The Jock Reynolds AFL Fantasy Footy Podcast

The Jock Reynolds AFL Fantasy Footy Podcast


The undisputed Father of AFL Fantasy Footy Jock Reynolds navigates the rugged landscape of AFL Supercoach with The Crouching One, Peter Higginbotham


PODCAST: St Kilda & Sydney Supercoach 2017  

Two proud clubs with plenty of Supercoach 2017 significance. They’re both dripping with it these mobs. The Might and Power of the St Kilda Football Club will be into the 8 on a rocket – enhanced by some very interesting inclusions over the off season. Think Koby Stevens, think Jack Steele, think Jake Carlisle and […]

PODCAST: Port Adelaide & Richmond Supercoach 2017  

Plenty of opportunity around at Port & Richmond in season 2017 folks. There’s something bloody refreshing about starting a new year. Wipe that crap off your SuperCoach 2016 slate and start fresh. Both Port Adelaide and Richmond will be looking for fresh starts in 2017. Opportunity will be presented to new cattle. And opportunity will […]

PODCAST: Melbourne & North Melbourne Supercoach 2017  

Firstly, we hope you all have a cracking Christmas period community As significant as this week is for many of us it is essential to keep our snout in the trough of our Supercoach 2017 research my friends. Today we get Melbourne & North Melbourne up on blocks and see what’s under the Supercoach bonnet. These […]

PODCAST: GWS & Hawthorn Supercoach 2017  

Two massively Supercoach significant teams this week folks. GWS head into 2017 with a head full of steam, and stuffed full of Supercoach significance. Hawthorn on the other hand are looking at a brave new world next season. Out go Sam Mitchell & Jordan Lewis – but in come two incredibly interesting prospects – Tom […]

PODCAST: BIG NEWS + Geelong & GCS Supercoach 2017  

This is a highly significant podcast for many reasons community Supercoach positions have been revealed. Supercoach prices have been revealed. We kick off the show with an overview of these critical revelations and what they mean for your Supercoach 2017 starting structure. We go on to run the brush over the Gold Coast Suns & […]

PODCAST: Essendon & Fremantle Supercoach 2017  

Two extremely Supercoach 2017 significant teams. The Essendon Football Club. They have 10 head of cattle coming back from a spell in the Dank wilderness which opens up a wide range of implications for us. How will these blokes be priced? Will they have trouble adjusting back to the pace of the game? What are the […]

PODCAST: Carlton & Collingwood Supercoach 2017  

The old arch enemies. In one corner stands Nathan Buckley. Needs to knock the competition flush on the chin in 2017. If he can’t land a significant blow he’s stuffed. In the other we find Brendan Bolton. The breath of fresh air the Carlton Football Club desperately needed in a dark time. Today we assess […]

PODCAST: Adelaide & Brisbane Supercoach 2017  

The real stuff begins today my friends. Most of you have started your Supercoach 2017 journey already and I commend you for that. If there’s one thing I’ve learnt in my 67 year fantasy footy career it is this: EVERY second spent on research at this time of the year will bear fruit in the […]

PODCAST: Australian cricket STUFFED.  

Wake up Australia. Our national cricket team has become a bloody joke and it’s time for change. No point being half arsed about things. This arrangement of humans the selectors have trotting out to represent the baggy green are RUBBISH and heads need to roll. Other topics discussed in this week’s edition of One Week […]

PODCAST: Lloyd, China’s Bye, The Underpant Steyn.  

