The MMQB Podcast with Robert Klemko, Andy Benoit

The MMQB Podcast with Robert Klemko, Andy Benoit

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Robert Klemko and Andy Benoit of discuss the hottest topics in the NFL each week as well as catch up with key figures around the league.


Sizing Up the NFL's Top Offensive Free Agents at Each Position  

On today's show... Gary and Andy take a look at the NFL's best free agents on the offensive side of the ball, by position. Could Kirk Cousins find his way to another team this offseason? Will the Steelers give Le'Veon Bell a long-term deal? And how good is Ryan Griffin? Plus, we have a mini-mailbag for you and Andy, fresh off listening to Appetite for Destruction, decides whether or not he likes Guns N' Roses. It's all here on today's MMQB 10 Things Podcast.

It's All Mailbag! You've Got NFL Questions, We've Got NFL Answers  

On today's show, Gary and Andy dedicate an entire hour to the the listener mailbag, covering topics like... - Jimmy Garoppolo. Where is he going and what should teams be willing to give up for him? - Which teams took a step forward, or backward, in 2016? - The Bills' run game--does it suffer if they lose Tyrod? - And Bill Belichick. What exactly was he wearing on the sideline during Super Bowl 51? All that and much, much more (seriously, we answered a lot of questions) on today's MMQB 10 Things podcast.

Deep Diving the Falcons' Super Bowl Collapse, Atlanta Replaces Kyle Shanahan, and Jay Cutler the Jet?!  

On today's Look Ahead Show Andy and Gary continue to talk Super Bowl 51, specifically Atlanta's second half collapse. Was it Matt Ryan's fault? Was it Kyle Shanahan's fault? Again, how did this happen? Also, the guys talk Steve Sarkisian to the Falcons, what the future may hold for Chip Kelly, and how Kyle Shanahan has opted to forego hiring an OC in San Francisco. Then, finally, we enter the Clickbait Zone. Today's topic: Jay Cutler to the Jets?! Why it's not as crazy as it sounds.

How Did the Patriots Come Back?! Breaking Down Super Bowl 51  

Super Bowl 51 was absolutely wild. Was it the best Super Bowl of all-time? Quite possibly. On today's show, Gary and Andy dissect New England's unprecedented comeback, talking... - That second half! What happened? What adjustments did New England make to stop Atlanta? - Tom Brady. It's pretty much official: He's the best ever. - James White. He easily could have been the game's MVP, after setting a Super Bowl record for receptions. - Kyle Shanahan and Matt Ryan. Is it fair to have them shoulder the blame for Atlanta's second half letdown? Also, offseason previews for both teams, Super Bowl awards, and a debate about whether or not T.O. should have made the Hall of Fame. It's all here on today's MMQB 10 Things Podcast.

Thoughts on John Lynch to the 49ers, Ballard Steps in as Colts GM, and an Absolutely Humongous Mailbag  

Since we took an in-depth look at Super Bowl 51 on our Monday show, today's Look Ahead Show is going to tackle some other recent NFL happenings, like... - John Lynch to the 49ers. He'll most likely be paired with Kyle Shanahan. Can those two turn the team around? - Chris Ballard in as Colts GM. Ballard will keep Chuck Pagano on as the team's head coach next season and will be expected to do plenty this offseason, with roughly $50 million in cap space. - Jim Tomsula! He's back! This time, as the D-Line coach for Washington. - Jimmy Garoppolo--who's going to land him and what will the price tag be? Plus, an absolutely enormous mailbag full of your questions, and Gary talks Super Bowl halftime shows with Andy, which leads to a couple of shocking revelations. It's all here on today's MMQB 10 Things NFL Look Ahead Show.

Super Bowl 51 Deep Dive: Players, Matchups, and Situations to Watch for This Sunday  

On today's show... Gary and Andy deep dive Super Bowl 51 by looking at key players, matchups, and situations that could impact the outcome of this week's game. Will Atlanta be able to pressure Brady? Which Patriot defender covers the Falcons' running backs? What role will Julian Edelman play? Will Atlanta's red zone D hurt them? Plus, a little about the 49ers hiring John Lynch, the Pro Bowl, and Andy and Gary disagree over the use of roman numerals to delineate which Super Bowl is being played. It's all here on today's MMQB 10 Things Podcast.

