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TLS #223: Wouldn’t it be crazy if… our personalities don’t live in our brains or bodies? with Erin Loechner  

Today on The Lively Show we are launching a new series called “Wouldn’t it be crazy if…” In this series, we’ll have fun merging cutting edge scientific discoveries with personal imagination to consider new possibilities about what ‘life’ really is... and how we live more easefully (and powerfully) as a result. In today’s episode, we’ll be discussing the possibility that our personalities may not live in our physical brains or bodies. And if that’s true… what are the repercussions? This episode is perfect for anyone open to considering a new way of looking at “who” or “what” we “really are.”     [Tweet "“Everything just is. " - @ErinLoechner"] [Tweet "“What we think is reality is truly just the story we’re telling." - @JessCLively"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   Jess discusses with Erin about how the flow is been going and how that past month has been. How scientists see these concepts of quantum mechanics and quantum living in life today. We review what Quantum Mechanics is and how Jess integrates that as part of her life. They describe the wholistic point of view which is trying to recognize the interconnection of all things. We talk about the Zero Point Field theory, which is the quantum state with the lowest possible energy. We discuss how the Left brain and Right brain people think and how the science can effect our thoughts and beliefs.   SHOW NOTES   TLS #1 with Erin Loechner TLS #184: A Magic Hour with Erin Loechner TLS #185: Lively Lingo with Erin Loechner Writing to your Intuition A-fest TLS #214: Quantum Living Quick Guide #1: the law of attraction & the 3 most common misconceptions TLS #215: Quantum Living Quick Guide #2: Why We Don’t Have To Work As Hard As We Think We Do TLS #216: Quantum Living Quick Guide #3: Why some people reject “woo-woo” teachings & others love them TLS #217: Quantum Living Quick Guide #4: Creating Your Own Reality – Rationally & Trans-Rationally TLS #218: Quantum Living Quick Guide #5: Abraham Hicks, Getting Unstuck, Losing Weight, & Making Money with Brooke Castillo - Get a 30 Day Free trial The Field Elon Musk Neil deGrasse Tyson   LISTEN TO THE SHOW    

TLS 222: The two biggest fears of the ego & intuition (and why they cause so much stress in our lives)  

In today’s Lively Show I am exploring what I believe to be the two biggest fears we have - one from the ego and one from the intuition. Not surprisingly, these two fears contradict one another, which is why I believe there can feel like so much inherent stress in our lives on many levels. In the episode, we’ll discuss what a solution to find peace within these two points of views and sets of fears. This episode is perfect for anyone looking to understand the tension between the drives of the ego and intuition, and how to dissolve them step by step.     [Tweet "“The one purpose of life is growth." - Charles F. Haanel"] [Tweet "“We are part of this universe." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“We are growth seeking beings. " - @AbrahamHicks"] [Tweet "“Be where you are and do all things in joy." - @JessCLively"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   The theory that astrophysicists believe in which is the universe is expanding at an accelerated rate. What the trans-rational theory is that we are just one small part of the universe’s ecosystem. Why the lack of growth is so painful. Why the non-physical experiences we have are peaceful and positive. What and why the two greatest fears are not expanding in our lives and the lack or growth and uncertainty. How we can reconcile those fears, and how writing to your intuition can help makes sense of all of this. Breaking down the intuition in small parts to discover more about ourselves. Why we need to do everything in alignment and how being in joy is the path for growth.   SHOW NOTES   The Master Key System Think and Grow Rich Space Time on PBS Abraham Hicks Writing to your Intuition TLS: Alignment Before Action TLS: Gregorio Avanzini   LISTEN TO THE SHOW    

TLS #221: Using flow to go from all ego to total love with Gregorio Avanzini  

Today’s Lively Show is with the person who most resonates at the frequency of love that I have ever met in person, Gregorio Avanzini, of The Pristine Movement. I first met Gregorio at the Eckhart Tolle retreat in Costa Rica last year, and we reconnected a few weeks ago in Ibiza at Afest. In both instances, I could literally feel genuine love, peace, and connection emanating from Gregorio. And I knew I wanted to know more about this person, and how he cultivated the energy that he radiates so naturally. His journey, I discovered, began with many years living as an angry, drunken, high, violent, racist person. And over a series of years and profound experiences, he has peeled back each layer of fear to reveal the true joy and happiness he currently possesses on a daily basis. In addition, I also discovered that he’s been flowing around the world for the past several years with $2000 in debt. (Which includes spending time on Necker Island with Richard Branson!) This episode is perfect for anyone looking to hear a fascinating story of one man’s unexpected transformation flowing from all ego to total heart.     [Tweet "“Feel before thinking, think before acting. " - @gregorioavanzini"] [Tweet "“Community is what is going to change the world." - @gregorioavanzini"] [Tweet "“Treat yourself as good as you can, treat others as good as you can, treat this planet as good as you can." - @gregorioavanzini"] [Tweet "“Follow your heart’s excitement in every single instant of your life." - @gregorioavanzini"] [Tweet "“The ego the combination of your past and future." - @gregorioavanzini"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   Gregorio tells us the story of this childhood, growing up with two father figures in his life, and how the death of one of them put his life into a spiral of darkness. He talks about how he used drugs and alcohol as a teenager as a coping mechanism for his internal anger. Gregorio describes a turning point in his life where he saved another person’s life, which provided him faith and direction in his struggle in his life. He expresses to us that he no longer fears death, since it’s only a transition from the physical back to the original energy source we are made of. Gregorio discuss his transition to his “new” life after years of self-destructive behavior and massive ego. He tells us about his year of loneliness and how that pushed him to self-improvement in his studies which provided him the resources to go to college. Gregorio talks about how taking time off to study abroad after his undergrad studies allowed him to truly reinvent himself. He describes how going to Burning Man became a moment that opened his eyes to being able to change the world. Gregorio mentions the experiences he had with psychedelics and how they seemed to open his world to clarity and different senses of being. He tells us how he flowed around Costa Rica and Columbia with minus $2000 in his bank account for a quest for adventure and vision. Gregorio talks about meeting and spending time with Richard Branson on Necker Island and how he shared ideas with him. He discusses his concept of what the ego is and the practicality of it in everyday life. Gregorio teaches us to look for the positive in everything, including negative moments - there is always a reason for everything.   SHOW NOTES   The Alchemist The Celestine Prophecy     LISTEN TO THE SHOW    

