Myer's reeling before Amazon can even land a punch. How boring do you have to be to be a reserve banker?  

Stephen Bartholomeusz joins the Money Cafe for a deep discussion of retail, resources and much more.

Is the formula broken for milk stocks?  The wackiest thing you'll hear this year on renewables.  Why family trusts could fill the super gap.  

This week on the Money Cafe agenda: could a massive boost in ETF activity lift volatily? No end in sight for turmoil over infant formula. The real reason Elon's bringing the world's biggest battery to South Australia. Why Craig Kelly got it wrong on renewables.

The ATO gives up on Google and hunts mum and dad instead. Fairfax bidders flee. Will your next house be built by a robo-bricklayer?  

Fairfax suitors are walking away, the RBA is sitting pat, and our retirees should be screaming over the latest changes to Australia's retirement system.

Did your pension fund miss the market bounce this year? How the Dick Smith mob hit the rocks at Slater and Gordon. Has Australia Post's first female CEO been short changed?  

When fund managers aren't crowing after a solid year on markets, should we start to worry that they've missed an opportunity? Also: making sense of Alex Malley's crash to earth, Christine Holgate's pay, the scandalous state of Australia's retirement community, and what could be next for beleaguered law firm Slater & Gordon.

Super changes - what you absolutely must know. Coke's expensive sugar habit. Is there hope amid the retail recession?  

Retail writer Eli Greenblat sits in this week for a discussion of the state of the retail sector, who will be hit hardest by Amazon's expansion, and what Australians need to know before the superannuation reforms come in on July 1.

Superannuation gets its first new idea in decades. Property owners put on notice. Can anyone make money from UBER ?  

Fallen figures and falling house prices feature prominently in this week's discussion. Also covered: bitcoin alternative ethereum, the Finkel review and the latest unemployment data. 

Was that GDP figure good or bad? Bunnings backs its sausages against Amazon's raids.  Why is Resources Minister Canavan so keen to back Adani?  

In this week's episode, James and Alan get to the bottom of what a first homebuyer grant really achieves, give an update on the Altair debacle, and try to unpick the contradictions of where Australia's renewable energy landscape.

Slowing house prices, Telstra's sunny side up, and the fund manager who gave his money back and got sued by his mum  

James Kirby and Alan Kohler debate the tale of the fund manager to threw in the towel, and the other biggest news stories of the week.

I want my tax to be tax deductible!  

Is the Fairfax bidding war real? Do we pay ATO employees enough? And is Trump's first budget ludicrous? In this week's episode of The Money Cafe, James Kirby and Alan Kohler try to separate the real facts from the fake news.

The ATO's spectacular scandal, the power play inside Fairfax's takeover, and can markets survive Trump?  

Markets have withstood every Trump bombshell to date, so what would it take for the leader of the free world to destabilise global economies?

Budget 2017: what really happened? Banks, and Australia's biggest property rort  

Alan Kohler and James Kirby reflect on what the 2017-18 budget really means. Has the government picked a fight with the nation's biggest banks?

Good debt, bad debt, a budget that's abandoned housing, and a tragic week for Fairfax  

Alan and James discuss the confusing messaging ahead of an increasingly threadbare budget in this week's Money Cafe, as well as the death spiral that Fairfax has entered.

Budget tips, housing, and - gasp! - could Nine drop cricket?  

As the federal budget draws near, Alan Kohler and James Kirby suggest what should and what will be included, before wondering how long Nine will be willing to hang on to its expensive cricket programming.

Iron ore - the most important guessing game in Australia  

When every five dollars added to the iron ore spot price translates roughly to an extra billion dollars in Australia's budget, the future trajectory of the resource becomes vital. So where to next? Don't ask Treasury, they just work with assumptions, not projections.

Housing tax breaks, Trump  and video games  

What's the most efficient way to ease the pressure on Australia's groaning property market? James and Alan tackle this, and the other urgent issues in the business sector (like the growing trend of professional video game vloggers) in this week's episode of The Money Cafe.

It's time to rethink where Australians invest their inheritances  

If you inherit a bag of money in 2017, where should you put it: property, or the stock market?

Billionaire Solomon Lew, Myer, and the big short that blew up  

It's been a terrible week to be short on Myer, or long on sandalwood. James and Alan discuss a very dramatic few days' worth of business news.

Gas, solar, hydro and batteries - the big arguments around Australian power  

It's been a big week for Australia's energy sector. Alan Kohler and James Kirby discuss the political and financial battles that will decide where you'll get your power in the future.

Too much oil, too few houses, and a few rogue bankers  

Alan and James discuss the looming gas crisis, the continuing climb in Australia's property market, and another round of tough questions for Australia's bank chiefs.

The housing data no one believes, and a seagull crashes Alan's big event  

Alan and James discuss the nonsense figures being thrown around in Australia's housing discussions, the impending pension changes, and a feathered cameo appearance at a big financial event last week.

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