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Steve Hewlett presents a topical programme about the fast-changing media world


Johnston Press job cuts; Police chief anger at tech giants; Sir Alan Moses, chairman of IPSO  

Johnston Press has announced that some journalists working on its weekly Scottish titles are going to be made redundant. Paul Holleran is the NUJ's organiser in Scotland. Chris Williams is the Telegraph's Chief Business Correspondent. Mike Barton, chief constable of Durham Constabulary, says that the likes of Facebook and Google are not doing enough to stop abusive content and should spend more of their "eye watering profits" on policing their platforms. Sir Alan Moses has been reappointed as Chairman of IPSO, the main regulator for newspapers and magazines. Critics say that the organisation is not independent of the industry and Sir Alan tells Amol Rajan that further changes to IPSO's regulations may be needed. Presenter: Amol Rajan Producer: Richard Hooper Assistant Producer: Helen Fitzhenry.

BBC Annual Report: John Humphrys on his salary, Adam Boulton, David Bond and Charlotte Moore  

The BBC has published its annual report which includes a list of stars earning over £150k. Amol Rajan speaks to John Humphrys, who is on the list, and Adam Boulton, one of Sky News' biggest stars. David Bond is the FT's Media Correspondent and Charlotte Moore is BBC Director of Content. Also in the programme, how social media is a battleground in the propaganda war between Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Dr Marc Jones is from the Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies at the University of Exeter. Producer: Richard Hooper Assistant Producer: Helen Fitzhenry.

Channel 4's David Abraham; India's WhatsApp news service; Robot reporters  

Channel 4 has published its annual report. The broadcaster posted a record turnover of nearly a billion pounds, but a slowdown in the TV advertising market means it has been forced to dip into its reserves to cover the cost of making programmes. David Abraham is chief executive of Channel 4. Shivendra Gaur is a journalist from the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh and has founded Rocket Post Live, a news service delivered to paying subscribers via WhatsApp. Will robots replace journalists? The Press Association has been awarded a grant by Google to run a news service where stories are produced automatically by computer. Peter Clifton is PA's Editor-in-Chief. Alan Renwick is CEO of Urbs Media. Presenter: Andrea Catherwood Producer: Richard Hooper Assistant producer: Helen Fitzhenry.

Inside Russia Today...  

RT, the news network funded by the Russian government, says it provides an alternative to the mainstream media. Critics say that it is Kremlin propaganda. Amol Rajan is given exclusive access to RT's London office and meets Nikolay Bogachihin, head of RT UK. The New European was launched shortly after the EU referendum, aimed at the 48% who voted Remain. It was intended only to be a "pop-up" newspaper but this week publishes its 52nd edition. Matt Kelly is Editor of The New European. Journalists who have been witness to the migrant crisis in the Mediterranean have suffered "moral injury", says a new report on their mental health. One of its authors is Hannah Storm, Director of the International News Safety Institute. Is the British media objective when reporting on immigration? James Delingpole is executive editor of Breitbart London. Presenter: Amol Rajan Producer: Richard Hooper Assistant producer: Helen Fitzhenry Photo shows Amol and Nikolay Bogachihin in the London studio of RT.


Topical programme about the fast-changing media world.


Topical programme about the fast-changing media world.

Fleet Street's influence on British politics  

Have Britain's newspapers lost their influence on British politics? Is the unexpected general election result evidence that the key battleground was not the front pages but social media, where a new breed of publisher outgunned traditional newspapers? Amol Rajan is joined by: Jack Peat, The London Economic Matt Turner, Evolve Politics Stephen Glover, Daily Mail Aaron Bastani, Novara Media Michael Heaver, Westmonster Eve Pollard, journalist and former tabloid editor David Yelland, former editor of The Sun Presenter: Amol Rajan Producer: Richard Hooper Assistant Producer: Helen Fitzhenry.

CNN boss Tony Maddox, VR news, The&Partnership founder Johnny Hornby  

CNN has been accused of staging a Muslim protest after the London Bridge attack. Tony Maddox, CNN vice president, tells Amol Rajan that the claims are "complete nonsense". Is Virtual Reality and 360 video the future of news reporting? Zillah Watson is the BBC Research and Development Editor and Jeremy Bowen is the BBC Middle East Editor. Should online advertisers be taking greater precautions to ensure that they do not appear next to hate speech or fake news? Johnny Hornby, Founder of The&Partnership, explains why Vodafone has now adopted a white-list approach to the problem. Presenter: Amol Rajan Producer: Richard Hooper Assistant Producer: Helen Fitzhenry.

Political Interviews and Social Media, Court Reporting  

Has social media reaction changed how journalists conduct political interviews? Amol Rajan is joined by Jon Snow of Channel 4 News and James O'Brien of LBC. The decline in journalists attending court is now a threat to public trust in the judicial system according to the Bar Council. Andrew Langdon QC, Chair of the Bar Council, Andy Martin, editor of the Bournemouth Echo and Guy Toyn of Court News UK discuss. Producer: Richard Hooper Assistant Producer: Helen Fitzhenry.