TLS #220: Your questions answered: changing big plans, book recommendations, finding a coach & efficient alignment  

Today I have a fresh new answers to a fresh new batch of Season 4 questions! I’m covering a wide range of topics including: Should I change big plans based on intuition? What are my tips for solo female travelers? What’s on my current reading list? How have new cultures have changed my perspectives? How to tell if a negative feeling is ego or intuition? What do my morning and evening routines look like? And more! This episode is perfect for anyone looking to hear my candid thoughts on a wide range of topics including intuition, travel, flow, books, and business.       [Tweet "“Emotional well-being comes from physical abundance." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“Compassion is permission to be out of alignment." - @JessCLively"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   If you could suggest one perfect book to research how to tap into your intuition what would it be? Do you have any new countries and continents you plan to explore? How does it feel coming back to Europe after your time in Australia? Also, what's your favorite thing you've eaten in Lisbon? What are you currently reading? Could you give some tips/suggestions on prospective solo female travelers: following your intuition, safety, logistics… How do you stay aligned and calm when dealing with negative people? Have you considered doing an ayahuasca ceremony to tap into a higher intelligence? Have you experienced a situation of following your intuition to plan for something in the future (like sign up to attend a conference or a trip months away) to find once the actual event arrives your intuition says don't go? Would you skip the conference/trip? How do you, or do you suggest, reconciling a conflict with your past intuition's plans and then presently feeling differently, especially when it involves cancelling something big like cancelling big plans? Are there any new "things" that you've picked up along your travels that now influence the way you think, how you act, or what you do? How did you learn to truly listen to your body (when it comes to being hungry, full, etc.)? Do you have any tips, book recommendations, or anything of that nature? Do you feel that staying connected with your intuition helps keep you excited about your day-to-day and full of light? Do you feel like staying connected is a good remedy for staying content in life even when not very much change is happening ? How do you reconcile when you get feelings that make you feel that perhaps you're not on the right path? Any tips on staying in the present moment while catching up with friends and family? Do you have any recommendations or tips for changing your emotional frequency and getting into alignment more efficiently? Any thoughts about the warm/tingly feeling around the middle of my chest when I'm reaching alignment? How would you approach burnout using the work you've been doing this past year? Do you have any plans to interview Esther and Abraham Hicks on your show? Would you mind sharing how can you afford all these beautiful rentals, numerous flights and retreats? Do you have any planning/time management tips or insight you could share? Would love to know what your morning and evening routines currently look like! What tips would your have on packing for an extended time period when you don't know exactly where you will be month to month or your return date?  Are you still using your Away suitcase or do you have other luggage now?  What suggestions would you give someone who is looking to incorporate coaching in their lives? Do you have suggestions or tips for moving through fear and to follow your intuition when it comes to making bigger life changes? Have you ever worked with a business coach and how you increased your online presence?

TLS #219: Overcoming meditation obstacles for skeptics & useful worrying with Dan Harris  

