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According to the internet, and co-host Matt Wilson, The Long Ball Street is the best football podcast out there. And if the internet knows anything it's stuff like this. In a virtual world drowning in football podcasts, Ball Street aims to bring you something a little different. We were set up to create an independent and authentic alternative the mainstream media, with fans at the heart of everything we do. As well as reacting to events in the football world, we'll be talking to fan channels like Arsenal Fan TV and Redmen TV on the content they produce, as well as interviewing football personalities like Jimmy Bullard and Ian Wright. The Long Ball Street isn't just another football podcast. It's THE football podcast...* *Matt Wilson and the internet.


Episode 40 - Costa, Payet and player power feat. The Redmen TV  

The Long Ball Street podcast returns with Paul and Chris from The Redmen TV as they tackle the thorny issue of player loyalty. Focusing on the current crusades of Diego Costa and Dimitri Payet, the boys try and figure out who is a fault and why... See you at the far post.

Episode 39 - The amazing story of Paul Canoville  

Paul Canoville's story is one of the more incredible in the world of football, and we don't want to spoil any of it in this description. If you haven't heard of him then you certainly don't know, and if you have then you probably don't know it all. We'll see you at the far post.

Episode 38 - Tottenham's league challenge, Alexis Sanchez and toilet talk  

Matt is away on paternity leave so James steps in with Flav as they discuss the problem with mercurial players, Alexis Sanchez, Tottenham's charge for the league title, and who would be a manager. See you at the far post.

Episode 37 - Review of the year and the Long Ball Street awards  

It's the last podcast of the year, Flav and Matt join to review the year of football that was and go through the Ball Street awards. See you at the far post.

Episode 36 - the new superpower, glory hunters, and football is fixed  

Flav and Matt return to discuss the new superpower in world football in China, the plight of the glory hunters, and how the clubs are finally leading the way in pricing of football matches. See you at the far post. Merry Christmas

Episode 35 - The FA, the Merseyside Derby, McGregor and Labour  

Matt and Flav are back together. We talk about reforming the FA, the beauty of the rivalry between Everton and Liverpool, the solution to the Mayweather v McGregor fight and women going into labour. See you at the far post.

Episode 34 - RB Leipzig, useless pundits and pet hates in football  

We talk about the 'evil' that is RB Leipzig, our pet hates in modern football and why the press in football in the UK irritate so many. James fills in for Matt who had a whole home to move. We'll see you at the far post.

Episode 33 - Smiv of Palmers FC  

Smiv of Palmers FC joins Flav and Matt in the Ball Street studios as his team prepares to face the might of YouTube football outfit Hashtag FC. Smiv talks about being a YouTuber back in 2008, when being a YouTuber wasn't even a thing. We speak about the reasons for starting Palmers, and what made him turn the camera on. He also recounts some of the mental stuff that happens up and down the country on England's Sunday League pitches, and dealing with the pressure of being rated as the best amateur side in the land. See you at the far post.

Episode 32 - Strippers, Safe Standing and Adam Lallana  

Just Flav and Matt this week as they talk about Adam Lallana's penchant for strippers, Matt tells a story about how he and the world's most famous pop star attempted to pull a woman with a limp, we discuss how Sean Dyche and Tony Pulis sent for the Premier League's best managers and we revisit the issue of safe standing. See you at the far post.

Episode 30 - Laurence from the True Geordie podcast  

Laurence joins Matt and Flav from the True Geordie podcast. We talk about pretty much absolutely everything... but some about Loz's relationship with TG, trolling in the comments, and the problems with fan made media. See you at the far post.

Episode 30 - The trouble with running ArsenalFanTV  

Robbie from Arsenal Fan Tv join Flav and Matt in the Ball Street studio to discuss the challenges behind the scenes of running one of youtube's biggest football channels. We talk about the accusations made in the mainstream press that Arsenal Fan TV provide tickets to interviewees on the channel, the issues of providing people like Claude who suffer from mental health problems with a platform that's witnessed by hundreds of thousands of people weekly. And with the advent of new media, how have Arsenal Football Club reacted to the success of the channel? Plus Robbie and Flav go at it over the North London Derby. See you at the far post

Episode 29 - Jack Collison - West Ham, retirement and Millwall  

Ex-Premier League midfielder Jack Collison joins Flav this week. We look at how Jack ended up at West Ham as a youngster. He went on to play over 100 games for the East End club before his career was sadly cut short by injury. Flav and Jack discuss how he coped mentally with the injury setbacks, early retirement and THAT game against Millwall. We also talk about Jack’s soccer school and ambitions for the future. See you at the far post.

