The Jonah Keri Podcast

The Jonah Keri Podcast

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Jonah Keri is on the phone! The NYT bestselling author of Up, Up, and Away & The Extra 2% and baseball writer for SI & CBS Sports (formerly Grantland) interviews compelling people from sports, entertainment, media, and more. Plus, "My Team is a Joke”!


Thomas Tull  

Jonah Keri has a legendary conversation with Pittsburgh Steelers part-owner, film producer, and former chairman/CEO of Legendary Entertainment Thomas Tull about his sports memorabilia collection; meeting his childhood hero Graig Nettles; Bryce Harper and pitchers intentionally hitting batters; other rule changes that might benefit baseball; his brief career as an MLB scout; lessons from the 2016 Little League World Series; co-owning the Steelers; the future of sports movies; his new venture Heal, a doctor house call app; retired Steeler Chris Hoke running his tech-heavy organic farm; bringing The Dark Knight series to the screen; how to lead; possibly buying a baseball team; and his Life Tip.

Timothy Simons  

Jonah Keri has a jolly green conversation with Veep's Timothy Simons about both being fathers of boy-girl twins; portraying/being tall, skinny guys named Jonah; behind-the-scenes of Veep; how Timothy's life has changed; the Maine Red Claws; being political on Twitter; flaws of modern journalism; and Timothy's Life Tips.

Bill Barnwell  

Jonah Keri chews the fat with ESPN NFL analyst Bill Barnwell about Grantland; Bill's career start in Computer Science then IGN; Baseball Primer; writing, or trying to write, a special story; being criticized on the internet; diversification; crises of confidence; living on the Vegas Strip; transforming your body and your life; connecting to others when you work from home; and Bill's Life Tip.

Gary Gulman  

Jonah Keri and comedian Gary Gulman have a World's Tallest Jew competition while discussing Gary's years playing football for Boston College; waiting for hours at a department store to meet Yaz; NBA Jam; Larry Bird; Gary's comedic style; #sticktojokes and #sticktosports; working clean; Last Comic Standing and his career trajectory; performing in arenas; Gary's King Charles spaniels; and Gary's Life Tip.

Bushwacker Luke  

Jonah Keri gets into the ring with WWE Hall of Famer Luke Williams, a.k.a. Bushwhacker Luke, about being a professional wrestler for more than 50 years; Andre the Giant; playing the heel; Crocodile Dundee; Vince McMahon; being best known for arm-swinging and head-licking; wrestler vs. "personality"; Bruiser Brody's murder; literally crucifying opponents; causing a riot in Puerto Rico; purposely engendering hatred in fans; The Iron Sheik; Rowdy Roddy Piper; 1991 Royal Rumble; Hulkamania; his induction into the Hall of Fame; his longtime partner Bushwhacker Butch; wrestling against The Rock's father and grandfather; the Hart Foundation; Johnny Ace; and Luke's Life Tip

Alan Yang  

Jonah Keri has a jack-of-all-trades conversation with Master of None co-creator and Parks and Recreation producer/writer Alan Yang about Roy Hibbert, Nikola Jokić, Kristaps Porzingis, and the NBA All-Star Game; playing pickup basketball with Kanye and Jonah Hill; his creative partner Aziz Ansari hosting SNL; the modern state of media; recent changes in how television is made and distributed; Alan's controversial Emmy acceptance speech and the status of Asian-Americans in entertainment; getting real on Master of None; writing for Fire Joe Morgan; Grantland; and Alan's Life Tips.

Ryan Harris  

Jonah Keri and retired NFL offensive lineman/current radio host Ryan Harris tackle diverse topics: sports talk radio; college recruiting; the craft of tackling; diet, conditioning, and playing with pain in the NFL; dealing with 90,000 screaming fans; playing with Peyton Manning, Ben Roethlisberger, and Brady Quinn; winning the Super Bowl with the Broncos; preparing for retirement from day 1; physical and mental impact of the game; finding his identity as a biracial kid and as a Muslim; trying to change the world; empathy for refugees; Black barber shops; and Ryan's Life Tips.

Justin Trudeau  

Jonah Keri talks to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in the PM's first-ever podcast in office. The two discuss the Montreal Expos; Separatism in Quebec; Canadian identity; the Richard Nixon prophecy and being called to serve; gender equality; manifestations of economic anxiety at the polls; government's role in creating jobs; universal health care; immigration and the global refugee crisis; empathy; dealing effectively with world leaders with whom he disagrees; taking unpopular positions; balancing economic and environmental concerns; the state of and future of journalism; and Prime Minister Trudeau's Life Tips.

Mets Panel with Anthony DiComo, Marc Carig, and Hank Azaria  

From the live Pitch Talks event in Brooklyn, Jonah Keri meets the Mets panel of Anthony DiComo of, Marc Carig of Newsday, and Hank Azaria of Brockmire and The Simpsons, covering the Mets starting the season with injuries; the current generation of Mets players like Matz, Harvey, and Syndergaard; the 2007-2008 collapse; the unique sequence of events in July 2015; the ticking clock of a relatively old team; Shea vs. Citi Field; viewing bad players in context; Tim Tebow; and audience questions about clubhouse chemistry, Bartolo, and more.

Gail Miller  

Jonah Keri jazzes it up with Utah Jazz owner Gail Miller about building an empire from nothing with her late husband Larry; changes in Salt Lake City; how to succeed in business; philanthropy; redefining her life after Larry's death; The Jazz Way; Coach Jerry Sloan; addressing diversity in a city like Salt Lake; player retention; rebuilding; creating a legacy trust to keep the Jazz in Utah in perpetuity; public financing of stadiums and arenas; enriching lives through sports; and Gail Miller's Life Tip.

