The Koy Pond with Jo Koy

The Koy Pond with Jo Koy

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Jo Koy welcomes friends and fellow comedians to share their hilarious insights on a wide variety of topics. Listen as they improvise, reenact, and laugh about the funny things in life. Regular guests include Vine superstar King Bach, comedian Anjelah Johnson, and The Black Eyed Peas. Subscribe now!


Michael Yo  

Michael Yo revisits Jo at The Koy Pond. They talk about hanging out at Jo's house, Kanye, and saying 'I love you.'

Delious Kennedy of All-4-One and AJ Rafael  

Delious Kennedy dives into The Koy Pond with Jo and AJ Rafael. He talks about the history of All-4-One, Shirley Temples, and tour riders. Plus the guys have a few sing-a-longs to some classic R&B hits including a few All-4-One hits.

Ross Mathews  

Ross Mathews dives into The Koy Pond with Jo to talk about Palm Springs, Jay Leno, and teeth.

Oscar Nunez  

Oscar Nunez comes over for a swim in The Koy Pond. He and Jo talk about The Office, moving to LA, and wooly mammoths. See Oscar in "People of Earth" Monday nights on TBS.

Michael Rosenbaum  

Michael Rosenbaum takes a dip in The Koy Pond with Jo for a podcast about Filipino text messages, Chris Farley, and Smallville. #eatyeast Make sure to check out Michael's show 'Impastor' on TV Land.

Romany Malco  

Romany Malco jumps into The Koy Pond to talk about beatboxing, Almost Christmas, and auditions.

Vinnie Tortorich  

Fitness trainer Vinnie Tortorich dives back into the Koy Pond for a few more laps! They talk about the start of Vinnie's career as a fitness expert, how Jo can get a six pack, and a hypothetical collaboration with legendary boxer Vinnie Paz.

The Koy Pond Live with AJ Rafael  

The Koy Pond is live from a secret location in Hollywood as AJ Rafael joins Jo Koy, Lance Patrick, Chris Laxamana, and Nick Davis on stage. They talk about TED Talks, flossing, and having baby hands. The guys also have a few jam sessions throughout the show.

052: Lance Patrick, Caelan Biehn, Nick Davis and Chris Laxamana  

Jo and Lance are back in The Koy Pond with a few of the Carolla Digital guys. They talk about Jo's quest to get a liquor license for his restaurant, freestyle rap battles, and the greatness of Bruno Mars.

Lance Patrick and Chris Laxamana  

Lance Patrick is back in The Koy Pond with Jo and Chris. They talk about Vancouver, sound effects, and catching walleye. Then Jo shares some personal stories about the influence and genius of Eddie Murphy.

Heather McDonald  

Heather McDonald takes a dip in The Koy Pond with Jo. They talk about their kids going to to school together, buying things at Costco, and if it's ok to let somebody eat off your plate.

051: Little Joe and Dre  

Little Joe and Jo's new brother-in-law Dre jump into The Koy Pond for some family time. They talk about school, haircuts, and milk. Also, Little Joe takes us through an imaginary date with Vanessa Hudgens.

050: Diamond Dallas Page  

Diamond Dallas Page dives into the Koy Pond with Jo and Jason. He talks about accomplishing life goals after 30, DDP Yoga, and some of his most memorable moments from his legendary career.

049: Jason Collings  

Jason Collings joins Jo in for a dip in The Koy Pond. They talk about their favorite moments from The Karate Kid, what it would be like to meet Mike Tyson, and Jason's history with martial arts.

048: Josh Adam Meyers  

Josh Adam Meyers takes a dip in The Koy Pond with Jo. They talk about The Goddamn Comedy Jam, having stomach problems, and how to hustle as a strip club DJ.

047: Chris Laxamana and Nick Davis  

Jo invites Nick and Chris into The Koy Pond to tell them about his weekend at his sister's wedding.

046: Dino Archie  

Dino Archie joins Jo in The Koy Pond for a podcast about businessmen in first class, early 80's hip hop, and cocaine.

045: Bert Kreischer  

Bert Kreischer visits The Koy Pond to confess that Jo used to be his secret nemesis.

044: AJ Rafael  

AJ Rafael jumps back into The Koy Pond to jam with Jo and Lance. They write some songs for a few callers as well as talk to Don Benjamin's mom. Lastly, the guys sing about dogs at the grocery store and Chris' girlfriend.

043: Iliza Schlesinger  

Iliza Schlesinger jumps into The Koy Pond with Jo and Lance. They talk about Filipino food and share stories from the road.

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