The Meditation Podcast

The Meditation Podcast


The Meditation Podcast is a free podcast designed to help you learn and benefit from meditation in your everyday life. The guided meditations contain audio technology that amplify slower brain waves to induce a relaxed and powerful altered meditative state of consciousness. Please use headphones, and do not listen while driving or operating machinery.


A Higher Perspective  

We all have desires and goals, we all imagine and wish for the future. But what happens when we achieve those desires, goals and wishes ... only to realize it wasn't what we wanted -- or that we're not even halfway there? In today's meditation, we look at our goals and wishes from a higher perspective.

Self Acceptance  

As a culture, we are obsessed with self improvement. Our media is full of ads and images enticing us -- and pitching solutions -- to lose weight, get organized, clear our skin, find love, make money, eat the 'right' foods, and more. The problem is that self-improvement can root us in the thing that we're trying to change. By focusing on wanting to 'improve', it's possible to get stuck in an addictive cycle where all we create is more 'wanting'. In today's meditation, we practice the fine art of self acceptance. We take a journey within, finding opportunities to love, honor, and accept ourselves -- just as we are. Through this process, we are often able to bring about the very changes that we've been looking for all along.

Healing from Disappointment  

When a person or organization does not meet our needs, breaks their word, or otherwise fails to live up to our expectations, we naturally become disappointed, hurt, angry, or mistrustful. In today's meditation, we heal this disappointment. This is an essential first step in reclaiming our own power, so that we can move clearly and positively through our lives.

Centered and Balanced for the Holidays  

In today's meditation, we allow ourselves a moment to pause from the manic holidays.

Wall of Peace  

In today's meditation, we build a Wall of Peace around our inner world. This reminds us that our external situations remain outside us, and that we always have the power to choose our natural state of peace and contentment.

Hearing Your Inner Voice  

In today's meditation, we connect with our inner voice, the infinite wisdom deep within ourselves. This voice offers clarity and guidance, perspective and purpose.

Need and Transformation  

In today's meditation, we transform a need for someone else, using the power of our own breath and expansion. By transforming need into fulfillment, we turn the energies of stagnation into creativity, resentment into joy, sickness into health, and fear into love. By focusing on needs outside of our own, we increase our power to heal ourselves and the world.


In today's meditation, we dive a little deeper, stir up still waters, break through walls, transform pain, resolve the past, repair DNA, breathe new life into every part of our selves, and begin to flow effortlessly toward our truest and highest forms. Use this meditation daily, ideally first thing in the morning, until you experience a profound and lasting change. If you have a specific goal or intent, bring it to mind now. If not, simply direct your attention toward your own quiet stillness.

Healing From Heartbreak  

In today's episode, we use meditation to heal our broken hearts. This healing allows us to open our hearts, and reminds us that we are worthy to give and receive love.

Moving Meditation  

Meditation is not always about sitting still. Rather, it involves applying awareness to any act. In today's meditation, we draw on ancient practices of moving with the breath, to cultivate the body's natural flow of energy.

The Power of Kindness  

In today's meditation, we use kindness to heal ourselves. We enter a situation that may have caused us pain or anger in the past, and then re-imagine that situation with kindness toward the people involved. This has a profound effect on our well being.

30 - Responding in the Moment  

Today's meditation guides us toward the release of old habits by expanding our consciousness, and toward responding creatively in the moment. Responding in the moment can help us free ourselves from reacting to situations based on our past experience. It can help us fully enjoy the way we experience movement, everyday life, social interactions, even driving a car or playing a musical instrument.

29 - Light of Prosperity and Abundance  

Prosperity can mean succeeding at and enjoying one's job or business, receiving gifts, earning dividends or royalties, or simply having a lifestyle that meets one's needs. Abundance can take the form of money, having plenty of food to eat, a wealth of friends and family, or a warm bed to sleep in. We often carry habits and mental patterns from our past experiences that block our own prosperity and abundance. In today's meditation, we use light visualization to transform our beliefs about prosperity and abundance, and increase our spiritual vibration to attract prosperous and abundant lives.

28 - Emotional Clearing  

Use this meditation anytime you feel overwhelmed, stuck or frustrated. These feelings are often a sign of blocked emotions. As you intentionally release these stuck feelings in meditation, you may find them replaced by a fresh sense of clarity, calm and purpose.

27 - Reiki Treatment  

Reiki means "universal life force". It is a mode of healing often performed as healing touch, or laying on hands. However, Reiki can also be done at a distance. The practitioner allows the Reiki energy to flow through his or her hands, and into the recipient. Often, the recipient feels physical heat, relaxation of the breath, and the experience of unconditional love. In today's meditation, just relax and allow yourself to receive an infusion of universal life force.

26 - Gratitude  

In today's meditation, we simply give thanks for who we are, for where we are, for what we have, for our successes, and for the success of our friends and loved ones. This basic impression of feeling thankful can not only help us free ourselves from the stress of ambition, the agony of want; it can also create a very powerful cycle of gratitude: when we are thankful, we find more reasons to be thankful, and we find more good in our lives.

Twenty-five - Transformational Breathing  

In today's meditation, we practice a simple exercise, based on Chinese and Russian martial arts, that is designed to release physical tension and blocked emotions. Breathing freely, as in this exercise, can lead us naturally to better posture, a positive outlook on life, and a clear state of mind.

Twenty-four - Envision Your Life  

In today's meditation we will choose a life goal, and imagine it succeeding in the highest and best possible way. This means that you attain your goal — even beyond what you hoped or imagined — and that everyone involved benefits.

Twenty-three - Grief  

Today's meditation is about releasing grief. Grief can occur in the loss of a loved one, the ending of a relationship, loss of a job, or loss of a home; and its effects can linger long after the loss itself. In this episode, we let go of grief and begin anew.

Twenty-two - Eyes  

Today's meditation is an exercise for the eyes. According to ancient Eastern systems of health, it is intended to relieve eye strain and to preserve and/or restore healthy vision, by relaxing and strengthening the muscles and nerves of the eyes. Use this meditation daily, or before or after long periods of concentration. This is an active meditation, and it moves fairly quickly. Once you get the hang of it, feel free to go at your own pace.

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