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The Lively show is a weekly podcast designed to add a little extra intention to your everyday.


TLS #198: Internal and External Love & Approval  

In today’s Lively Show, I’m sharing about some deeply personal a-ha moments and revelations concerning my journey with work + self-worth issues, eating issues, PCOS, acne, and more. The quest for external love and approval has been ongoing in many forms. And I now have a new perspective that is helping me to uncover the true source -- and hopefully an eventual resolution to this continual quest. This episode is perfect for anyone who has struggled to find the external love and approval of others in any aspect of their lives - work, body image, relationships, or otherwise.   [Tweet "“Only I can give myself the love and approval I’m truly, deeply seeking." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“You need to love your Ego without expecting love in return from it." - @JessCLively"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   What I found from this retreat that I was seeking external love and approval from others over many years, stemming from an early age. That I was focusing on the external aspects of myself, that is, by physical body and outward appearance. How do I tap into the internal experience of love and approval. What impact does our own “labeling” have on ourselves. Why I left my “Practice” bracelet at the retreat and had new bracelets made with “love” and “appreciate” instead. How I’m learning to inhabit by body internally and why is it's important to feel “embodied.” How things like dance, tantra and keeping my awareness and understanding of internal trapped emotions will help on this journey of embodiment. Why I have a new and gentle awareness that I need to keep reflecting the light I have within.   SHOW NOTES   Work and Worth Class Abraham Hicks What the bleep do we know! Flow With Intention Fantasia   LISTEN TO THE SHOW    

TLS #197: What I’m doing to manifest and prepare for my future partner  

Happy Valentine’s Day! No matter what your relationship status (or stance on V-Day) may be, I hope you have a lovely, lovely day. In honor of the holiday, I’m devoting two episodes this week to some rather vulnerable and very personal ways I’m approaching the subject of love and relationships in my life in recent months. In today’s episode, I’m sharing the things that I’m actively doing right now to become a vibrational match to my future partner. These are the actual daily practices I’m doing to apply Law of Attraction principles. Whether you are in a relationship right now or not, I’ll also be sharing how you can use these concepts to attract other desires like a new job, or home, too. This episode is perfect for anyone looking to attract a new partner into their life, anyone curious about my personal manifesting practices, or anyone looking to learn how to apply the Law of Attraction for things they desire.   [Tweet "“Like attracts like." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“Appreciate all the experiences you have." - @JessCLively"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   You'll receive a refresher of what the Law of Attraction is and how it applies in life. What I’m actually doing to “called him in” in terms of manifestation to be the vibrational match to that type of relationship I'm seeking. Why I'm appreciating all the data collecting I’ve done over the past year. Why I am sending "him" good wishes and intentions everyday and how important that is to me. Why I can appreciate this time that I can do as much as I want, whatever I want, whenever I want. How important exploring things that light me up and help me expand as a person really is. How you can apply these ideas to the non-relationship areas of our lives.   SHOW NOTES   TLS #189: Quantum Living TLS #194: Rationally & Trans-Rationally Abraham-Hicks TLS #188: The Law of Attraction Letter to My Intuition Matthew Hussey Matthew Hussy on Youtube Higher Love   LISTEN TO THE SHOW    

TLS #196: Your questions answered: self-compassion, procrastination,  affirmations & skin update  

In today’s episode we have a fresh batch of questions and answers! Questions include things like: How can we stay compassionate with ourselves? What are my go-to alignment mantras? How is my skin/hormone progress is going? How does Law of Attraction and negative circumstances intersect? How to find flow while traveling with a partner? And more. This episode is perfect for anyone with questions about personal alignment, Law of Attraction, and much more.   [Tweet "“I can see all things though love." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“Go with your intuition and do what feels right for you." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“I believe the universe has infinite grace." - @JessCLively"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   I’m living abroad and I’m also in a long distance relationship but I'm having some amazing days where I feel like I'm in flow but then I have a lot of guilt that I've left my partner behind. How should I manage my feelings and energy while I’m away? Are going to be speaking to any of the political situations in the US? I would like to hear your thoughts on the idea that we not only attract the good experiences but also the worst experiences (like abuse, violence and so on) into our lives. Do you have a mailing address while traveling? What does work better for you in creating an amazing life: Do you consciously decide on what you want and then focus on that to manifest it – or do you prefer to let the Universe surprise you? What ways do you recommend for a beginner on this journey to get into alignment on a daily basis? How do you meet people (or date them) in your new locations and are you ever nervous about meeting guys? 2. Do you keep up with social issues? And ever plan on talking about them? How do you feel about all of the discrimination and injustices going on in the world? You shared in a prior episode that you might spend up to 2+ hours in any given day making sure you are vibrationally in alignment. What does that actually look like? What are your newest daily practices? How did you find your remote team? Did you throw out your things that were handed down to you from Grandparents? Old school reports? Those wine flutes you got for your 18th? Have you found that Australia is super expensive compared to the US? Can share some more about the diet/exercise/beauty changes you've made to continue balancing hormones and improving your skin? I'm interested in knowing if you are following politics around the US and world - Are you keeping up with politics while traveling? How was the transition of working at an office to working anywhere? What structures or boundaries do you have in place or is it all flow? Based on the book Power vs Force, have you tried muscle testing yourself? And have you ever been to a kinesiologist? What lifestyle changes do you make to help you get into alignment? Where to next? Still feeling drawn to England/Europe? Do you think you'll do a favorites episode any time soon? Do you have any suggestions on being more present and letting go of the past? What are your "go to" mantras to help you get into alignment? Are you still working with affirmations? How have you dealt with jet lag and kept yourself healthy with all the traveling? What do you do when you're experiencing low energy from moving around? Could you share some tips for getting into flow whilst also working in an office environment? Do you have any recommendations for habitual procrastinators when it comes to finding flow? What are your thoughts on reconciling the laws of attraction with a religious belief in a higher being who has ultimate control over your life? If I believe in God and that He directs my life, how can I also believe in the laws of attraction? I am wondering if you have always been drawn to this work or if there was s...