A Deep Dive Into the NFL Coaching Carousel and a Gigantic Super Bowl Mailbag  

On today's show... Andy is still down in Alabama, joining the show from the Senior Bowl via phone, and, after a lot of promising, the guys finally do their new coaches episode. Anthony Lynn, Sean McVay, Sean McDermott, Gary and Andy cover all the hires, and how they'll impact their new teams next season. That, plus another gigantic mailbag with questions about the Super Bowl, and much more. It's all here on the 10 Things NFL Look Ahead Show.

Championship Sunday, Super Bowl LI, and a Few Potential NFL Coaching Hires  

Super Bowl LI is officially set--it's the Falcons and Patriots for all the marbles. On today's 10 Things, Andy and Gary talk... - Both title games. What worked for Atlanta and New England? What went wrong for the Packers and Steelers? - Pittsburgh and Green Bay's offseason--what will they adjust? - Coaching hires. It looks like Shanahan is headed out west to San Francisco. Could Chip Kelly be hired in Atlanta? All that, plus our weekly awards, on the MMQB 10 Things Podcast.

NFL Championship Sunday: Gary and Andy Dive Deep Into the AFC and NFC Championship Games  

The Packers, Patriots, Steelers and Falcons are left. After this weekend, two will move on to battle for the Lombardi Trophy, while two others will see their season come to an abrupt and brutally disappointing end. It's Championship Sunday in the NFL, and Gary and Andy are making sure no stone's left unturned as they analyze all four teams in the mix. And of course, as always, we have a mailbag that, if it were a car, would be a Hummer--it's that big. It's all here on today's MMQB 10 Things NFL Look Ahead Show.

Aaron Rodgers Outduels Dak, Le'Veon Steamrolls Andy Reid's Chiefs, and a Hypothetical Tony Romo Trade  

Finally, the prayers of every NFL fan were answered--good playoff games! This weekend's divisional round was great and sets up what is sure to be an exciting and eventful championship weekend. We saw... - Dallas lose! That's right, Dak and the Boys fell to Aaron Rodgers in dramatic fashion. - The Steelers hang on to beat the Chiefs. - The Pats win...again...this time against the Texans. - Matt Ryan's offense, which is currently the champagne of NFL offenses, overwhelm the Seahawks. Gary and Andy cover all of that, plus, weekly awards and a hypothetical trade that keeps Tony Romo in Texas. It's all here on today's MMQB 10 Things Podcast.

NFL Look Ahead Show:  Divisional Playoff Breakdown and Our Weekly Mailbag  

After what was an underwhelming Wild Card Weekend, it feels the playoffs can only get better from here. It's time for the Divisional Round and some in depth breakdowns of all four matchups on the 10 Things NFL Look Ahead Show. On today's show, Gary and Andy talk... - Seahawks-Falcons - Texans-Patriots - Steelers-Chiefs - and Packers-Cowboys Also, the guys dive into a mailbag bigger than Scrooge McDuck's money bin. It's all here on today's 10 Things NFL Look Ahead Show.

Wild Card Weekend: Beckham and Boats, Steelers and Seahawks Roll, and Injuries Doom Oakland  

Wild Card Weekend is officially over, and while playoff football is great football, these games weren't exactly close. The Packers, Steelers, Seahawks, and Texans are moving on, while the Giants, Dolphins, Lions, and Raiders are going home, to dream about what could have been. On today's 10 Things, Gary and Andy get into it--the Giants' boat drama, Oakland's injuries, Big Ben's so-so play--everything you need to know from this past weekend, and then some. That, plus news on Gregg Williams and our weekly awards. It's all here on the MMQB 10 Things Podcast.

NFL Look Ahead Show: Diving Into Wild Card Weekend  

It's a great time of year for football fans and fans of the 10 Things Podcast because, on today's show, Gary and Andy give us their in-depth analysis for all of this weekend's games. No, we didn't expand the show to a new, eight hour, format. it's Wild Card Weekend, so there are only four games to focus on. We've got... - Raiders-Texans - Lions-Seahawks - Steelers-Dolphins - Giants-Packers Plus, we have our usual Thursday mailbag which, if measured in size using cups from 7-11, would be a Big Gulp. It's all here on today's 10 Things NFL Look Ahead Show.

Kubiak Steps Down, McCoy and Chip Kelly Fired, Packers Look Great, and What's Next for Kirk Cousins?  

