The MindSide Podcast by Dr. Bhrett McCabe

The MindSide Podcast by Dr. Bhrett McCabe

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The MindSide is the performance perspective of Dr. Bhrett McCabe. Throughout the podcast, topics will be explored and discussed related to nutrition, performance and sports psychology, and personal excellence.


The MindSide Episode 101 - What Has Baseball Taught Me?  

It’s a new year, and with it comes a new season on the diamond. Teams are practicing, fans are gearing up, and parks are being prepared for the U.S.A.’s oldest pastime. Are you ready for the season? Are you preparing yourself mentally for the challenges you will face on the field? How will you perform when you take the field with the game on the line? In this podcast, Dr. McCabe shares his thoughts on what baseball has meant to him and offers some considerations to take with you into your season. A new season means a new start. Make the most of yours, with a new mindset.

The MindSide Episode 100 - What I’ve Learned from Doing The MindSide Podcast  

The MindSide Podcast turns 100 today! We are overjoyed to have come this far with you on your journey to improve your mental performance and own your success. In this momentous episode, Dr. Bhrett McCabe sits down and looks back at 100 episodes’ worth of exceptional guests, topics, lessons, and examples. Bhrett explains a few of his biggest takeaways from doing the podcast for nearly 2 years and his motivation to keep them coming. Dr. McCabe and The MindSide team would like to thank our listeners for their faithful following and promise to always improve, help you improve, and continue this journey with you. We look forward to another 100 episodes, and we hope to see you there as well.

The MindSide Episode 99 - Coaching Through Tragedy and Change  

Dru Nettles was a coach at Denham Springs High School in 2016 when the flooding hit Louisiana in August 2016. It wasn’t just the school that was damaged. Several of the students lost their homes and everything they owned. Nettles and his family were asleep when at 4am a neighbor knocked on their door to let them know their neighborhood was flooding. They were boated out by 9am. When they returned they found they had nearly 5 feet of water in their home and had lost everything. Denham Springs High School was also damaged, so Nettles's team wasn’t able to see each other till nearly 2 weeks later. The team decided to try and get football practice in each day then go into the community and help rebuild after practice. The athletes were going through a mental drain. Many had lost their homes and everything they had. But they were getting up everyday, going to practice, school, and playing games. Nettles managed to coach the men on and off the field and help many of them with their daily struggles. How do you coach through tragedy? How do you manage to put your personal challenges aside? Coach Dru Nettles discusses that with Dr. Bhrett McCabe on this week's podcast.

The MindSide Episode 98 - Dari Nowkhah Talks About The Emotional Struggles of Dealing with a Personal Tragedy  

On August 12, 2011, Hayden Michael Nowkhah was born, seemingly healthy. At six days old, after just three days at home, Hayden was back in the hospital with a 102 degree fever. A virus had attacked his fragile heart. Within a matter of days, Hayden was near the top of the heart transplant list. How could this have happened to a little boy who seemed to be the picture of perfect health? This virus caused a condition called myocarditis and devastated his heart function. Hayden would need a heart transplant. After numerous surgeries and complications, Hayden suffered a catastrophic stroke. That stroke would cause him to be removed from the transplant list. At 39 days old, we lost our precious, brave baby boy.  Because of Hayden’s experience, and because thousands of infants go through the same thing every year, we decided to create "Hayden's Hope" to raise awareness for pediatric organ donation.  In addition, Hayden’s Hope, working in conjunction with the Children's Organ Transplant Association (COTA), is raising money to cover transplant-related expenses in honor of children awaiting life-saving transplants. Medical bills, travel costs to and from transplant centers, lengthy stays away from home and in many cases, job loss affects transplant families and devastates them financially.  COTA families receive 100% of the money raised through Hayden's Hope, easing this financial burden and allowing them to focus on what is most important: the life of their child.  Though Hayden is no longer with us, his story lives on. The story of the little boy who died but whose heart beats out of hope and love for children everywhere. It is our hope that Hayden’s story inspires others to help children achieve the successful transplants they deserve so that they can live the life they were meant to live. If you want to help please visit,

The MindSide Episode 97 - New Year, New MindSet – Time for a Manifesto  
Today, we launch a new chapter of The MindSide Podcast, MindSide Insights. 2 extra episodes a month from Dr. Bhrett McCabe where he explores topics and considerations related to the mental side of the game.  We will still keep our exciting guests each week. We are just adding a little something extra for our listeners.  What better time to start something new than in the New Year?  What are you starting new this year? Are you afraid of making changes, then not being successful and finding yourself frustrated in February?  Dr. Bhrett McCabe looks at the best approach for a successful new year and explains why having a Manifesto could be the answer.  


