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The Lively show is a weekly podcast designed to add a little extra intention to your everyday.


TLS #174: The words I’m using (and not using) which are making me happier everyday  

Today’s show is all about the building blocks of a happier thought life, and ultimately happier emotions and circumstances: words. Because when it comes to mindfulness, it’s not just about meditation and the observation of our thoughts, it’s also about our conscious choice and selection of the words we use to build thoughts, which create emotions, and ultimately attract circumstances - positively and negatively into our awareness. I’ll be dishing about the obvious and the very subtle and powerful word choices that have created more high energetic states in my life which may benefit you as well. This episode is perfect for anyone looking to access higher emotional states on a more consistent basis.   [Tweet "“What I consume, affects how I feel." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“We feel more worthy for the things we appreciate than the things we’re grateful for." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“Doing is not being." - @JessCLively"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   How the power of words and mindfulness can produce a shift in our emotions without the circumstances dictating the emotions. Why I try to stay away from negative idioms and how this can keep me in the present moment. What the energy and meaning behind swear words are when you choose to use them. What the word “should” means and how it creates an emotional state which often creates negative circumstances as well. Why I prefer to use the words “my ego” or “your ego” to produce different emotions. How I have become aware of the use of the word “but” and how to avoid using it and what that word resonates on an energetic, vibrational or emotional level.  Why I’ve been using the word “Appreciation” rather than the word “gratitude” in my everyday life. In terms of career, why I avoid “I am my career” since doing is not being. Why I’m mindful of the language I use about past relationships, since many words and phrases generally relate to negative rather than the love and care that was part of that relationship. Why I love Approval Affirmations and how it helps me in my everyday life.   SHOW NOTES   Freehand Hotels Regena Thomashauer Santosha TLS #124 with Brené Brown and Santosha “Santosha” Shirt Abraham Hicks The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle   LISTEN TO THE SHOW    

TLS #173 – My birthday wishes for biz owners, parents, college students & more  

On Saturday I turn 32. And as I’ve reflected on this past year, I thought it would be fun to share my birthday wishes for you - regardless of if it’s close your birthday right now or not. I’m sharing my wishes for those who are business owners, parents, college students, people who want to leave their jobs, people going through breakups, anyone who is feeling lonely, and more. My hope is that something shared in this episode connects with you and uplifts you in some way - big or small. : ) This episode is perfect for anyone looking to hear a bit of encouragement in any stage in their lives.   [Tweet "“You can still love each other and still move on to the next chapter." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“There are no mistakes, just wonderful lessons to learn." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“When you get your love and approval from yourself, you’re more likely to listen to what your intuition has to say." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“Start asking people questions" - @JessCLively"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   For business owners, how dropping imposed deadlines can allow flow to take you from one thing to the next and release the grip you have on deadlines. For those people who dislike their current jobs, I wish you can find a value that you can practice in your current job everyday until your intuition leads you to the next job. For parents with young children, please don’t place your kids in a position to live your values, but rather help them uncover their own values.  For parents with older children, encourage and help them look within themselves to find the answers they are seeking and support them as they make choices. To the college students, my wish is that you start to bring practices of mindfulness into your life and begin to look into yourself and tapping into your intuition. For those going through a breakup, I wish you can find a way to find alignment from within instead of finding alignment within the relationship. For those in the dating arena, remember to find alignment first, then maintain it from within yourself (rather than from the relationship). For those who feels things have been taken away, I wish you can get grounded within yourself and find your internal alignment.  For those who are unsure what to do next, please try to find a way to flow in the meantime with what is showing up in your life. For those of you that are afraid to make a mistake, don’t worry about it - it’s all going to work out. For those who have made the wrong choice, give yourself that empathy and compassion and return to your intuition and follow it’s advice for you. For those of you feeling lonely, you’re not alone. When you find a way to tap into your intuition, you’ll find the guidance you need so you will connect with the part of yourself that is not lonely. Another way to combat loneliness is to connect and learn from teachers that you admire.  For those feeling overwhelmed, try taking things off your plate, or in other words, lighten your load. For those who need a “life plan”, take a break and relax, see what’s in front of you, and take one step at a time - let the knowing guide you. For those who worry a lot, give yourself compassion and empathy for it, so you can loosen it’s hold on you. For those who feel envy in social media, it’s not about what you see or hear, but it’s about how aligned you feel inside. For those facing negativity, don’t let their external mis-alignments affect your own internal alignment.   SHOW NOTES TLS #100: Elizabeth Gilbert TLS #127: with Brooke Castillo     LISTEN TO THE SHOW    

TLS #172: Your Questions Answered: challenging co-workers, loneliness, my travel budget, & more  

