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The More Perfect Union Podcast is a political and current events podcast for the rest of us. This new podcast features talk about politics and current events from non-politicians and non-journalists. You know...regular people. Taxpayers? Voters?. You’ll hear from the left, right and center about our American political system and all the stuff you political junkies love to talk about! Subscribe now to the More Perfect Union Podcast so you don’t miss one amazing episode!


Fake News Invasion  

Episode 79 of The More Perfect Union podcast looks at the national frenzy over fake news, fake fake news, fake Swedish terrorist attacks and, yes, fake boobs. (Sort of.)

What Trump Is Getting Right  

Episode 78 of The More Perfect Union podcast attempts to talk about what the 45th president is getting right after three weeks. But when we exhaust that topic after a minute or two, the discussion moves to the Mitch McConnell–Elizabeth Warren senate flair-up and how Saturday Night Live is getting under the president's skin. Then we take a look at the new administration's most lovable geek and put our spin on Ivanka's war with Nordstrom.

Another Kent State  

Episode 77 of The More Perfect Union podcast series looks at how Democrats are reacting to President Trump's first Supreme Court nominee, the Berkeley protests over alt-right mouthpiece Milo Yiannopoulos, the Muslim nation travel ban, and the real significance of the "Bowling Green Massacre" and Frederick Douglas kerfuffles. 

More Perfect After Dark  

Episode 76 of The More Perfect Union podcast series is a special episode that takes you behind the scenes to hear what the hosts talk about once the real podcast ends. Warning: some of the language in this episode is saltier than an official MPU podcast.

The Big Ban Theory  

Episode 75 of The More Perfect Union podcast covers Donald Trump's executive orders for a temporary ban on Muslim  immigration and Lorne Michael's indefinite ban of SNL writer Katie Rich.

Inauguration Day  

This week's More Perfect Union podcast touches on Trump's inauguration speech, the women's march, whether government should fund public broadcasting and the arts, the confirmation hearing of Education nominee Betsy DeVos, and the biggest promise that Trump has broken so far.

The Illegitimate President  

Episode 73 of The More Perfect Union podcast series covers Martin Luther King Jr. Day as it relates to the rift between civil rights icon Rep. John Lewis and President-elect Donald Trump, Sen. Corey Booker's up and down week, the latest twists in the Obamacare repeal and replace saga, and predictions for inauguration day.

Meryl's Golden Speech  

Episode 72 of The More Perfect Union podcast series covers Meryl Streep's anti-Trump Gold Globes speech and what happens when celebrities talk politics, President Obama and the history of presidential farewell speeches, the upcoming Cabinet confirmation hearings, and where the MPU gang will be for the Woman's March on Washington.

Cyber Warriors  

Episode 71 of The More Perfect Union podcast series touches on the looming cyberwar between the USA and Russia, compares Trump's inauguration entertainment lineup to President Obama's, looks at what Democrats are doing to mount a goal-line defense of Obamacare, and sees Greg start the new year off right by ripping on his least favorite governor.

Jet Blue Jet Setters  

Episode 70 of The More Perfect Union podcast series covers Ivanka Trump's tough Jet Blue flight, her dad's tough talk on nukes and tariffs, President Obama's tough love for Bibi Netanyahu, and the MPU gang's new year's resolutions after a very tough political year.

Abortion Contortion  

Episode 69 of The More Perfect Union podcast covers the meeting of the electoral college electors, North Carolina's soap opera of partisan politics, Ohio's attempt to reframe the national abortion debate, and what horror movies this year's election reminds us of.

The Siberian Candidate  

Episode 68 of The More Perfect Union podcast takes a look at new revelations surrounding Russia's role in the 2016 presidential election, how Democrats should respond to the Trump presidency, and the possibility that Joe Biden might mount a run in 2020.

Healthcare: What's Next?  

Episode 67 of The More Perfect Union podcast looks at what's coming in the wake of the GOP effort to repeal Obamacare.

Trump's Taiwan Gambit  

Episode 66 of The More Perfect Union podcast covers Trump's controversial call from the president of Taiwan, the President-elect's latest Cabinet picks, the soap opera between Jon Huntsman and Mitt Romney over the Secretary of State job, the pros and cons of Trump's Carrier jobs deal, and a round of the game, "Name That Host."

"More Perfect Union" Promo  

A promo for this week's More Perfect Union podcast

Wisconsin Recount  

Episode 66 of The More Perfect Union podcast covers the Jill Stein initiated recount of Wisconsin, Romney vs. Giuliani, why Kellyanne Conway is a bad omen for the Trump White House, and the Standing Rock Dakota Access Pipeline protests.

Hollywood Nights  

Episode 65 of The More Perfect Union podcast series covers President-elect Trump's power meeting with Hollywood Mega-Agent Ari Emmanuel, the Jeff Sessions's nomination for Attorney General, Mike Pence's "Hamilton" kerfuffle, the Democratic party's looming battles for the DNC Chair and House Minority Leader posts, and what our hosts are thankful for as Thanksgiving approaches.

Trump Staffs Up  

Episode 64 of The More Perfect Union podcast covers President-elect Trump's first staff hires, how The Donald may try to personally profit from the presidency, the anti-Trump protests, coming to terms with the election results, lessons learned for Democrats ahead of 2020, and one host tells of a new business venture to help stave off the post-election blues.

Trump Triumph  

The post-election episode of The More Perfect Union podcast covers the emotional twists and turns of election night, a post-mortem of what went wrong for the Clinton campaign, and a look at Trump's Contract with the American Voter for his first one hundred days.

Election Confection (UPDATED)  

Episode 61 of "The More Perfect Union" podcasts looks at the final hours before election day, as the hosts declare who they are voting for, make their election day predictions, and offer a special musical serenade to American voters.

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