Welcome to SEASON 4 of The Lively Show! It feels wonderful to be back to sharing with you in real time as our journey together continues. 
Before I introduce some very leading edge topics in Season 4, I want to begin by sharing a wonderful conversation about the power of meditation with Good Morning America anchor, Dan Harris. Dan is a previous war correspondent for ABC News, and is well known for having a panic attack on live TV. That serendipitous panic attack, eventually led him to discover the power of mediation… despite his skepticism and distaste for the meditation community’s language, style, and public perception. This episode is perfect for anyone looking to share the power mediation with skeptical friends or family members, or for anyone looking to overcome obstacles to meditation in their daily lives.   [Tweet "“Humility is really important." - @danbharris"] [Tweet "“Meditation is becoming more socially acceptable." - @danbharris"] [Tweet "“Meditation is not about clearing your mind, it’s about focusing your mind." - @danbharris"] [Tweet "“Meditation is awareness of the ego in general." - @danbharris"] [Tweet "“The price of security is insecurity." - @danbharris"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   Dan describes the story of how his journey began after suffering a panic attack while broadcasting live on national television. He discloses that the probable cause of the attack was his well-hidden and well-managed, drug use. Dan describes how the absence of the adrenaline “high” from being a war journalist brought him into a state of depression. He mentions how meditation was the solution to the cascade of mindlessness that created the panic attack. Dan tells us how his boss and mentor at ABC News assigned him to cover faith and spirituality, even though he considered himself an agnostic. His new assignment gave him direction to understand what happened to him and how he could adopt healthier ways of dealing with stress and depression. Dan talks about Eckhart Tolle and how that experience was frustrating to him and found the advice given to somewhat confusing. He tells us that the awareness of Ego came from Eckhart’s teachings which in turn lead him to the path of meditation. Dan discusses that he found that meditation has helped him tame the voice in his head. He says that self-awareness from meditation can make you much more effective and better at your job and make you more creative as well. Dan is currently working on helping people deal with the obstacles of meditating itself with his book and a smartphone app. He mentions that two of the biggest obstacles with meditation is that people think they need to clear their mind and have enough time to meditate. Dan talks about how he still struggles with his meditation practice all the time and has to always face his own doubt first.   SHOW NOTES   10% Happier Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Eckhart Tolle The Power of Now  Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics by 10% Happier App   LISTEN TO THE SHOW    

TLS #218: Quantum Living Quick Guide #5: Abraham Hicks, Getting Unstuck, Losing Weight, & Making Money with Brooke Castillo  

Today’s Quantum Living episode is one of the most downloaded episodes of 2017 with the one and only… Brooke Castillo! Brooke is the founder of The Life Coach School and Life Coach School podcast. She’s also a fun straight shooter and fellow student of Abraham Hicks. In today’s show we are having a fun and casual conversation talking about a huge range of subjects: Law of Attraction, doing impossible things, getting unstuck, losing weight, and making $15 million dollars. This episode is perfect for anyone who wants to learn more about alignment and manifesting “impossible” things.     [Tweet "“Life is supposed to be fun." - @BrookeCastillo"] [Tweet "“We are not just the effect of our circumstances, but we are actually the cause. " - @BrookeCastillo"] [Tweet "“Confusion is never necessary… and it’s always a lie. " - @BrookeCastillo"] [Tweet "“Anything that is numbing you out, is numbing you from your guidance system." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“Money is a mental construct. " - @BrookeCastillo"] [Tweet "“There are things you don’t know, that you don’t know. " - @BrookeCastillo"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   Brooke tells us about how she started her career as a weight coach and life coach. She tells us her feelings about The Law of Attraction and her thoughts about the teachings of Abraham Hicks. Brooke discusses the lessons from Abraham Hicks regarding dying and death. She tells us that there are only two ways to truly experience life,  through sensation and emotion.      Brooke describes her thoughts on emotion in that we can create it regardless what’s happening in our circumstance. She tells us what the biggest issues are with some clients since they are indulging in confusion, which is the reason they are not moving forward in the careers or life. Brooke mentions that if you don’t know what to do to move forward, it's generally because you are not aligning with the version of yourself that you want to be. She believes that one can create abundance by creating decisions out of abundance, rather than fear. Brooke talks about food, and how some people who have challenges with gaining or loosing weight due to the fact that they are not in tune with themselves. She describes how your feelings act as an indication of how aligned you are with your intuition. Brooke mentions how you need a mind shift change when thinking about money by allowing her brain to consider the impossible.   SHOW NOTES   The Life Coach School The Life School Podcast Abraham Hicks Byron Katie TLS #180 with Byron Katie Let It Out with Katie Dalebout (previously Wellness Wonderland ) TLS #87 with Brooke Castillo TLS #127 with Brooke Castillo Podcast Superhero (Joe) Intentional Spark (Tony) TLS #189: Quantum Living TLS #194: Quantum Living   LISTEN TO THE SHOW    

TLS #217: Quantum Living Quick Guide #4: Creating Your Own Reality – Rationally & Trans-Rationally  

Today’s Quantum Living topic has the potential to dramatically shift how you view and interpret the concept of “reality” – and your true role in this world, as a result. I’ll be sharing about the connection between our perception, emotions, and neural net in a way that may dramatically shift your perspective on what “reality” truly means. And in the process, I’ll be giving both rational and trans-rational paradigms to explain why the Law of Attraction works on both levels. This episode is perfect for anyone looking to gain a greater insight into how their own “life experience” plays out within their body, or for anyone wanting to understand the power of perception and the Law of Attraction.     [Tweet "“You create your own reality." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“You can change your personality by changing your memorized emotional patterns. " - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“Our perspective on reality is really influenced by our chemical and emotional reaction." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“Things move from frequency, not intensity." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“Alignment before action is the quantum living approach." - @JessCLively"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   What really is “Reality" to us. How our mind processes about 400 billion pieces of information per second but we are not even aware of most of it. How do emotions become part of our “reality” when the thoughts we think become chemical reactions within the body and produce a physical feeling or reaction. Possible rational and trans-rational theories in relation to Law of Attraction and Reality. How the Law of Attraction is there to set your frequency now so that you select, sift and sort for the things that you want. Why our lives can stay consistent if we fall in the same consistent emotional patterns over time. How we can start deliberately creating the reality we want.   SHOW NOTES   Gorilla basketball Study Abraham Hicks TLS #188: The Law of Attraction TLS #189: Quantum Living Basketball Visioning Study TLS #163: Alignment Before Action   LISTEN TO THE SHOW    

