The Listening Project

The Listening Project


Capturing the nation in conversation to build a unique picture of our lives today and preserve it for future generations.


Sunday Omnibus  

Dealing with crises in mental and physical health

Sunday Omnibus - A Positive Outlook  

The joy of life, romance and grandchildren in old age, and of gaining an adoptive family

Sunday Omnibus - Someone To Lean On  

Role models, friendship and a relationship in transition.

Sunday Omnibus - Someone To Lean On  

Role models, friendship and a relationship in transition.

Sunday Omnibus  

Conversations about still birth, single parent families and running

Sunday Omnibus - Men and Friendship  

Conversations between male friends about similarities and differences

Sunday Omnibus - Embracing Change  

Going to university, retiring from work, and saying goodbye to foster children

Sunday Omnibus - What We Choose To Tell  

Fi Glover introduces conversations about the challenges facing relationships and creativity when they fall outside the standard parameters

Sunday Omnibus - Looking Back  

Fi Glover introduces conversations reflecting on past attitudes to service, relationships and families

Omnibus - Not All Families Are The Same  

Fi Glover with conversations between mothers and their offspring about the challenges of university life for a single mum with a toddler, and of looking after a disabled sibling

Sunday Omnibus - Shared Differences  

Fi Glover introduces three conversations about how embracing differences, whether cultural or culinary, can reveal that more is shared than we realize

Sunday Omnibus  

Fi Glover introduces conversations about the loss of personal interactions at work, the crisis that faced Cumbria in 2001, and a three year old's view of good and evil

Sunday Omnibus  

Fi Glover with conversations that highlight the support of friends through tough times, the difficulties of adapting to change, and how a happy outcome can right past wrongs.

Sunday Omnibus - Thespian Edition  

Fi Glover with conversations about how long one can usefully pursue amateur dramatics, cabaret and choosing a career as a performer

Sunday Omnibus  

Fi Glover introduces conversations about dealing with eczema, and with different expectations of the same relationship, and with sex and social media.

Sunday Omnibus - Learning to Live Somewhere New  

Fi Glover introduces conversations between families who had to leave their home country to settle in the UK and one that chose to make the shorter move from town to country.

Sunday Omnibus – Ian and Chikodi  

Fi Glover with three excerpts from an illuminating conversation between a visually impaired man who's white and his sighted, younger partner who's black, about their life together

Sunday Omnibus - Saying Goodbye  

Fi Glover introduces conversations that reflect on loss and also prepare for it, in this special Omnibus Edition

Sunday Omnibus - Seeing People Differently  

Fi Glover introduces conversations from Cumbria, Lancashire and London, about the ways people view those who look or live differently from them.

Sunday Omnibus - Hay Festival  

Fi Glover introduces four conversations recorded at last year's Hay Festival which illuminate the possibilities at this year's

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