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Wednesday June 7, 2017 Whole Show  

With a Powerball worth over $300 Million, join Kane and the crew as we join forces with YOU to hopefully win the jackpot! Plus, what do you wish your dad never told you? What's the real meaning behind a couple being in a "on again, off again" relationship? What annoying habit caused you to breakup with your partner and an all new Love Test on today's show!

06/07 Love Test!  

Ryan knows Kara hates telemarketers so everyone on the show decides to pose as telemarketers to see ho upset they can get Kara before she admits she loves Ryan!

Tuesday June 6, 2017 Whole Show  

On today's show the guys on the show share their thoughts on showering with their significant others. Also fanny packs are making a comeback, thanks to Rihanna, Riley explains how! Intern Johns decided to test Erick's knowledge on "Is It a President, A Pornstar or an Actor?" All this and more on today' show!

06/05 John's Justice!  

Guys leave girls voicemail thinking they are calling a girl but they are really calling Intern John and some of these messages are crazy!

Monday June 5, 2017 Whole Show  

Happy Monday! Did you listen to the One Love Manchester benefit concert join Kane and the crew as we recap that and everything that went down in the weekend! We play a new game with Sos called "Sossed with Sos" that involves you figuring out if drunk people can answer trivia correctly! Plus, what is your quirk do you have that you have to do before anything else? Would you move-in with your boss if you had to? All that and more on today's show!

Friday June 2, 2017 Whole Show  

Happy Friday! On today's show bartenders call in to share the worst pickup line someone tried on them. Also you may be the toxic one in your relationship, Kane explains how. Women are putting wasp nest in their lady area to improve 'fun time". Kane gives you an update on yesterday's roses! It involves an email in ALL CAPS! ALL THIS AND MORE ON TODAY'S SHOW!

05/31 Ghosted!  

Casey keeps texting Mario non-stop which is why he ghosted her because he found it annoying, but there's another reason behind it all! Will Mario still be right after the big reveal?

5/17 Love Test!  

Alison claims that Dave is a "Yes" man. Kane called Dave asking him if he could pretend to be Kane's reference for a job. Kane pretends he is in the middle of the interview and puts Dave on the spot to provide a reference. Find out what happens next on an all new Love Test!

5/10 Ghosted!  

Amanda ghosted Tony and he thinks it's because of porn his parents gave him. Find out why on an all new Ghosted!

5/3 Ghosted!  

Ariel ghosted Tony after six months of dating. Tony asks Kane to help him figure out why, and the reason may involve Ariel's sister! Find out what happens on an all new Ghosted!

4/26 Love Test!  

Paige does a Love Test on her fiance, Devere. He loves his car but it's parked on the street. Every once and a while a gold Altima will drive by and take pictures. Kane has Paige call Devere and say that his gold Altima has driven by Devere's car 3 times and is currently taking pictures. Find out what happens next!

4/19 Love Test!  

Ozzie and Marie have a stage-cat named Morty who they have trained to do live shows with Marie being the cats handler. Ozzie wants to show to call Marie and let her know Morty is being such a diva that the show the cat is on let him go for disappearing and not showing up on set! Find out if Marie says, 'I Love You' to Ozzie!

4/5 Love Test  

Devin and his wife Elisa are having a big family gathering on Easter and need their house cleaned. Kane called Elisa as the carpet cleaning service, who is supposedly at her house during the call to mess with her. Find out what happens on an all new Love Test!

Cargo Shorts  

Cargo Shorts

3/29 Love Test  

Khloe requests a love test for Rick who works at an edible arrangements center. Everyone on the show calls Rick and makes weird request for their flower/Fruit arrangement. This gets Rick really riled up and upset. Find out if he says, 'I love you!'

03/22 Love Test  

Matt and Kayla recently got married and bought a home and for their honeymoon Matt wanted to put their home up as an AirBnB. Kayla absolutely refused so you know Kane, Intern John, and Hoody had to act as "interested customers" to prove if she loves him no matter what!

06/09 War of the Roses!  

She doesn't trust him at all and after blacklights, hidden recorders, and some odometer checking, she enlists Kane's help! Turns out her man's best friend John might be a fake name for his side chick Anika!

5/25 Kane Skam!  

When the clown cancels, who are you going to call? Twerkin' Tommy! How would you react if you found out that instead of Giggles the clown, Twerkin' Tommy was going to be the entertainment of the party?

Friday May 13, 2016 Whole Show  

Happy Friday the 13th! Or is it bad luck to wish someone that? Kane and the crew are back to kickstart yur weekend! Plus were you having a great time at a party until something bad happened? Also do you trust your GPS? Have you canceled on your prom date? All that and more on today's show! Have a great weekend y'all!!

04/13 Kane Skam!  

When you own your own company it may be difficult to turn down money. Kane and Intern John pose as a couple wanting to throw their dog a baby shower. Would you take it? Would you take money over your reputation? Listen in and find out!

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