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The Joey Medina Show

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Join comedian Joey Medina and a rotating cast of his funny friends as they sometimes get raunchy, sometimes outrageous but always hilarious & uncensored; the way a podcast should be.


Episode 127 - TMZ's Brian McDaniel & Comedian DJ Cooch  

TMZ's Brian McDaniel & Comedian DJ Cooch and I recorded this halirious episode while driving back from Vegas. Lot and lots of funny shit. We talked about EVERYTHING!!!

Episode 126 - The cast of "Bad Advice"  

Great podcast I was on with my friend Drew Marks called Bad Advice. Funny and inpoliticly correct episode.

Episode 125 - Comedians Dante & Rebekah  

Comedians Dante & Rebekah ask me to be a guest on their Podcast "Hollywood Hash" and here is that episode. 

Episode 124 - NWA & Mimosas with Joey and Liz  

Liz & I get drunk on Mimosa again and discuss NWA and political correctness. Liz talks about the time she was in a shooting at a NWA concert. Funny episode indeed!

Episode 123 - Comedians Felipe Esparza & Rodrigo Torres  

Here's the episode of I was on "The What's Up Fool?" podcast with Felipe Esparza and Rodrigo Torres. We had a great time talking about our early days in comedy and about my past lives. Funny ass episode you don't want to miss!

Episode 122 - comedian Jimmy Della Valle (Brooklyn Budda)  

I was a guest on Jimmy Della Valle's podcast. We talked about female comics, the meaning of the word "fuck" and much more. It's a fun and informative episode. Joey Medina

Episode 121 - Comedian DJ Cooch  

Comedian DJ Cooch and Joey recorded this funny and informative episode while driving to Laughlin, NV. Great podcast.

Episode 120 - Comedians Gabe Lopez & Chad from "The Smash Brothers"  

Great episode especially if you're a comedian or just a fan of comedy. We discuss the behide the scenes of what it's like to be a comedian and discuss the very popular Las Vegas Show called "Dirty at 12:30"

Episode 119 - Joey and Liz drink Mimosas and talk Movies, TV and death songs.  

Joey & Liz get drunk and talk about movies and best songs to play when you're dead.

Episode 118 - Comedian Tony Milazzo  

This episode is from a podcast I was a guest on called "Live & on Board" with Tony Milazzo. We recorded it on his boat which was very cool. Hope You Enjoy.

Episode 117 - Comedians Cory & Chad, DJ Cooch & Gabe Lopez  

The Smash brothers Cory & Chad, DJ Cooch & Gabe Lopez and I were on our way to Las Vegas when we recorded this wild and crazy episode. 

Episode 116 - Comedian K-Von  

Very funny comedian K-Von joins me on the show. He tells us how he work in  vaginal rejuvenation. 

Episode 115 - Comedian Martin Rizo  

Recorded in El Paso with funny opening act Martin Rizo.

@comicMartinRizo @JoeyMedinaComic

Episode 114 - Live from Europe  

Comedians Vargus Mason, Elliot Chang & Yousie Thomas join me on a military comedy tour through out Europe. Including Germany, Kosovo, Belguim and the UK.

Episode 113 - Just Joey all alone in his car.  

This is the second episode I've done without a guest. Hope you in enjoy.

Episode 112- Comedians Bob Zany & Erin O'Conner  

This episode is actually The Bob Zany Podcast. I was a guest on his show. I had so much fun in the interview I wanted my audience to listen to it.

Episode 111 - Comedian Drew Marks  

Drew Marks & I recorded this podcast while driving back from a gig in Vegas. Great road stories you do not wanna miss.


Episode 110 - Comedian G. Reilly  

G. Reilly talks about his working with Fluffy, talk sex, comedy and life.

Episode 109 - More Pranks Calls  

You guys asked for more, so here they are.

Episode 108 - In Memory of Comedian Rey Lopez  

I was heart broken to hear the news of a speical friend that has passed away at age 23. A funny guy I met on my way through life. He gave me laughs and friendship. I'll miss him and think of him always. Love you, Rey and make God and all the Angels laugh.

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