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Welcome Creative Professionals & Consultants If your clients have come primarily through word of mouth - but now it’s time to get serious - you've come to the right place. We've got the tools to help you identify and find your ideal clients, get paid what you're worth and take control of your business.


How to pursue projects that are perfect for you -- Chat #6 with Michael e. Stern  

Here’s the next in a series of ongoing conversations between me, Ilise Benun of and time lapse filmmaker, Michael e. Stern of In this episode, he shares 2 stories in which he heard about a project that would be perfect for him, proceeded to “insert himself into the conversation” and already secured one of the projects. There’s a lot to learn here, but listen especially for his attitude. If you like what you hear, sign up for my new free ecourse here.

Need help pricing your creative services? Listen to this one…  

In the latest podcast, Ilise Benun of chats with Steve Maurer, a copywriter in the vertical B2B Industrial Manufacturing niche, about the changes he’s making to his business, based on Ilise’s new program, AWAI’s Simplest Guide to Pricing Copy Projects. Steve also took what he learned and created worksheets to figure out his monthly expenses and minimum hourly rate. As a special bonus for podcast listeners, download the worksheets here.

Cassie Boorn of  

Ilise Benun of talks with Cassie Boorn of Maker Mentors, an online community for creative professionals, about how she knew when it was time to quit her  job and launch her business and what attendees will learn when they sign up for the 2nd Build a Better Business Conference, an online event happening April 20-21, 2016 at

Keeping It Human with Ben Callahan & Meena Kothandaraman  
This podcast episode is a little different: Ilise Benun of is joined by Meena Kothandaraman of Twig + Fish and Ben Callahan of Sparkbox for a quick rehearsal/overview of Keeping it Human, a brand new presentation they’ve collaborated on for ConvergeSE in Columbia, SC, April 2016.   


HOWDesignLive@SCAD #3 with Tiffany Shlain  

This is the 3rd live interview from the HOWDesignLive@SCAD Lecture Series 2016 with Ilise Benun of and #HOWLive 2016 Opening Keynote speaker, author and filmmaker, Tiffany Shlain. She shares nuggets about her creative process, especially why she chose film as her creative medium and how she scales and maximizes her creativity. Watch the video version here and the rest of the series on SCAD’s virtual lecture hall. More inspiration at and

How one writer landed a $10K project and is building a portable business  

In this conversation with writer, Lori Ferguson, Ilise Benun teases out the details of what Lori did and said for 18 months, until her ideal prospect was ready to give her a big project. Plus, which marketing tools she’s using to build a strong, portable business that will allow her to spend half the year on a Caribbean island! If you like what you hear, sign up for Ilise’s free mentoring session here.

HOWDesignLive@SCAD #2 with Jason Fried  

This is the 2nd live interview from the HOWDesignLive@SCAD Lecture Series 2016 with Ilise Benun of and #HOWLive 2015 speaker, Jason Fried, Co-Founder of Basecamp and author of 3 books including, “Rework,” and “Remote.” Lots of inspiring ideas about how to use your creativity to build a business that lasts, plus a little rant on the importance of sleep. Watch the video version here and the rest of the series on SCAD’s virtual lecture hall. More inspiration at and

Are You Keeping This Secret From Yourself? Chat #5 with Michael e. Stern  

If you are a mid-career creative pro with a solid portfolio and lots of experience but you still struggle with pricing, you’re not alone and this podcast is for you. Time lapse filmmaker, Michael e. Stern, chats with Ilise Benun of about how you may be undermining your success. He also shares the worst thing to have in your head when you talk to a new prospect. If you like what you hear, sign up for Ilise’s new free ecourse here.

HOWDesignLive@SCAD #1 with Matthew Manos  

This is a live interview from the HOWDesignLive@SCAD Lecture Series 2016 with Ilise Benun of and #HOWLive speaker, Matthew Manos of Founder of, author of, “How to Give Half Your Work Away for Free” and recently named one of “Seven Millennials Changing the World.” Lots of inspiring ideas about building on his foundation and using his creativity to do something meaningful! More inspiration at and

Dianna Huff on smoother cash flow for freelancers  

If your unpredictable income makes your life a roller coaster, you’re not alone. In today’s podcast interview, Ilise Benun of talks with freelance marketing strategist, Dianna Huff, about her new guide, Cashflow for Freelancers, in which she shares what she’s learned about evening out her own cash flow. And if you like what you hear, sign up for Ilise’s new free ecourse here.