Episode 28 - Referees are only human  

Everyone hates referees... even other referees. Matt and Flav respond to the recent comments made by Graham Poll about Mark Clattenburg, that he's ego driven and actively looks to give less to fans that give him stick during a game. Is there an issue with the quality of referring, the lack of objectivity, and is it time the robots ran the game? We also talk at the quotes made by Burnley Chief Executive, Paul Fletcher, as he advises that West Ham's London Stadium be torn down and built again to make it fit for purpose. It's just not a football ground he says. We also ask why football fans are so ruddy fickle. All this and more on the Long Ball Street. We'll see you at the far post.

Episode 27 - Brain injuries, the point of the League Cup, the bile in Twitter, and gay footballers  

Flav and Matt are joined by the office intern this week, his name is Adam. We charged Adam with finding us four subjects from around the world of football, then we had a go at tackling them. We ask what's the point of the league cup, is it now okay for footballers to be gay, Victor Anichebe and players on twitter, and the scientific fact that heading a football causes brain damage. See you at the far post.

Episode 26 - Anwar Uddin - Ruptured abuductors, West Ham dressing room and asian footballers  

Being an Asian professional footballer. Anwar Uddin is the Diversity and Campaign manager for Football Supporters Federation, he is also an ex-professional for West Ham, Sheffield Wednesday, Bristol Rovers, Dagenham and Redbridge, Barnet, Sutton United and Eastbourne. He’s also a Bengali Muslim. Flav is joined by James in the absence of Matt. We talk to Anwar about his experiences as a pro footballer from an ethnic minority. He cut his teeth at West Ham during one of the greatest generation of youth players ever seen. He shared the dressing room with Ian Wright, Joe Cole, Rio Ferdinand, Michael Carrick, Leon Britton, and Frank Lampard. It wasn't always easy, but Uddin was a big part of the atmosphere at the club and has amazing stories to tell. Oh and there's the usual stories of horrendous injuries that will turn your stomach... See you at the far post.

Episode 25 - Dealing with success - the fans and the players  

Success in sport is seen as the aim for all who compete. But little thought goes into the impact that winning things can have on clubs, fanbases and the players themselves. Flav, Matt and Jim sit down and discuss the trappings of success and discover that no one really knows the answer to the question whether winning it all is really worth it. See you at the far post.

Episode 24 - Danny Gabbidon and the men that made him  

We're joined by West Ham and Cardiff stalwart Danny Gabiddon as we talk about the moments that defined his career. We get off to a shaky start. Former football agent Jim Erwood joins us as well. His much told story of representing Ashley Williams and losing him after another pro player whispered in his ear is blown wide open. And everyone hates Gary Megson. Danny talks candidly about his time at West Ham, Cardiff and QPR, while letting go of some amazing stories... not least the dressing room fall out between Joey Barton and Adel Taarabt at half-time during a game against Tottenham. The whole pod is, as ever, a fascinating listen. See you at the far post.

Episode 23 - Leon McKenzie - Knives, goals, suicide and boxing  

Leon McKenzie has gone through enough to live two lives. This is another podcast in a line produced by Ball Street where we've been fortunate enough to get behind the professional footballer, and in this case, the professional boxer. Leon goes into depth about his surroundings growing up and being tested as most young people in London contend with. Unfortunately his struggles didn't end when he made it into the professional ranks - a fascinating story in itself. Throughout his career Leon struggles with injury and for some footballers this brings with it mental strain. Typically the environment in football isn't set up to deal with mental health issues, but footballers, because they're men, are more susceptible to struggling mentally... for some it's a melting pot for depression and worse. But Leon is a different type of character, and isn't beaten so easily. This week we've got an offer on with DraftKings, a Daily Fantasy game where you compete live for real money with other players as the goals go in. Join our league this Saturday for your share of £15k: To get tickets for Leon's next fight at York Hall click this link: See you at the far post.

Episode 22 - Football Supporters Foundation  

Matt and Flav are together again and their tiff is very much a thing of past. Both are joined by Amanda Jacks and David Rose of the Football Supporters Foundation. We talk about the role of the organisation, the criticisms they face, the Twenty's Plenty campaign, the Whole Game Solution, and Safe Standing - we've never been closer to an introduction of rail seating in English grounds. We'll see you at the far post

Episode 21 - Fair Cop guv - Policing football fans  

We're joined by Amanda Jacks, a case worker for the Football Supporters Federation. She works with football fans who have been arrested or mistreated at football matches to ensure that supporters are treated as people rather than criminals. We talk about the damaging culture of football fans in that they accept the way they're treated, and how some fans court controversy as a two fingered gesture at what the game has become. We also touch upon the fascinating Joey Barton issue as he sits through his three week ban at Rangers. Matt is on holiday so we're joined by Ball Street co-founder Stuart, a worthy substitute. We'll see you at the far post.

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