TLS #216: Quantum Living Quick Guide #3: Why some people reject “woo-woo” teachings & others love them  

Today’s Quantum Living episode is out to answer the question why some people love “woo-woo” teachings and other people tend to reject or discredit them. This is far from a cut and dry topic. However, I’m going to be sharing (from my best understanding at this moment) why I believe this is the case. By explaining some of the possible dynamics at play, my hope is that we will better understand our own perceptions of reality and the perceptions of those around us. This episode is perfect for anyone looking to hear a potential reason why some people readily accept “woo-woo” sounding concepts and others do not.   [Tweet "“Society as a whole tends to skew towards the rational." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“Emotional frequency attracts physical outcomes." - @JessCLively"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   What woo-woo is in the first place, both dictionary definition and what I believe it is in our lives. The explanation of what the pre-rational, rational and trans-rational approaches are. What is the pre-trans fallacy all about? What does this concept of woo-woo and science mean for us? What does Quantum Mechanics and Classical Physics have to do with woo-woo?   SHOW NOTES   Life With Intention Online TLS #186: Things I’m afraid to tell you Rob Bell's RobCast Podcast TLS #189: Quantum Living The Seat of the Soul - Gary Zukav Pre-Trans Fallacy video, Ken Wilbur Pre-Trans Fallacy video about myths, Ken Wilbur Anthony DeMello fire story TLS #188: The Law of Attraction Episode Wayne Dyer Eckhart Tolle Abraham-Hicks   LISTEN TO THE SHOW    

TLS #215: Quantum Living Quick Guide #2: Why We Don’t Have To Work As Hard As We Think We Do  

Today’s Lively Show Quantum Living episodes is one of my very favorites -- and it happens to also be the most life transforming for me personally. This episode is all about understanding the role energy, hustle, action, and emotion applied to the things we want in our lives… Which of these elements make the biggest impact in the outcomes we get? I’ll be sharing a concept called the photoelectric effect, discussed by Albert Einstein, that I believe sheds some interesting light on this topic. This episode is perfect for anyone looking for a new approach to ‘work’ (and improving the outcomes they get in life - without burning out or working as hard as they think they do). [Tweet "“Frequency is tied to our emotional state." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“The flow starts happening when the frequency is high ." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“Just get into a positive state and take action." - @JessCLively"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   How I stumbled on the principles of quantum mechanics. How it is the emotional frequency creates the outcomes moving in our lives, not the intensity of the action. How incredibly powerful and essential the emotional frequency is to the results that we get.   SHOW NOTES   GoLive Website Life With Intention Myers & Briggs TLS #188: The Law of Attraction Planck's Constant TLS #163: Alignment Before Action TLS #68 with Hal Elrod (The Miracle Morning)   LISTEN TO THE SHOW    

TLS #214: Quantum Living Quick Guide #1: the law of attraction & the 3 most common misconceptions  

Today we are kicking off the first episode of the Quantum Living Quick Guide. These QL episodes are the five I highly recommend listening to (or re-listening to), if you would like to catch up on where we are at and heading next over the coming season. This episode on the Law of Attraction is giving us a foundation for many other subjects to come. In it, I explain where the LoA came from, why I got so connected to it, and I’m also sharing the three biggest misconceptions I had around this subject over the first several months I studied this work. Please feel free to share this episode with anyone you believe may enjoy learning about this topic. : ) This episode is perfect for anyone who is new to The Lively Show, or anyone who is looking to deepen their understanding and implementation of the Law of Attraction.   [Tweet "“Sometimes the consciousness of the source affects how it resonates with you." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“Like attracts like." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“Vibration equals our emotional state." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“It’s the vibration of you the creates the attraction, not the words you say." - @JessCLively"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   Where did the Law of Attraction originate from. What is the Law of Attraction exactly and how it explained today. How the science of quantum mechanics (frequency, waves and vibration) relate to the Law of Attraction and affect our reality on the physical realm. What are the three most common misconceptions about the Law of Attraction. How alignment plays a role with your intuition and the universe, the source.   SHOW NOTES   TLS #186: Things I’m afraid to tell you The Secret (book) The Secret Documentary Film Abraham Hicks The Law of Attraction on TLS #184 with Erin Loechner   LISTEN TO THE SHOW    

TLS #213: Your questions answered: explaining my lifestyle to others, Abraham recommendations & does manifesting = selfishness?  

