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The More Perfect Union Podcast is a political and current events podcast for the rest of us. This new podcast features talk about politics and current events from non-politicians and non-journalists. You know...regular people. Taxpayers? Voters?. You’ll hear from the left, right and center about our American political system and all the stuff you political junkies love to talk about! Subscribe now to the More Perfect Union Podcast so you don’t miss one amazing episode!


First 100 Days (Ep. 94)  

Episode 94 of The More Perfect Union podcast talks about Trump's first 100 days in office, Bill O'Reilly's last day at FOX News, Melania Trump's glory days as a nude model, Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz's waning days in Congress, and Julian Assange's precarious days as a free man. Plus, Greg and Helena confess to having been "a bigly child."

More Perfect, After Dark: Death Penalty (Ep. 93)  

In this "after dark" episode of The More Perfect Union podcast, the hosts discuss the death penalty and share their pet peeves of the week.

Mother Of All Bombs  

Episode 92 of The More Perfect Union podcast looks at Trump's potential plays in Syria, Korea, and the Fed. (And which one he's likely to nuke first.) Then the gang has some laughs over Sean Spicer's most recent verbal gaffes and shares their thoughts on the airline industry in light of the United Airlines passenger ejection assault.

"Winning is Easy..." (Ep 91)  

Taking a cue from VP Mike Pence's love of theatre, the gang discusses the difficulties of actually running a government, the recent developments in Syria, and Neil Gorsuch's new promotion.

Pence: Table for Two? (Ep. 90)  

This "More Perfect Union" podcast covers the reasons why Congress may be hesitant to give Michael Flynn immunity (and rumors of his tryst with a sexy Russian translator named Svetlana), Mike Pence's reluctance to dining with sexy American women other than his wife, D.J.'s attraction to a not-so-sexy carbon emissions tax, and whether or not the Trump campaign incited violence at its rallies. And Rebekah reveals the one thing that will ultimately bring Donald Trump down.

"We're Moving" promo  

The MPU podcast is moving to Tuesdays. Hear why.

More Perfect, After Dark: The Nuclear Option (Ep. 89)  

In this "After Dark" episode, the gang shares some laughs about Trump and share some juicy theories about what Rep. Devin Nunes told the president and why it's such a secret. Then things get serious when talking about Neil Gorsuch, Merrick Garland, and the liberal/conservative divide over the open SCOTUS seat.

Trumpcare R.I.P. (Ep. 88)  

In this More Perfect Union podcast the gang takes an in-depth look at the future of healthcare reform after the Trumpcare-Ryancare debacle and then has some laughs about the Devin Nunes-Adam Schiff war of words over the House Intelligence Committee's investigation into Russian influence in the presidential election.

More Perfect, After Dark: War and Peace (Ep. 87)  

This special "After-Dark" episode takes listeners behind the scenes to hear what the hosts talk about after the podcast ends. This week they discuss the North Korean nuclear threat and how it compares to past situations in Iraq and Syria, how Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is handling his new role on the world stage, and whether President Trump is up to the task of international diplomacy.

The Trump Budget (Ep. 86)  

Episode 86 of "The More Perfect Union" podcast looks at the CBO report on the GOP healthcare bill, Trump's miserly budget, Rex Tillerson's North Korean diplomacy, and why Ivanka was in meetings with Angela Merkel.

More Perfect, After Dark (Ep. 85)  

In this mid-week "after-dark" episode, we go behind the scenes to hear the gang discuss their favorite political books, learn about Kevin's days as a writer for "Night Court," share some laughs over the Kellyanne Conway sofa-gate scandal, and reminisce about infamous GOP sex scandals of years past.

TrumpCare Debut  

Episode 84 of The More Perfect Union podcast looks at the February jobs report, the TrumpCare replacement bill, the firing of 46 U.S. attorneys, the voting rights mess in Texas, and tattoo ideas for one of the co-hosts.

More Perfect, After Dark: Dad Talk (Ep. 83)  

In this "After-Dark" podcast, D.J. talks about Cliff's politics behind his back, Greg and Helena's talk about their dads behind their backs, Cory Booker behind his back, D.J. opines on the bank panic of 2008, Molly and D.J. rip on Dodd-Frank, Kevin makes D.J. choose between a Republican and a Democrat in 2020, and we end with tales of Greg's brother taking on Kevin. It's all in good fun and with lots of detailed analysis, clashing opinions, and good-natured ribbing.

The Russians Are Coming (Ep. 82)  

Episode 82 of The More Perfect Union podcast covers the Jeff Sessions–Russian connection scandal, Trump's unsubstantiated claim that he was wiretapped by former President Obama, the Rand Paul scavenger hunt for the Obamacare replacement bill, and which Democrats the Republicans on the panel think could appeal to disappointed Trump voters in 2020.

CPAC's Trump Tumor  

Episode 81 of The More Perfect Union podcast looks at how Trump coopted CPAC and the conservative movement, what new DNC chair Tom Perez means for the future of the Democratic party, and what are fair and unfair historical comparisons to the Trump administration.

More Perfect, After Dark  

This special "after-dark" episode of the #MPUpodcast finds the gang bantering about their early careers, the trials and tribulations of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, the legacy of controversial Dutch politician Pim Fortuyn, and lots of Trump Administration gossip in-between.

Fake News Invasion  

Episode 79 of The More Perfect Union podcast looks at the national frenzy over fake news, fake fake news, fake Swedish terrorist attacks and, yes, fake boobs. (Sort of.)

What Trump Is Getting Right  

Episode 78 of The More Perfect Union podcast attempts to talk about what the 45th president is getting right after three weeks. But when we exhaust that topic after a minute or two, the discussion moves to the Mitch McConnell–Elizabeth Warren senate flair-up and how Saturday Night Live is getting under the president's skin. Then we take a look at the new administration's most lovable geek and put our spin on Ivanka's war with Nordstrom.

Another Kent State  

Episode 77 of The More Perfect Union podcast series looks at how Democrats are reacting to President Trump's first Supreme Court nominee, the Berkeley protests over alt-right mouthpiece Milo Yiannopoulos, the Muslim nation travel ban, and the real significance of the "Bowling Green Massacre" and Frederick Douglas kerfuffles. 

More Perfect After Dark  

Episode 76 of The More Perfect Union podcast series is a special episode that takes you behind the scenes to hear what the hosts talk about once the real podcast ends. Warning: some of the language in this episode is saltier than an official MPU podcast.

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