TLS #195: Letter to my Intuition: How can we approach news & world events?  

Today’s episode is inspired… by you! It is the most asked about question I’ve been getting recently… And to be honest, it kind of (read: really and truly) freaked me (read: my ego) out to address this subject:   What do I think about current events and following the news? Well, instead of letting my (freaked out) little ego address this very timely topic, I took the question to the big one: the intuition. In this episode, I’m sharing the honest back and forth I had between my ego and intuition on this subject - in a way that hopefully resonates or uplifts others, as well. This episode is perfect for anyone who is stressed out by the news (or who is not sure whether to watch or not), or who is looking to hear an intuitive response to the subject of news and world events.   [Tweet "“Until you have love, you have nothing to offer." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“Only love can come from truth." - @JessCLively"]     LETTER TO MY INTUITION   Why am I so scared to talk about the news on the show? Because you don’t know what is true. That is so true! I know what I am doing and I cannot speak for universal truth. But I believe you can. Yes, indeed. All is well. How can all be well when so many people seem to be hurting? They are not hurting, they are scared. What are they scared of? How to be loved. What? What does the news + events have to do with the fear of being loved? Being loved comes from within, these people you are speaking of have the belief that love comes from without. How can we see all of this differently? See it as a call for help. Help with what? How to be loved from within. I’m not sure I’m following, let’s look at people that are upset by Donald Trump, how does this apply to them? It doesn’t just apply to them, it applies to everyone. Okay, but I still don’t see how this is helpful for people feeling stressed by the news. What should we do? See all things in love and allow what will be to be. This is so hard for people to accept, and so many sources are saying to speak up, be active, protest… That is not a way to bring peace. War creates war. Well the peaceful way you shared — what does that look like? It looks like loving others as you love yourself. Even people that are hurting other people? Especially people that are hurting other people. What does that kind of love even look like? Transcending the self and showing loving kindness. Does that mean just allow them to do want they want to do? Even if they want to hurt others? It means allowing them to be who they are without trying to change them. I can understand this from a personal level, like in a relationship, however there are people in governmental power who can do a lot of damage and even kill people, right? They can only do what they think is best. Nothing more. Sheesh! This doesn’t seem to be getting any clearer for me - what should a woman in America do when it comes to the news? A regular person with a regular life? See all things in love. Nothing more. Should she take action? Get involved? If it brings her joy, yes. The world thrives on joy. Should she watch the news? If she wants to, yes. Is it bad if she doesn’t watch the news? There is nothing good or bad about watching the news. Only thinking makes it so. Okay, so this pressure - I feel it, too - is just society’s collective belief that we need to watch TV or read media and it is not true. Only love is true. All else is a cry for healing or help. Okay! There, you just said it - all non-love is a cry for healing or help. How do we heal or help? You heal and help yourself first. Until you have done that, you have nothing to offer. Really? I thought we were supposed to do things even when we weren’t perfect yet. Perfect has nothing to do with it. It is about love. Until you have love, you have nothing to offer. Oh!