Today’s Lively Show is going to cover a wide range of questions that you have asked! I’ll be talking about how I explain my current lifestyle to others, traveling with flow tips, Abraham Hicks recommendations, and how I handle my ego when it tells me manifesting and law of attraction can feel “selfish.” This episode is perfect for anyone looking to hear my thoughts on a wide range of subjects like travel, manifesting, law of attraction, flow, and more.       [Tweet "“Find flow and alignment with your intuition." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“Don’t put your energy on the things you don’t want to create." - @JessCLively"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   Do you ever struggle with explaining your lifestyle to others (particularly those who live in a more "typical" way)? Does your ego ever flair up when people don't understand your choices, making you want to justify yourself and be understood - even though you know it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks? What Abraham-Hicks books would you recommend reading first? What are your top tips for RTW travel planning? From financial, to selecting destinations, to learning local languages and beyond. Btw, will you be doing more travel related vlogs anytime soon? How do you deal with the big stuff without blaming yourself? How do I identify the bad vibrations that led to bad results and change them for the future? Do you ever get out of alignment when you think about getting older/ aging? Having lived abroad, have your feelings about living in the states changed? Do you think flow will bring you to a more permanent home anytime soon, especially when looking for a partner? What is your favorite thing about traveling and living abroad? Do you ever feel guilty or that you're being selfish by following your journey and attracting what you want, especially when people you love are not in as good of a place in their lives?  If so, how do you deal with it or prevent those feelings? What's the first step to start meditating? What role does your faith play (if any) in your everyday life? Do you identify with one particular faith, but chose to not talk about it much, out of fear of losing followers?  Can you share about your experience in the audience with Abraham. Were you ever called on to ask a question? What have you learned about falling back into flow after "losing" it for a while? (If you don't call it losing it, what do you call it?) What do you recommend for those who are living (or even working) with people that trigger frustration, stress or even anger? Have you read, "You Are a Badass" by Jen Sincero? What do you do when you are in a tense conversation you know can take you out of alignment? Do you have any suggestions on ways to be a morning meditator? Have you seen the Innsaei documentary on Netflix? Have you paid any attention to the critiques of Abraham Hicks teachings and of Esther and her husband themselves? Have you tried many Aussie foods? Do you like the coffee? How would you recommend staying in alignment through a transition of changing from a full-time job I can’t stand to a health coaching business? How did you start out podcasting? How did you build your audience? What advice would you give to someone who wants to start podcasting now given how things have changed in the part few years? Since you said that your family doesn't regularly tune into the podcast, how has that made you feel in the past and how have you found peace about it?   SHOW NOTES   TLS #202 with Brooke Castillo Law of Attraction on Audible Abraham Hicks You Tube Writing to your Intuition The Work of Byron Katie Abraham Hicks TLS #207: Identity Favorite Meditation Apps April Questions Rob Bell - What is the Bible? Life With Intention Online Chase Reeves

TLS #212: How to use moon cycles to bring more easeful action in life + career with Dr. Ezzie Spencer  

Today’s Lively Show is also the season 3 finale -- and it’s on a topic I’ve wanted to share for more than a year. How to use moon cycles as a tool for planning life and career. In case you are unfamiliar, there are some of the most powerful reasons for using the lunar cycles as a planning guide: it incorporates intention, releases negative beliefs, includes incremental rest, and encourages energized action in a synchronized and harmonious way that is often lacking in many other “traditional planning methods.” Today Dr. Ezzie Spencer, of Lunar Abundance and author of An Abundant Life, is walking us through how to set your intention at the start of a new moon (tip: the next one happens on April 26th, 2017) and move through the eight phases in any area of your life. This episode is perfect for anyone looking to learn more about the lunar cycles, or how to incorporate more flow and rest into busy lives.       [Tweet "“Life is made up of patterns and rhythms." - @lunarabundance"] [Tweet "“Set an intention which is going to be realistic. " - @lunarabundance"] [Tweet "“Gratitude is the fundamental principle of living an abundant life." - @lunarabundance"] [Tweet "“Just be kind to yourself… You always get a chance to start again." - @lunarabundance"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   Ezzie talks about when tracking the moon’s cycles, there were patterns that emerged that had a correlation with her feelings. She began to track the moon by drawing little symbols in her journal to represent the moon phase within each moon cycle. Ezzie found that the moon was an excellent tool for reflection and self-inquiry. She discusses the eight moon phases and how the phases relate to the Ying and Yang. Ezzie mentions that since you can see and time the moon’s phases, you can bring a sense of balance into your own life and your work. She describes how using the moon cycles as a practice to integrate in today's busy, modern life and that can take as little as five minutes a day. Why the New Moon phase is a opportunity to set an intention for yourself for the whole month. How the second phase of the moon (Crescent Moon) is the practice stepping back and allowing what is growing to grow at it’s own pace. How the first Quarter Moon phase is meant to take discerning actions towards your intention. Why the New Gibbous phase is challenging since we are very close to the Full Moon, or the peak of the journey and why we need to stay open and trust what is going on. Ezzie tells us that Full Moon phase is the peak of our intention and can be the point at which we have a breakthrough and is the place to really let go and move forward. How the sixth phase of the moon cycle is an opportunity to practice receiving what’s coming into your life. She tells us that the Third Quarter phase is the time for the final push or action towards your intention. Ezzie describes the eighth phase, the Balsamic Moon, which the opportunity to sink-in to where you are and reflect on the journey from the beginning of the month. She describes why the Ying and Yang are relative terms to you and your life and what’s going on with you and who you are around as well.   SHOW NOTES   TLS #121 with Alisa Vitti - Part 1 TLS #122 with Alisa Vitti - Part 2     LISTEN TO THE SHOW    

