The Kate & Mike Show: Life, Love, and Business

The Kate & Mike Show: Life, Love, and Business


Kate Northrup & Mike Watts are entrepreneurs, parents, and partners in love, life, and business. They believe in making a life, not just a living and have a lifestyle that reflects that. They share their tips and strategies that have allowed them to build a high 6-figure online business that they grow from their home in Maine, working part time while raising their daughter. Their show is a deep dive into what makes life worth living and how to design your business and life around that. From business strategy to in-depth interviews, metaphysics, spirituality, mindset, and personal development, Kate & Mike will show you how to make the most out of your life, love, and business.


011: Our Take on the Recent US Election (Don't Worry - Its Hopeful and Helpful!)  

Today we’re discussing the recent election that surprised almost everybody, and why now more than ever, we need to welcome conversations with people who think differently than we do. We give our reasons on what we think happened, and how each one of us can take responsibility now to make society a better place.

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010: The Real Reason You're Avoiding Outsourcing  

In this episode, we share how both of our upbringings has affected our views on outsourcing, why hoarding resources and not hiring someone else is robbing them of the opportunity to step into their greatness and the real reasons why we try to do everything ourselves.

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009: How to Reinvent Yourself and Your Business with Licia Morelli  

In this special episode, we’re joined by our friend Licia Morelli, who is the 2016 Maine Literary Award Winner for her best selling children's book The Lemonade Hurricane: A Story of Mindfulness and Meditation. She's the recipient of the Children's Book Council honor and Gelett Burgess Honor for children's literature. Licia is also a contributing essayist for The Huffington Post and elephant journal and is currently awaiting the release of her second children's book in 2017. Show notes and links for this episode can be found at

008: How to Raise a Child and Run a Business at the Same Time  

First of all, we have appreciated all the great feedback we’ve gotten from listeners – thank you! We’re really enjoying producing this podcast for you (and ourselves, too) and are happy with how things have been going so far.

Our good friend and talented writer Sarah Peck just had a baby boy, and she asked us what we had to relearn about running our business once we became parents, and that awesome question evolved into the subject of this week’s podcast.

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007: The First Year of Parenting: What We Know Now That We Didn't Know Before  

Our first year of being parents has taught us both so much, and in this episode, we want to share with you the valuable lessons we have learned. We discuss how sometimes parents just need to go with the flow and give up that need for control, the importance of reading your baby (and not a book!) and how we tend to undervalue just has smart babies are. Being new parents is a lot of hard work, but it has been such an eye-opening experience! Show notes and links for this episode can be found at

006: Behind the Scenes of Our Most Successful Launch to Date  

In today’s episode, we dive into our most successful launch and share exactly how we did it. We cover what we did different from previous our launches, the tools we used, how we promoted this launch and so much more. Most importantly, we discovered that you don’t always have to be churning out something completely new, and that the content you have created previously can still be very for your customers today!

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005: 5 Key Ingredients to Consider Before You Launch Your Product or Service  

In this episode, we share the five questions that you want to ask yourself before any launch. Be sure to tune in next week, when we’ll dive into our most successful launch that just finished and give listeners an inside look at how we did it!

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004: How to Cut Through the Noise of the Internet and Pick Who to Follow  

Have you ever had trouble figuring out who to follow, with so much happening in today’s world? In this episode, we discuss the thought leaders that have influenced us personally, as well as sharing the criteria we use when deciding who to follow.

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003: How We Run Our Business: An Insiders, Behind the Scenes Tour  

On today’s show, Kate Northrup (@katenorthrup) & Mike Watts (@mikejwatts) share a number of the tools and systems that we use on a daily basis in our business, and explore how it’s possible to actually work less hours, but make more money and have a greater impact.

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002: Partnerships: How to Enter into Them With Your Eyes Wide Open to Reduce Drama  

In this episode, Kate Northrup(@katenorthrup) & Mike Watts (@mikejwatts) talk about the important subject of how couples can work together to build a dream life and business. We touch on the importance of learning how and when to give up control, when to ask for help, and the need for each partner to find their own “Zone of Greatness.”

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001: Kate & Mike: A Love Story - How We Met & Ended Up Doing Life & Business Together  

In this very first episode of The Kate & Mike Show, Kate Northrup (@katenorthrup) & Mike Watts(@mikejwatts) &share with listeners what this show is all about, and why we started it. We give our thoughts on what success truly is, and take a look back at how we both met and the leaps of faith that both of us had to take to get to where we are today!

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