TLS #194: Quantum Living: Creating your own reality – Rationally & Trans-Rationally  

Today’s Lively Show has the potential to dramatically shift how you view and interpret the concept of “reality” - and your true role in this world, as a result. I’ll be sharing about the connection between our perception, emotions, and neural net in a way that may dramatically shift your perspective on what “reality” truly means. And in the process, I’ll be giving both rational and trans-rational paradigms to explain why the Law of Attraction works on both levels. This episode is perfect for anyone looking to gain a greater insight into how their own “life experience” plays out within their body, or for anyone wanting to understand the power of perception and the Law of Attraction.   [Tweet "“You create your own reality." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“You can change your personality by changing your memorized emotional patterns. " - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“Our perspective on reality is really influenced by our chemical and emotional reaction." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“Things move from frequency, not intensity." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“Alignment before action is the quantum living approach." - @JessCLively"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   What really is “Reality" to us. How our mind processes about 400 billion pieces of information per second but we are not even aware of most of it. How do emotions become part of our “reality” when the thoughts we think become chemical reactions within the body and produce a physical feeling or reaction. Possible rational and trans-rational theories in relation to Law of Attraction and Reality. How the Law of Attraction is there to set your frequency now so that you select, sift and sort for the things that you want. Why our lives can stay consistent if we fall in the same consistent emotional patterns over time. How we can start deliberately creating the reality we want.   SHOW NOTES   Gorilla basketball Study Abraham Hicks TLS #188: The Law of Attraction TLS #189: Quantum Living Basketball Visioning Study TLS #163: Alignment Before Action       LISTEN TO THE SHOW    

TLS #193: Career, Parenting & Life With Intention Online  

In honor of the final live round of Life With Intention Online registration closing tomorrow (January, 27), in today’s episode we are speaking to LWIO alumni, Jackie Carter of Jackie is a mother, business owner, and all around awesome person who has seen some dramatic shifts in her life thanks to implementing what she learned in Life With Intention Online. This episode is perfect for anyone looking to learn more about the impact Values-based intentions can have on their life or for anyone looking to learn more about LWIO.   [Tweet "“Life is full, but full of good stuff." - @LoveJacCards"] [Tweet "“The doing shouldn’t be the focus." - @LoveJacCards"] [Tweet "“We are reframing on how you see the world, from the ground up." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“Live your Values the best you can in the present moment." - @JessCLively"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   Jackie tells us about how she started her career in TV and how it flipped to entrepreneurship soon after having her first child. She discusses in depth how her life changed soon after her first child, new business and on to the second child and how that prompted her to take Life With Intention Online. Jackie mentions one of the reasons she took the class the first time was because she was having a hard time being truly happy or content with her life. She realized that she wanted a lot of her life and needed to figure out how she needed to be happy with what she has already. Jackie talks about how she studied the four areas of life: possessions, personal habits, relationships and career. She describes the fact that she has noticed a difference in her life and others have also seen the change and growth as well. Jackie tells us who Life With Intention Online is good for and why it is so helpful for many people.   SHOW NOTES   TLS #94 with Katie Evans CreativeMornings Podcast TLS #58 Tina Roth Eisenberg     LISTEN TO THE SHOW    

TLS #192: Soul care, motherhood & expanding the universe  

Today’s Lively Show is a quick, inspired message that came to me at midnight and was sparked by a simple comment shared at the Sydney meet-up last week. I’m weaving self-care, soul care, rational, trans-rational, career, relationships, parenting and more into one simple way to see the “purpose” of our lives from a vantage point that brings more freedom and evolution... all in just 15 minutes! This episode is perfect for anyone who has either over-invested in their careers, stepped back in their careers (especially due to parenting), or anyone who is looking to see life from a new perspective.   [Tweet "“The soul is often times not on our radars at all." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“Instead of encouraging “self-care” what if we focused on soul care." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“As humans, we’re here to evolve and grow." - @JessCLively"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   The message I heard at midnight one night that is about soul care. If you can get your conscience and awareness to evolve, then every other aspect of your life will flow better. What soul care can look like in your life.   SHOW NOTES   Life with Intention Online Flow With intention Online     LISTEN TO THE SHOW    

TLS #191: Quantum Living – Why some people reject “woo-woo” teachings and others love them  

Today’s Quantum Living segment is out to answer the question why some people love “woo-woo” teachings and other people tend to reject or discredit them. This is far from a cut and dry topic. However, I’m going to be sharing (from my best understanding at this moment) why I believe this is the case. By explaining some of the possible dynamics at play, my hope is that we will better understand our own perceptions of reality and the perceptions of those around us. This episode is perfect for anyone looking to hear a potential reason why some people readily accept “woo-woo” sounding concepts and others do not.   [Tweet "“Society as a whole tends to skew towards the rational." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“Emotional frequency attracts physical outcomes." - @JessCLively"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   What woo-woo is in the first place, both dictionary definition and what I believe it is in our lives. The explanation of what the pre-rational, rational and trans-rational approaches are. What is the pre-trans fallacy all about? What does this concept of woo-woo and science mean for us? What does Quantum Mechanics and Classical Physics have to do with woo-woo?   SHOW NOTES Life With Intention Online TLS #186: Things I’m afraid to tell you Rob Bell's RobCast Podcast TLS #189: Quantum Living The Seat of the Soul - Gary Zukav Pre-Trans Fallacy video, Ken Wilbur Pre-Trans Fallacy video about myths, Ken Wilbur Anthony DeMello fire story TLS #188: The Law of Attraction Episode Wayne Dyer Eckhart Tolle Abraham-Hicks   LISTEN TO THE SHOW    

