The Leviathan Chronicles

The Leviathan Chronicles

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The Leviathan Chronicles is a full production audio drama about a clandestine war between two powerful groups of immortals that live in secret among mankind. One woman holds the key to uniting the immortals, but a rogue government agency may destroy her first!


Chapter 38  

The ultimate showdown in New York City between the Macallan and her strike force against The Blackdoor Group.  Will Macallan find a Starstone to save Leviathan, and what will it cost her?

Chapter 37  

The location of the Soraxian aliens is revealed when Seinshun and The Blackdoor Group infiltrate the Morgan Library Museum.  And back in the Pacific, Gregor has locked onto Rebecca Von Alt's psychic energy, leading Macallan to find transport to New York for her strike force - with the help of an unlikely ally.

Chapter 36  

Rebecca Kinderman's true identity is revealed.  Together with Seinshun, they continue their tense collaboration with the Blackdoor Group to find the missing aliens.  Tulley lands in New York City and starts hunting for Toshi.  And Macallan and her strike force get an unexpected clue to help them locate a Starstone to save Leviathan.

Chapter 35  

Seinshun and Whitt Roberts land in New York. Jason Sterling is waiting along with his two prisoners, Toshi and Rebecca.  The Blackdoor Group needs Seinshun to locate the missing aliens, but is utterly amazed at the tracking tool he uses.

Chapter 34  

Macallan fell into a trap set by Mai Lai causing the destruction of the Irongate facility, almost killing her strike force in the process.  Robertson is injured while Gregor remains suspended in a coma forcing Underchief Watson to seize control of the mission from Macallan.  And in Japan, Tulley and Oberlin are tortured by the Yakuza as Tulley tries to make a bargin to keep him and Oberlin alive.

Chapter 33  

Macallan and her strike force infilitrate Irongate, the Blackdoor information stronghold in the Gulf of Alaska.  Military Underchief Keitha Watson calls Macallan's judgement into question as the true nature of Blackdoor is revealed.  And back in Okinawa, Tulley and Oberlin have their day of reckoning with Kasunori Tanaka, the head of the Yakuza.

Chapter 32 Soapbox  

In this Soapbox, we talk about some of the most inspired casting we've ever done, and reveal the true identity of Fish Egg Freddy.  Enjoy!

Chapter 32  

Fish Egg Freddy celebrates a big caviar sale with Tulley and Oberlin.  Macallan and her strike force arrive at Irongate, the Blackdoor information stronghold.

Chapter 31  

Whitt Roberts and Seinshun find a way off the Himalayan mountains.  And the line between Rebecca's dreams and reality become blurred.

Chapter 30  

Macallan assembles her strike force to infiltrate a Blackdoor stronghold to find clues regarding the Soraxians' location on Earth.  And Tulley and Oberlin reunite with Fish Egg Freddy, a dubious character from their past.

Chapter 29  

Tulley and Oberlin get double-crossed by Blackdoor Agent Celeste Harris and have to find a way to escape a U.S. military base in Okinawa.  Harlequinn and Lisette fly the Condor to an unlikely destination to receive medical care.  And Macallan goes toe to toe with Military Prime Officer Khan and assembles a strike force to find the aliens on the surface.

Chapter 28 Soapbox  

In this Soapbox, we discuss our sound engineer Luke Allen's wedding in Austin, TX, our favorite bachelor party stories, and hard tales from Nobi's youth.  Grab it here -

Chapter 28  

The Leviathan Council makes a strong move against Macallan, and arlequinn is rescued but now must now grapple with the ramifications of his injuries.

Chapter 27 Soapbox  

Nobi returns to the Soapbox!  We discuss Chapter 27, Brooklyn, and answer the most commonly asked question about Season 2.

Chapter 27  

Leviathan City is in crisis and rapidly deteriorating.  A cavern collapse kills scores of immortals and causes the Leviathan Council to hold an emergency meeting to discuss plans for saving the city.  And Oberlin and Tulley have to negotiate quickly to avoid freezing to death in Tibet.

Chapter 26 Soapbox  

Robin, Luke and Christof record a Soapbox from our 6-week production retreat in Austin, TX.  

Chapter 26  

Welcome to the exciting premiere of Season 2 of The Leviathan Chronicles!   This chapter picks up just moments after the dramatic conclusion of Season 1.  Evangeline is in a coma after Bennu’s vicious attack.  Macallan and Anton must now deal with the power vacuum within Leviathan as the city continues to self-destruct due to the deadly computer virus infecting the city’s AI.  Tulley and Oberlin are reunited in Tibet, but must now grapple with being separated from the women they love, while being hunted by the Yakuza for the financial debt they owe.  And Seinshun has now joined forces with The Blackdoor Group to find the aliens that are now trapped somewhere on Earth.  But the aliens are harboring a secret that could destroy Leviathan, and the rest of humanity.

Season 1 Recap  

Get ready for the start of Season 2 by getting yourself up to speed with what went down at the end of Season 1.

Mini Episode #4 - Harlequinn's Proposal  

Harlequinn meets a close friend in Zurich to make a very special proposal.

Special Edition Clip #5: Snipe  

Snipe is the origin story of the deadly virus that has infected Leviathan City and threatens to destroy the immortal stronghold.  Ten years ago, a genetic computer virus was created that was capable of bringing any network in the world to its knees.   Leviathan sent its two best Darkwater Agents, Shoichi Honda and Elizabeth Franklin, to steal the powerful technology so that it could be safely neutralized.  But a mysterious woman with immortal powers manages to steal the virus first, leading the Darkwater agents on a furious chase to steal back the virus to bring it safely back to Leviathan.  But soon, Shoichi and Elizabeth realize that greater forces are at work, and nobody can be trusted.  The truth behind the virus is only revealed after an explosive showdown deep underwater.  

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