The Listening Project

The Listening Project


Capturing the nation in conversation to build a unique picture of our lives today and preserve it for future generations.


Omnibus - Belonging  

Not being defined by first impressions or early experiences

Omnibus – Negotiating Difference  

Different outlooks and beliefs can bring people close or drive them apart

Omnibus - Understanding  

Autism, Islam and friendship are all open to misperceptions

Omnibus - The Creative Urge  

Creative writing, poetry and film-making

Omnibus – Contending with Death  

How to comfort, how to remember, and how to face loss

Omnibus - Jo and Andy - Divorce  

A divorced couple reflect on marriage, autism and friendship

Christmas Day Omnibus  

Father Christmas, Toy Story and 6 year old twins all feature in this festive edition

Sunday Omnibus - The Power of Two  

Dealing with bereavement, kidney disease and ageing - as a couple

Sunday Omnibus - A Male Perspective  

Men on Euro 2016, identity and mass trespass, and Methodism

Sunday Omnibus - The Distaff Side  

Conversations about what's normal, what's inherited and how much is shared in family life

Sunday Omnibus  

Changing attitudes to race and death, plus facing the final decision for your pet

Sunday Omnibus - Nature's Inspiration  

The beauty of nature on land, on water, and in sound

Sunday Omnibus  

Moving can bring peace or regret, but friendship and support always helps

Sunday Omnibus - Passion  

Bee-keeping, football and a marriage proposal

Sunday Omnibus  

Dealing with crises in mental and physical health

Sunday Omnibus - A Positive Outlook  

The joy of life, romance and grandchildren in old age, and of gaining an adoptive family

Sunday Omnibus - Someone To Lean On  

Role models, friendship and a relationship in transition.

Sunday Omnibus - Someone To Lean On  

Role models, friendship and a relationship in transition.

Sunday Omnibus  

Conversations about still birth, single parent families and running

Sunday Omnibus - Men and Friendship  

Conversations between male friends about similarities and differences

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