TLS #190: Your questions answered – Getting into alignment, Myers-Briggs, ego flare ups, & more  

Today’s batch of questions was the largest ever! I am spending an hour talking on a wide range of subjects… ... From how to find alignment and set emotional frequency, how to handle ego flare ups, what to do about difficult co-workers, how Myers-Briggs affects flow (plus, why my own MB type changed), tips for picking good Airbnbs, and much more. This episode is perfect for anyone looking for a random assortment of subjects - with a special emphasis on flow, intuition, and travel.   [Tweet "“Find the flow within that season." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“Allow what comes to your mind in that moment be what you share." - @JessCLively"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   When's your next course?! How do you find flow with certain goals that may have deadlines or only possible in certain life seasons? What are your favorite things in Australia so far? How do you raise your vibrations? What are the techniques? Do you meditate, do you journal? How do you decide on your emotional state? How does trying to get into alignment look like for you? I am interested in taking one of your classes this year and would like to know more about how I should choose one or the other. How you keep from getting intimidated by new experiences? Where do you see yourself in five years? What are your thoughts on flow in how it relates to personality - particularly Myers-Briggs? How is flow different than personality? Could a high-P person not be in flow while a high-J person could? What was your Myers-Briggs type before and what is it now  and what your thoughts on it at this point? What do you do when you love what you're doing (work) but your environment (people) is just bringing you down? What advice do you have for people getting used to listening to their intuition? How would you combat the constant pull back from that side of us that doesn't want to separate itself from the ego? Do you have any advice on how I can hear my intuition in a more clear and recognizable way? What do you do when you recognize that your ego is flaring up? Do you have any tips or tricks for returning to alignment when in the middle of an ego flare-up? What do you think is the connection between flow and the intuition? Could you walk us through your typical day? How scripted are your podcasts? Do you just have an outline, or do you write out every word beforehand? Do you sometimes cry in the middle of the night when surrounded by an issue or problem? And if so, how do you get yourself balanced after? I'm still having trouble channeling my inner passions and expressing them to others. Any suggestions? Does the ego ever get more quiet or do you ever get more comfortable following intuition? How do you know if your intuition is speaking to you, or if you're fooling yourself with safe answers coming from the ego? Throughout your travels, have you ever struggled with having one of those days where you just want to sit in your AirBnB and do absolutely nothing but lay in bed and watch Netflix all day? Do you allow yourself to have that kind of downtime, or do you feel as if you should be constantly getting out and exploring whichever place you're visiting? How do you find that balance? What are your travel plans in Australia? How do you plan where you want to go and for how long? As a small business owner, are you able to deduct all this travel and expenses from your taxes? Has the book on work and worth has been put on hold? Any plans to continue work on it and publish? Any tips/tricks for finding a great Airbnb? Could you share some of your favorites? Can you talk more about the influence you have received from Oprah in your life?   SHOW NOTES   Intentions Workshop Alignment Workshop Life With Intention Online

TLS #189: Quantum Living: Why we don’t have to work as hard as we think we do  

Today’s episode is out to answer the question: Do we need to work as hard as we think we do? … And if not, how can we get the results we want without hustling as much as humanly possible? I’ll be explaining what Albert Einstein proved to be the most pivotal element of the work/results equation on the quantum level... and how you can use this element to get what you want with flow instead of force in your own life. This episode is perfect for anyone interested in learning how to get the best results possible, or for anyone looking to understand why pure ‘hustle’ is not always the best path to our desired outcome.   [Tweet "“Frequency is tied to our emotional state." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“The flow starts happening when the frequency is high ." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“Just get into a positive state and take action." - @JessCLively"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   How I stumbled on the principles of quantum mechanics. How it is the emotional frequency creates the outcomes moving in our lives, not the intensity of the action. How incredibly powerful and essential the emotional frequency is to the results that we get.   SHOW NOTES   GoLive Website Life With Intention Online Myers & Briggs TLS #188: The Law of Attraction Planck's Constant TLS #163: Alignment Before Action TLS #68 with Hal Elrod (The Miracle Morning)   LISTEN TO THE SHOW    

TLS #188: The Law of Attraction (and the 3 most common misconceptions)  