Manchester attack, Election media bias, JOE media  

The atrocity in Manchester has shown a city and its public services at their best. It has also posed a challenge for journalism. Amol Rajan is joined by Beth Ashton, Head of Audience at the Manchester Evening News. Is the mainstream media biased in its coverage of the general election? Professor Dominic Wring is from Loughborough University, Fraser Nelson is editor of The Spectator, and Christian Broughton is editor of The Independent. JOE Media is one of Europe's fastest growing digital publishers. Niall McGarry is its founder and chief executive. Presenter: Amol Rajan Producer: Richard Hooper Assistant Producer: Helen Fitzhenry.


The Information Commissioner has announced she is opening a formal investigation into the use of data analytics for political purposes. Elizabeth Denham says there needs to be greater transparency around how personal data is used. Michael Schmidt is the New York Times reporter behind what some in Washington are calling the scoop of the year. He tells Amol Rajan how he got it. Users of BBC iPlayer will soon have to register and sign-in before using the service. Andrew Scott is Launch Director of the MyBBC and Toby Syfret is from Enders Analysis. Presenter: Amol Rajan Producer: Richard Hooper Assistant Producer: Helen Fitzhenry.

General election media strategies, Fox News  

What are the strategies being deployed by the political parties in the General Election campaign? Amol Rajan is joined by Helen Lewis, Deputy Editor of the New Statesman, Sean Kemp, former Head of Political Communications for the Liberal Democrats, Jim Waterson, Political Editor of BuzzFeed UK and Jimmy Tidey, developer at Who Targets Me. Douglas Wigdor, a New York lawyer representing a group of current and former Fox News employees, is meeting with Ofcom as part of their consideration of the proposed takeover of Sky. Amol asks Duncan Lamont, a British media lawyer, what the implications might be. Presenter: Amol Rajan Producer: Richard Hooper Assistant Producer: Helen Fitzhenry.

Turkish media crackdown; Reuters on trust; Fix Radio for builders  

In the latest crackdown on the media, the Turkish government has blocked access to Wikipedia citing a law that allows it to ban websites for the protection of the public. Andrea Catherwood is joined by Yaman Akdeniz, a lawyer challenging the Wikipedia ban and by Can Dündar, a Turkish journalist now in exile in Berlin. Reuters has launched a new initiative called Backstory as part of a plan to bolster trust in its journalism. Stephen Adler is Reuters Editor-in-Chief. Fix Radio is a new digital station aimed exclusively at builders and tradespeople. Is it viable? Louis Timpany is Fix Radio CEO, Mark Mulligan is Managing Director of MIDiA Research, and Andy Stevens runs Eclipse Property Solutions. Presenter: Andrea Catherwood Producer: Richard Hooper Assistant Producer: Helen Fitzhenry.

Netflix controversy; Line of Duty creator Jed Mercurio  

Netflix's new drama 13 Reasons Why is set in a US high school and tells the story of a teenager who kills herself. Mental health campaigners say that Netflix has acted irresponsibly and asks why it is not subject to the Ofcom Broadcasting Code. Ged Flynn is chief executive of Papyrus, the suicide prevention charity, Susan Aslan, is Partner at ACK Media Law and Claire Enders runs Enders Analysis. Jed Mercurio is the creator of Line of Duty, one of the BBC's most successful TV dramas. The current series stars the Hollywood actress Thandie Newton and last Sunday night's episode was the most watched show in the UK. Presenter: Andrea Catherwood Producer: Richard Hooper Assistant Producer: Helen Fitzhenry.

General Election coverage; Le Monde and fake news; Channel 4 out of London  

The announcement of a snap general election came as a shock to almost everyone. How will broadcasters and publishers cover the event at such short notice? Andrea Catherwood is joined by Jonathan Munro, BBC's Head of Newsgathering, David Wilding, Director of Planning at Twitter in the UK, and Ayesha Hazarika, former special advisor to Gordon Brown and Ed Miliband. Le Monde is fighting back against a tide of fake news in France by sending its journalists into schools to teach children how to question what they read on social media. Alexandre Pouchard is one of the Le Monde journalists. The Department of Culture, Media and Sport has published proposals about moving Channel 4 out of London. Dan Brook is Chief Marketing and Communications Officer for Channel 4. David Smith is Managing Director at Glasgow based TV production company Matchlight and Claire Poyser is Chief Executive of Lime Pictures based in Liverpool. Producer: Richard Hooper.


Sean Spicer, Press Secretary for Donald Trump, has been forced to apologise after trying to compare President Assad with Hitler. Sir Craig Oliver, who was Director of Communications for David Cameron and Sewell Chan, International News Editor at the New York Times discuss what happens when the spokesperson becomes the story. Cleveland Police have apologised again for accessing the mobile phone records of journalists. Graeme Hetherington, Chief Reporter at The Northern Echo and Tom Wilkinson of the Press Association reveal what happened to them. Brian Reed talks about his hit podcast S-Town. Ellie Gibson, creator of the Scummy Mummies podcast and Caroline Crampton, host of the New Statesman's SRSLY show, discuss the UK podcast industry. Producer: Richard Hooper.


Topical programme about the fast-changing media world.

Westminster attack and the media response, Tyler Brule on Monocle  

Topical programme about the fast-changing media world.

Nicholas Coleridge; BBC Brexit coverage; Osborne, Lebedev & Evening Standard  

Topical programme about the fast-changing media world.

Katie Hopkins on libel law, David Abraham leaving Channel 4, the Daily Mail  

Topical programme about the fast-changing media world.

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