The Lift, An Audio Drama

The Lift, An Audio Drama

United States

The Lift is an homage to great dramas of the past like Night Gallery and The Twilight Zone. After two very well received pilot episodes, one of which was a 2015 PARSEC Award Nominee, “The Lift” returns for a full first Season. Season One will feature episodes written by 13 writers. Dramatic readings will be performed by Daniel Foytik and Cynthia Lowman with additional voice work by Amber Collins as the voice of Victoria Bigglesworth-Hayes.


S1E20: Plummet  

Before Victoria began to use her lift to take visitors to strange realities, she was a nine-year-old girl living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania at the end of the Victorian era. Find out, in her own words, what befell her that fateful day in 1901 to forever change her and her destiny. This tale marks the end of Season One.

S1E19: The Storm  

For years, Rachel has suffered at the hands of her abusive boyfriend, a boxer named Tony "€˜The Storm"€™ Matroni. When she decides she's finally had enough, and the opportunity presents itself, she makes a choice she regrets. A trip on The Lift to the 6th Story offers her a second chance to choose.

S1E18: The Wet Man  

Skip Hudson is one of the best Wet Man in the business, and he just got a new contract. When Victoria lures this "no limits" contract killer to the building, it's all business.

S1E17: Today is the Day  

A man known for being a chronic liar is called to The Lift thinking it is a business meeting, where Victoria awaits his arrival. Has his fate been sealed already?

S1E16: Dandelion Tea  

A young woman wracked with addiction wakes to find herself in a strange place. She is greeted by Victoria, a strange and ghostly child who will lead her through her darkest secrets to face the fear she has buried deep within herself. Will Virginia face what she has done and the chaos she has caused or will she remain on the 6th floor haunted by her ghosts forever?

S1E15: The Burden of Others  

Randy Corrigan only cares about himself. All his life, he’s focused on what’s best for him. An accident during the outset of an illicit encounter places him in Victoria’s path and shows him the dangerous results of his negligence.

S1E14: Crosshairs  

A mysterious assassin finds her way into The Building and The Lift, and meets her match in Victoria. A time traveler from Nazi Germany and known to "despise all things English," Renada is stuck in the present day and bent on revenge. When she's faced down by a certain little English girl who she takes for a "mere child," she quickly learns the errors in that assumption.

S1E13: Restitution  

Toby is bullied by Billy for being different, but Billy has his own problems as well. Each boy is drawn to the building and guided by Victoria to make a choice and change for the better. Years later, as adults, the results of those choices pull them back to take another ride on The Lift.

S1E12: Objects for Objects  

Retired porn star, Mandy Stroyer, uses her allure and online prowess to lure countless fans to buy her gifts while she offers nothing in return. A run in with Victoria Bigglesworth-Hayes leads Mandy to an evaluation and exploration of greed, gratitude, and hope.

S1E11: Storkson Candy  

Jake McMiller, a greedy executive at the Storkson Candy Company, is currently searching for the new spokesperson for his company’s annual Easter campaign. To attract customers to his product, he wants a rosy-cheeked, blond-haired little girl to star in a slew of commercials and other promotions. Little does he know a certain little blond girl is just waiting to be discovered -- or is it the other way around?

S1E10: Dark Music  

A man who robs from the blind finds his way into The Building and The Lift. There, he gets a chance to change. When he's forced to face his deepest fear will he learn from it, or go back to his old ways? And, remember, if you ever find yourself on The Lift, don't test Victoria's patience.

S1E9: Why I Take The Lift  

When a man struggles to come to terms with his true self, Victoria does her best to help him find his way. But, will his fear of how others perceive him prevent him from facing the truth and being who he is?

S1E8: The Exchange  

Sonny pulls a bank heist, but takes off with the money, leaving his crew unpaid, and his brother set up to take the fall for the robbery. During his escape he’s chased by his associates and hides in The Building. He’s led into The Lift by his curiosity to a strange dark hallway, a confrontation he wasn't expecting, and chance to make a choice that will seal his fate. Will he do the right thing?

S1E7: No Such Thing  

A young woman visits The Building to retrieve something special for her friend. A ride on The Lift opens doors to the future and something dark from the past. Some doors are harder to open than others, and there is often a very good reason for them to remain closed.

S1E6: Girl Alone at Play  

After a childhood tragedy steals her sister, Anna withdraws into her own world, cruelly rebuffing anyone who tries to get close to her. But when she discovers an unusual building, what should be a quick photo shoot for her upcoming exhibit turns into a moment for Anna to face her demons at last—or perish trying.

S1E5: The Dance  

It's New Year's and time for a ride on the Lift. Tommy has committed a terrible crime against his childhood tormentors at a New Year’s Eve party. He stumbles upon The Lift in his escape from prosecution and meets Victoria. Can he redeem himself, or will he be lost in The Building forever?

S1E4: Three Twelve Noel  

It's Christmas Eve and time to board The Lift. In this week's story, Victoria and The Building find themselves in Brooklyn, NY, on Christmas Eve,1949 to help a returning WW II war veteran carrying a heavy burden.The major stops in NY to visit an old comrade and repay a personal debt before he ends his pain permanently. Can "Vicky" help Major Sherm move beyond his guilt and keep him from using a souvenir war pistol to end his own life?

S1E3: Broken  

Welcome to The Lift. You've already met Victoria, but why is she trapped in this place? What happened to make her what she is? In this week's story, we meet Victoria near the beginning of her story in 1901. She called out to Nikola Tesla for help in the Season One Teaser, and this week, he responds. Find out more about the building, the entities who reside there, and get some clues as to what set these things in motion.

S1E2: Emotional Eaters  

Welcome to The Lift. If you find yourself here, there are choices to be made. Your past has lead you here, but what happens when when you choose poorly? Is there ever a second chance, or will you be lost here with the others. In this week's story, Victoria meets a woman celebrating Thanksgiving in a...nontraditional way. What will it take to make her realize the importance of family? Show Notes:

S1E1: The Basement  

Welcome to The Lift. If you find yourself here, there are choices to be made. Your past has lead you here, but what happens when that past was filled with vile and dark things? In this week's story, Victoria interacts with someone she'd rather not. Meet Jefferson and see how Victoria deals with this...particular situation. Written by the extremely talented Nelson W. Pyles. Show Notes:

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