TLS #211: What to do when you are out of alignment or don’t feel good  

Today on TLS, I’m sharing the many, many lessons I’ve been learning here in Ubud about dealing with… drumroll please... difficult emotions. As you probably know, I’ve been very focused on the Law of Attraction over the past year, so the idea of facing negative emotions used to feel pretty tricky to me… how can I face them and not attract more negative emotions or experiences at the same time? This episode is perfect for anyone who wants to learn how to handle thoughts when you aren’t feeling great, how to handle uncertainty when your ego is frustrated (or scared), and how to do the things you want to do without thinking that there needs to be a different set of circumstances in order for them to unfold in a way you want.   [Tweet "“Finding flow with the current circumstances and taking the adventure that follows." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“If you want to be free, simply view inner pain as a temporary shift in your energy flow." - Michael  A. Singer"] [Tweet "“Every single time you relax and release, a piece of the pain leaves forever." -  Michael A. Singer"] [Tweet "“Going to sleep is the best way to start a new direction of momentum." - @AbrahamHicks"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   What the connection is between emotion and the relationship between the perceived control of our current life’s circumstances. Why my intuition is saying that this trip to Ubud is about finding myself and intuition deepening rather than finding a partner. The difficult emotions we face and how that interacts with the Law of Attraction. How to play the difficult emotion “card” you are dealt in life. Learning how to process the emotion you are feeling and releasing it. What are releasing ceremonies and how beneficial they can be to the release the negativity in our lives. What the cocoon effect is and how it helps us outgrow our old, tired patterns and develop new patterns in our life to serve us better.   SHOW NOTES - Use code LIVELY on application Law of Attraction TLS #156: Buddhist Meditation Retreat Writing to Your Intuition TLS #210:  Anger & Loneliness The Untethered Soul Eat Pray Love Ezzie Spencer   LISTEN TO THE SHOW    

TLS #210: Ubud, Bali: Anger & Loneliness In A Place of Zen  

When I first got to Bali, I expected to feel like I was floating on Cloud 9 in the land of smoothie bowls, spiritual celebrations, ecstatic dance, and yoga classes. However, if the first few days of my trip here were to be summed up in a title for a book chapter, my new friend, Rissa, suggested it would read: “Anger & Loneliness in a Place of Zen.” In today’s episode, I’m sharing what my experience of these two emotions has been like, and how I finally processed an emotion I often try to ‘spiritually bypass’ altogether... anger. This episode is perfect for anyone who is looking to process difficult emotions, or is experiencing loneliness.     [Tweet "“Go for what feels like relief." - @AbrahamHicks"] [Tweet "“We can be angry about something without being angry at someone." - @JessCLively"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   What triggered once I got to Bali and what I learned about anger and loneliness. The reasons my loneliness has been coming up and how I'm learning to awareness and compassion for it and facing it instead of avoiding it. What correlation I've been seeing between my approach to loneliness and how people face fear of the unknown and uncertainty. Why anger is essentially a stepping stone from a place of very low energy to a place of higher, positive energy.   SHOW NOTES   Eat Pray Love The Untethered Soul Abraham Hicks   LISTEN TO THE SHOW    

TLS #209: Your Questions Answered: My Future Plans, “Joe”, Selfishness & Flowing With Commitments  

Today’s Lively Show is answering the first half of your April questions! There were so many questions this month, that I decided to split it into two parts, so stay tuned for Part 2 in May. In this episode we are diving into questions around what I think my next 5-10 year plan looks like, “Joe” (aka: my intuition?), how to handle feeling selfish, and how to flow with a schedule and commitments. This episode is perfect for anyone interested in learning about a wide range of alignment, intuition, flow, and “Joe” questions.   [Tweet "“ All that is will show me all that I need to know in time. " - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“The desires of your heart are good for yourself and also good for others." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“I love and approve of you." - @LouiseHay"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   Have you ever had one of those moments like Esther had with Abraham, where they were taking a peek at this wonderful physical world through her eyes? Which Abraham Hicks recordings are your favorites? Could you talk about your intellectual formation and how you've weaved together seemingly disparate teachings? Who has been the most influential person in your journey for personal and spiritual growth? How do you suggest finding a mentor? I'm curious about what exactly alignment looks and feels like and whether getting into alignment can also be a euphemism for ignoring things that are perhaps problematic or stressful (whether within one's control or not)? Do you mind sharing an example of asking your future self for guidance? How do you deal with feelings of selfishness if ever? Do you ever deal with this? How did you know you were ready to date? Did you write to your intuition? Do you have any tips on coping with times of overwhelm? How do you approach maintaining alignment when the to-do list grows? What are your take on commitment vs. not trying so hard regarding our shiniest pennies, and how we can harness the power of both to get what we really want? How flow and alignment worked during your retreat in Cebu since you probably had some set times for meetings and events? Assuming it was more of a set schedule than you've had so far during your Lively Adventure? How do you stay in flow, when you are performing a task that requires patience and energy, but it does not bring you joy? Have you read any fiction books recently that you loved and would recommend? What was the biggest lesson from your experience with conscious uncoupling? What books would you recommend to learn more about quantum mechanics (in addition to The Law of Attraction)? Could you delve into the topic on respect and ego? Have you had any experience with people like this? How do you handle it and listen to your intuition? What are some of your favorite affirmations and mantras? What do you do when you find yourself spiraling down into an old pattern - how do you get yourself unstuck? What is your approach when you go on first dates? What is your mindset like, what do you tell yourself, and what are your expectations so you can have the most positive and aligned experience?   SHOW NOTES   Eat Pray Love Ezzie Spencer The School of Greatness - Lewis Howes TLS with Brooke Castillo #3 Get a Free Book on Law of Attraction on Audible Abraham Hicks You Tube Eckhart Tolle Flow With intention Online TLS with Brooke Castillo #2 Quantum Mechanics Quantum Living Showing Up is Enough Tropical Think Tank Space Time (PBS You Tube) The Field by Lynne McTaggart What the Bleep Do We Know!? Through the Wormhole - Science Channel TLS #171: with Gabby Bernstein Louise Hay Steven Covey   LISTEN TO THE SHOW    