Today I’ve got a brand new October Q+A episode for you! This month we have a wide range of questions addressing how I’m budgeting (or not) with my travel, how to handle difficult co-workers, regulating your moods around grumpy people, how I’m coping with loneliness on this journey (hint: Wilson), and much more. As always, I’m sharing openly about things that I’m facing and things that you may be going through, too. This episode is perfect for anyone who wants to hear a bit more about flow, mood regulation, book recommendations, and my budget + experience traveling solo.   [Tweet "“We all have a choice: to share our light or darkness with others, thank you for taking the time to share your light with me" - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“others can also access their intuition for guidance and get better at it over time." -  @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“Be gentle on yourself." - @JessCLively"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   How are you funding all your travel? What was your last best life lesson? How did it challenge you? If you will you ever re-share your blog content? How is the book coming along and when do you think it'll be ready for us to read? How are some of your fellow travelers making a living while abroad? What does your routine look like now, what did you edit out and enjoy now? How expectations sometimes steals attention from the here and now, and what would you say flow can counteract this? What was one thing you gave up with this life shift that you thought would be challenging but turns out you don't miss it? How do you handle or avoid the loneliness that can come from being in all these new (and also old) places without a companion, friends or family with you or nearby? Do you feel like it is strengthening your relationship with yourself? What preparatory steps you took financially to be able to afford traveling so much these last few months? Would you like to visit Eastern Europe to meet new people and new cultures.? How do you decide what to share and what to keep under wraps? Have there been things you have regretted sharing? What are you reading and listening to lately? Any audible book, podcasts or articles are you finding intriguing for an intention based lifestyle? If you could give your 20 year old self a piece of advice what would it be? Are you doing any type of hobby while traveling? Also, is there any skill you would like to develop in the future? What do you have in your makeup bag and what skin care products do you love? Any good reads you've come upon? How do you deal with someone you don't care for and /or respect that you have to interact with? What are some major differences between American men and European men? Also, do you miss cooking or having friends over for dinner? Are all intuitions are created equal? Do you think that perhaps you have done previous personal growth work that has "primed the pump" for your intuition to be more knowing than the average Joe out there? What suggestions do you have to deal with the struggle with fear to put myself out there? How do you protect your energy when people around you (people you like / love / care for generally) are in a bad mood? How has your wardrobe changed now it's getting colder? Have you found a skincare routine that helps treat/prevent your cystic acne flare ups? If and how you have found a balance between flowing/following your intuition and implementing daily habits into you life? How do you deal with your ego wanting to "KNOW" when you're still learning to listen to your intuition? Are you planning to go back to doing interviews again on TLS? Do you ever feel burned out by having to come up with a "profound" ah ha moment or discovery each week for the podcast?

TLS #171: How to Get out of Fear and Back into Flow + Alignment With Gabby Bernstein  

Today’s Lively Show is with a special guest I’ve looked forward to having on the show since we started, Gabby Bernstein. Gabby is a spiritual teacher, best-selling author, and youtuber with a new book out called The Universe Has Your Back - which is a perfect compliment to what we’ve been discussing here on the show this summer about finding flow and alignment. In the episode, we’ll be talking about Gabby’s favorite tools and techniques to get back into love, flow, and alignment whenever fear takes over. This episode is perfect for anyone looking for strategies to help quickly move out of fear and get back into flow, alignment, and love on a moment-to-moment basis. [Tweet "“The presence of fear is a sure sign that you are trusting your own strength." - @GabbyBernstein"] [Tweet "“Take action from a surrendered place." - @GabbyBernstein"] [Tweet "“Where your attention goes your energy flows." - @GabbyBernstein"] [Tweet "“Our presence is our greatest source of power." - @GabbyBernstein"] IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   Gabby tells us about how she began her career by running a PR business but that fast-paced life pushed her to the point of burn-out. She talks about how she was deeply embedded in the NYC party scene and how that lifestyle, drugs and alcohol did not help her find the happiness she was seeking. Gabby digs deeper about her struggles with drugs and alcohol and how that led her to a big crash in her life and how that low point helped her reevaluate what she was doing in her life and that she needed change. She describes how a recent breakdown allowed her to remember a childhood trauma which helped produce some of the reasons and answers to her addictions. Gabby talks about how taking action from a surrendered place is how we truly manifest our desires into form. She describes how she focused her energy into what was thriving rather than what was lacking to place herself in a place spiritual surrender. Gabby mentions how important it is to be the positive influence, the positive force, so that this energy will shine on you and the world around you. Gabby describes the feeling  she experiences when she is channeling a spirit. She shares her belief why there is a misconception that pain has purpose.   SHOW NOTES   May Cause Miracles by Gabrielle Bernstein Abraham Hicks A Course in Miracles     LISTEN TO THE SHOW

