The Jock Reynolds AFL Fantasy Footy Podcast

The Jock Reynolds AFL Fantasy Footy Podcast


The undisputed Father of AFL Fantasy Footy Jock Reynolds navigates the rugged landscape of AFL Supercoach with The Crouching One, Peter Higginbotham


PODCAST: Pyanmanese Children’s Treasury  

Struggling to get the kids to sleep? Struggle no more! The Communities own Crouching Tiger has put together a Treasury of Pyanmanese Children’s Stories. Much loved classics such as Jack and the Shit Stalk and the SuperCoach Grasshopper and Ant will not only have your kids all nice and sleepy but they will provide wonderful talking […]

PODCAST: Supercoach Finals Week 3  

PRELIM FINAL TIME FOR THE LUCKY ONES.. A time of reflection and planning for the future for others. We look at some moistening trade in options this week. We look towards 2018. We prime ourselves for this Sunday’s community contest (Fremantle v Richmond this week) Enjoy friends, thanks as always for your support. See you in […]

PODCAST: Supercoach Finals Week 2  

OUT: Selwood, Grundy, Merrett, Duncan, TJ Lynch, Witherden, Mumford, Hawkins, now possibly GAJ. You’ve gotta laugh don’t ya!! A mixed bag this week, we pick apart our options in this round of absolute SuperCoach carnage, and preview a MASSIVE Graduates contest (see below).. in which shiz just legit real. Enjoy the show all! MASSIVE prize […]

PODCAST: Supercoach Finals Week 1  

DANGERFIELD. This must be the biggest pre-finals Supercoach OUT in the history of our fine game. The thing is community, he’s not the only issue we’re facing this week. Nankervis. Rocky. JPK. Lloyd. Kreuzer. FWD fickleness. A dearth of DEFs. Finals are here – and we wouldn’t have it any other bloody way. Enjoy the […]

PODCAST: Supercoach Round 19  

GREENE. NANKERVIS. WINGARD. WALTERS.. We approach the final round before Supercoach finals kick into gear, and she is HOT in the kitchen folks. Run yourself a warm bath. Whack a few candles on. Sprinkle some Himalayan rock salt in the waters.. It’s time to prepare for the end game. DRAFTSTARS ACADEMY THIS WEEK > ENTER THE […]

PODCAST: Supercoach Round 18  

ARE YOU READY TO RISK IT FOR THE BISCUIT? Scott Pendlebury is down. Dangefield is in doubt. Round 18 is shaping up to be a real pain in the Supercoach guts folks.. ..could it be time to break out some left-field trade moves? TWO DRAFTSTARS ACADEMY OPPORTUNITIES THIS WEEK: ENTER THE ACADEMY CONTEST HERE 1st – […]

PODCAST: Supercoach Round 17  

  HOW MANY TRADES DO YOU HAVE LEFT? This week Mick The Mad Irishman joins us for an in-depth discussion in relation to the balance between playing safe and taking some risks. Enjoy the show community! TWO DRAFTSTARS ACADEMY OPPORTUNITIES THIS WEEK: ENTER THE ACADEMY CONTEST HERE 1st – $100, 2nd – $50, 3rd – $30, […]

PODCAST: SuperCoach Round 16  

  IS THIS THE TIME TO SNAG GAWN? Sandilands is down. Gawn is cheap as cheaps. Hodor has emerged. Nankervis continues to provide a conundrum. Fyfe looks well and truly shot. ..and The Great Lekdog steps in to make his podcasting debut. Enjoy the show community! TWO DRAFTSTARS ACADEMY OPPORTUNITIES THIS WEEK: ENTER THE ACADEMY CONTEST […]

PODCAST: SuperCoach Round 15  

“THE BYES ARE GONE” WE SAID.. ..plain sailing ahead we said ..happy bloody days ahead we said We’ve survived a difficult weekend of Supercoach folks. But if the Supercoach Gods reckon they’ve gotten the better of this community – they’re wrong. Enjoy the show friends, let us come together as a peoples to rip round […]