TLS #208: What I learned from a Google workshop about mindfulness + neurology  

Today on the show, I’m sharing the takeaways I got from a Google created mindfulness workshop called Search Inside Yourself. During the two day workshop in Sydney, they shared on the subjects of neurology, consciousness, and mindfulness from a personal and career perspective. One of the things I loved about this program was the tips and ways they suggested bringing mindfulness into the corporate workplace… so if you are interested in mindfulness at work, you’ll want to tune in. This episode is perfect for anyone interested in learning about how Google approaches mindfulness and neurology, or for anyone interested how to bringing mindfulness into a corporate environment.   [Tweet "“Having self-compassion and empathy is the path to having effort to change." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“Impact is not intent." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“If we can let go of as many labels as possible in our identity, we will be less triggered in general." - @JessCLively"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   What this training event offered in regards to bringing mindfulness into the corporate workplace. Why the basics of mindfulness seem to be groundbreaking in corporate culture for many people. How it was surprising to see how people in the corporate workplace can have an open mind. Why people in corporate world seem to tip-toe around mindfulness in their environments. What the seven highlights from the training event are and how it can apply to everyone regardless what you do or where you work or live. Why you should stop, breathe, notice your surrounds and reflect on alternative possibilities and then respond when you perceive a “threat.” What the benefit is of a helpful, breathing mantra especially when you have an ego that is trying to shame you about something. How the leaders running this workshop defined flow in relation to your challenges and skills.  Why it was suggested that your work needs to be in alignment with your values.  What empathy is and how it is about understanding another person, rather than agreeing with another person. We explore the reasons we think we can’t be kind to ourselves and how do we apply these concepts to ourselves. What the impact a conversation is and how it does not necessarily match our intention. What the three aspects that need to be considered in order to have empathy around difficult conversation. What the value propositions are for mindfulness in the workplace and why it’s so beneficial.   SHOW NOTES   Writing To Your Intuition TLS #178: Retreat with Eckhart Tolle Abraham Hicks Life With intention Online Oprah Winfrey Man's Search for Meaning by Viktor E. Frankl Brene Brown Episode Difficult Conversations   LISTEN TO THE SHOW     PS - I’m releasing my first new in-home retreat and online program called Awareness At Home - which is designed to help you tell the difference between the ego and intuition in your daily life. Registration closes April 7, 2017.

TLS #207: Quantum Living: how to make changes in life & identity without pain, struggle, or “ego death”  

Today’s Lively Show is a bolt of inspiration and an a-ha that struck me so deeply that I immediately turned on the mic and started to talk it out… with you! I am so excited for you to hear this one -- this is my recent revelation and a-ha moment surrounding the difficulty or pain we sometimes experience when we feel like where we are in some area of our lives is no longer serving us. We know it’s time to move onto something new, but there is a catch - a part of us that isn’t quite ready to keep up with the shift that is dwelling within us. Today I’m going into why this is and a way around these identity shifts so we can flow more peacefully from one stage of life to the next. This episode is perfect for anyone looking to learn how to do the new things they want to do, without the fear of “changing” their identity.   [Tweet "“We are growth seeking beings looking for the new expansion. " - @AbrahamHicks"] [Tweet "“We are all part of the universe." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“Keep up to where our intuition is at ." - @JessCLively"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   Why do we care about identity and why should you care about this right now. How we get stuck into “identities” issues. How the science and consciousness are connected in what can be called “wholeism.” How we can flow in peace and harmony when we are not redefining ourselves every step of the way.   SHOW NOTES   Buddhist Meditation Retreat Eckhart Tolle Writing to your Intuition Awareness At Home Class (new!) Abraham Hicks Abraham Hicks -  YouTube Channel  Law of Attraction - Get your free audio book at TLS #205: Travel Approach and Packing Abraham Hicks Video TLS - Embracing Minimalism with Dana Shultz TLS - Minimalism, Design and Mental Health with Kate Arends TLS - Capsule Wardrobe with Caroline Rector   LISTEN TO THE SHOW    