TLS #170: how to find flow with a career & family with cass mccrory  

Today’s Lively Show we are talking about how to achieve flow in your life - even if you have two kids (and a third on the way), a house, a business, 2 dogs, 2 cats, and a husband! Lively Show listener and Life With Intention Online member, Cass McCrory, has a business strategy consultancy (Capra Strategy) and has a lot on her plate with her growing family. So when I first started talking about flow on the show... Cass thought it wasn’t realistic for her and her circumstances. However, after doing some deep reflection and a simple experiment, Cass discovered that she has room for 77 hours of flow in her week - and the results from this flow in her life have been profound. This episode is perfect for anyone who feels like they are a bit unsure about how they can incorporate flow into their lives - particularly if they have busy families and careers.   [Tweet "“You got to find a way to embrace more flow." - @Cass_McCrory"] [Tweet "“It can feel right to do something in one moment but not the next, and that’s okay." - @Cass_McCrory"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   Cass talks about her experience with Flow in her life as a mom, and wife and business owner. She explains to us how she felt so resistant to the idea of flow since she was busy in her life with her family and life. Cass talks about her first experience with having Flow and how incredible it felt and how she wanted to experience that even more. She tells us why she was so afraid to talk to her intuition. Cass mentions the struggle between her ego and intuition and how she finally reached into her intuition to have flow in her life. She tells us how she used to segment her time everyday, and how that planning was not fulfilling her. Cass describes how she managed to free up time in her life and how that became the freeing moment in her life. Cass shares with us her recommendations to get flow in your life which is great for anyone with a lot going on in their lives.   SHOW NOTES   Subtraction Project Love Warrior by Glennon Doyle Melton The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey TLS #169: How Approval, Love & External Sources Affect Intuition     LISTEN TO THE SHOW    

TLS #169: How approval, love & external sources affect intuition  

Today on The Lively Show, we’re diving into an area that has been popping up for me personally over the summer (and in particular this past week) which many can relate to, as well. We’re going deep into our motivations to a) have the courage to ask (and follow) our intuition for guidance, and b) how to follow our intuition and be peaceful with its guidance/unanswered questions (aka: what I was not doing this week). The answer to both of these motivations may surprise you like it surprised me… so I’m excited to share it with you! This episode is perfect for anyone who is stressed out trying to follow their intuition or for those who sense some internal resistance to asking the intuition for guidance in the first place.     [Tweet "“By approving and accepting ourselves, we can begin to approve and accept the guidance from within." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“Seek the love within yourself." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“Loving and approving of yourself is at the core of healing from many physical and emotional pains." - @louisehay"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   Why I’ve been thinking about internal and external approval, love and guidance lately. Why it seems people are afraid to seek the internal guidance? How I’ve been trying to follow my intuition when it tells me that the love that I’m seeking is the love within myself. How the lack of community, home and partner feels to me when I’m not in line with my intuition’s guidance. How using affirmations can help one be deliberate and conscious about getting love and approval within ourselves. How affirmations help clear you mind of the negative things by filling it with more positive thoughts. Why would we not choose to use the power of focus to focus on the good when we focus on the bad as well. How affirmations can help us feel fulfilled.   SHOW NOTES   You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay     LISTEN TO THE SHOW    

TLS #168 – How to get out of forcing or floating and back into flow  

Today’s Lively Show topic is diving into Forcing things in our lives vs. Flowing, which we’ve been discussing in recent weeks, along with Forcing’s busy and uncertain cousin... Floating. Why? Because in some areas of our lives we may have the tendency to swim upstream, against the flow of our intuition, and in others we may find ourselves floating in one place staying so “busy” or “stuck” we can’t detect the current of the river at all. We’ll be going into each of these three approaches to life, and how to navigate between them. This episode is perfect for anyone who wants to learn more about the aspects of flow, forcing, and floating - along with ways to identify which one you may be in, and how to adjust your approach accordingly at any moment in time.   [Tweet "“Floating is about allowing what is." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“Floating is a way of distracting ourselves from internal alignment." - @JessCLively"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   What Force is and how it comes about when we keep pushing forward instead of getting back into alignment. How discipline, effort, hustle and hard work, when driven by the ego rather than the intuition, they can leave us burnt out and exhausted. How some thoughts that become actions, like weakness and failure, can be motivated by fear. Why Force makes us feel tired. What Floating is and how the “busy” actions of floating do not provide the deep, meaning joy you are seeking in life. Why Floating feels like there’s no direction at all and we’re too “busy” to figure out where we need to be. How Flow, or the Middle Way, lives in the spectrum of Force and Floating. The fact that Flowing is about taking action from a place of internal alignment and how this is important to us. What Allowing is and how it differers from tolerating and how that doesn’t ruin our joy in our life.   SHOW NOTES TLS #162: What Knowing Feels Like Writing to Your Intuition     LISTEN TO THE SHOW    

TLS #167: Creating an intuition-led career & Life With Intention Online with Colleen Kavanaugh  