David Bain On Digital Marketing, the Moving Target  

What the heck is digital marketing? Is it online marketing? Is it Internet marketing? Is it a moving target? That’s the question I tackled with David Bain of Digital Marketing Radio. We talked especially about podcasting, live audio and video broadcasting. if you’ve been thinking of starting your own show, this is a great episode for you. And if you like what you hear, be sure to write a review and sign up for my new free ecourse here

Don’t Make The Mistakes We Did: Podcast #4 with Michael e. Stern  

The new year is upon us so it’s time to reflect on what worked, and especially on what didn’t work, so we can improve it. In this year-end podcast, Ilise Benun of is joined by time-lapse filmmaker, Michael e. Stern, of to share mistakes made and lessons learned regarding excited clients, partnerships, contracts and more. If your goal for 2016 is to get better clients with bigger budgets, check out the new 30 Minutes a Day Marketing Plan for Creative Professionals.

On Package Pricing, Tiered Pricing & Value-Based Pricing with Jason Blumer  

There has been a ton of interest in Package Pricing for creative services but some confusion amongst other pricing strategies, like tiered-pricing and the trendy “productizing.” In this podcast interview Jason Blumer, of, and Ilise Benun of, sort out and clarify these strategies so you can use them to gain more control over your life. Isn’t that the point? Want more? Sign up for Quick Tips.

How to land the right price every time with Laurie Millotte  

Laurie Millotte used to worry that she was undercharging. Other times she worried that she might be overcharging. Even when clients hired her, she never really knew if she had come up with the right price for her creative services. Then she started offering packages and it changed the way she does business. In this podcast, she shares with Marketing Mentor, Ilise Benun, how she packages her design services and how she sells the packages to her clients, even her “crazy package.” Want more? Sign up for Quick Tips.

The Art of Giving Good Phone, with right-brainer, Michael e. Stern  

If you’re selling big-ticket services and want to connect directly with your best prospects, the phone is an effective marketing tool, if you know how to give good phone. Michael e. Stern generously shares his proven techniques in his 3rd podcast/interview with Ilise Benun of Want more? Sign up for Quick Tips here.

How to get access to a wider audience of ideal clients  

How do you reach a wide audience when you don’t have thousands of raving fans? In my latest interview, music entrepreneur, Budi Voogt, explains exactly how he gets wide exposure for his talented musicians and how commercial artists and other creative professionals can adapt these strategies to reach a larger audience to find better clients. Want more? Sign up for Quick Tips here.

Pricing Wisdom for Creative Professionals from 36-year veteran, Michael e. Stern  

As a right brainer in a left brain world, Michael e. Stern has learned a lot in his 36 years in business about how to price his creative services. In his 2nd podcast/interview with Ilise Benun of he shares his 3 best pricing strategies, including what he calls the “J.B. factor” and many other pearls of wisdom. Want more? Sign up for Quick Tips here.

Freelancers + staffing firms? Pros & cons + latest trends with Andy Epstein, author of The Corporate Creative  

What are corporate in house design managers looking for in the freelancers they hire? Andy Epstein, author of The Corporate Creative, answers that question and many others in the latest podcast interview with Ilise Benun of Find out where the growth is and which skills will set you apart. Want more? Sign up for Quick Tips from Marketing Mentor

Here’s a Niche: Construction Time Lapse Films with Michael E. Stern  

From surviving to thriving as a creative professional -- that’s the path Michael E. Stern walked the past 35 years as a photographer. It’s taken him time, but he’s found the niche that fits him like a “fur-lined” glove -- construction time-lapse films -- and gives him the freedom many can only dream of. You can hear that freedom in the sound of his voice as he talks with Ilise Benun of about the strength of his positioning. Want more? Sign up for Quick Tips here.

Here’s a niche: Wine & Spirits  

Cynthia Sterling of Sterling Creativeworks talks with Marketing Mentor, Ilise Benun, about how she chose the wine and spirits niche in 2011 when reinventing her business. She also shares how the resulting clarity has freed her to pursue (and secure as clients) the top multi-brand marketers in the category. Learn about her at and Sign up for Quick Tips from Marketing Mentor.

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