The MindSide Episode 96 - Are New Starts Really Effective?  

Meighan Julbert, MS joins Dr. Bhrett McCabe to discuss new starts. Many look at a new year as a fresh start and a chance to close the door on the past. But is that the answer? Should we leave those doors cracked to learn from the past and use that to build a successful future? Julbert and McCabe discuss that in today’s podcast.

The MindSide Episode 95 - Having Life With Purpose  

In 2001, Steve Ehretsman was walking into a fast-food establishment when he was crushed between two cars.  After 13 surgeries, doctors decided to amputate his leg below the knee.

Ehretsman is a former D1 athlete where he was captain of the Boston University basketball team.  This was not according to plan. Up until the accident, Steve was a high producing and quickly emerging leader in the business development scene. Immediately following the accident, he struggled with adjusting to life and that struggle sparked his next step – to found Shamrock Prosthetics, Inc. Through his own struggles, Steve identified a way to bring peace and healing to others suffering from similar circumstances by focusing on the mental, physical, and functional healing of the clients.

The MindSide Episode 94 - Life as the Heavyweight World Champion  

31 year old Deontay Wilder will tell you since becoming the WBC Heavyweight title holder in 2015 he has learned to be thankful for the little things in life. Wilder became the first American World Heavyweight Champion in 9 years, which was the longest period of time in boxing history without an American heavyweight champion. As an amateur he won a bronze medal in the heavyweight division at the 2008 Olympics. This led to his nickname of "The Bronze Bomber", which Wilder coined after Joe Louis, who was also from Alabama and was known by the nickname of "The Brown Bomber".

Wilder is undefeated as a professional with a 97.2% knockout-to-win ratio, with 18 knockouts in the first round. As of July 2016, Wilder is ranked the world's third best heavyweight by The Ring magazine and BoxRec, and fourth by the Transnational Boxing Rankings Board.

Wilder’s boxing career started when his now 12 year old daughter was born with Spina Bifida.  Wilder decided to drop out of college and look for a way to raise money to take care of his daughter.  That drive led to his undefeated career. 
The MindSide Episode 93 - Is it Different When It’s Me? First Hand Experience with the Psychology of Injury Rehabilitation.  

On this week’s podcast, Dr. Bhrett McCabe takes a personal look at his upcoming hip surgery and candidly explores the anxiety and apprehension that he is experiencing in the days leading up to it. What are his anxieties and how is he dealing with them? What are the parallels that you can apply to your own fear and anxiety? This week, Dr. McCabe is the patient and he couldn’t feel more strange about it.

The MindSide Episode 92 - Breaking the Stereotype for Women in Sports  

On this week’s MindSide Podcast, we explore the challenges women commonly face in sports.  The challenges are not just the ones in the open, like blatant discrimination and sexism, but the understated biases that are pervasive throughout sports. For instance, does an athlete that cries on the sidelines get viewed differently if they are a male or female? Who would transfer to coaching men’s basketball better - Pat Summit or Geno Auremmia? Does the gender of the coach shift your judgment of their impact? The challenges are deeper than gender but about roles, experience, and perceived value in different settings. Open your mind and explore this topic this week.

The MindSide Episode 91 - How to Prevent Injuries in Gymnastics Before They Happen  

Dr. Sloan Beard attend Ball State University where she was a member of the gymnastics team. 17 years in the demanding sport led to numerous injuries.  In her professional career she began working with several gymnasts for injury-related care. Beard realized the need for interventions within a gymnast's program before injuries were to occur. With her background in TPI, Titleist Performance Institute, Dr. Sloan wanted something that could assist in gymnastics in the same manner that TPI works within golf. She designed a way to assess a gymnast on the front end, prescribe correctives that coordinated with the assessments and ultimately remove more variability in the injury process.  She founded  GymnastFix in the early months of 2016 and now assesses and teaches for different gymnastics programs implementing prehab protocols specific for their individual athletes. 

Dr. Sloan practices with her husband, Dr. Beau Beard, in Birmingham, Alabama at their clinic, The FARM: Functional Athletic Rehabilitation & Movement. She utilizes a very hands-on adjusting technique, and is well versed in myofascial release, kinesio taping, exercise prescription and sports rehabilitation.

The MindSide Episode 90 - Are You Allowing Ignorance in Your Life? Or Allowing People in Who Challenge You?  

Dr. Bhrett Mccabe is preparing for the release of his first book, The MindSide Manifesto.  In this week's podcast, he previews one chapter about the 5 people who should be in your life. Each of these people play a role that could help you grow, but don’t get these 5 confused with those who bring ignorance into your life.  Dr. Bhrett McCabe explains the difference in this week's podcast. 

The MindSide Episode 89 - Are You Going All in for Your Goals?  

