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Mythology & Religion in the Human Story


#6 - Fear & Loathing in the New Jerusalem - Never Again  

Modern Zionism began in the late 19th century with idealistic calls for spiritual renewal; by 1939, it had transformed into a desperate play for bare survival. Young revolutionaries do combat with Zionist elder statesmen for the soul of the movement. Hitler’s German Reich and Stalin’s Soviet Union do battle for Europe while everything between them [...]

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**New Decline of the West Podcast** #4 Overwhelming and Collective Murder  

New Decline of the West Podcast here. Didn't plan this, but had to get at you after the madness of the last couple days. Didn't plan on posting any more to the MartyrMade feed, but I liked this discussion so I thought I'd share it. If you like it, please subscribe to The Decline of the West. If not, tell me to get lost and wait for the next MartyrMade, which is on its way!

On July 26, 2016, two young French Arabs announcing themselves as "Soldiers of ISIS" burst into a French church during morning Mass. You know the rest.

On the same day, a 26-year-old Japanese man stalked through the halls of a Japanese hospital for the mentally disabled to carry out a plan he had outlined to the Japanese government in February letter.

Something has shifted beneath our feet, and we might be cracking up.

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Get John's book, The Age of Catastrophe, to read about the Aum Shinrikyo attack on the Tokyo subway system, the Columbine spree killers, the sinking of the Titanic, the Bhopal chemical disaster, and much more.

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*BONUS EPISODE #2 Spree Killers – Dallas, Orlando, Columbine*  

*NOTE* I jacked up the audio levels on this episode. Sorry about that. It is straightened out for the next episode.

This is the last time I'll push The Decline of the West through my MartyrMade feed, at least until something changes, but I wanted to speak directly to you guys and gals one last time as I get this thing started.

We hadn't planned to release another episode for two weeks, but with the recent events in Dallas, TX (for future readers of this post, it's July 10, 2016, and a black nationalist gunman recently murdered five police officers, wounded seven more, who were protecting a Black Lives Matter protest march in the city), we had a few thoughts we wanted to share. I won't give it away, but I will say that we hardly skimmed the surface of all the dark pools we could have, and probably will eventually, dive into as this hot summer slouches toward the 2016 US presidential election.

If you like The MartyrMade Podcast, I really think you should head over to The Decline of the West website and subscribe to the new one I'm doing. The Decline of the West will be a bi-weekly (for now, maybe more later) podcast in collaboration with my friend John David Ebert, and it is going to be an opportunity for me to connect with everyone on a more regular basis. As I'm stuck in my dark and dingy apartment researching and preparing MartyrMade, it can get pretty lonely, and I would love the opportunity to be able to reach out and interact with my MartyrMade listeners in a looser, more informal manner on a regular basis.

On The Decline of the West, I will be providing regular updates on my progress on the next MartyrMade, and I'll be able to break down issues and questions you send my way as they come in, rather than trying to load them into a MartyrMade episode that comes out only every couple of months. We're getting our feet under us a bit in these early shows, but just wait until we get a-rockin' and a-rollin'... Things are happening, and we're gonna get to the bottom of it all. So seriously, subscribe to MartyrMade, because it's a cool show and we all love it, etc etc, but MartyrMade is so research intensive that it's going to keep a schedule somewhat similar to Hardcore History (although, to be honest, I match Dan's schedule despite having a full-time day job and  90 minute commute, so I don't know what time he's getting out of bed!). Subscribe to Decline of the West and we'll be able to talk about contemporary issues and current events in real time.

Thanks again, it still blows me away that I'm typing these words and there are some of you out there who are actually looking forward to reading them. It feels undeserved, but I'll continue to work my ass off to earn your attention as best I can.

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Other listening options coming as soon as I get a spare half hour from work!

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*BONUS* New Podcast - The Decline of the West  

I told you guys I had a surprise coming up. It's not the one some of you might have been hoping, but it's just as good and the other surprise is almost ready!

