The Money - Full program podcast

The Money - Full program podcast


The Money is a weekly 30 minute program that explains how the Australian economy and everything in it works, and how this all connects to the global economy.


The rise and rise of Amazon  

Amazon is one of the world's biggest retailers. It sells almost anything but selling things is not the most profitable part of the business. It makes film and television shows and offers a range of computing services.

Million Dollar Baby and more: the economics of movies  

Hollywood has changed dramatically in the last decade with the rise of the franchise movie, and traditional studios facing serious competition from Silicon Valley.

Family finances and school choice  

School choice is a fraught decision for many parents with the needs of the child and family finances topping the priority list.

The new globalisation  

We tend to think of globalisation as the loss of jobs of from rich countries to poor countries, and about trade and tariffs but globalisation is older and weirder and much more complicated than that, as Professor Richard Baldwin explains on The Money.

The Business of Recognition  

Honours, awards and the business of recognition.

The economics of sleep  

The economics of sleep.

How a song makes money  

How does a song make money?

Frocks and Rocks: the economics of weddings  

Frocks and rocks: the economics of weddings.

The so-called sharing economy  

The so-called sharing economy.

International tax avoidance  

International tax avoidance: how the multinationals do it.

Fintech on the phone  

Fintech on the phone.

Up, up and away: the economics of air travel  

Up, up and away: the economics of air travel.

A history of consumerism  

How consumer culture makes the world go around.

How money messes with you  

How money messes with you.

The Money in Moisturisers  

The economics of skin care.

The Economics of Sleep  

The economics of sleep.

The rise of mass customisation  

Made to measure for the masses.

The curse of cash  

Ken Rogoff on the curse of cash.

Blockchain myth vs reality  

Blockchain myth and reality.

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