Ben Lyons  

Jonah Keri enters the lion's den with TV, radio, and podcast host Ben Lyons about being backstage at the Oscars this year as compared to the previous 10 years; his famous father and grandfather; press junkets and his web series Junketeers; Ben asks Jonah about baseball in Europe; growing up on the Red Sox ("The heart has reason that reason itself knows nothing about"); interleague baseball; NBA; World Baseball Classic and being a sports orphan; and Ben's Life Tip.

Peter Rosenberg  

Jonah Keri gets hip to Peter Rosenberg of New York's Hot 97 about how a Jewish kid from the suburbs became immersed in the world of hip-hop; White privilege; his first big gets; his conflicts with Joe Budden, Nicki Minaj, and Shia LaBeouf; Drake and Funkmaster Flex; what makes good radio; hip-hop and politics; whether Kanye is a clown; new media; becoming jaded; WWE; the time Jay-Z called him to complain; the unique talent of Donald Glover; getting credit for Kendrick Lamar's career; comparing Wu-Tang Clan to The Beatles; and Peter's Life T

Hank Azaria  

Jonah Keri seeks Amanda Hugginkiss with Hank Azaria about his favorite squadron, the NY Mets; taking Brockmire from a Funny or Die short almost to the big screen to TV; work ethic; switching it up between takes; voice acting vs. acting on camera; Ray Donovan; Apu and ethnic stereotypes; character development over the years of the Simpsons; voice acting by yourself in a room; Hank's all-time favorite Simpsons character; working with Robin Williams on The Birdcage; preparing to take your shirt off on screen; his viral Tufts commencement address; strangers asking him to do voices on command; and Hank's Life Tip.

Maverick Carter  

Jonah Keri has an uninterrupted conversation with Maverick Carter about meeting Michael Jordan in 2002 alongside LeBron James and previous podcast guest Grant Wahl; his formative internship at Nike; managing LeBron's career; likability; lessons learned from "The Decision"; telling athletes' stories via different media; projects at Uninterrupted like documentaries "Fight Mom" and "Fiba Allow Hijab" and Draymond Green's new podcast "Dray Day"; casting contestants for "The Wall"; discussing money with athletes on his new show "Kneading Dough"; upcoming projects for Maverick and LeBron's production company SpringHill Entertainment; and Maverick's Life Tip

Shawne Merriman  

Jonah Keri and retired NFL linebacker Shawne Merriman shine some light on the Chargers leaving San Diego; confidence; making the decision whether to use PEDs and banned substances; keeping aggression on the field; changes in the NFL due to awareness of concussions; whether Shawne will let his son play football; paying college athletes; knowing when to end your career; selling his apparel outside the stadium at games in which he was playing; celebration dances in different sports; his passion for MMA and whether he'll get into the Octagon; and Shawne's Life Tip

Luke Winn  

Jonah Keri marches through the madness with Luke Winn of Sports Illustrated about betting and drinking in the press box at the Belmont Stakes; all-time great Sports Illustrated writers; memorable March Madness tournaments; this year's most interesting teams; how to pronounce GIF; analytics in college basketball; Power Rankings; schools with superior player development; the Montreal and Toronto basketball scenes; the intrusiveness of interviewing players in locker rooms; amateur status in college basketball; and Luke's Life Tip.

Josh Gondelman  

Jonah Keri whispers to comedian Josh Gondelman about his @JoshGondelman and @SeinfeldToday Twitter accounts; Twitter vs. stand-up; comedy in Boston and New York; his album Physical Whisper; capitalizing on his speaking voice; learning confidence; "making it"; writing for "Last Week Tonight with John Oliver"; using your platform to help people, or anger people; moving the goalposts; and Josh's Life Tip.

Scott Boras  

Jonah Keri negotiates with legendary sports agent Scott Boras about teaching young players to communicate; "mail order brides"; the possibility of an international baseball draft; playing the odds in the amateur baseball draft; nurturing the next generation of athletes; collegiate athletics; the collusion era in MLB; being hated as a mark of success; unions in America; labor rights in the minor leagues; using data to advocate for his clients; deciding when A-Rod should opt out of his contract; talking to owners; and Scott's Life Tip.

Dave Roberts  

Jonah Keri manages to steal a few minutes with newly crowned NL Manager of the Year of the Los Angeles Dodgers, and former outfielder, Dave Roberts about his catalyzing stolen base for the Red Sox in the 2004 ALCS; his quick transition from player to major league manager; managing games and managing players; bringing front office analytics to the field; clubhouse harmony with strong personalities like Yasiel Puig; the three ways players judge a manager; Clayton Kershaw; 2016 NLDS; a pitcher's third time through the order; managerial input into free agent signings; and Dave's Life T

Sopan Deb  

Jonah Keri hits the trail with Sopan Deb of the New York Times about his start in sports radio with Mike and the Mad Dog; covering the Trump campaign for CBS; the lessons that sports talk radio can lend to presidential campaigns; why Trump won; whether unpredictability is a feature or a bug; Beyoncé for President; attending 18 months of Trump rallies as a journalist of color; the life of an embed; his new beat covering Trump's impact on culture for NY Times; Trump's eye for detail; doing stand-up comedy during and after the campaign; what gets accomplished by marching; and Sopan's Life Tip.

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