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The Kira Soltanovich Show

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The Kira Soltanovich Show is a weekly podcast about being a professional comedian as well as a parent. Each week, Kira interviews another professional comedian and discovers how they individually raise their own children.


Ep174 - Dan Gabriel  

Dan is a comic and a dad. Dan is also from the bay area so there's some talk about that as well as how to talk about Santa with your kids, how to talk about sex in the porn age, and if you listen to the end, you'll hear Dan reveal his real last name... Intrigued? You should be. Enjoy our chat!

Ep173 - Shanie Evans  

Shanie is an actress, a singer, a life coach, and a foster parent. She also grew up in the foster system and was even homeless for a bit. She has so much positive energy, you will love her. Enjoy our chat!

Ep172 - Patrick Ney  

Patrick is a comedian, a sommelier, and a dad. Our first sommelier! We obviously talk about wine but also The Comedy Store, redheads, Presidents, and being from a big family. Enjoy our chat!

Ep171 - Karen Rontowski  

Karen Rontowski is a comic, Tarot reader, Reiki healer, ghost hunter, and not a parent. Wait, come back! She does have a dog with a job though. Wait, come back! This is an excellent chat that includes tarot readings (for engineer Aaron as well as Kira), ghost stories, and Kira reveals her psychic abilities. It's all fun and fascinating. Enjoy!

Ep170 - Alec Mapa  

Alec is a comic, an actor, and a dad. He grew up in the same neighborhood of San Francisco as Kira so be prepared for lots of reminiscing. Alec also talks about growing up, coming out, and adopting a child. Enjoy our chat!

Ep169 - Chris Pleasant  

Chris is a comic, an actor and a dad. He may also be the best dressed guest ever. He tells Kira about the struggles of being a man raising a daughter. Kira also tells a story about a creepy dude. Teach your daughters about creepy dudes and how to avoid them. Enjoy our chat! @pleasantfields

Ep168 - Lisa Arch  

Lisa is a comedian, an actress, and a mom. She was a cast member on MadTV and on Dinner And A Movie. We discuss parenting boys and finding ways to avoid being sarcastic with our kids. Enjoy our chat!

Ep167 - Ty Barnett Returns  

Ty is an actor, a comic, and a dad. He returns to the show to talk about raising teenagers, teaching respect, and discipline. Enjoy our chat! @tbarnett23

Ep166 - Greg Fitzsimmons Returns  

Greg is a comic, podcaster, writer, and a dad. He hosts the popular podcast Fitzdog Radio. He returns to the show to talk about underwear, circumcision, his own parents, and discipline. Enjoy our chat!

Ep165 - Joan Fagan  

Joan is an actress, a comedian, a producer, and a mom. She performs and books a show called 3 Blonde Moms. Her daughter is 15 so the challenges are different from our recent string of expecting moms. Babies don't wear makeup! Or do they? Find out by listening.

Ep 164 - Claudia Maittlen-Harris  

Claudia is a comedian, actress, writer, and soon to be mom. She is the second guest in a row that's expecting. We talk about what to expect, really, and about needing more women behind the scenes in Hollywood. Enjoy our chat!

Ep163 - Ro Dellegrazie  

Ro is a comedian, actress, writer, and soon to be mom. She is due in October and Kira gives her plenty of advice about what to expect. You could also learn a thing or two. Enjoy our chat.

Ep162 - Kym Whitley  

Kym is an actress, producer, comedian, and a mom. You've seen her in Next Friday, Fun With Dick And Jane, and We Bought A Zoo. She currently has a show called Kymplicated and Raising Whitley on OWN. She has a very unique story about becoming a mom. Do not miss it.

Ep161 - Geoff Keith  

Geoff Keith is a comic, an actor, and a new dad. He's so new, we barely talk about kids. He tells an amazing story about working a bat mitzvah and we talk a lot about comedy. Enjoy our chat!

Ep160 - Erik Rivera  

Erik Rivera is a comic and a father of two boys. He's from Westchester, which sounds fancier than "just north of the Bronx." He is funny and sweet and we have a real fun chat about parenting. Enjoy.

Ep159 - Donald Faison  

Donald is an actor and a dad. You know him as Turk on Scrubs, Murray in Clueless, and as host of Winsanity on GSN, with co-host Kira. He is sweet and hilarious and you will love him. Enjoy!

Ep158 - Eddie Brill  

Eddie Brill is a comedian, former booker of The Late Show With David Letterman, and a dad. He also books The Great American Comedy Festival in Norfolk, Nebraska. He has an interesting story of becoming a father that you won't want to miss. Enjoy our chat!

Ep157 - Noel Elgrably Returns!  

Noel is back and there have been some major life updates. And there's also a major revelation about his past. Don't tell his mom!

Ep156 - Jim Koufos & Michael Beatrice  

Jim and Mike are film industry veterans and dads. They are also Kira's husband Mike's best friends. They reminisce and talk about parenting in the entertainment industry. It's a fun chat amongst good friends. Join us!

Ep155 - Sheldon Anderson  

Sheldon is a comic, an actor, a musician, a financial wizard, and a dad. He has a lot of opinions about life, money, and parenting and he shares them all with us in this high energy chat. Enjoy!

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