The Jonah Keri Podcast

The Jonah Keri Podcast

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Jonah Keri is on the phone! The NYT bestselling author of Up, Up, and Away & The Extra 2% and baseball writer for SI & CBS Sports (formerly Grantland) interviews compelling people from sports, entertainment, media, and more. Plus, "My Team is a Joke”!


Sklar Brothers  

Jonah Keri sees double as Randy and Jason Sklar talk about getting fans to consume content; maintaining the integrity of your art; challenging yourself; the key to acting; blending sports and comedy; Richard Simmons; St. Louis Cardinals and pouring your whole heart into sports fandom; the Sklars' upcoming documentary about poop; seeking success in an industry full of uncertainty and failure; and Jason and Randy's Life Tips.

Ernie Johnson  

Jonah Keri makes his elevator pitch to three-time Emmy Award winning host and play-by-play announcer Ernie Johnson of Turner Sports about his father Ernie Sr., MLB pitcher and broadcaster; EJ's one season playing college baseball; his start in broadcasting; wearing different hats at Turner; hosting "Inside the NBA" with Barkley, Kenny Smith, and Shaq; winning an Emmy then presenting it to the daughters of the late Stuart Scott; and EJ's Life Tip.

Heidi Watney  

Jonah Keri hears it through the grapevine from Heidi Watney, host of Quick Pitch on MLB Network, about progressing from coach's daughter to beauty pageants to sideline reporting; the value of smiling; seeking adventure; reporting on the Red Sox; dealing with false news stories about your personal life; flying on the team plane; the Red Sox collapse of 2011; MLB playoffs; long-term goals; working at MLB Network; and Heidi's Life Tips.

Alain Moussi  

Jonah Keri kicks back with stuntman and action star Alain Moussi to discuss taking your lumps in martial arts; mentors; doing the splits; Jean Claude Van Damme; stunt doubling for Henry Cavill; transitioning from stuntman to lead actor in Kickboxer: Vengeance; and Alain's Life Tip.

Bruce Arthur  

Jonah Keri and his doppelgänger Bruce Arthur of the Toronto Star and TSN discuss sports tragedies; reconciling the pluses and minuses of the Olympics; #sticktosports; athlete activism; controlling the message; "I'm all about love"; Jays, Raptors, and Leafs; the state of Canadian and American media; the secrets to success in journalism or any industry; and Bruce's Life Tip.

Live from Chicago: Len Kasper and Jason Benetti  

Jonah Keri visits the North Side and South Side with Cubs play-by-play announcer Len Kasper and White Sox play-by-play announcer Jason Benetti about Hawk Harrelson; moving up the announcing ladder from bedbugs to the major leagues; producing and consuming radio vs. TV; "laying out"; developing chemistry with broadcast partners; integrating analytics into play-by-play; the magic of Vin Scully; announcing for a good vs. bad team; favorite moments; hot dog controversies; broadcasting idols; historic games; marketing baseball to different demographics; and listening to your critics.

Leah Hextall  

A different kind of #JonahHex! Jonah Keri interviews hockey broadcaster Leah Hextall about challenging athletes as a sideline reporter for ESPN; the P.K. Subban/Shea Webber trade and resistance to stardom in the NHL; World Cup of Hockey; changes in the style of play; whether hockey should have fighting; coming from a family of hockey royalty; how to make the game more popular in the U.S.; the current climate in broadcasting; why you should be watching hockey; and Leah's Life Tips.

Dan Shulman  

Jonah Keri splices tape with Dan Shulman of ESPN and Sportsnet about Toronto sports; the Canadian inferiority complex; the proliferation of Canadian basketball players; Dan's start in radio; the Jewish career tree; moving to ESPN; basketball and baseball announcing partners from Dick Vitale and Hubie Brown to Jessica Mendoza; radio vs. TV; Vin Scully; and Dan's Life Tips.

Ron Funches  

Jonah Keri has bunches of fun with comedian Ron Funches about wrestling; masculinity; Denver; his unique comedic style; how acting and standup influence each other; being a single father of a child with autism; his recently canceled show Undateable; how losing more than 100 pounds is akin to Dungeons and Dragons; helping your friends professionally; working with Justin Timberlake; goals; and Ron's Life Tips.

JJ Redick  

Jonah Keri rises and fires with JJ Redick of the Los Angeles Clippers about their favorite baseball stadiums; playing baseball and basketball as a kid; being recruited by Duke; Coach K; transitioning to the NBA; playing the villain; being in the zone; teammates' and opponents' personalities; maintaining longevity; post-NBA plans; The Vertical Podcast; and JJ's Life Tip.