Welcome to the second episode of One Week at a Time folks! And stuff me - we have sporting stories flying out of our pips as we deal with the aftermath of a massive day at Flemington in the Jock Reynolds Flapping Tarp Marquee. So sit back, chuck the earbuds in and whack your feet up. Listen in as we mop the loose ball up off half back & deliver the pill smack bang onto the tit of the sporting community; Lloyd Williams - a Melbourne Cup win for the down to earth battler in all of us The 2017 AFL Fixture revealed and the Chinese take over of our game Dale "The Underpant" Steyn's threat to rip the head off the Australian Cricket Team's snake China's bye - and how the AFL Supercoach & AFL Fantasy community need to deal with it CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE ON iTUNES  

PODCAST: Winx, Cup Raiders, Deledio & Barry’s Son  

Welcome to the first episode of One Week at a Time folks! Me, Higgo and Crouching will be here every week right through until Christmas to help get you through the bleak spiritless void of the footy off-season. We charge in from the Punt Road end with the new ball first up to cover a HELL of a lot of ground this week; Winx. What an impressive arrangement of horse flesh. The "best since Phar Lap"? The Melbourne Cup & the international raiders hell bent on taking the cup offshore Brett Deledio's heart felt farewell to the Richmond faithful The Mitch Clarke & Michael Barlow de-listings Cricket Autobiography season, and the first test kicking off at the WACA next week Tom Mitchell. Is he worth Supercoach & AFL Fantasy consideration in 2017? CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE ON iTUNES  

Jock Reynolds Grand Final Podcast  

Time for the biggest of dances. An historic week. Can the Doggies pull off one of the biggest fairy tales in the history of the game? We pool our significant collective intelligence this week to make some analytical predictions about the game on Saturday. Who will hold the key? Who will break the game open? How will game day entertainment unfold? What post game celebrations will mark the event. Sit back in your favourite chair. Whack the earphones in and enjoy. In other massive news; COACHKINGS PLAY AT HOME GRAND FINAL DAY IS GO! We're opening here up for everyone to play for free from home, from your Grand Final Day BBQs, from the pub, from the game.. where bloody ever! I'll give $250 to the national winner for both the AFL & NRL Grand Finals. This will make for a ball-tearing Grand Final day contest amongst your mates. Get them into it and have yourselves an absolute ball. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER, LOGIN & START PICKING A TEAM COACHKINGS GRAND FINAL PLAY-AT-HOME

Jock Reynolds Trade Talk – episode 3  

More bombs dropped. More inner sanctum secrets revealed. We are drawing ever nearer to the trade period my friends, and the jungle drums continue to beat relentlessly. Hawthorn are out of the finals race, and they are turning their attention to injecting some more quality into their list. The situation with Rhys Mathieson is worsening. Caleb has ripped my bloody heart of my chest. Jesse Hogan. Pearce Hanley.. this is a jam packed 20 odd minutes folks. To all people who have qualified for the $50,000 AFL CoachKings Cup to be held on Saturday. Well done on getting this far, and best of luck for what will be the largest single fantasy footy contest in the nation's history. What are you hearing around the traps this week community? LIKE OUR CUTTING EDGE TRADE INSIGHTS? SUBSCRIBE ON iTUNES (and give us a rating)  Brace yourselves folks, #CoachKings free play at home is GO for #AFLGrandFinal day. Get your mates into it for the big dance!— Jock Reynolds (@jock_reynolds) September 21, 2016

Jock Reynolds Trade Talk – episode 2  

Explosive. That's how I'd describe today's episode. We've spent another week crawling through the bowels of AFL inner sanctumhood and have plenty to reveal to you all today Some of the news we break today might surprise you. Some might upset you. Just rest assured that we'll continue to peel back the layers of the AFL off season trade movement onion as we move towards that all important trade period. As discussed in today's podcast, we'd like to extent robust congratulations to everyone involved in a CoachKings Venue Final this Friday night. We hope to see a stack of you at the CoachKings Cup next Saturday 24th September. What are you hearing around the traps community? LIKE OUR CUTTING EDGE TRADE INSIGHTS? SUBSCRIBE ON iTUNES (and give us a rating) 

