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The Kasper Hauser Comedy Podcast


Ep. 20: Holmes and Watson in The Trial  

Watson is on trial for murder, and Holmes must help save him from the gallows.

Ep. 20: News Update October 2011  

The Kasper Hauser Comedy team catches you up to date with all the news making the news for October, 2011

News Update, August 2011  

You'll never be out of the loop with your faithful Kasper Hauser news anchors. Now, for your news update for August 2011.

Ep. 17: News Update: September 2010  

The news in brief with your Kasper Hauser news anchors.

The Beekeeper's Convention  

Disaster strikes at the annual convention of beekeepers.

Wedding First Aid 4  

What to do if the bride gets cold feet or if someone eats too much cake.

Wedding Emergencies #3  

Kasper Hauser teach you what to do if your officiant starts to "trip out," or if you have uninvited guests.  

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Wedding Emergencies #2  

Kasper Hauser guide you through possible emergencies in your wedding.  Forgotten Rings and Drunk Priest.

Glinder & Glinder: Weddings  

The law firm of Glinder & Glinder will sue the newspaper for you.

SkyMaul Pg. 8: Gnomes and Gardens  

More from SkyMaul, available in bookstores.

Ep. 15: Fake-a-Wish  

The California Youth Authority presents Fake-a-Wish camp, for young people who have faked illness in order to participate in... last time fun things.

Ep. 14: News 6 Update  

The news in brief.

Ep. 13: This American Life 2  

More stories of This American Life.

SkyMaul Page 6: Bananaganizer  

Another invaluable page of products from SkyMaul.

Ep. 12: Slide Show  

Budget cuts force the conflation of Shop and Sex Education classes.

Ep. 11: This American Life  

Stories of This American Life.

Crack Pipe Chess Set  

The folks at SkyMaul saw a need, and they filled it.

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