In honor of Life With Intention Online registration now being open (class starts this Sunday, September 18th), I have a special interview for you with Colleen Kavanaugh. Colleen is a Certified Caregiving Consultant over at I’ve gotten to know Colleen personally through Life With Intention Online and through Life With Intention Mastermind this year and am so grateful to share her story. In this episode, Colleen shares the journey that led to the intuition-led career she now has -- and the difficult (and life-giving) decade that came before this new chapter of her life. She’ll also be sharing openly about her experience with LWIO, who she believes it is a good fit for, and more. This episode is perfect for anyone looking to hear an inspiring story of someone finding true clarity with their next career path, or for anyone looking to find out if Life With Intention Online may be the right fit for them.   [Tweet "“The being is where we need to be." - @thelongestdance"] [Tweet "“Everything is just a moment, and you're always evolving." - @thelongestdance"] [Tweet "“Stop doing and start being. " - @thelongestdance"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   How Colleen was a caregiver to both of her parents who lived with Breast Cancer, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases and also had a job, was raising a family and was coping the best she was able to. Colleen discusses that she knew something was missing in her life, but it took a while to figure what that was. She describes how she wasn't fully happy with her life and noticed she had an internal resistance building up. She talks about how that resistance led to her making a change and fix her life going forward. Colleen mentions that she began exercising to help deals with her struggles and later, she used Life With Intention Online to help her move forward. She tells us her views about Life With Intention Online and how it helped transform her to the person she is today. Colleen discusses how great and important the community that is formed from LWIO and how it has become her support, inspiration, accountability and source of strength in her life. She tells her her favorite part of LWIO was discovering her intentions and finding her values. Colleen describes how her daughter has joined her in LWIO to help narrow her Values while moving onto college and beyond. She tells us how she is more focused on keeping what she wants in her life in, and what she wants out of her life out.   SHOW NOTES The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle LWIO Alumni Interview with Katie Evans LWIO Alumni Interview with Anna Locke LWIO Alumni Interview with Elizabeth Piper   LISTEN TO THE SHOW       PS - Life With Intention Online registration is now open through Friday, September 16. Class runs September 18th - October 21st. PPS - Join me tomorrow night for a free online fireside chat about how I’m using my current Values-based intentions to guide my travels and my dating life!

TLS #166: Flowing With Changing Seasons & Shifting Priorities  

Today’s show is all about the surprising reality that hit me as I came back to London on the second leg of my adventure… The unexpectedly Fall-like weather in London, and the changing priorities of this journey. In fact, many of us may be going through a new season weather-wise, career-wise, relationship-wise, or other-wise… and if we are in the flow, it may catch us by surprise. In this episode, I’ll be sharing what I’ve done to stay in the flow while this shift happens and how you can do the same in any shift you may be making as well. This episode is perfect for anyone who is feeling a bit “off” in some area of their lives, or for anyone who is knowingly going through a life transition and want to stay fully present along the way.   [Tweet "“As you find your flow in your life, you will feel the season shift when it happens." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“Think of this new season as a fresh-start of something new." - @JessCLively"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   How going from a summer to fall season made me feel ”off” or different. What this transition period or “season” can look like in your life and why it can be a positive part of your life. Why thinking or planning too far in the future may make us skip living the present moments of our lives. How, even with seasonal changes, we can assess the situation and find alignment within it. How with all the things that have changed in my life, I still reflect on the past and shift my perspective to the future chapter of my life. What is the universe flowing to me in this new season of my journey? Why there might be parts of our lives we need to add to and some parts that we need to let go. Why you want to find balance and be as present as possible while cherishing the progress you’ve made from the previous chapter of your life. How writing down all the memories from your past chapters can help you hold on to them but allow you to move forward. How asking your intuition can help you guide your flow or provide insight going forward. Why we should seek newness, spontaneity and growth.   SHOW NOTES   Life With Intention Online TLS #157: We Don’t Have to Own To Appreciate (Moose Tracks Ice Cream) Writing To Your Intuition TLS #85: optimize your hormones to improve *every* aspect of your life with Alisa Vitti    LISTEN TO THE SHOW    