Today we are diving into a foundational principle of consciousness and energy: the Law of Attraction. I believe the Law of Attraction is extremely powerful… and is also often misunderstood or misapplied. Today, I’m going into the details about what it is, where it came from, and I’m clarifying what I believe to be the three biggest misconceptions. This episode is perfect for anyone looking to understand The Law of Attraction, which I believe to be a foundational principle of energy, flow, and consciousness.   [Tweet "“Sometimes the consciousness of the source affects how it resonates with you." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“Like attracts like." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“Vibration equals our emotional state." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“It’s the vibration of you the creates the attraction, not the words you say." - @JessCLively"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   Where did the Law of Attraction originate from. What is the Law of Attraction exactly and how it explained today. How the science of quantum mechanics (frequency, waves and vibration) relate to the Law of Attraction and affect our reality on the physical realm. What are the three most common misconceptions about the Law of Attraction. How alignment plays a role with your intuition and the universe, the source.   SHOW NOTES   TLS #186: Things I’m afraid to tell you The Secret (book) The Secret Documentary Film Abraham Hicks The Law of Attraction on TLS #184 with Erin Loechner     LISTEN TO THE SHOW    

TLS #187: Energy, Flow, and Finding Adventure in Your Own Hometown with Rob Lawless  

Happy 2017! I am SO excited to dive into this year with you... reading all of the wonderful emails and comments sharing how pumped you are about more episodes around consciousness and energy was incredible. And we’re starting this focus today with an interview with Rob Lawless, a 26 year-old Philadelphian who is using these principles his own life. Rob has set out to meet 10,000 people - spending one hour getting to know each person individually through his project, So far, Rob has met 600+ people and the project is gaining momentum, attention, and creating fascinating connections for the members of the project. In addition to the project itself, we spend the second half of the show discussing Rob’s mindset and the results he has seen from focusing his energy and finding flow within his circumstances. This episode is perfect for anyone looking to get inspired to live a more adventurous life within their hometown, and for anyone looking to hear an inspiring story of flow, energy, and alignment.   [Tweet "“You never know who someone else is connected to." - @robs10kfriends"] [Tweet "“Everyone is just trying to do their best to live the life that’s best for them." - @robs10kfriends"] [Tweet "“People are the cumulation of the experiences they had in their life. " - @robs10kfriends"] [Tweet "“Rockbottom has a large pillow on top of it." - @robs10kfriends"] [Tweet "“Taking that first step is the most important thing." - @robs10kfriends"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   Rob tells us how he chose this project after being laid off from his job and how this has become his life mission. He talks about the common themes that he hears from the people he meets and interviews. He describes a theme that he has found which is taking difficult situations and turning them into positive life experiences. Rob talks about how all these stories and experiences have changed his life and he now has a new awareness in his life. He discusses how the loss of his job contributed to this project in a positive way. Rob says that you need to become more vulnerable in order to overcome the obstacles of doing something new or achieving a goal. He says the key to this project is to meet people and share stories without any “transactional” value attached. Rob's conversation with the people is mainly about where they are today, where they were before and the in-between parts of how they got there. He describes his excitement with uncertainty in the future because it makes his life exciting and adds adventure to it. Rob talks about his internal doubts and where he sees himself going forward in his life and his project.   SHOW NOTES   Outliers Myers & Briggs The Alchemist Laws of Attraction     LISTEN TO THE SHOW  

TLS #186: Things I’m afraid to tell you  

Lately, I’ve been feeling a bit of a disconnect with you. And the show. I want to change that. So today I’m talking about things happening in my life which I have not been sharing (fully) on the show. I hope by sharing these truths - which are really just ego fears - we can be on the same page heading into 2017. I want to feel comfortable fully being who I have become as a result of all that I’ve experienced this year and share these new insights... with you. Just by creating this podcast and putting this out there, the shadows these fears have been casting on my connection to you have already faded. The light is here once again. It feels good to be back. This episode is perfect for anyone who is curious about the things I’ve been afraid to share on the show in recent months.   [Tweet "“I really want to help you find abundance within your own life." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“If it’s happy, helping you and bring you joy, continuing it and if it’s not, allow it to go." - @JessCLively"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   The things I've been afraid to tell you surrounding the topics of energy, consciousness, perfection, work habits, finances, Mr. Lively, Ellie, dating, and "being relatable."   SHOW NOTES   "Things I’m afraid to tell you" post from 2012 Ez from Creature Comforts TLS #184: A Magic Hour with Erin Loechner TLS #185: The intersection of rational mind and intuitive guidance with Erin Loechner Erin Lochner webiste Katie Dalebout Podcast Abraham-Hicks Alignment before Action episode   LISTEN TO THE SHOW    

TLS #185: The intersection of rational mind and intuitive guidance with Erin Loechner  