I've started a second podcast with an author and friend, John David Ebert. This will be a looser, biweekly (and maybe more frequent in the future) podcast that will give me an opportunity to connect with you on a more regular basis to discuss current events and contemporary trends with an eye toward the broader issues and historical dynamics you're used to hearing in MartyrMade. (MartyrMade remains my priority, of course, and will not be affected. The point of this podcast is that I can do it over a few drinks without the kind of research and preparation I put into MartyrMade... it's an opportunity to chat!)

It's called The Decline of the West, a title taken from one of the great non-fiction works of the interwar period by German author Oswald Spengler. In his magnum opus, The Decline of the West, interwar German author and philosopher of history Oswald Spengler sketched out a cultural physiognomy which traced humanity's major civilizations along an arc resembling the life cycle of a biological organism. From a violent birth out of a dark, atavistic past, through stages of growth and mastery, on to a final period of decadent sclerosis, echoes of this general form can be found in the great civilizations as reliably as the stages of birth, growth, maturity, and decay follow one another in an individual life.

Earlier civilizations, lacking access to comprehensive histories of those who had traveled the path before them, could only understand their momentary circumstances in the general terms of myth and ritual. But we do not have to settle for slotting our era into general Ages of Gold, Silver, Bronze, or Iron. Uniquely in history, the contemporary West can understand its predicament in terms of historical analogy, looking to what we know of the past to find clues to our present and future.

What does Donald Trump have to do with Julius Caesar? Are there constants in the way civilizations respond to a refugee crisis? What can contemporary film tell us about the unconscious anxieties of our age? What is mythological meaning of al Qaeda and the Islamic State, and can the West generate compelling myths to compete with violent millenarianism? Does resurgent nationalism portend an approaching crackup of the nation state system? Nothing is off-limits, so buckle up, we're going in!

My co-host, John David Ebert, is the author of several books on topics ranging from science & religion, contemporary art & philosophy, film, new media, and more. Follow him at his two sister blogs, Cinema Discourse and Cultural Discourse. Cinema Discourse takes a look at film as the archetypal art form of the West in the 20th century, and explores its implications from an art historical standpoint. Cultural Discourse hosts essays exploring current events and contemporary social trends through lenses varying from ancient mythology to postmodern philosophy.

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Other listening options coming soon!

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#5 - Fear & Loathing in the New Jerusalem - Things Fall Apart...  

My laptop literally died a horrible death as I was uploading this episode, and I’m at a Kinkos finishing this post. Once I have a computer, I’ll get the stuff up. The things I do for y’all… Riots. Massacres. The end of the world and everything in it. Palestinian Arabs finally find a voice in [...]

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#4 - Fear & Loathing in the New Jerusalem, pt. 3  

Hi everyone. Been a long time. My day job has been downright abusive the last 2-3 months, but we’re back with Episode 4 of Fear & Loathing in the New Jerusalem. As the Middle Eastern regional order is hammered into place by the Entente powers, Zionism goes underground. Prosperity abroad and security in Palestine make [...]

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#3 Shoptalk Edition - Honor, Nostalgia, and Naivety in the New Jerusalem  

One of these things is not like the other… awkward. We’re halfway through Fear & Loathing in the New Jerusalem, the history of Zionism and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. (If you haven’t listened to the first two episodes, you might want to do that for background, but this episode is an exploratory aside that can stand [...]

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#2 - Fear and Loathing in the New Jerusalem, pt. 2  

The Arabs and the Zionists in Palestine struggle to get their bearings in a ruined world. The smell of gunsmoke still lays thick over the landscape, and the ink is still wet on the Balfour Declaration and the several new international agreements. The First World War is over, and people around the world are demanding [...]

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#1 - Fear & Loathing in the New Jerusalem, pt. 1  

The conflict between Israel and Palestine can often seem like a permanent feature of the global order. The wars, intifadas, refugees camps, suicide vests, UN resolutions, and peace talks have been painfully burned into our collective consciousness. But how could this have happened? Was it always this way? That’s what we’ll seek to find out [...]

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