And just like that, it's over...the regular season, that is. Thankfully, there's still an entire NFL postseason to behold, and plenty more episodes of the MMQB 10 Things Podcast to consume. On today's show Gary and Andy dive into Week 17, talking... - Gary Kubiak's voluntary departure from the Broncos. - Mike McCoy and Chip Kelly's involuntary departure from their teams. - And Kirk Cousins. Did today's performance cost him offseason money? Plus, the Packers look awesome, the Raiders are in trouble at the quarterback position, and you'll never guess which two players led the NFL in receiving yards and receptions this season. It's all here on the MMQB 10 Things Podcast.

Week 17 NFL Look Ahead Show: Happy New Year!  

On today's show... Gary and Andy help you get ready for Week 17, which happens to kick off on the first day of 2017, with four deep dives into some of the NFL's biggest games: - Packers-Lions - Washington-Giants - Falcons-Saints - Patriots-Dolphins That, and the guys answer as many questions from their mailbag as humanly possible. It's the last show of 2016, and it's all here on the MMQB 10 Things NFL Look Ahead Show.

Steelers Knock Ravens Out of Playoff Picture, Defending Super Bowl Champs Also Out of Playoffs, and Derek Carr Breaks His Leg  

It's the most wonderful time of the year. The holidays, meaningful NFL football, and new episodes of the MMQB 10 Things Podcast with Gary Gramling and Andy Benoit. It doesn't get much better than that. On today's show... - The Steelers ruin Baltimore's Christmas by knocking the Ravens out of playoff contention. - The Broncos lost an ugly one to the Chiefs, which officially put an end to their aspiration of winning back-to-back Super Bowl titles. - And of course, the story of the day, Derek Carr broke his leg. Can the Raiders win without him? All that, plus the Browns finally win a game, Marcus Mariota also breaks his leg, and Texans fans really don't care for Randy Bullock. It's all here on today's MMQB 10 Things Podcast.

Week 16 NFL Look Ahead Show: Rex Ryan, Ravens-Steelers, and a Huge Mailbag  

Happy Holidays everyone, and welcome to Week 16 of the NFL season. On this week's NFL Look Ahead Show, Gary and Andy discuss... - The possibility of Rex Ryan getting fired, and why he shouldn't be. - The Ravens and Steelers--that should be fun, as always. - Washington vs. the Matt Barkley-led Bears. - And Monday's game between the Lions and Cowboys. Plus, some Raiders-Colts analysis, and a mailbag so big that, if it were a meal, you'd have leftovers for two weeks. It's all here on today's MMQB 10 Things NFL Look Ahead Show.

Gus Bradley Out in Jacksonville, Osweiler Benched, Cowboys Win a Close One, and the Raiders are Playoff-Bound  

Week 15 of the NFL season is almost in the books, which means it's time for another episode of the MMQB 10 Things Podcast with SI's Gary Gramling and Andy Benoit. On today's show... - The Jags-Texans game resulted in a firing and a benching. - Tom Brady finally won in Denver. - A huge Jordy Nelson catch helped the Packers beat the Bears. - And the Raiders are going back to the playoffs! Plus, the Giants' defense continues to impress, the Cowboys grab their 12th win, and the Cardinals and Saints combined to score roughly 400 points. It's all here on today's MMQB 10 Things Podcast.

NFL Look Ahead Show: Week 15  

The NFL regular season is winding down, which means playoff races are intensifying as we head into Week 15. On today's 10 Things NFL Look Ahead Show, Gary and Andy discuss... - The QB situation in Big D. What will it take for the team to start Romo? - And three of the week's most important matchups: Patriots vs. Broncos Chiefs vs. Titans Colts vs. Vikings Then of course, the guys tackle a mailbag that's roughly the size of Florida, and finish things off with their "Bold Predictions" for Week 15. It's all here on this week's 10 Things NFL Look Ahead Show.

Giants Beat Cowboys Again, Aaron Rodgers Torches Seattle, and Tannehill Could be Out for the Season  

The majority of Week 14 is in the books, which means another episode of the MMQB's 10 Things Podcast is in the books as well. On today's show... - The Giants beat the Cowboys, AGAIN. - Aaron Rodgers goes ballistic against the Seahawks. - And It looks like Ryan Tannehill has played in his last game this season. All that, plus Le'Veon Bell has himself a day, the Lions win their fifth straight, and Gary is very upset with the Colts. It's all here on today's MMQB 10 Things Podcast.

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