  Today’s Lively Show we are having v, the author of Chasing Slow, and blogger behind, back on the show -- at her request! Erin has asked me to unpack and explain the “Lively lingo” that you hear on the show in the solo episodes and peppered throughout interviews as well. In this episode we cover a HUGE range of subjects and concepts that have yet to be discussed on the show… all stemming from three simple terms you’ve heard a lot about before. This episode is a thought provoking conversation around some leading edge ideas about consciousness, faith, rational mind, parenting, intuition, ego, and genius.   [Tweet "“The only thing that exists is right now. " - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“We are here to grow and expand." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“Just do what brings joy." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“The opposite of control is surrender." - @erinloechner"] [Tweet "“When you benefit yourself, you benefit the whole." - @JessCLively"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   Erin goes over the terms frequency used on The Lively Show including Life With Intention terms and Flow With Intention terms. She talks with Jess about the Ego and how it’s definition and explanation come from the teachings of Eckhart Tolle. Erin asks about the difference between optimism and faith, and how the role the Intuition plays. Jess answers the questions about the Ego vs Intuition and how your answers will come from your Intuition. They discuss the difference of the Intuition and the rational minds with examples from studies including the teachings of Albert Einstein. Jess describes the word Genius and how it compares to Intuition as the internal source to tap into to find the answers. They discuss alignment before action by using your intuition's guidance to place you on the correct path. Erin ask Jess about writing to your intuition as how it's about receiving rather than waiting for an answer. Erin mentions how parenting can be difficult for some people since not having control can place a burden on the Ego's sense of well-being. They talk about Growth and Expansion and how resistance can come up during the journey.   SHOW NOTES   TLS #001 with Erin Loechner TLS #184: A Magic Hour with Erin Loechner Eckhart Tolle Life With Intention Online Writing To Your Intuition Myers Briggs The Power of Now TLS #163: Alignment Before Action Anne Lamott Seth Godin (Quieting the lizard brain) Elizabeth Gilbert TED Talk on Genius Rob Bell / Everything is Spiritual Byron Katie     LISTEN TO THE SHOW    

TLS #184: A Magic Hour with Erin Loechner  

Today’s Lively Show is a return visit from our very first TLS guest, Erin Loechner! Erin is a wife, mother to two littles, the writer behind the (mega) blog,, and is the author of the new book, Chasing Slow. In today’s episode, we cover a huge range of topics including why her quest to slow down her life led to a totally new understanding about why we want what we want, how Erin has grown into a more self-compassionate wife and mother, and the topic of allowing vs. tolerating. This episode is perfect for anyone looking to listen to an inspiring conversation about life, shifting life desires, judgement vs. allowing, and much more.       [Tweet "“Other people can’t chart their course for me, I can’ chart other people’s course for them." - @erinloechner"] [Tweet "“Choose peace no matter the circumstances." - @erinloechner"] [Tweet "“There’s a difference between changing your life and allowing your life to change you." - @erinloechner"] [Tweet "“Alignment only happens in the present moment. " - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“This life is not a given, it’s a gift." - @erinloechner"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   Erin talks about her current work with slowing down her life and reassessing the parts of it. She tells the story of why she began to question herself to whether this was the person she really wanted to be. Erin describes what the “golden hours” are and how she learned that she needed to start aligning her values with her calendar. She discusses with us the things she does daily to fill herself up before starting her day. Erin  speaks about her life story and how it became the premise of the current book about living a slower life, something she has been practicing daily. She describes the shift in her life and she what she learned about not caring what she thinks others think. Erin explains that living in the moment is having self control to choose the reaction that you believe truly reflects your values. She mentions that while writing her book, she learned that it's about seeing and taking a closer look at your life and appreciating it as is. Erin talks about the difference of tolerating and allowing and how that can change the perspective we have on the life we live everyday. She advises that we need to be really honest with what we see as our limitations and what you want and have already in your life.   SHOW NOTES   TLS #001 with Erin Loechner Clementine Daily Minimalist Parenting Stephen Covey TLS #68 with Hal Elrod (The Miracle Morning) Abraham Hicks Yes Please by Amy Poehler     LISTEN TO THE SHOW    

TLS #183: Your questions answered: Flow vs. Values, travel safety, & “shoulding”  