Jock Reynolds Trade Talk – episode 1  

We kick right into off season trade mode this week It's been absolutely bloody hectic this past few weeks. I'm racking up the Moorabbin Airport frequent flyer tickets like they're going out of fashion. Most AFL List Managers are competing for their half an hour with Jock Reynolds but that's fine. Wouldn't have it any other way. Peter "Higgo" Higgonbotham, The Crouching One and I have a shitload to bring you up to speed in this week's show; Updates on Cloke, Vickery, Prestia, Jaeger O'Meara, Hamish Hartlett, Caleb Marchbank and Nat Fyfe The latest from the bowels of Richmond's "Focus on Footy" ticket Whispers that Brad Scott could head up to coach Brisbane Lions Stacks more As discussed, AFL Off Season Information News is a cracking spot to get your breaking AFL off season & trade news as it breaks so give them a like on the facebook. And of course - this first week of finals is our LAST CHANCE to qualify for a CoachKings Venue Final. Contests are up in the lobby now so login and check for your nearest venue. WWW.COACHKINGS.COM.AU LAST WEEKEND TO QUALIFY! What are you hearing around the traps community?

PODCAST: Let the trade talk begin.  

WE'RE CHILLIN TO THE MAX THIS WEEK It's the day after Supercoach Mad Monday & we're just kicking back listening to some sick beats. Today we talk through some of the off season trades being bandied about at the moment. What's happening with Cloke? Vickery? What the hell do Richmond need to do to claw their way back to the top of the heap? Sit back in your favourite chair. Whack the earbuds in. You're amongst friends. Look forward to the trade chat in the comments below FIRST WEEK OF FINALS - YOUR LAST CHANCE TO QUALIFY FOR VENUE FINALS!


This is it. It's the week we all play for. The final weekend of Supercoach. This is the week where you need to chuck it all on the line. Get the whole package up on the butchers table. Meat. Spuds. The lot. We assess final season defining trade options. We look towards Supercoach 2o17. We reflect on lessons learnt. We reflect on what has worked. We reflect on what hasn't worked. We reflect on the opportunity resented to all CoachKings hopefuls on this final round of the 2016 season. Don't die wondering this week. Enjoy the show. Let's chat in the comments below. FIND YOUR COACHKINGS VENUE HERE


THIS IS WHAT IT'S ALL ABOUT COMMUNITY! It's the week of the Big Dance itself. Supercoach Grand Final week is here. Sit back. Whack the old earbuds in and listen as we kick off a huge week of Round 23 discussion. Mark my words - there will be absolute CARNAGE this week. Those with trades will come up trumps. News that Rory Sloane has copped a week for his hit on Ebert is a huge curveball that needs to be dealt with swiftly. And as you'll learn in today's podcast, that won't be the end of it folks. THIS IS THE SECOND LAST WEEK OF COACHKINGS VENUE FINAL QUALIFICATION! GET AMONGST IT HERE.   Let's discuss a special week;


New life. That's what this podcast is all about today folks. Last week we endured one of the most horrendous NRL Fantasy and/or Supercoach rounds on record. This week however most of our lads got the job done. We head into Round 25 with a spring in our step and new hope for the weeks ahead. It's also a week where we reflect on the Jarryd Hayne selection. Did you pick him? Should you now get rid of him? Should he be considered in Supercoach & NRL Fantasy in 2017? And then there's jousting. We've stumbled across an idea that could change the landscape of our game forever. Enjoy the show folks. CLICK HERE FOR YOUR NEAREST COACHKINGS VENUE


It's simply do or die for Preliminary Finalists this weekend. This is an extremely exciting week on the fantasy footy calendar. The very best of luck to all those of you into Prelims this weekend. It is an achievement to be proud of.. but there's work left to be done. This is also a podcast where we discuss the off season. As discussed - we would be rapt if as many of you as possible can click the link below and fill out the quick survey - we want to know what you'd like us to discuss on the podcast during the spring and summer months. CLICK HERE TO COMPLETE THE COMMUNITY OFF SEASON SURVEY COACHKINGS VENUNES WITH # OF QUALIFIERS PER VENUE REGISTER FREE FOR COACHKINGS

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