The Listening Project

The Listening Project


Capturing the nation in conversation to build a unique picture of our lives today and preserve it for future generations.


Omnibus – Men in Conversation  

Losing your sense of smell, learning to love, and loving to travel on the bus.

Omnibus - Teachers  

The experience of teaching, past and present.

Omnibus - Working Life  

Conversations about the choices involved in choosing our career paths

Omnibus – Let’s Be Honest  

Honest conversations about relationships, pets, football and gardening

Omnibus - Facing The Inevitable  

Death cannot be avoided and should be talked about.

Omnibus - Adoption  

Being adopted, adopting, and having a younger sibling who's adopted

Omnibus - The Wisdom of Youth  

Putting others first, seeing them clearly and listening to their opinions

Omnibus - The Passage of Time  

Exploding toilets, retirement homes for PE teachers, and pranks played by art teachers

Omnibus - Coming Out  

Acknowledging your sexuality, your eating disorder and your relationship problems

Omnibus – Difficult But Important Conversations  

Regretting the loss of speech and of sex, and wanting to re-pay a debt to your country

Omnibus - Lists  

Lists to live by and lists to tick off

Omnibus - To Lose A Child  

Honest conversations about experiencing the death of your child

Omnibus - Breaking Down Barriers  

Overcoming a covert stammer, profound deafness, and prejudice against women bricklayers

Omnibus - Belonging  

Not being defined by first impressions or early experiences

Omnibus – Negotiating Difference  

Different outlooks and beliefs can bring people close or drive them apart

Omnibus - Understanding  

Autism, Islam and friendship are all open to misperceptions

Omnibus - The Creative Urge  

Creative writing, poetry and film-making

Omnibus – Contending with Death  

How to comfort, how to remember, and how to face loss

Omnibus - Jo and Andy - Divorce  

A divorced couple reflect on marriage, autism and friendship

Christmas Day Omnibus  

Father Christmas, Toy Story and 6 year old twins all feature in this festive edition

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