Live from High Plains Comedy Festival: Ian Karmel and Andrew Santino  

Live from the High Plains Comedy Festival! The first ever Jonah Keri Podcast Game Show (play along at home, and tweet your score #jonahkeripodcastgame). Then, Jonah yuks it up with comedians Ian Karmel and Andrew Santino about legal marijuana; unwritten ballpark rules; the ups and downs of being a Chicago sports fan; the city of Portland; vegan strip clubs; their best worst acting gigs; Andrew's upcoming Showtime show "I'm Dying Up Here"; Ian's job writing for "The Late Late Show with James Corden"; Taylor Swift; and Andrew and Ian's Life Tips.

Live from San Francisco: Jon Miller and Bobby Evans  

Jonah Keri stands on the shoulders of giants with San Francisco Giants play-by-play announcer Jon Miller and Giants GM Bobby Evans about Willie McCovey and Willie Mays; playing to your ballpark; Hunter Pence and team chemistry; matching players to cities; prioritizing starting pitching over relief; Buster Posey; #evenyear; their favorite visiting players to watch; Madison Bumgarner; Barry Bonds; Felipe Alou; World Series rings; trades; and instant replay.

Jon "Boog" Sciambi  

Jonah Keri sees red with Jon "Boog" Sciambi about having a great announcer's voice; rooting for the Phillies and the 1980 World Series; meeting your heroes; maintaining fandom as a member of the media; how sabermetrics has made Jonah and Boog more enthusiastic about baseball; admitting mistakes while broadcasting; on-air vs. real-life personas; calling college basketball games; Chipper Jones; basketball vs. baseball; saying dumb things; and Boog's Life Tip.

Andrew Orvedahl  

Jonah Keri suffers through gym class with Andrew Orvedahl of TruTV's Those Who Can't, about becoming a Dodgers fan; turning his little girl into a sports fan; being homeless as a teenager; telemarketing jobs; getting into standup and his comedy troupe The Grawlix; creating, writing for, and starring in Those Who Can't; wrestling with Kurt Angle; portraying an idiot; and Andrew's Life Tips

Katie Nolan  

Jonah Keri spends some garbage time with Fox Sports 1's Katie Nolan about unreasonable security guards; taking risks; dying of syphilis; eviscerating critics; social media; PEDs; reconciling fandom with athletes' wrongdoing; mixing comedy and serious social commentary; DIY television; advice for aspiring Katie Nolans; being both a fan and member of the media; wearing heels; and Katie's Life Tips.

Dave Dameshek  

Jonah Keri has a peachy keen time with Dave Dameshek of about League of Leagues; the most versatile word in the English language; the Sandy Koufax of fruit and the Krispy Kreme of quarterbacks; NFL preview; the rise of the players' coach; P.K. Subban and heartbreak; the problem with parity; and Shek's Life Tips.

John Smoltz  

Jonah Keri braves the elements with Hall of Fame pitcher John Smoltz about the best weather for pitching; being traded as a prospect; the legendary Braves starting rotation of the 1990s; fostering longevity in pitchers; keys to the Braves' success during their dynasty; changes John would like to see in the playoffs; The Last Great Pennant Race in 1993; market inefficiencies; the 1994 Expos; transitioning to the bullpen; pitching then vs. now; approaching Tommy John surgery rehab; Hall of Fame induction; advice for young pitchers; and John's Life Tip.

Brad Evans  

Jonah Keri searches for deep sleepers with Yahoo! fantasy football analyst Brad Evans about how Brad came to write about fantasy football; competitiveness in the industry; the rise of fantasy sports among fans; why media companies are reluctant to embrace fantasy; DFS controversies; contrarian approaches to fantasy; sleeper picks for your upcoming NFL fantasy draft; League of Leagues; and Brad's Life Tips.

Sarah Tiana  

Jonah Keri talks Chop with Sarah Tiana about fantasy sports; her job shooting the t-shirt cannon at Atlanta Braves games; Sarah's recent 2nd place finish on Roast Battle; her upcoming pilot; her friendship with John Rich; tenacity; going to baseball games alone; her comedy goals; race and gender in comedy; dogs; her many USO shows; and Sarah's Life Tip.

Cameron Esposito and Rhea Butcher  

Jonah Keri puts his hands together for Cameron Esposito and Rhea Butcher (creators and stars of the new Seeso show "Take My Wife") about specificity in sports; the Olympics; LeBron and Cleveland; the current political landscape; working with your spouse; kicking down doors; LGBT representations in film and TV; baseball; plane rides that went viral; and Rhea's and Cameron's Life Tips.

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