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According to the internet, and co-host Matt Wilson, The Long Ball Street is the best football podcast out there. And if the internet knows anything it's stuff like this. In a virtual world drowning in football podcasts, Ball Street aims to bring you something a little different. We were set up to create an independent and authentic alternative the mainstream media, with fans at the heart of everything we do. As well as reacting to events in the football world, we'll be talking to fan channels like Arsenal Fan TV and Redmen TV on the content they produce, as well as interviewing football personalities like Jimmy Bullard and Ian Wright. The Long Ball Street isn't just another football podcast. It's THE football podcast...* *Matt Wilson and the internet.


Long Ball Street | Episode 59 Gianluigi Donnarumma, Johan Cruyff and f*cking up football  

Long Ball Street returns as Matt and Flav sit down and talk about Donnarumma, the magic of Johan Cruyff and how rule changes could f**k up football. We answer your questions and birds and that, yeah? is back! See you at the far post.

Long Ball Street | Episode 58 -  Fixtures, FanLeague and Mayweather Vs McGregor  

The Long Ball Street returns as we discuss Premier League fixtures, Huddersfield's return to the top flight, and Mayweather Vs McGregor. See you at the far post.


Matt and James are joined by Dom from Bantams Banter. They discuss the differences between the Premier League and the Football league, and whether Arsenal or Spurs have had the better season. Matt also discusses Huddersfield's promotion to the PL of course. See you at the far post.

One for the Weekend | Episode 5 – Arsenal or Liverpool play-off, Champions League and Ronaldo  

One for the Weekend podcast returns and so does Iain Macintosh. We discuss the potential play-off between Liverpool and Arsenal, and what that could mean for the Champions League and the Europa League, and we admire the physique of Ronaldo and Lionel Messi

Long Ball Street | Episode 56 - Scouting players and farewell to White Hart Lane  

Long Ball Street sat down with Kristen Heneage, football knowledge powerhouse and freelance football scout previously of Seattle Sounders. Flav also recounts his experiences of the last ever day at White Hart Lane. Then there's the usual pod questions and the saucy top 5! See you at the far post.

One for the Weekend | Episode 4 - Ross Barkley, Pogba's agent and the myth of momentum  

Click here to play along with Flav and James on the beta version of Fan League: James and Flav get serious this week, discussing Paul Pogba's agent Mino Raiola, Ronald Koeman's ultimatum Ross Barkley and with the play-offs on the horizon diving into momentum in sport and how that might affect Tottenham Hotspur Huddersfield Town, Sheffield Wednesday, Fulham or Reading as they look to make it into the Premier League.

Long Ball Street | Episode 55 - Mitrovic, shameful Chelsea and plastic fans  

We forgive Mitrovic, are Chelsea fans wrong for leaving early and who from Ball Street is a plastic fan? See you at the far post

One for the Weekend | Episode 3 - Arsenal v Man United, Melancholy Moyes and Dicks  

Iain Macintosh joins James and Flav to talk all things football including Arsenal vs Man United, David Moyes and the future for Spurs.

Long Ball Street | Episode 54 - Are all young players dicks? Fans of other clubs and fan media  

Today Flav & Matt discuss what responsibilities the fan media industry has, the issue of resting players & the effects of young athletes' lifestyles on their mental health.

One for the Weekend | Episode 2 - Spurs v Arsenal, Joey Barton and Joshua v Klitschko  

In this weeks 'One For The Weekend' brought to you by FanLeague, James and Flav discuss the big talking points as you head to the weekend including Spurs vs Arsenal at White Hart Lane, Joey Barton and his gambling problems and away from football the Anthony Joshua vs Wladimir Klitschko. The boys will also reveal this weeks 13 predictions for the weekend. Check them out here:

Long Ball Street | Episode 53 - Fights, controversy, Wenger Out and Robbie from ArsenalFanTV  

Long Ball Street returns as we sit down with Robbie from ArsenalFanTV to discuss the recent controversy, fans trying to fight him, and the Wenger Out campaign. We also talk about the north London Derby against Tottenham, and the futures of Ozil, Sanchez and the big man himself. See you at the far post

Long Ball Street | Episode 52 - Spurs, Wilshere and Hooliganism  

This was meant to go out last week. We had some technical issues which made it impossible. So for those that want it, here you are: Flav and Matt return to discuss hooliganism, when rivalry oversteps the mark, were Spurs fans right to jeer Wilshere Injury and we ask are you club or England. See you at the far post.

One for the Weekend | Episode 1 - Welcome  

In the first episode of our new podcast brought to you by FanLeague, we discuss the FA Cup semi-finals, Harry Redknapp and the relegation scrap. It's a look ahead to the weekend's games, the boys will be making 13 predictions. Subscribe to our podcast youtube channel:

Episode 51 - Arsenal, Arsene Wenger and Arsenal Fan TV  

Flav and Matt sit down to discuss the problems going on at Arsenal currently. We talk about the fall out of the game against Man City and the commotion around Arsenal Fan TV. We also answer your questions, and find out what Adam has been up to. See you at the far post.

Episode 50 - Seamus Coleman, England are sh*t, sack Jose Mourinho?  

Long Ball Street returns and we discuss Seamus Coleman, the problem with England, and should Jose Mourinho be dumped at Man United. See you at the far post.

Episode 49 - Michael Duberry, dressing room banter and big willies  

We sit down with the big man as he opens up about dressing room banter, big and small willies, and a few other bits and pieces. Birds and that, yeah? returns and we do Pod Questions. See you at the far post.

Episode 48 - Sh*t players we love, SISU and does my club respect me?  

Flav and James sit down with Chris Pajak of The Redmen TV. We ask whether our football clubs respect us, what Sh*t players we love despite their inability to play football properly and the delights of Liverpool's most famous YouTube channel. Birds and that returns. See you at the far post.

Episode 47 - Death threats, Norwich City and banning orders  

We're joined by the dashing Jack Reeve as we talk about dealing hate from the internet, the rise of fan media, the EFL's ban on him filming inside football stadia. We also answers questions from you the listeners. Remember, we film the podcast each week. Just YouTube 'Long Ball Street'. See you at the far post... and on Youtube.

Episode 46 - Birds, throwing beer and leaving home  

This week the boys talk about the damage that fantasy football does, the pain of moving to the new stadium, and is there anything wrong with the rise in concourse culture of throwing beer and singing songs. As ever we answer your questions. See you at the far post.

Episode 45 - Love and hate - the psychology of football fans  

Today we’re going slightly off kilter as we discuss the psychology of supporting a football team. We’re not aiming to answer any definitive questions or trying to solve what makes us feel about football and our clubs, but more find anecdotal evidence of fandom and where that comes from… See you at the far post.

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