The Minefield - Separate stories podcast

The Minefield - Separate stories podcast


The whole program cut up into separate stories - allows easy skipping from one story to the next so you can pick and choose.


Organ and Blood Donation: Can We Overcome our Reticence to Give of Our ‘Selves’?  

How do we overcome the gap between our attitude and behaviour towards organ and blood donation?

Bonus - The Politics of Superheroes: Comics and the Real World  

The world of superheroes has long been intertwined with the political and social realities of our world.

Have Political Parties Had Their Day?  

Are political parties both a source and the nexus of the modern political malaise?

Australian Cricket: The Latest Front in the Stand-Off between Capital and Labour?  

Australian cricket has struck out into unchartered territory. Has the current pay dispute eroded the trust that is central to a mutually dependent relationship?

Is perfectibility flawed?  

How important is imperfectability in democratic politics?

Is Ignorance a Virtue in a Media-Saturated Age?  

Do we have a problem with knowledge? Does an exposure to too much information diminish our capacity for moral attention?

Is Speed Worth the Moral Cost?  

In a time of speed, the integrity and intelligibility of our moral lives may well hinge on our capacity to remember that slower is most often best.

Can We Do Without Trust?  

Unless we cultivate the capacity to trust, are we condemning ourselves to morally emaciated existences defined by fear, envy and mutual disdain?

Beyond recognition: When does justice trump the ‘politics of the possible’?  

Can the deliberative process which led to the Uluru Statement from the Heart be replicated in the wider Australian community?

Do we have Trump to thank for a renewal of democratic virtues?  

Should we be grateful that Donald Trump has upset our complacency and reminded us that democratic politics represent an inherently ethical vocation?

Milestones and the measure of the moral life  

Humans have a seemingly insatiable need to measure their lives. What role do milestones play in the formation of the moral life?

Après Macron: Is France’s election result really all good news?  

Does Emmanuel Macron’s win signal the start of the resumption of a benign neo-liberal, globalist status quo?

Can human rights survive without an account of human duties?  

Can human rights retain their relevance and efficacy without a renewed sense of what we owe to one another?

Testing times: Citizenship and “Australian values”  

Last week the Prime Minister announced a commitment to strengthen the Australian citizenship test, including a greater emphasis on “Australian values”. Does the language of ‘values’ in our time necessarily bear the taint of nationalist or cultural exclusivity? Are ‘openness’, ‘diversity’ and even ‘mutual respect’ sufficient conditions for the cultivation and maintenance of a vibrant political community?

Citizenship and its discontents: Do “Australian values” have any value?  

Does the language of ‘values’ in our time necessarily bear the taint of nationalist or cultural exclusivity?

Power plays: authoritarianism and the decline of democracy  

What is fuelling the widespread appeal of authoritarianism and the trend towards overtly anti-democratic political rhetoric? By privileging individual choice and minimising civic virtue, is liberal democracy simply a victim of its own ‘success’?

The appeal of authoritarianism: Has democracy had its day?  

What is fuelling the widespread appeal of authoritarianism?

Syria: morality versus brutality  

It is impossible not to be moved by the images coming out of Idlib in Syria’s north-west last week. But is there a moral response to the chaos and carnage in Syria? Is such a response aided or undermined by the use of military force?

Is there a moral response to Assad’s brutality in Syria?  

Is there a moral response to the chaos and carnage in Syria?

Let’s talk about sex: prudence versus prurience  

The reaction to the ‘rule’ adopted by U.S. Vice-President Mike Pence never to dine alone with a woman other than his wife, reflects a great divide that exists in our attitudes towards sex and gender. Are current forms of sex education enough to promote healthy, mutually ennobling relationships?

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