TLS #165: Flowing with families/full-time jobs, homesickness, & LWIO  

Today’s Lively Show is covering a wide of flow related questions many listeners have shared on Instagram this September. We’ll be diving into flow in regards to families, full-time jobs, fighting through difficulties, and super long commutes. I’ll be sharing how I think flow can be applied to each of these circumstances and more. Plus, I’m also sharing what I’d take with me on a deserted island, how I’ve meshed with European locals on my travels, and what I do to eat healthy while traveling. This episode is perfect for anyone looking for a fun mix of questions and answers, or anyone who wants to hear more about how flow can apply to stable life circumstances.   PS - I wanted you to be the first to know that I will be hosting a special intention setting workshop this Thursday (9/8) - Be sure to save yourself a spot by clicking here.  [Tweet "“Personal Growth is letting go of resistance in my life." - @JessCLively"]   IN THIS EPISODE I'll ANSWER YOUR QUESTIONS   What do you love most about London? What keeps you coming back? Is it possible to incorporate some structure into a way of living that flows?  How do you strike the balance between getting things done whilst staying open to what flows into your life? How is Ellie doing? Do you plan to bring her with you when you get settled someplace? When is your book coming out?! I'd like to hear your thoughts about incorporating flow when your life isn't just your own.  I would like to know a bit more how to deal with flow and intuition vs boredom. How to "shut" my brain off a bit to be able to be more present and concentrate on the moment. I feel like I need guidance on how to take small steps towards making this goal of working less and being home more a reality. Right now bills and this need to financially provide for my family is what motivates me to stick with my current job. Have you been homesick at all? How do you go on social media (Instagram/Facebook) and not compare your life to everyone else's? How do you identify, process and practice making flow u-turns when you experience them? Is there a common formula you use to quickly go thru the needed steps to feel the contrast, appreciate it, find the lesson, let it go, feel gratitude and flow on? When you are tackling a new project, how do you plan out the work and hold yourself to deadlines? How you are handling being away from friends and loved ones. Do you feel like you are missing out on major events in their lives? Do you feel like you have to sacrifice the time you share with them for the opportunity to travel abroad for long stretches of time? How are you working through those emotions? How do you reconcile the idea of flow with the idea that some things are worth working hard or going through difficulty for? How do you recommend living with flow for people with spouses, children and corporate jobs who may have to plan well ahead and can't always follow a whim? What 3 things would you take with you to a deserted island? What's taking you to the other continents later this year? The school you helped build? work? pleasure and friends? How does someone with anxiety use flow to lessen their anxiety about world events that are so out of our control? How do you balance enjoying the moment vs the thoughts and ideas that arise for say, future entrepreneurial ideas, future travel plans, future life stages? How have you managed to eat healthy while traveling? Tips please! I'm fascinated by the concept of flow and would love to try and implement that in my life however I don't how to make it happen with a full time job and about 4 hours of commute every day. I feel like I have no time left to be.  Any advice? What does personal growth mean to you? Do you feel like you can blend in with the locals in Europe? Is language a barrier?

TLS #164: Simple + Difficult, Easy + Complicated  

Today’s show is all about the difference in lifestyle I’ve noticed between the new format of my life and travels, compared to how things were when I was living in my home in “life as usual” before this trip. For me, life now is simpler and more difficult, and before I left it was easier and more complicated. In the episode, I’m sharing what the difference between each way of life are, which version I prefer, and what you can do to infuse more of the elements that resonate with you in your life - whether you are traveling much or not at all. This episode is perfect for anyone looking for a thought provoking reflection on how our lifestyle choices please and challenge us to grow in meaningful ways.     [Tweet "“Sometimes you need the complicated in order to know you want the simpler." - @JessCLively"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   How I made certain shifts in my life and how they made my life extremely simple. How thinking and using language when you are emerged in different cultures and regions can be difficult at times. How adjusting to the “normal” in a new place or city can be difficult. Why simple tasks like making phone calls is more difficult while traveling and the solution I found. How having less clothes simplifies my choices and day-to-day needs. Why I prefer the simpler and more difficult path and how that leads to more time doing things that are important to me. How I have been going with the Flow and taking the adventures that follow while living in the present moment. How the idea of owning more stuff now goes against my idea of living simpler. Why I am only choosing to invest in relationships that bring me higher. Why I’m limiting the amount and consumption of media in my life. Why cultivating the travel mindset and exploring new cultures is so important to me. How simplifying gives you more time to reflect in your work about what’s most important to you, including the deeper and difficult work. Why planning less and flowing more may be the right way to handle life.   SHOW NOTES   T-Mobile International Plans The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up Abraham-Hicks TLS #162: What Knowing Feels Like Get Updates on my Instagram Feed   LISTEN TO THE SHOW    

TLS #163: Alignment Before Action  

In today’s Lively Show, I’m sharing the career shift I’ve been making over the past 4-6 months that has resulted in some amazing and effective results. I’m talking about making a shift from the “effort and action” mentality that is commonly spoken about in personal development and entrepreneurship spaces and replacing it with “alignment before action.” This episode is perfect for anyone who is interested in trying a new approach to work and life that may result in more fun, flow, and effectiveness -- with less stress and burnout.     IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   Why I ask the question, "What if we didn’t have to try so hard in our life to get the same results?" What if we focus on our flow and alignment with our intuition first before taking action? Why I spent 80% of my mornings making sure I was aligned so the remaining 20% of my actions were used writing my book. How meditation in the morning has helped keep my alignment and flow in check. How writing to my intuition is one of the biggest ways to uncover my alignment in these tougher moments. How gratitude walks help us find our alignment and make all the actions and effort we take so much more effective. When we feel frustrated or out of alignment, we should stop working and get ourselves back into a place of good, positive feeling before taking more action.   SHOW NOTES   Meditation Apps Life with Intention Online Writing to intuition Tony Robbins Alex and Mimi Ikonn Episode Abraham Hicks   LISTEN TO THE SHOW    

