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The Money Pit Home Improvement Radio Show

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The Money Pit is a nationally syndicated, call-in radio show that helps listeners with their home repair and improvement questions. Hosted by Tom Kraeutler and Leslie Segrete, this show helps you take on home improvement projects from floorboards to shingles every single week. Tom and Leslie entertain, educate and inspire listeners with an encyclopedic knowledge that just plain fun to listen to. With this team you can do-it-yourself, but you really don't have to do-it-alone. The show can be reached live 24/7 at 1-888-MONEYPIT.


Episode #1017162 - Solutions for Allergy Sufferers  

If indoor air still makes you sneeze this winter, Tom and Leslie have tips on how to keep allergens at bay, and hear how a NJ Supreme Court case that may pave the way for consumers across the nation to collect from insurance companies for bad work done by contractors, plus your calls.

Hidden Storage Space Solutions, Instant Hot Water for Morning Showers and how to Stop Faucets from Spreading Germs  

Looking for more storage space to hide the clutter in your home? Learn how hot water recirculation pumps can help – delivering hot water to faucets almost immediately. Learn how hands-free, motion-activated faucets are good for cutting down the spread of germs in your home, plus get answers to your questions about, HWH, stripping wallpaper, gutter replacement, basement moisture, painting outside of house, LED bulbs, cleaning mold, damp basements.

Episode #1010162 - Kitchen Updates for Under $1,000  

Want to step up your kitchen but don't have the budget for a major makeover? Tom and Leslie deliver five kitchen updates you can do for under a 1,000 bucks, plus answers to your questions.

Episode #1010161 - Easy Ways to Cuts Energy Costs  

As temperatures fall and energy bills rise, Tom and Leslie deliver tips on easy steps you can take to reduce energy use, save money and improve your comfort all winter long, plus get green gardening tips for fall and answers to your calls.

Episode #1003162 - Make Drafts Disappear  

If you’d like to keep the heat in, the cold out, and the energy bills down – stopping drafts is key! Tom and Leslie have tips to help find and stop hidden drafts, plus your calls.

Episode #1003161 - Gutter Cleaning Made Easy  

Clean gutters can keep basements dry, sidewalks from turning slippery and foundation walls from cracking. Tom and Leslie have tips on the easiest way keep gutter flowing, and your calls.

Energy Saving Tips for Renters, Lighting for Improved Sleep and Home Improvement Projects for Kids  

Get low-cost energy saving solutions for apartment dwellers. Plus, new research about how the type and color of light can impact your mood and your rest, along with tips on home improvement projects for kids the whole family can get behind, and your calls.

Tax Credit for Home Improvements, Best ROI for Green Upgrades and Fireplace Safety Redo  

Going green at home is a big trend nowadays, but how do you sort the good from the perennially BAD improvements, Tom and Leslie have solutions, plus tips on how to make sure your chimney is up for the winter ahead and your calls.

Easy Vacuum Repairs, High Tech Lighting that Improves Sleep and Avoiding Accidental Poisonings  

If your vacuum isn’t doing the job it should, we’ve got easy troubleshooting tips to help improve its performance. Is bedroom lighting interrupting your body’s circadian rhythm? Find out about new light technology that’s designed to fix that and more. Tips to keep toxic items safe and out of reach of kids, plus answers to your questions about, stain options, drafty doors, ridge vents, cleaning mold, enclose an outdoor porch , pool maintenance, cracked shower floor, soundproofing, paint, exhaust fans.

Most Valuable Home Improvements, Heat Pumps that Save Energy and Water Saving Tips for Bathrooms  

Ways to add real value to your home that stays around until you are ready to sell? Tips on the improvements that deliver the best ROI. Saving energy and “going green” are big goals for homeowners. Find out why a heat pump can do both. Learn an easy way to save hundreds on your water bill…just by switching out one common bathroom fixture. Plus answers to your calls about, roof leaks, heating options, failed seal, mice, vinyl siding, a/c repair, exhaust fans.

Easy Improvements in 30 Minutes or Less, Cutting Down on House Dust and Allergens and How to Plan a New Kitchen  

Easy 30 minute projects you can take on to make sure your home is set for this season ahead. Find out the best kind of filter to keep the air clean. Tips on the sensible way to plan a new kitchen, along with your calls on, cement bock walls, leaky pipes, venting an attic, treating a deck, carpet installations, door adjustments, cleaning shower doors and attic stairs.

How to Clean Outdoor Furniture, Finishing an Attic and Avoiding Ladder Injury  

Fall is a good time to clean up your outdoor furniture - get tips to help you clean and store. Advice on a very popular fall project – finishing your attic. And find out the one simple adjustment that will make sure you come down ladders with gravity on your side. Plus answers on installing a concrete slab, removing popcorn ceiling, replacing an AC unit, electrical wiring, crumbling chimney, deck stains, installing a shower and door repairs.

Tips for Painting Ceramic Tile, Apps that Help in Disasters and Tips to Keep Mold Away  

Have you ever tried to paint a surface that just didn’t seem to want to be painted, like ceramic tile or a countertop, for example? Tom and Leslie review a finish that handles those surfaces and more. Plus, when a disaster strikes, there is often mass confusion. Hear how FEMA is solving this with a handy new app that has everything you need to know in one place. And if you are about to close a vacation home, boat, or RV – there’s a good chance you may find mold when you open it next spring. Get tips to stop that from happening.

Homework Spaces for Kids, Preventing  Concrete Cracks and Avoiding Hail Damage  

Get tips on how to set up a homework space for your kids that’ll help keep them organized as the school season begins. Learn how to prevent walks and driveways from cracking in cold weather and how to help your home weather hail storms.

Lowering Electricity Costs, Garage Door Improvements and Dorm Room Decor  

Get advice on how utility companies can help you use LESS of their product. Find out the biggest safety and decor improvements in garage doors. Tips on dorm essentials to offer up function, flair and some extra free space. Plus answers to your calls about, railing, window repair, garage flooring, water temperature, attic noises, paint options.

How to Extend the Summer Outdoor Living Season, Advice for Planting Sod and the All Natural Way to Unclog Drains  

Labor Day doesn’t have to mean the end of outdoor fun. Get tips on THREE ways you can extend the use of your outdoor space. Plus, shortcuts on the best way to get a great looking lawn, fast. Advice on an all-natural way to unclog drains, plus answers to questions about, household odors, roof leaks, paneling, furniture restoration, tool options.

No Cost to Low Cost ways to Keep Cool, Saving Heat Damaged Lawns and Tips to Stop Mold from Growing in Your Home  

Now that summer is at its hottest, are you scraping for every possible way you can to keep cool and comfortable? Tom & Leslie share a few low-cost to no-cost tips that can do just that. Plus, with the water shortages and generally blistering heat

No Cost to Low Cost ways to Keep Cool, Saving Heat Damaged Lawns and Tips to Stop Mold from Growing in Your Home  

Now that summer is at its hottest, are you scraping for every possible way you can to keep cool and comfortable? Tom & Leslie share a few low-cost to no-cost tips that can do just that. Plus, with the water shortages and generally blistering heat

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