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The Jinx Podcast is the fan-created show dedicated to the hit HBO show "The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst." Each episode will feature recaps, analysis, theories, clips, sound bytes, anecdotes and jokes. This is for entertainment purposes only and we do not own any of the footage or audio from the show, nor are we in any way affiliated with HBO.


13 - 2015 Year in Review  

We are back with a very special episode breaking down some of the guys' favorite news stories from 2015. Some of the topics covered include: New York Prison Break El Chapo*recorded before Sean Penn blew it The Affluenza Jerk Jared from Subway "Star Wars" "Magic Mike" "Going Clear" & Scientology The "Full House" Reboot: "Fuller House" People Who Died/Are Dead To Us Bill Cosby & Hulk Hogan Making A Murderer The Jenners and more! Email us: Twitter: @TheJinxPodcast THE JINX PODCAST is Jim Cunningham Kevin Crowley Scott Crawley

12 - "Game of Thrones" Finale Finally  

The series finale of "Game of Thrones" is discussed. Some topics touched upon include a walk of shame, Master Blaster, and oysters, clams & cuckolds. Email us: Twitter: @TheJinxPodcast THE JINX PODCAST is Jim Cunningham Kevin Crowley Scott Crawley

11 - "Dateline" Date Night  

Dateline's "Robert Durst: The Lost Years" is over-over-analyzed. New information from Bob's past leads to conversations about Lester Holt, psychics, prison mix tapes and more! Email us: Twitter: @TheJinxPodcast THE JINX PODCAST is Jim Cunningham Kevin Crowley Scott Crawley

10 - "All Good Things" Comparison  

Andrew Jarecki's film "All Good Things" is over-analyzed and compared to the TV series. THESE CONVERSATIONS WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS. Along with the film, Times Square in the 1970's, health food store names, and casting for "The Jinx Podcast: The Movie" are just a few of the crucial topics covered. Email us: Twitter: @TheJinxPodcast THE JINX PODCAST Jim Cunningham Kevin Crowley Scott Crawley

9 - Eye Witness Protection News  

Jim, Kevin and Scott return to discuss the news of Robert Durst's arrest, courtroom entrance music and much, much more! Email: Twitter: @TheJinxPodcast

8 - Legally Incontinent  

Jim, Kevin & Scott assess the finale of "The Jinx." Commode confessions, Bob's Backpack, and our podcast's future are just a few of the crucial issues addressed. EMAIL US: Twitter: @TheJinxPodcast

7 - The Cali Creep  

The second half of "The Jinx: Chapter 5" is over-analyzed. BEVERLEY, reality checks, and letting Durst sleepover your house are just a few topics discussed. EMAIL: TWITTER: @TheJinxPodcast

6 - Blinky Bob in NYC  

After watching The Jinx: Chapter 5, Jim, Kevin and Scott take a journey to NYC with the newly free Robert Durst. A Disney-themed trial, Times Square creeps, and the director (and his giant fake goatee) going undercover, are just a few of the major topics tackled on today's podcast. Questions, comments, hate mail? Email: Twitter: @TheJinxPodcast

5 - Courtroom HiJinx... GET IT?!  

Jim, Kevin & Scott examine Chapter 4 of 'The Jinx.' The trial in Texas, Robert Durst Halloween costumes and Scott's arch nemesis, AC Slater, are just a few of the profound topics discussed. Got questions, theories, hate mail? Email: Twitter: @TheJinxPodcast

4 - Eyebrows Shmybrows  

Robert Durst's parade of absurdity continues while the guys discuss playing dumb if a dead body is in your house, Kevin's Morgan Freeman costume, and a new word for white people.

3 - Robert Durst's Black Eyeballs  

Jim, Kevin and Scott examine a few pivotal moments from Robert Durst's childhood and the disappearance of his wife. They also touch on Durst's black eyeballs and what they would want on their tombstones.

2 - Robert Durst, Teenie Likable Murderer  

Jim, Kevin and Scott get to know Robert Durst. They delve into his height, his relationship with his Jon-Lovitz lookalike brother, and discuss the risk of marrying a billionaire murderer.

1 - Get That Torso Out of the Water  

In our first session, Jim, Kevin and Scott examine some scenes and characters introduced in The Jinx premiere. Getting a torso out of the water, casting their fake Lifetime Movie of Robert Durst, Twizzlers vs. Red Vines and various other important events are discussed.

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