PODCAST: SuperCoach Round 14  

  THE BYES ARE BLOODY GONE! But let me tell you, we have our fair share of SuperCoach issues to discuss as we approach the 14th round of the season. Scott Selwood. What’s the go with The Bont? Robbie The Gray. Wallis. Jakey Lloyd. Simpson. Mounting the ford. We have a belter of a show […]

PODCAST: SuperCoach Round 13  

REJOICE COMMUNITY! Dance in the streets and throw your hands in the air like you don’t give a stuff! THIS is the last week of the SuperCoach bye period. The discussion kicks off with an issue that is dividing the SuperCoach community right down the splice – NAT FYFE. ENTER THIS WEEK’S FREE JOCK REYNOLDS […]

PODCAST: SuperCoach Round 12  

READY TO HAVE YOUR SUPERCOACH RIDE PIMPED? The Sandiballs dilemma. Post-bye trade in options.. and Peter J. Higginbotham taking us all on a magical ride into the realm of the SuperCoach PIMP. Find your favourite listening spot, we’ve got a hell of a show in store for you this week! ENTER THE FREE JOCK REYNOLDS […]

PODCAST: SuperCoach Round 11  

THE FIRST OF THE MAJOR BYE ROUNDS IS HERE. This week we explore some bye friendly options, but more importantly – the STRATEGY that will get the job done during this challenging and trouser stretching period. Sit back and get yourself in the zone.. we’ve got a hell of a show for you today folks. […]

PODCAST: SuperCoach Round 10  

THE BYES. FRIGHTENING? NO. If ever our community was placed better to rip shreds from the SuperCoach landscape this bye period it would be THIS YEAR. Be not afraid. There is magic to be made in the trade decisions we’re faced with over coming weeks. Enjoy a jam packed show community and see you in […]

PODCAST: SuperCoach Round 9  

THE SUPERCOACH BYES. The first of the quasi byes is here, it’s no big drama. However, if you don’t have an eye on the upcoming round 11 bye NOW is the time to get serious. Kick back. Take of the shoes and relax, let’s rip into another cracking upcoming round of SuperCoach community! SERIES TWO […]


A VERY SPECIAL WEEK FOR ALL OF US. We bring you the pre round 8 SuperCoach love juice, ALL THE WAY FROM CHINA!! We trust you’re all safe and well back at home. This is a podcast of epic dimensions. Zac Jones. Kade Simpson. The Bont. Zerrett. The Bud. JPK. JJK. All the rookies and stacks […]

PODCAST: SuperCoach Round 7  

A WEEK OF CARNAGE. A week where some begin to question themselves. A week where the strong get back off the canvas, and the strong turn the corner. Take off any unnecessary garments and situate yourself in comfortable environs. Join us in a magical mystery tour of epic proportions, as we look with fervent hunger […]

PODCAST: Supercoach Round 6  

THE COMMUNITY SPEAKS! This week we are honoured to have many of you ON THE SHOW to share your wisdoms with the community!! And there’s a hell of a lot to get through. Which fallen premiums are ripe? Which rookies do we need to chop? What lessons have we learned over a ball tearing first […]

PODCAST: Supercoach Round 5  

DISCIPLINE v AGGRESSION Many of our most reliable SuperCoach options failed over the Easter weekend, and they’re testing our patience. Is this a time for trading aggression? A time to remove problematic premiums from our team? Or is discipline and patience our best course of action? Get comfortable. Tell the worries of the world to nick […]

PODCAST: Supercoach Round 4  

PLENTY TO GET THROUGH THIS WEEK FOLKS Max Gawn. Todd Goldstein. Marc Murphy. David Swallow. Nic Newman. Stacks more. There is relevance seeping from every corner of the SuperCoach landscape as we look towards a massive Easter weekend of footy. Find your favourite listening place, kick off the shoes and relax. We’ve got a sizeable […]

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