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Welcome to The Little Yellow Bird Podcast by Jon Rogers (@BigGrantHolt) and Dan Brigham (@dan_brigham).


Episode 29 - Can We Kick It? No, We Can't (Last One)  

In the final, emotional, sad, end-of-an-era podcast, Jon and Dan talk relegation, David McNally, which players they want to see leave, encounter some wind problems, waffle on a bit like usual, read out your brilliant top 10 tweets, play the final Dan vs Jon EVER and cry to Neighbours theme tunes. It's totes emosh* *not really. There are willy gags. HELLO TO JASON ISSACS

Episode 28 - While My Back Four Gently Seeps  

The Chris Goreham sessions: Jon and Dan welcome the lovely Mr Goreham onto the show to talk Arsenal, relegation, Manchester United, Panini stickers, Norwich's grouchiest manager, commentating at Wembley and snoring colleagues. He also picks the winner of your Top 10 tweets and plays Dan & Jon vs Chris. Plus Jon exclusively unveils his brand-new exclusive Timm Klose song, exclusively.

Episode 27 - Fat Sam's Grand Slam  

The podcast returns! And it's a bit weird! Dan and Jon get a bit sad about Sunderland and get a littler sadder about the prospect of relegation. They try and cheer you up with an advert for the Norwich Rollercoaster Ride, talk alien orgies, Norwich anagrams and read out your top 10 tweets

Episode 26 - Pursuit of Clappiness  

Dan and Jon are back! To talk about winning a football match! They also chat to Norwich’s injury-time hero Oli Johnson, THE OLI JOHNSON play Dan vs Jon, read out your top 10 tweets, look ahead to Crystal Palace and have some Sensible Football Talk.

Episode 25 - Vocoder on the Laptop  

Jon and Dan return, and they've got a draw to talk about for once! They discuss Manchester City, a competition for the Patreoners, we look ahead to West Brom, go on a weird rant about Tony Pulis, read out your top 10 tweets and Dan suffers an existential crisis.

Episode 24 - Jerome's Hairy Feet  

Sadly, there's no David McNally this week, but there is a very special Gary O'Neil dentistry advert. Plus Dan and Jon also gently poke Jack Reeve, talk about Leicester and Chelsea, look ahead to the scary Swansea game, and read out your top 10 tweets.

The David McNally Interview  

Jon and Dan sit with the CEO of Norwich City Football Club, Mr David Mcnally about Alex Neil, FIFA, Transfers, Colney and a lot, lot more. And says the word Piffle! Copyright of The Little Yellow Bird Podcast.

Episode 22 - The Dead Yellow Bird Podcast  

After a week away, Dan and Jon return with plenty to talk about: West Ham, John Ruddy, inventive ways to kill animals, Leicester City and much more. Plus they talk to sports journalist and City fan Melissa Rudd (not Ruddy) and read out your top 10 tweets.

Episode 21 - Timm Klose's Thing  

Sad about yesterday? Need cheering up? Well, Dan and Jon can't do that but they can dissect what on earth what went wrong against Tottenham, show some sweet love for Timm Klose, pick their XIs for Aston Villa, read out your top 10 song tweets (with a SHOCK No.2), and play a Carrow Road quiz. LISTEN TO THIS!

Episode 20 - The Darren Eadie's Tape  

Forget about Liverpool, we've only got Darren Eadie on the podcast! He tells us what it's like to be on the losing side in a 5-4 defeat and where Norwich go from here. Plus we play Dan vs Jon, read out the top 10 tweets, look back at Saturday's Day Of Horror and bring out the Norwich tonic to try and cheer everyone up.

Episode 19 - Smell My Football  

Transfers! Signings! Buying players! Smelling football! Jon and Dan talk about Norwich's mega-exciting signings and the mega-bad Bournemouth game. Plus they find out which City players have played for England, read out your Medical XI tweets, conduct some highly scientific polls and freeze time

Episode 18 - #Santayana  

We speak to Richard Jefferey - the creator of #Santayana - watch the game while podcasting (which is as bad as it sounds), play Dan vs Jon - just, read out your best tweets and announce something exciting! Ish!!

Episode 17 - FA Cup Special ft Ed Couzens-Lake  

It's FA Cup week! But don't worry, Dan and Jon talk about the Premier League too, what with Norwich winning and everything. They also chat transfers, plus having chips in a graveyard, Mark Walton's thighs, and Trevor effing Putney with Ed Couzens-Lake.

Episode 16 - Xmas Sausage and Baileys  

It's an hour-long Christmas Special! The EDP's and Mustard TV's Michael Bailey joins us to talk Manchester United, sausages, Tottenham, sausages, the highlights of 2015 and answer questions in our special Christmas Quiz. Plus we talk to Token Female Zoë Morgan and read out your top 10 tweets!

Episode 15  - Punch my Zygoma  

Jon and Dan try not to get punched in the face by John Ruddy, and talk about Everton, Cameron Jerome’s sitter, and read out your top 10 tweets. Plus Token Female justifies being a massive booer, and someone embarrasses themselves on the quiz – but who? (it’s Dan)

Episode 14 - Fan's Forum Report  

A podcast with a difference tonight! Jon and Dan give the run down from the Alex Neil Q&A at the Norwich City Fans Social Club. Lafferty, transfer dealings, Hooper, Howson and the change of tactics all discussed. Plus some rubbish jokes. And balaclavas.

Episode 13 - Unlucky Hole  

Who's in Ryan Bennett's hole? Well, Dan and Jon find out for you, and talk about Lewis Grabban's comeback, John Ruddy's form, look back to Arsenal and forward to Watford. There's also a quality quiz and your top 10 tweets are read out!

Episode 12 - Moans and Loans  

A happy podcast! Dan and Jon finally have a win to talk about, Gary O’Neil reveals his new venture, Casual Jack makes a welcome return and your top 10 tweets are revealed. Plus Jon sees boobies for the first time, Dan goes travelling with the Norwich loan players and there’s absolutely no booing at half time.

Episode 11 - Mike Walker in a phonebox  

Dan and Jon look back at Man City and ahead to the right big game against Swansea, Kyle Lafferty makes a surprise appearance, kidnap plans are unveiled and Jon comes face to crotch with a Norwich legend. The fellas also play Jon vs Dan, cheer everyone up with HILARIOUS* tales about the first Norwich player they met, read out your top 10 tweets, discussing smoking crack under a bridge and fall out about the season Norwich were last relegated. *Quite dull, actually

Episode 10 - Full Pie  

Jon and Dan release EASILY their worst podcast to date with sound issues a plenty and absolutely nothing good to talk about. We discuss the West Brom game, Man City game, food, sexism with the lovely LYBP writer and Token Female - Zoe Morgan and much more. Are you called the C word by Jon in the PODCASTPOSTBAG?Basically, it doesn't go well, so listen to two men sound embarrassed by themselves.

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