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The Lake is a place for Music and Sounds. The radio stream runs all hours of the day on and is randomized. No one knows what The Lake plays next. Sometimes The Lake hosts longer shows, mixtapes and live broadcasts. The Lake is initiated, driven and curated by Mads Brauer, Casper Clausen, Rasmus Stolberg, Jan Høgh Stricker and Kasper Vang, with the aid of a long list of kind contributors and collaborators. The Lake is a non-profit online radio station. The costs for running The Lake are funded by Efterklang with support from Sonning Foundation, SNYK, DJBFA and KODA. Write us an email: contact [at] thelakeradio [dot] com


THE LAKE at Lydhør På En Søndag #3  

"Lydhør På En Søndag" is a series of sound art concerts held in a small intimate Garage in Aarhus, Denmark. In this program we will listen to the third concert in the series and get some insights on the thoughts behind the works of the sound artists Jonathan Heilbron and Kristian Westergaard.

Sneums Palads #8: Jyske knejte på jyske kassetter  

Det er vildt. Det er frodigt. Det er do-it-yourself. Det er do-it-together. Paladsbestyreren påstår, at det er vildere og mere sprudlende end nogensinde før, og i Paladset ligger kassetter med navne som ACID TWIN, CK & SPORTS, COP LORD, EDDISONS FACE IMPLOSION, HUNGER, MAIZENA, URR og ÆRKENBRAND samt en enkelt fil med YDEGIRL. Alle er de musiknavne, der dukker op i denne udgave af Paladset, hvor Jan Sneum alene tager udgangspunkt i sin hang til soniske sus fra kassettens blomstrende overdrev i det jyske – så'en mestendels da.

The Lake at Lydhør På En Søndag #2  

Lydhør På En Søndag is a series of sound art concerts held in a small intimate Garage in Aarhus, Denmark. In this program we will listen to the second concert in the series and have a talk with the artists Asger Kudahl and Anders Bach about space, body and music.

THE LAKE meets Rhys Chatham  

The Lake met american minimalist composer and multi-instrumentalist Rhys Chatham during a soundcheck just before his latest concert in Copenhagen playing with Danish drummer Rune Kielsgård and bassist Jeppe Skovbakke. Chatham talks about the music he plays today, where it comes from, and eventually revisits his time as musical director at The Kitchen in 1970's New York, where his unique blend of minimalism and rock aesthetics was born.

Remembering Tony Conrad (1940-2016)  

New York video artist, composer, and violinist Tony Conrad passed away on April 9th 2016. A pioneer of both structural film and drone music. In 2012 he visited Copenhagen for the event "2 Days of Minimalism Delirium", and during his stay he did a live interview with Lars Movin at the Copenhagen Main Library. Talking about La Monte Young, Velvet Underground and his early experiments with the violin. His unfortunate death gave new reason to revisit this interview and turn it into a radio program. Recorded and edited by Simon Leth Stolzenbach Special thanks to Lars Movin and to Københavns Hovedbibliotek for letting us broadcast this interview. And to Mayhem Kbh and Skræp for bringing Tony Conrad to Copenhagen

The Lake at Lydhør På En Søndag #1  

‘Lydhør På En Søndag’ is a series of sound art concerts held the last sunday in each month, in a small intimate Garage in Aarhus, Denmark. In this program you’ll get to meet the artists Tobias Sejersdahl and Anna Katrin Øssursdóttir Egilstrøð, who share their thoughts about their recent garage sound art concert - tune in!

Epic Vinyls From Brazil #2  

DJ Contracapa is back on The Lake with this fine mix of sweet Brazilian music collected from his travels. Tracklist: Lô Borges: Today Essa Água. 1972. EMI. Album: No title (Sneaker album) Milton Nascimento & Lô Borges: Clube da Esquina N. 2. 1972, Odeon. Walter Franco: Mamãe da Água. 1975. Continental. Album: Revolver. Lô Borges: Eu sou como voice é. 1972. EMI. Album: No title (Sneaker album). Lô on vocals and guitars. Beto Guedes and Toninho Horta on percussion. Astrud Gilberto: Ponteio (Edu Lobo). 1977. Selector. Album: Astrid Gilberto with Turrrentine. Written by Edu Lobo. Coral Som Livre: Tangará (Blue Bird). 1976, Som Livre (Globo). Album: O Casarão (Soundtrack). Written by Geraldo Acevedo. Walter Franco: Partir do Alto. 1975. Continental. Album: Revolver. Ruy Maurity: Depois da Festa (After the Party), Odeon, 1970. Written by Ruy Maurity and José Jorge. Orquestra Brasileira de Espetáculos: Alem do Horizonte (written by Roberto Carlos and Erasmo Carlos). 1975. Veleiro. Erasmo Carlos feat. Tim Maia: Alem do Horizonte (written by Roberto Carlos and Erasmo Carlos). 1980. Polygram. Album: Convida… Belchior: Corpos Terrestres (Earthly Bodies), Warner, 1978. Written and reinterpreted from bible texts by Belchior, arranged by Lincoln Olivetti. Album title: Todos os Sentidos (All the Senses). Baden Powell: Quiexa, Atlantic, 1980. Written by Baden Powell and Vinicius de Moraes. Album title: Nosso Baden (Our Baden). Tom Zé: O Abacaxi de Irará (The Pineapple from Irara), Continental, 1972. Written by Tom Zé, Perna and Ribeiro. Album title: 1972 (no title) Banda de Pau e Corda: Lavadeira (The Washing Woman), RCA Victor, 1974. Written by Waltinho and Sérgio Andrade. Album title: Redenção (Redemption). Tom Zé: A Brigo do Edifico Italia com Hilton Hotel, Continental, 1972. Written by Tom Zé, Perna and Ribeiro. Album title: 1972 (no title) Jorge Ben: Capoeira. Vers. org. 1964. Album: Sabor Tropical. Philips. Tim Maia: These Are The Songs (Tim Maia and Elis Regina), 1981, Fontana. Tim Maia: Azul da Cor do Mar. 1970, Polydor. Album: 1970 (no title). Franco: Moro No Fim da Rua. 1978, Continental 7”.’

