The Money - Full program podcast

The Money - Full program podcast


The Money is a weekly 30 minute program that explains how the Australian economy and everything in it works, and how this all connects to the global economy.


Up, up and away: the economics of air travel  

Up, up and away: the economics of air travel.

A history of consumerism  

How consumer culture makes the world go around.

How money messes with you  

How money messes with you.

The Money in Moisturisers  

The economics of skin care.

The Economics of Sleep  

The economics of sleep.

The rise of mass customisation  

Made to measure for the masses.

The curse of cash  

Ken Rogoff on the curse of cash.

Blockchain myth vs reality  

Blockchain myth and reality.

How a song makes money  

The days of selling a hit single on an album are gone so how do songs make money on platforms such as Spotify and YouTube?

TISA: the global trade agreement you've never heard of  

Negotiations are currently underway in Geneva for the Trade In Services Agreement which may well define the rules governing the bulk of the world economy.

The real and false economy of counterfeit goods  

Fake goods are worth nearly half a trillion dollars a year and make up two and a half percent of global imports.

Frocks and rocks: the economics of weddings  

While the percentage of Australians getting married is falling, weddings cost more than ever before. One survey says the average spent by Australians on the big day is now 65-thousand dollars. So why are people spending so much and are there new and cheaper alternatives?

Money Changes Everything: a history of finance in our world  

Finance is at the heart of civilisation and has been used for good and ill since time began.

Collaborative consumption and the sharing economy  

The sharing economy promised efficiency and sustainability and gave us services like Airbnb, Uber and other car sharing services.

International tax avoidance  

How the multinationals do it.


Explore the new world of fintech on the phone with The Money.

Olympic economics  

Many of the modern Olympic games have proven to be economic disasters for the countries and cities that host them, prompting calls for a permanent host which the head of the IMF Christine Lagarde recently agreed was a good idea.

The economics of dairy  

What do Russian sanctions, Romano cheese and food processors Murray Goulburn have in common?

Money for nothing  

A Universal Basic Income is being considered around the world. Switzerland had a referendum last month and decided against it but Canada and Finland are experimenting with the idea.

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