TLS #162: A Lively Adventure – What Knowing Feels Like (& What To Do When You Don’t Know)  

Today’s Lively episode is the first “Adventure” now that I’m back in the US! As I’m here once again, my ego wants to know where I’ll live, or at least when I’ll know where I want to live... ASAP. But the truth is: I don’t have any intuition about that right now. As I live in this murky place of uncertainty, I’m sharing the two biggest things I’m focusing on, which also apply to anyone else going through a phase of unknowing in relationships, career, or otherwise. This episode is perfect for anyone who wants to know what “knowing” feels like, or for anyone who is in a phase of “not knowing” at the moment and wants some direction and clarity for this season of life.     [Tweet "“Practice and all is coming." - Sri K. Pattabhi Jois"] [Tweet "“Where we want to go is with the Flow." - @JessCLively"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   How I’m learning to handle integrating the new experiences I had abroad with the familiar experiences I’ve had before the trip. My unanswered question of, “When will I know where I should be?” I’ll talk about what knowing feels like and what to do when you don’t know. How when we don’t have the knowing, we procrastinate or take fearful inaction, or we lean into another person’s “knowing” instead of using our own intuition. How using another person’s knowing is actually their ego projecting their personal values, experience, and satisfaction onto you, thus preventing you from living your life from you own Values. Why collecting the data through real world experience will eventually allow that sense of knowing to come about and be able to move forward confidently. How data collecting proves what we want and don’t want. How important to keep the practice and all is coming mentally. Why we want to grow, be challenged and have fun along the way, which is how we have to experience life. Why we need to go with the Flow without forcing it or fighting it, rather find the flow that feels natural, ease-filled and fluid.   SHOW NOTES   "Hold On" by Rivvrs Shri K. Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute  Abraham Hicks     LISTEN TO THE SHOW    

TLS #161: My Top 10 Lessons From My “Lively Adventure”  

This is my first week back in the States! (Talk about “all the feels.”) Before leaving in May, I was most curious to know how this trip would “change me” - since so many people said extended international travel would do just that. Well, today I’m reflecting on the top 10 lessons I’ve learned - and what I think I’m going to do in my life (based on this experience) going forward. This episode is perfect for anyone looking to learn more about the lessons I’ve learned this summer which apply to us all, near or abroad.           IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   10. Follow your intuition, even when things feel uncertain. 9. How to use flow to direct my adventures. 8. Internal alignment is greater than external expectations. (following other people’s flow is not going to work for me). 7. Sometimes the Flowing gets tough. 6. Sometimes there’s a dip after a really, really great period. 5. Your skills and values can never be taken away. 4. Pain happens, suffering is optional. 3. We don’t have to own to appreciate. 2. Our emotions do not need to equal our circumstances. 1. How have I changed on this journey?   SHOW NOTES TLS Vlog - The Big Annoucement TLS Vlog from NYC TLS #156: Meditation Retreat Dhanakosa Buddhist Meditation Retreat Center Alex + Mimi Ikon Vlog about Climbing Ben Nevins Ben Nevins - Scotland Writing to Your Intuition Course TLS #152: Getting Answers and the U-Curve Hypothesis The U-Curve Hyposisthese – Sverre Lysgaard TLS #157: Appreciation Episode TLS #159: Emotions and Circumstances   LISTEN TO THE SHOW    

TLS #160: Your Questions Answered – intuition resistance, budget, reentry & my next adventure  