THE LAKE meets Tonometer  

The Lake meets up with Christian Skjødt and Lars Lundehave Hansen, from the label Tonometer, for a chat about their approach to sound, art and their dark past in northern Jutland. We listened to music from Lars' new album "Terminal Velocity" and talked about what his involvement with Tonometer brings to the label. Also Christian presented The Lake with a speciel unreleased piece from Tonometer.

SNEUM's PALACE #7: The Residents in two voices  

Based on two interviews done by Jan Sneum in San Francisco 1978 and Copenhagen 2016, this program puts a focus on THE RESIDENTS, an American music and art team working between strict avant-garde and pop in a very unusual balance between true do-it-yourself attitudes and elegant, creative commercial strategies. The voices are JAY CLEM, spokesperson for The Residents until 1982, and HOMER FLYNN, current spokesperson and part of The Residents' realm since day one – a realm forever under the spell of the Theory of Obscurity.

Chancha Via Circuito - Live from Roskilde Festival 2015  

Chancha Via Circuito - Live from Roskilde Festival 2015 by The Lake Radio

MIXTAPE: Flavia Couri's Brazilian rock  

Following up on the latest episode of SNEUM's PALACE, Brazilian musician Flavia Couri has compiled a mixtape of rock music from her home country. Lots of fuzz-guitar, funky bass lines, gorgeous vocals and an overall sunny and danceable atmosphere in these Brazilian nuggets ranging from early rock'n'roll, garage, and psych to tropicalia, soul, and beyond. Enjoy!


LYDHØR is a small independent record label from Aarhus focusing on somewhere between field recordings and improvised music. The Lake met Anders Ørbæk to talk about recording food in the oven, noise in pipe organs, and being "lydhør" in general. In the end of the program there is a previously unreleased edition of the work “Overlays” made especially for The Lake.

O YAMA O visits THE LAKE  

Japanese sound artist Rie Nakajima works with very small sounding objects in a sculptural way. Together with Keiko Yamamoto, founder of the famous venue Cafe OTO, she has formed the duo O YAMA O. The two talk about where their art comes from and give a performance in the studio.

THE LAKE in JAZZHOUSE with Earth  

In this series, we revisit The Lake's line of concerts in Jazzhouse Copenhagen spring 2015. Earth played a great trio show on the tour of their newest album 'Primitive and Deadly'. The Lake were on the spot recording, as well as talking to founding member and guitarist Dylan Carlson about slow riffs and letting the music pass through you.

SNEUM's PALACE · #6 Flavia Couri - from Rio with rock  

After years in the popular Brazilian rock-trio Autoramas, multi-instrumentalist and singer Flavia Couri has settled in Denmark. She's now one half of the rock duo The Courettes with Danish drummer Martin Couri Thomsen. In this edition of Sneum's Palace we cruise back into the history of Brazilian rock as well as Couri's own musical journey growing up to be an outgoing, outspoken woman in the word of rock music.

Selvhenter - Live from Roskilde Festival 2015  

Selvhenter are longtime favorites of The Lake. Last year they played a truly rocking performance at the Gloria stage at Roskilde Festival. Luckily, we were there recording. This podcast features an interview with the band as well as excerpts from the show.

Works for Radio premiere  

In the old church space that is Copenhagen's Contemporary Art Center, Nikolaj Kunsthal, hosts Jan Sneum and Jan Stricker meet the eight Nordic artists who have been commissioned to create new sound works especially for The Lake Radio. Hear interviews with CM von Hausswolff (SE), Klara Lewis (SE), Jana Winderen (NO), Maia Urstad (NO), Pejk Malinovski (DK), Gry Bagøien (DK), Hildur Gudnadóttir (IS), and Skúli Sverrisson (IS) as well as the works themselves. Photo by Magnus Kaslov

Lonnie Holley live at By The Lake Festival 2015  

You might feel the August sun on your skin, you might feel the warmth of the crowd and the musicians on stage, and you might just catch a glimpse of the genius of Lonnie Holley as he plays an improvised set at our very own By The Lake Festival in Berlin 2015. Photo by Thomas M. Jauk

SNEUMS PALADS · #5 Anja Jacobsen  

Avantgarde møder pop i Frk. Jacobsens musikalsk krydrede univers – et univers der yderligere ekspanderes med billeddannende ord hentet fra drømmens surrealistiske verden. Trommeslageren, sangeren og komponisten Anja Jacobsen er Frk. Jacobsen og en central figur i bl.a. Selvhenter og Valby Vokalgruppe. I paladset fortæller hun om sin musik og sine tekster og spiller live en solosuite for stemme og percussion med tekster af Yusef Lateef og Cicero og med rytmisk afsæt i Johannes Kepler!

Barmer Boys - live from Roskilde Festival 2014  

An interview and live recording with Barmer Boys who masterly performs and interprets the music of North India and Sufi mysticism. The trio resides in North Rajastahn in India and are led by Manga 'Mangey' Khan (vocals, harmonium) with the twin percussive punch of Rais Khan (morchang, bhapang, beat-boxing) and Tarif Khan (dholak). One of the highlights from Roskilde Festival 2014 - brought to you by Sound mix by Erik Medeiros - Editing by Rasmus Stolberg

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