In today’s Lively Show we are switching things up a bit and doing the December Q+A episode on a Thursday, and I’ve got another, shorter episode planned for next Tuesday. In this month’s slew of questions we are covering a lot of ground including... my favorite apps to keep my team + business running smoothly, how I stay safe while traveling solo, which personal development teachers to learn from, and much more. This episode is perfect for anyone wanting to hear a mix of topics including business, spirituality, traveling solo, and dropping the “shoulds.”   [Tweet "“The more in alignment we are with our intuition in this moment, the better and more naturally and fluidly the flow will follow from there." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“Avoiding emotion is not useful." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“What we resist persists." - @JessCLively"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   I would love to hear about your time in Cape Town. What have you loved about it? How much time would you recommend a first time visitor to spend there? What’s your stance or practice on New Year's resolutions? How has the food and drink culture been while in Cape Town? What your thoughts are about looking back at choices and decisions we have made in the past to help evaluate or take stock on where we are in the present, or can our past be useful to our intuition as a means of moving forward in flow. How are you doing the podcast from all these places? Do you just find the most quiet part of the house you are staying at? Do you bring your microphone with you? What advise can you give for a person to go with the flow on a one-week international trip without being taken over by jet lag? Would you recommend giving in to the urge to sleep in or do you have any strategies you use to get yourself in-tune with your location’s time zone? Do you still have to-do lists, even though you are join with the flow? How do you organize them? Other than Freshbooks, how do you keep your business organized? How do you train and work with someone to answer emails etc while still be true to your voice and brand? Do you use virtual assistants? What programs do you use for your current and upcoming projects? What tips do you have for solo female travelers to be safe and less vulnerable when you are alone in a different country? What’s your perspective on the subject that humans need to feel the full range of emotions to be fully functional human beings? Can we exist as humans and not attach to our suffering? Doesn’t our suffering act as a beacon to help us determine if we are not comfortable with things or we need to work them through? What’s the one experience you miss from being home and what do you do to feel comfort in it’s place? What to do when you have to accomplish something that you are feeling resistance to it? Can you give us some framework with some guiding questions on how to begin writing to your intuition? How to find teachings, especially the esoteric teachers, that resonate with you? How do you quiet your ego when you are first starting out with ego vs intuition? Is there a specific place that you learned about podcasting, especially developing narratives for the episodes? Any tips on how to bring more feminine energy to work and interactions with others? How do you beat your gremlins? Are constant “shouding” reminders needed or is it stopping flow from happening? How have you been feeling hormonally since embracing Alisa’s advice from a past podcast? Do you recall your first experience writing to your intuition? What would be your best tips for meeting up with people and feeling safe and finding things to do while traveling alone in Cape Town? Can you talk more about how living intentionally vs flowing work together?   SHOW NOTES   TLS #182: November Favorites FourSquare App

TLS #182: November favorites: workout gear, backpack, videos & more  

Today I’m bringing back the monthly favorites episode! I haven’t done one in a while, so this episode will be covering favorites from this month as well as September and October. I’ll be sharing a range of items including my new favorite chocolate, workout gear, thought provoking video, my favorite holiday movie, new travel destination, helpful book on hormonal health, and things that I’ve found helpful for my recent bout of acne. This episode is perfect for anyone who is interested in hearing about a mix of favorite books, videos, products, acne reducers, and clothing items.     IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   What I'm doing in Cape Town, South Africa. Why I'm so happy that The Lively Show has surpassed 5 million downloads! I share my favorite items I use daily and when I'm traveling. I tell you what my new favorite destination is and why.   SHOW NOTES   Honest - Bittersweet Orange Dark Chocolate White Christmas Movie The Holiday - Movie Everlane Crew Neck Sweater Witchery - Black Gladiator Sandals Witchery - Blush Print Scarf Cotton:On - Workout Clothes Strappy Sports Bra by Cotton:On Hershel bags - Settlement Backpack Everything is Spiritual by Rob Bell Period Repair Manual TLS with with Alisa Vitti (flo living) DIM - Accumax Skin Salvation in San Fransisco  DivaCup TLS #89: with Bea Johnson (zero waste home)     LISTEN TO THE SHOW    

TLS #181: The counter-intuitive way to thrive in all areas of live with Jonathan Fields  

Today’s Lively Show is a wonderful conversation with author and podcast host, Jonathan Fields. Good Life Project, Jonathan’s podcast, is a wonderful show with incredible guests. And in case you’re interested, I’ve also been fortunate to have been on the show recently talking about masculine and feminine energy as well. In Jonathan’s newest book, How To Live a Good Life, is a deep dive into one of the most profound insights I’ve come across in the 2.5 years I’ve been hosting TLS. In today’s episode, we are going into a wide range of subjects including how to thrive in every area of your life - in a way that seems initially counterintuitive (which is why so many of us, including myself, have fallen into the trap that is in direct contrast to this principle). This episode is perfect for anyone looking to learn about a powerful and simple principle that allows you to thrive in all areas of your life, particularly when you feel burned out.     [Tweet "“You’re a part of something bigger." - @jonathanfields"] [Tweet "“Mindfulness really happens not when you sit down to meditate but when you stands up to live." - @jonathanfields"] [Tweet "“Pay attention to the way you do things because it matters." - @jonathanfields"] [Tweet "“When we belong, everything gets better." - @jonathanfields"] [Tweet "“Know yourself and exalt being intentional" - @jonathanfields"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   He discuss what “living a good life” is how important it is to him to be present in the life of his wife and daughter. Jonathan explains his 3 buckets philosophy which is contribution, connection, and vitality. He tells us that Vitality is about optimizing your state of mind and body. Jonathan mentions that cultivating deep and meaningful relationships is important to the connection bucket. He explains how the contribution bucket is all about how you contribute to the world and how that interacts with you and the world as a whole. Jonathan discuss the three basic “laws” or rules of the 3 buckets since they need to be in harmony with each other to be effective. He discusses how cultivating awareness is the metaskill that flips the switch from being reactive to being intentional. Jonathan talks about the difference between “mindful” vs “mindfull.” He’s mentions the four different types of love and that it ok not to have all four types to fill our connection bucket. Jonathan speaks about the power of belonging and why it’s so vital. He describes the contribution bucket and how it’s the work we do in the world, whether or not it’s our job, career or something else. Jonathan goes over the “Ripple Not Thinking Wave” effect. He describes in detail about the word "generative" and it really means the state that everything falls into perfect alignment. Jonathan talks about Seeded Mindfulness Meditation and why it's about allowing and releasing.   SHOW NOTES   TLS #163: Alignment Before Action TLS #178: 10 Mindfulness Lessons from a retreat with Eckhart Tolle Ellen Langer TLS #101: Lewis Howes  TLS with  Kristoffer Carter Insight Timer App The Good Life Podcast with Milton Glaser TLS #179: with Adam Braun Abraham Hicks     LISTEN TO THE SHOW    

