The Minefield - Separate stories podcast

The Minefield - Separate stories podcast


The whole program cut up into separate stories - allows easy skipping from one story to the next so you can pick and choose.


Bob Dylan: Should Artists Win Awards?  

The debate ignited by Bob Dylan’s Nobel Prize can remind us of the proper uses of art. Is it okay to rank art?

Does ethics belong in schools?  

The often fractious and fiercely contested debate over whether some form of ethical instruction ought to replace religious education in public schools has overshadowed what is, in many respects, a more pressing question: Does ethical instruction belong in schools to begin with?

What is the role of joy in the moral life?  

Joy is a much richer emotion than we often think. It deserves more attention than the debauched ‘happiness industry'.

Does sport have any moral value?  

Could it be that whatever sense of moral value sport possesses, it’s bound up with the bodily limits, the autonomy and the moral agency of the individual athlete?

What obligations do we have to ‘moral monsters’?  

Is the proper response to those who deny the full humanity of other ethnic or religious groups to dehumanize them in return?

Lionel Shriver and the Moral Limits of Fiction  

Can novelists inhabit the experiences of others? Or, perhaps more pointedly: Should they?

U.S. Election 2016: Is it enough for Trump to lose?  

Can Donald Trump be defeated without further alienating those who look to him?

When are plebiscites legitimate?  

Are there some questions over which “the will of the people” has no jurisdiction?

Does love have any place in politics?  

Western democracies are becoming more fractious, less cooperative. If this is to change, where will the change originate?

Nauru: Have we reached the moral limits of consequentialism?  

Are we finally being forced to reckon with the true consequences of our consequentialism?

Will constitutional recognition undermine Aboriginal self-determination?  

Is constitutional recognition, without a ‘Treaty’, designed to placate of non-Indigenous Australians with the appearance of change?

What are the Olympics worth?  

Are global sporting events like the Olympic Games capable of delivering the civic and patriotic benefit they promise?

Can we think beyond retribution?  

Retribution has almost entirely eclipsed both prevention and effective rehabilitation in our criminal justice system.

Has free speech had its day?  

The idea that the public 'contest of ideas’ kills off the worst, and allows the best, the most rational, to survive is not working, so is public debate doing more harm than good?

Pokémon Go: Revolution, Fad or Omen?  

Quite apart from concerns raised about personal security and illegal or dangerous activity, does Pokémon Go present certain moral problems?

Do voters have moral responsibilities?  

Are voters less addicted to political 'entertainment', less in the thrall of scare campaigns, more attentive to the consequences of their decisions?

What does Brexit mean for Australia’s federal election?  

The anti-political populism on display in the US and UK, is it part of the problem, or does it point to a potential cure?

Should they stay or should they go?  

Is there a case for leaving the EU that isn’t tainted by anti-immigrant nativism?

What is a ‘moral’ response to Orlando?  

The mass shooting at a gay night club in Orlando, Florida is being coopted by competing ideological agendas.

Can we only venerate Muhammad Ali by forgetting who he was?  

Over the past three decades, Muhammad Ali has been sanitized and rendered acceptable for wider public consumption.

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