It’s time time again for… Questions + Answers... August edition! We are covering a whole bunch of “bits and bobs” (my new favorite Britishism) today. There are lots of travel questions, intuition writing queries, more international dating stuff, and more. So let’s dive in, shall we? This episode is perfect for anyone who wants to tap into their intuition more (and might be facing some resistance), wants to learn how I’ve approached this open ended travel (phone bills, etc.), or wants to know what it’s been like to date people from different cultures while traveling.   [Tweet "“I do what brings me joy, and leave the rest." - @JessCLively"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   What kind of cell phone plan do you have while traveling? How are you going bringing pleasure to your life while traveling without your usual comforts (candles and nice bedding etc) with being out of routine. And what have you found best and worst about traveling solo-ish? What caused you to follow a strictly gluten and dairy free diet, and how have you navigated in your travels with these dietary restrictions? Are you worried about reentry? How are you preparing for it? Or are you holding off on thinking about it? Have you run into any entrepreneurs who are on similar adventures while bringing along a child and partner? What microphone do you use? Has this adventure ignited a travel bug in you? Are you already thinking about where you would like to go on an adventure next? Have you been able to maintain your Personal Victory practice each morning or have you substituted it for something else? What are your fears/limiting beliefs about living abroad permanently? What do you do if you are too scared to do what your intuition tells you? Do you have any suggestions for getting through the initial roadblock while journaling/writing to my intuition? How do we deal with the ego trying to impersonate the intuition? Have you found it difficult to date in Europe with the culture differences?  Can you comment on how you traveled abroad with just a passport for the amount of time you did?  Did you apply for a visa? Or were there any other loop holes that you took advantage of that let you stay in Europe for longer than three months? Have you ever taken a leap because you listened to your intuition and then regretted it or continued to second-guess yourself after making the decision? How do you cope with decisions that you made and had good reasons for at the time, but now are stuck with and somewhat regret? Are you into Hamilton at all? Also, do you know what your Myers-Briggs personality type is, and if so, do you put much stock in that system? Is it too early to ask how this journey has already changed you?  Now that you have had this tremendous opportunity have you felt comfort in this type of travel and incorporated it into what you now enjoy and can see yourself doing? My daughter and I are going to London in October and would love your top 3 suggestions for things to do! How do you budget? Do you have a spending limit per day? How else have you incorporated exercise into your travel? Is it just natural since you are likely walking a lot? How have you kept in touch with close family & friends while traveling? How is your away luggage holding up?         SHOW NOTES   WhatsApp Messaging App TLS VLOG #17: WHAT I PACKED FOR EUROPE! (PART 1) TLS #85 with Alisa Vitti (Flo Living) Flo Living WomanCode Audio-Technica ATR2100-USB Microphone Writing To Your Intuition Course Hamilton Myer’s Briggs Sketch - London Dishoom Farm Girl Cafe Hyde Park - London       LISTEN TO THE SHOW    

TLS #159: A Lively Adventure: Our emotions do not equal our circumstances  

Today’s Lively Show is going into a subject that I’m fascinated by: the connection (or disconnection) between circumstances and emotions. This is some new territory on TLS, we have touched on emotions briefly in this episode with Brooke Castillo, and today I’m going deeper into how we can chose to positively shift our emotions despite circumstances that would normally “dictate” otherwise. And, how by choosing positive emotions before things happen, situations unfold in better than “expected.” This episode is perfect for anyone who is looking to have more positive feelings and less emotional reactivity to circumstances (or other people’s emotions) in their lives.   [Tweet "“Our emotions are triggered by our circumstances." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“We can only be the light, and wait for them to ask how we shine." - @JessCLively"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   Even though our circumstances can vary, our access to different emotions is relatively limited. The scale of emotions (see below) and how they relate and range in your life. How our circumstances do not have to define where we land on this scale. Why we don’t always need to feel the worst because of the worst circumstances. Due to the large amount of circumstances and limited amount of emotions, the scale can help us identify where we and others are on the scale. We can see what emotions we gravitate to the most, it allows us to have empathy for ourselves and others, we can question whether the emotion we are currently feeling is serving us in the situation or see if we can float to a higher emotion. Can we choose our emotions before our circumstances? Why we need to model our behavior for others so they desire what your secret is to adjust their emotion and mood. We don’t need to attach our own emotional well-being to the moods of others.   SHOW NOTES   Power vs. Force by David R. Hawkins TLS #68 with Hal Elrod      LISTEN TO THE SHOW    

TLS #158: July Favorites – tea infused chocolate, a rose cocktail, spiritual teachings & a “sparkle water” ring  

Today I’ve got a fresh batch of “favorites” to share with you from July! I’m chatting about some recent jewelry purchases, the prettiest chocolate bars I’ve ever eaten (with inventive flavorings), the spiritual teachings I’ve been listening to all summer, and some favorite spots and cocktails from London and Edinburgh. This episode is for anyone who wants to hear about some fun new jewelry purchases, spiritual teachings, and floral infused foods and cocktails to try.   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   Why I love jewelry so much, especially when I travel. How chocolate from Coco Chocolatier is the best - they have organic chocolates in stunning papers. How milk chocolate and rose, milk chocolate and lavender, and dark chocolate earl grey tea and bergamot are some of my favorite chocolates. How Dishoom's Edwina'a Affair has the best description for a drink: “The hush-hush love triangle of gin, rose and cardamom, in a secret garden of fresh mint, strewn with candied rose petals. Light, refreshing, captivating." That there was a beer in Edinburgh that is described as a “Smooth Scottish beer with hints of toffee, vanilla, and oak.” How I have been on a quest to study Abraham Hicks in books, audio and video!     SHOW NOTES   TLS Vlog #5: Austin | Jess Lively Stacking Rings - Goldeluxe Thistle & Bess Sparkle Water Ring - 5Octobre Kelly Diamond Star Ring Ravi Layered Necklace from Anthropology Coco Chocolatier from Edinburgh The Farm Girl 3 Floyds Brewing The Elephant House Cafe JK Rowling - Harry Potter Collection Dishoom’s Edwina’s Affair Innus & Gunn Original -- Oak Aged Beer Get your free audio book you’d like at Law of Attraction The Astonishing Power of Emotions Ask and It Is Given - The Processes Abraham Hicks YouTube Channel Favorite Restaurant: The Dogs in Edinburgh Favorite Coffee Shop: Chelsea Quarter Cafe     LISTEN TO THE SHOW    

