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Kat Timpf is a Fox News personality, National Review reporter and political satirist. The Kat Timpf Show lets Kat give her take on life in the U.S. far beyond politics and delves into culture, fads and whatever the hell else Kat wants to talk about -- which honestly, could be absolutely anything.


Ep. 32 with Shark Week's Terry Schappert  

On this week's episode of the Kat Timpf Show, Kat is joined by Green Beret and TV Personality Terry Schappert. They discuss The Donner Party, overstaying your welcome in Las Vegas, the election, sniper school, lion maulings and much, much more

Ep. 31 with Comedian Jeff Dye  

On this week's episode of the Kat Timpf Show, Kat is joined by actor and comedian Jeff Dye. They discuss a wide variety of topics including the Trump tapes, stalkers, their thoughts on Jesus, and Jeff's relationships with Terry Bradshaw and George Foreman.

Ep. 30 This is why I don't date (with Andrew Shulz)  

Kat Timpf goes one on one with comedian Andrew Schulz of MTV fame. They discuss Kat's body, why it's better to date older men, relationships and rape culture.

Ep. 29 I buried my cat at sea on the Staten Island Ferry (with David Angelo)  

On today's Kat Timpf Show, Kat was joined by comedian David Angelo. David is a traveling comedian who opens for John Mulaney. They talk about the debates, being germaphobic, and burying Kat's cat at sea on the Staten Island Ferry.

Ep. 28 Couch Surfing Across The Globe with Sabrina Sabbagh  

On today's Kat Timpf Show, Kat was joined by Sabrina Sabbagh who quit Fox News to travel the world. Sabrina shared her experiences on how to travel to over 60 countries on a budget. She explains her "Travel hacking" tips, her experiences couch surfing, and her terrifying trip to Morocco. This is a must listen for anyone who wants to travel the world or at least live vicariously through someone who has.

Ep. 27 Rob O'Neill "The Guy Who Killed Bin Laden"  

Today on the Kat Timpf Show Kat was joined by the man who killed Bin Laden, Rob O'Neill. They talked about the Bin Laden raid, seal team training, and the election. Rob also gave his thoughts on Colin Kaepernick, gun control, and what he would do about Isis.

Ep. 26 I am a YOLO life coach (with Sara Barmour)  

Today on the Kat Timpf Show Kat was joined by comedian and life coach, Sara Barmour. They got into a million different topics including twin flame relationships, social stalking, and pubic hair. This episode has a little bit of something for everyone.

Ep. 25 Have you ever cried in a fast food restaurant (with Ben Kissel)  

Today on the Kat Timpf Show Kat was joined by Ben Kissel from Red Eye on Fox News. Topics include Lena Dunham's Met Gala fiasco involving OBJ, a debate on where the best place to live would be, and finally Ben talks about how he hates Harambe.

Ep. 24 It smells like my middle school girlfriend in here (with Seena Jon)  

Today on the Kat Timpf Show, Kat was joined by comedian Seena Jon. They talked about polyamory, Senna's enlightening experiences with "Iowaska", and how amazing adderall is. Kat and Seena also delve into the election and whether or not Trump actually is racist.

Ep. 23 I'm attracted to emotional instability (with Nick Di Paolo)  

Today on the Kat Timpf Show Kat was joined by comedian and frequent guest Nick Di Paolo. They dug deep into the FSU kid who killed and ate his victims face. They also discussed dating, marriage, and having kids. Other topics include Donald Trump, doing dip, and what you should do when you are old and dying.

Ep. 22 I Have A Six Pack Personality (with Stavros Halkias)  

This week on the Kat Timpf Show Kat was joined by comedian Stavros Halkias.They discussed the best music to listen to after a break up, "ghosting", the pros and cons of brunch, and the awesomely offensive things Trump says

Ep. 21 How does one get convinced to be a Jehovah Witness? (with guest Kennedy)  

This week on the Kat Timpf Show Kat was joined by Kennedy The Host of "Kennedy" on Fox Business Network. Topics include Kennedy's time as an MTV VJ, them looking forward to Trump vs Hillary debates, and life advice on dating/marriage.

Ep. 20 I had an ancestor that was a gerbil (with special guest Tyrus)  

On this weeks Kat Timpf Show Kat was joined by Tyrus. The actor, comedian, and Pro-Wrestler formerly known as WWE's Brodus Clay. Tyrus talks about his time as Snoop Doggs bodyguard and how he got involved with wresting for the WWE. He also explains how crazy wrestling fans are including his experience with a stalker and how he beat John Cena in an eating contest. Trump vs Hilary? Tyrus weighs in on that as well.

Ep. 19 I have a birthmark between my eyes and I can handle it (with Mike Recine)  

Todays guest on the Kat Timpf Show is comic Mike Recine. They discussed Mike's time as a garbage man, his dealings with hecklers, and Kat getting social media hate for her birthmark. There is also your weekly dose of Hillary hate.

Ep. 18 with comedian Amber Nelson  

This week's guest is comedian Amber Nelson. Kat and Amber drink boxed wine that Amber stole from the studio's fridge and talk about everything from Amber growing up in Saudi Arabia to the time she had to clean up a body to how much less comfortable shorts have been vagina-wise since she's gotten older. This episode is dedicated to all of the victims of the Edmund Fitzgerald and their families.

Ep. 17: A Three-For-All With Ben Kissel & Jenn Tinsdale  

Today on the Kat Timpf Show we had a two guest comedians Ben Kissel & Jen Tisdale. Topics included being naked on the internet, cosmetic surgery, Washington DC being full of ugly people, and Kat's feet being on wikifeets. Jen then talks about how she made a porn with James Dean and tells wild story about how her body absorbed her twin and she had to have it removed later in life, for real.

Ep. 16: Tom Shillue from Red Eye  

This week on the Kat Timpf Show Kat was joined by host of Red Eye on Fox New, Tom Shillue. Tom talked about his first time on Conan O'brien, doing comedy shows with Jim Gaffigan, and singing barbershop with Justin Timberlake. Other topics include Trump vs Hilary and micro aggression.

Ep. 15: The Return Of Nick DiPaolo  

This week on the Kat Timpf Show Kat brought back comedian and friend of the program Nick DiPaolo. Topics include how terrible Hillary is, how everything is sexist these days, why giving thoughts and prayers is stupid, Nick being a pro Zika virus guy, Micro aggression against special needs people, and how if you get fat and your husband divorces you its your fault.

Ep. 14: Say Hello To My Ex-Boyfriend Blake  

In honor of Father's Day I talked to my cat's dad, my ex-boyfriend, current Jerry-to-my-Elaine, best friend Blake. We talk about our funniest breakups, being pro-frat bros and handle girls on Tinder.

Ep. 13: Trigger Warning (with Gavin McInnes)  

On this weeks Kat Timpf Show Kat was joined by Gavin McInnes, a writer, actor, comedian, co-founder of Vice Media and the host of The Gavin McInnes Show. Topics include the fat justice movement, affirmative consent, and Kat being pro gender roles.

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