In life many of us feel we are called for something. For some, it is to be a professional athlete, for others it might be leading a corporation. No matter what your calling is there are steps and sacrifices you must make to reach it. Chad Metcalf has learned that on his journey to reach two different callings. First becoming a Navy SEAL through the sacrifices it took in training and life to make that happen, and now  becoming a professional golfer. On this journey Chad says “the best trait I have learned is being an overcomer.” Listen to how he’s overcome the challenges along the way and about the lessons he has for those following a similar path.

The MindSide Episode 88 - Heart of a Champion  

Jeff Swarr became emerged into the goal to win with every team he coached.  But what he learned was he was missing one thing, the heart of the game and the heart of challenges.  After taking a step back and looking at how he was competing he learned to compete from the heart, something he says is a long process.  Learning this led him to write, A Competitor’s Heart: 369 Days of Development.

The MindSide Episode 87 - Choices Matter  

Timothy embarked on a bigger challenge in life. Timothy was in a horrific car accident, leaving him paralyzed from the neck down. In that accident, Timothy risked his life to save a 2-year old baby. From that point on Timothy was left to find his purpose in life while paralyzed. While beginning a new journey at Wallace State Community College, he learned to live independently and cope with society. After graduating from Wallace State Community College he enrolled at The University of Alabama at Birmingham, where he received a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and communication management (double major). Timothy Alexander left a major impact on UAB by becoming the first paraplegic to receive a football scholarship, runner-up for Mr. UAB and President of UAB athletic marketing known as “Gang Green.”  While working for “Gang Green” Timothy helped set 2 school attendance records while there. Timothy received the Student of Excellence Award because of his academic/athletic performance in and out the classroom. HE was also known for holding prayer gatherings, taking students to church twice a semester so that students could come together/pray and to help find their purpose in life.

The MindSide Episode 86 - Creating Your Own Manifesto  

Join Dr. Bhrett McCabe on The MindSide podcast as he shares with you some thoughts about not accepting the status quo and always surrounding yourself with the right keys and the right people for success. Dr. McCabe teases his upcoming book The MindSide Manifesto, and explains how it will help you achieve whatever you set your mind to by creating a clear and concise declaration of your goals, and then taking the necessary steps to achieve them.

The MindSide Episode 85 - Does your challenges in the climb for success define you?  
Kent Stewart started climbing completely by accident when in 2006 him and his wife decided to attempt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. That was all the taste of mountain climbing they needed. They embarked on an adventure to see if they could climb the Seven Summits – the highest peak on each of the seven continents.

Together, they summited the first five: Kilimanjaro in Africa, Elbrus in Europe, Vinson in Antarctica, Kosciuszko in Australia, and Aconcagua in South America with little more than a hiccup. They took on Mount McKinley (Denali) in Alaska, but failed on their first attempt. Kent went back and summited Denali solo in 2011. In 2013, he attempted to climb Mount Everest and complete the famed Seven Summits but was unsuccessful. He’s had 3 more attempts since then.  His podcast is one to challenge the way you set your goals in life.

The MindSide Episode 84 - Finding the Fight When the Cards Are Stacked Against You  
Dan Carlson joined UAB Athletics in October 2015 as the Senior Associate Athletic Director for Administration.  Carlson is a veteran administrator who has over 20 years experience working in intercollegiate athletics.

Carlson was driving to a friends home before heading off to college when a car ran his vehicle off the road.  The accident broke his back leaving him paralyzed.  After rehab he went to college, having to learn how to use his hands and write all over again.  

Carlson says one thing he learned, life changes and we have to adapt to those changes. 
The MindSide Episode 83 - Making the Switch, Keeping the Focus from Practice to Competition  

Olympic coach and IKKOS inventor Sean Hutchison wanted to help his athletes achieve their dreams. Recognizing that legendary athletes win because of specific, repeatable motions, he became driven to find a better way to teach movement. Devouring scientific literature on neuroplasticity and partnering with videographers, sound designers, neuroscientists, and other experts, he invented the unique IKKOS approach to movement learning.  Best of all, IKKOS gives people a deeper understanding of their own potential. There is nothing quite like the feelings of surprise, pride, and accomplishment people experience when they quickly master what they thought was impossible.

The MindSide Episode 82 - Inside the Mind of the Leader of the Game, the Quarterback  

QB Country specializes in year around Quarterback Training & Development. We are currently training middle school, high school, College & NFL quarterbacks. QB Country offers specific quarterback training focusing on the proper footwork, throwing & body mechanics as well as the mental & physical aspects of playing the hardest position in sports. Our goal is to educate quarterbacks on how to play the QB position the correct way at game speed. find out more at 

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