TLS #157: A Lively Adventure – We Don’t Have to Own To Appreciate  

Today’s Lively Show episode is inspired by a moment I had next to a set of crystallized coasters in an Anthropologie in Edinburgh, Scotland. Inspiration really can come from all sources, eh?  : ) As I stared wistfully at the coasters, vintage inspired glasses, and brass bottle openers, I had a powerful realization about the ‘blend’ of things our lives, the power of imagination, and our limiting beliefs about appreciation and gratitude. This episode is perfect for anyone who is finding themselves envious of the relationships, homes, families, travel, clothing, etc. of people they know, or the people they follow on social media.   [Tweet "“Sometimes the blend of our lives goes a bit more in one direction than another." - @jessclively"] [Tweet "“We do not need to own to appreciate." - @jessclively"] [Tweet "“Use your imagination and connect with your intuition." - @jessclively"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   How drink coasters from Anthropologie taught me the empowering truth about when you want something that either you can’t or you choose not to have right now. How Moose Tracks ice cream relates to gratitude and appreciation. How our consumerism has affected our ability to have a positive emotion and gratitude whether we own something or not. How I used my imagination to feel the emotions and appreciate the feeling and joy, and let them go, to then follow my intuition for my next steps in life. How seeking new things in our lives that do not align with our intuition is never worth it. Why it’s awesome to have so many different experiences and emotions that are positive from those said experiences without actually having to own them in our lives.   SHOW NOTES Alex Ikonn Vlog Mimi Ikonn Vlog TLS#75:  Mimi Ikonn TLS #113 with Alex Ikonn Writing to Your Intuition Course   LISTEN TO THE SHOW    

TLS #156: A Lively Adventure – Processing Pain: Reflections on a Buddhist Meditation Retreat  

In today’s Lively Adventure episode I’m sharing what I learned from Dhanakosa, a weeklong Buddhist Meditation Retreat, that I participated in the Scottish Highlands last week. I’m sharing what the retreat itself was like, what I personally experienced during my self-reflection regarding relationships, and lessons learned from processing physical and emotional pain. This episode is perfect for anyone interested in learning more about what the meditation retreat was like or those who are looking for a way to process physical or emotional pain.     [Tweet "“It too shall pass." - @jessclively"] [Tweet "“Practice and all is coming." - @jessclively"] [Tweet "“Suffering comes from the story I assign to the pain, not the pain itself." - @jessclively"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   The Buddhist meditation retreat is a week long retreat and included four meditations a day, each about 20-35 min and then long periods of silence. How it allowed me to be active while getting to know the people in my group while sharing and discussing what we were learning together in the retreat. The three specific practices in this meditation: mindfulness of breathing, loving kindness and chanting mediations. How I managed to live with intense migraines while still experiencing extreme joy during this retreat. How I believe that the headaches were a sign that I was headed in the right direction towards rebalancing my body and being closer to my Flow. How focusing on “full ease” allowed me to go through my day much easier and with gratitude, without thinking too much about the pain. That I believe that one important lesson was to show me how to be joyful, even when things are uncomfortable. How this retreat proved that the mindset shifts I’ve been making over the last ten years have transformed me into a  person that can deal with issues (like migraines) and still have a great and joyful experience. My mindset shifts have been comprised of: living life by my Values, detaching myself from the ego, understanding my choice of emotions before outcomes, using meditation to notice and observe the ego, and having epic empathy for myself. How seeking the Flow and following the Adventure that comes with it, instead of resisting it, has helped me continue this journey abroad.   SHOW NOTES   Dhanakosa Buddhist Meditation Retreat Center Vipassana Meditation   LISTEN TO THE SHOW      

TLS #155: Your Questions Answered – Flow, Vices, Travel Routines & Int’l Dating  

Today I’ve got a fun episode covering many questions asked in this July’s Q+A call out. I’m discussing a variety of subjects including: how I found my coaches, whether I’m feeling freedom (or boredom) from my travel capsule wardrobe, my advice for overcoming vices, things I miss about the US, my “must see” recommendations, and my experiences dating internationally. This episode is perfect for anyone interested in learning about the subjects I shared above along with my travel approach, intuition + career, and more.   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   Where are you staying during your travels? Do you figure it out one day at a time? What do you miss most about the US? It seems like your coaches have been incredibly helpful and influential during this huge transition period. I was wondering how you found them and how you knew they were the right fit for you? I've been loving following along on your adventure! I'd love to know if you're finding any new rituals or routines abroad that you're hoping to incorporate into your life back home — wherever that may be

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