TLS #206: A peek inside my audible book collection  

In today’s TLS I’m giving you a peek inside my Audible account - over the past year I’ve listened to as many books as I have read, and there are some in this bunch which are far more valuable than any written book could convey. There is a mix of woo-woo, spiritual, and scientific -- plus a dash of fiction, too. I’ll be sharing which books I recommend (and which ones I’d skip). This episode is perfect for anyone looking to get some new rational and trans-rational audiobook recommendations.     [Tweet "“The presence of their being-ness is so palpable." - @JessCLively"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   I'll tell you about the audible books I have, why I like them, and who I would recommend them for.   SHOW NOTES   For a Free Audible Book, Go to Tim Ferris  The Field -  Lynne McTaggart PBS - Space Time The Intention Experiment - Lynne McTaggart TLS Quantum Mechanics The Law of Attraction - Esther Hicks & Jerry Hicks Abraham Hicks Abraham Hicks - YouTube Thinking, Fast and Slow - Daniel Kahneman Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself -  Joe Dispenza TLS with Brooke Castillo Waking Up by Sam Harris The Divine Matrix - Gregg Braden The Astonishing Power of Emotions - Esther Hicks & Jerry Hicks The Process - Esther Hicks & Jerry Hicks Ask and It Is Given - Esther Hicks & Jerry Hicks The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent -  Esther Hicks & Jerry Hicks The Secret of Quantum Living - Frank J. Kinslow Experiments in Truth -  Ram Dass Chase Reeves What We Talk About When We Talk About God - Rob Bell Eufeeling! -  Dr. Frank J. Kinslow The Power of Now - Eckhart Tolle The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent, Part II - Esther Hicks , Jerry Hicks The Agony and the Ecstasy: A Biographical Novel of Michelangelo -  Irving Stone Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett   LISTEN TO THE SHOW    

TLS #205: How my travel approach & packing has changed  

Today on The Lively Show I’m chatting about some shifts I’ve noticed over the past month that have occurred in my travel philosophy. My initial desires and packing list was somewhat different than it is now, 10.5 months into full-time travel. I’m sharing what has changed, and what has stayed the same. Plus, I’m talking about the concept of identity and whether it’s truly useful… or whether it holds us back. This episode is perfect for anyone interested to hear how my travel approach has changed or for anyone looking to think about the concept of identity in a new way.     [Tweet "“Travel has helped me reconsider who I am." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“Seek what sparks joy" - @MarieKondo"] [Tweet "“I simply have to focus on what the universe is flowing to me in the present moment. " - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“Don't let your luggage define your travels, each life unravels differently. " - @Koyczan"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   Why the Tropical Think Tank Conference was “path directing” to me. What my travel, process and packing have changed in me over the last few months. What I did in the first three to six months of travel and my recommendations for those traveling in a similar timeframe. What has stayed consistant during travel in regards to my travel philosophy and methods during that time. Why I focus only on one season of clothing in my wardrobe at one time. My reasons that a limited color pallet works great for my wardrobe while traveling Why full-size toiletries became an important addition to my traveling life. What has changed lately from the beginning of this year to the more recent weeks. How I add little touches of home wherever I go to live, since it brings me joy. My thoughts about my identity and how travel has had an impact on it. Why I broke my reliance on routine for happiness and instead, just go with the flow. Where I’m heading to next in this next phase of my life.   SHOW NOTES   Tropical Think Tank TLS #202 with Brooke Castillo Abraham Hicks TLS Vlog #17: What I Packed for Europe! (Part 1)  TLS Vlog #18: What I Packed for Europe! (Part 2) Lewis Howes Caroline Rector Airbnb Tom Dixon - Candles Writing To Your Intuition Marie Kondo Shane Koyczan Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute   LISTEN TO THE SHOW    

TLS #204: What I Do to Get Into Alignment  

Today’s Lively Show is answering the number one question I’ve been asked in 2017: How do you get into alignment? Today’s episode is answering this question and also addressing the element of alignment that I was missing earlier this week, which made it harder to get into alignment at that point in time. This episode is perfect for anyone interested in hearing what I do to get into alignment and what counter-intuitive aspect of alignment actually makes it harder to get into alignment than you might guess.     IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   Why I ask the question, "What if we didn’t have to try so hard in our life to get the same results?" What if we focus on our flow and alignment with our intuition first before taking action? Why I spent 80% of my mornings making sure I was aligned so the remaining 20% of my actions were used writing my book. How meditation in the morning has helped keep my alignment and flow in check. How writing to my intuition is one of the biggest ways to uncover my alignment in these tougher moments. How gratitude walks help us find our alignment and make all the actions and effort we take so much more effective. When we feel frustrated or out of alignment, we should stop working and get ourselves back into a place of good, positive feeling before taking more action.   SHOW NOTES  TLS #203: Showing Up is Enough Meditation Apps Life with Intention Online Writing to intuition Tony Robbins Alex and Mimi Ikonn Episode Abraham Hicks   LISTEN TO THE SHOW    

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