy cooks cheeseburger pancakes while Lahey recovers from a liquor s**tstorm... 



Episode 8 - Summon the S**thawk  

The Liquor Wicker Basket is calling the shots this week! Randy and Lahey bicker over a lack of guests, this week's toast, and Randy's liquorball sandwiches. Will a sing-along make it all better? NOPE!




Episode 7 - Fifty Shades of Lahey  

This week, Lahey breaks some records – and a record player –  and Randy cooks up some mini English muffin cheeseburger pizzas. Actor and writer Bill Carr also returns for another interview attempt. But this time, HE'S the Liquor!


Episode 6 - Hello, Young Lovers  

This week's guest star is Halifax Q104's Bobby Mac! He gives Lahey and Randy a lesson in radio voice-overs and samples Randy's special French toast... but is that all he's been sampling?



Episode 5 - The Jim Lahey Literary Episode  

Coming soon to the Blandford Recreation Centre? Lahey attempts to teach Randy about theatre, and performs a scene from Romeo and Juliet! Also on the show: Randy's jalapeño burgers, a toast to TPB fans, and a submarine launch!


Episode 4 - The Wonderful World of Jim Lahey  

Jim Lahey is suing last week's guest - will he make $1 million? Also: Randy makes a mega-meat cheeseburger, we find out what a shit-o-scope is, and Lahey interviews a small guest with a big imagination!


Episode 3 - The Randy and Lahey Wrestling Hour  

Randy gets his breakfast burgers sizzling in Randy's Kitchen, Lahey takes us onstage during their live show, and an interview with Rugged Dude gets wild!      

Episode 2 - To the S**tpipes  

After last week's drunken horror show, Lahey vows to ease up on the liquor - how long will that last? The drunken duo also reveal this week's Pick-a-Word, cheeseburger tips in Randy's Kitchen, your favourite Trailer Park Boys moment, and attempt to interview two musical Guests!



Episode 1 - Liquor Tears  

Ta-daaaa, Lahey and Randy have their own podcast! The show starts well, as Lahey plays Pick-a-Word, reads some s**t-poetry, and argues with Randy about his shirt... but then the Liquor starts to call the shots. Will the arrival of their special guest, actor and author Bill Carr, be able to put this s**t-train back on the rails?    

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