TLS #180: The Good News: Why our “suffering” only exists in the past with Byron Katie  

Today’s Lively Show is a HUGE honor for me to share with you. When I think of “dream guests” I would like to have on the show, author and spiritual teacher, Byron Katie, is one of the guests at the tippy top of that list. Byron Katie is an author of several books including my favorite, Loving What Is, and has created a simple, effective four question inquiry to help dissolve any ego suffering or resistance on any topic in life, which she calls The Work.   I’ve personally used The Work myself over the past five or so years on my own suffering and issues that my coaching clients have faced. In today’s episode, Byron Katie will be sharing how you can use this process in your own life and so much more. This episode is perfect for anyone who wants to learn more about presence, consciousness, and how to release psychological suffering on any subject.     [Tweet "“We are unlimited." - @ByronKatie"] [Tweet "“Self realization, until it’s lives, has no power." - @ByronKatie"] [Tweet "“I am the projector of my world." - @ByronKatie"] [Tweet "“Know yourself." - @ByronKatie"] [Tweet "“It’s the truth that will set us free." - @ByronKatie"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   Byron tells us how depression and self-loathing brought her to where she is today as a spiritual guide and teacher. She believes that the greatest teacher we have in our lives is our own wisdom. Byron talks about her four question inquiry and how that leads to freedom from suffering in life. She shows us that by understanding ourselves, we can understand others. Byron thinks that presence is pleasure, p since there is no suffering involved. She believes we are the cause of all our suffering and that physical pain is either remembered or anticipated. Byron mentions that if you understand the past you won’t have to worry about the future because it is understood. She discusses the concept of thinking about the future and how acting on it and having the mind and body can move as one to your intention. Byron tells us the importance of trusting oneself and why it is so important. She tells us how our identity can be lost when we question our minds.   SHOW NOTES   Eckhart Tolle Judge Your Neighbor worksheet No-Body Intensive Workshop     LISTEN TO THE SHOW    

TLS #179: Creating a “for purpose” Business & the new Lively School in Ghana(!) with Adam Braun  

Today is a BIG day! Not only do we have a wonderful new Lively Show episode for you, I’m also on my way to go see the new elementary school that is built in Ghana thanks to you -- the Lively Community! 687 days ago, I committed to donating 10% of Jess Lively Creative Inc. revenue to Pencils of Promise to build elementary schools in Ghana, Guatemala, and Laos. The first school has been fully funded and the build is at or near completion - so I’m heading over to check it out firsthand(!) with the Pencils of Promise team. In honor of this amazing milestone, Adam Braun, the founder of Pencils of Promise, is on the show today sharing about how he began this ‘for purpose’ organization with just $25 -- and has since built 363 schools worldwide. This episode is perfect for anyone who wants to learn more about building a ‘for purpose’ business, or for anyone that wants to uplift others in the world - yet may feel like they don’t have enough resources right now to do so.   [Tweet "“You have a distinct purpose in being here." - @AdamBraun"] [Tweet "“Anything is possible." - @AdamBraun"] [Tweet "“True self discovery begins where our comfort zone ends." - @AdamBraun"] [Tweet "“If your dreams don’t scare you then they are not big enough." - @EllenJohnSir"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   Adam tells us about his childhood upbringing growing up in Connecticut and how he was influenced in the financial sector. He shares his experiences at Brown University, especially questioning his personal beliefs and how it shaped his current path. He talks about his Jewish heritage, his college experience and questioning religion led him to figure out not just what he was in the world but who he wanted to be. Adam describes what “for purpose” company is to him versus the stereotype usage of a non-profit company. He discusses how the purpose of the organization drives it in today's business culture. Adam tells us what he thinks is the mindset we need to have in order to affect the most people in the world. He talks about his next impending path in his life journey becoming a father to twins.   SHOW NOTES   TLS #174: The words I’m using Adam Bruan on Smart Passive Income Show (Pat Flynn)     LISTEN TO THE SHOW    

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