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The Marketing Companion


The world’s most entertaining marketing podcast! The Marketing Companion brings you laugh-out-loud comedy, “celebrity” guest appearances, and cutting edge marketing insights. With more than 50 years of marketing experience betwen them, hosts Mark Schaefer and Tom Webster deliver insightful, creative commentary on the world of digital business. The Marketing Companion is always fun, always interesting, and always on-target with insights and ideas that will turn up your marketing intellect to an “11.”


A new marketing channel emerges  

Brand-new research shows how the smart speaker category is dramatically changing consumer behavior, decimating traditional search strategies, and re-creating how we think about content.

In this show, hosts Mark Schaefer and Tom Webster explore the significant implications for business, for commerce, and for our lives.

Influencer Marketing Grows Up  

In just a few years, influencer marketing has evolved from a marketing side project to an extremely important mainstream channel. Mark and Tom dissect a new research report discussing the progress in influencer marketing measurement, execution, and strategy.

Should you believe the "Meeker Report?"  

The annual "Meeker Report" is a treasure trove of digital marketing trends and facts that attracts massive media attention each year. But can it be trusted? Hosts Mark Schaefer and Tom Webster explain why the report is increasingly slanted toward the company's own investment portfolio and even includes a sponsored section of data this year. The podcast hosts also pluck out a few statistical surprises of note from the report.

Achieving escape velocity with your marketing message  

Standing out in a noisy world is probably the most pressing challenge for any marketer today. Citing new research and reports, hosts Mark Schaefer and Tom Webster look at the role of habit, disrupting habit, and segmentation in the digital marketing era.

Artificial intelligence, real marketing  

For some marketers, Artificial Intelligence may provide a threat, for others an opportunity. In this episode, hosts Mark Schaefer and Tom Webster take a candid and provocative look at the near-term impacts of AI on our profession, including martech, analytics, service, and content. They also demonstrate what happens when Alexa goes rogue!

The content monetization minefield  

Traditional publishers in print, audio, and television are struggling to keep up as advertisers re-trench and pour money into mobile advertising. Host Mark Schaefer and Tom Webster discuss the new media hierarchy and what this means to organizations trying to monetize their content. They also review the world's worst games.

The real data behind content marketing secrets  

On this extraordinary episode, Buzz Sumo founder Steve Rayson joins Mark and Tom for an entirely new slant on content marketing success. No person on earth has dissected the content world like Steve and in this exclusive episode he reveals his surprising findings ... including the myths of "viral" marketing.

Your content: When is it time to pivot or quit?  

Hosts Mark Schaefer and Tom Webster reflect on four years of podcasting and debate a touchy topic: When is it time to stop the show, or any content program for that matter?

A special 100th episode  

Douglas Burdette is a guest host as Mark Schaefer and Tom Webster peel back the curtain on four years of podcasting and the secrets behind The Marketing Companion.

The audio revolution and the opportunity for smart marketers  

Hosts Mark Schaefer and Tom Webster reveal exclusive insights from a new Edison Research report on the surprising new ways Americans are consuming audio content and the implications for marketers. And then of course there is this thing about Dr. Oba's Herbal Rub ....

New media influencers are changing marketing forever  

Recent rifts between PewDiePie and traditional marketers and media may be just the tip of the iceberg for what's ahead for marketers, claim hosts Mark Schaefer and Tom Webster. Welcome to a marketing world where the rules are being turned upside down and the talent calls the shots.

Fame, fortune and the art of becoming known  

Hosts Mark Schaefer and Tom Webster take you on a behind-the-scenes look at Mark's new book KNOWN. Mark reveals the concepts and process behind his unique new work and reveals which social media superstar's quote gives him a stomach ache! The podcast also features a hilarious segment on book sales ideas that will never work.

What does digital transformation mean to marketing?  

In this special episode, Mark Schaefer and Tom Webster interview Bryan Jones, VP Commercial Marketing for Dell. Bryan is a true leader when it comes to cutting-edge implementation of the latest marketing techniques. In this show, hear how he is driving risk-taking and creativity into his marketing team, how his team stays on top of the changing social media landscape and the role of technology and corporate culture in a world-class marketing team today.

Is the Age of Apple over?  

Apple has struggled with tech problems and is falling behind in key areas like original content, AI and smart speakers. How does the most valuable brand in the world turn it around? Hosts Mark Schaefer and Tom Webster offer their perspectives.

Streamification, Smart speakers and other marketing changes to watch  

In this episode Mark and Tom explore bold ideas that will have a profound impact on marketers including smart speakers, artificial intelligence, and the "streamification" of content.

The Internet of Things and the future of marketing  

On this special episode, hosts Mark Schaefer and Tom Webster bring Dr. Ari Lightman of Carnegie Mellon University into the studio for a fascinating discussion on how IoT will impact marketing, advertising, and our careers.

Conversational marketing and the gig economy  

Mark and Tom take a look at some trends impacting business today including opportunities and underside of the gig economy, automated conversations leading the way in consumer data collection and fake news. The hosts also find the world's funniest joke.

Understanding the US election and its implications  

Much has been written about the US election and the lessons we can learn, but true insights are rare. As a VP for Edison Research, Tom Webster was on the front lines of the process. This episode takes you on an insider's view of data's role in the recent election and where we go from here.

The content dominance strategy  

A mega-trend transforming the Internet is subscription-based revenue models driven by exclusive and addictive content. Content-based monetization models now account for 86 percent of Internet revenue, up from 20 percent in 2011. Mark Schaefer and Tom Webster dissect this profound trend and introduce the world's first virtual reality podcast.

The marketing skills you need to succeed today  

In this episode of The Marketing Companion Mark Schaefer and Tom Webster examine different perspectives on the skills needed to be successful today. Do you need to concentrate on marketing fundamentals or jump on board with the latest technological trends?

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