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The More Perfect Union Podcast is a political and current events podcast for the rest of us. This new podcast features talk about politics and current events from non-politicians and non-journalists. You know...regular people. Taxpayers? Voters?. You’ll hear from the left, right and center about our American political system and all the stuff you political junkies love to talk about! Subscribe now to the More Perfect Union Podcast so you don’t miss one amazing episode!


Senator Kid Rock (Ep. 109)  

In Part 2 of this week's "The More Perfect Union" podcast, the gang tries to negotiate their own bipartisan healthcare bill, argues over the reliability of CBO scores, looks at the political viability of Kid Rock and other celebrities in the era of Trump, and then reveals their own thoughts about someday running for office.

The Hillary Treatment (Ep. 108)  

In the first part of this week's More Perfect Union podcast, the gang discusses former President Jimmy Carter, the Don Jr. meeting with the Russians, and how the Trump Administration is getting "the Hillary treatment."

WrestleMania (Ep. 107)  

Episode 107 of "The More Perfect Union" podcast series features discussions about the Trump-CNN Logo wrestling video controversy, the Trump family at the G20 Summit, revelations of yet another previously unreported meeting between Russian lawyers and members of the Trump campaign, and we end with some funny political chants.

Trumpcare Delayed Is Trumpcare Denied (Ep. 106)  

This week's MPU podcast looks at the GOP's failure to pass an Obamacare repeal and replace bill, the U.S. arms sale to Taiwan, the potential for a U.S. ground war in Syria, the future of the Trump travel ban in the Supreme Court, and what the Founding Fathers might have thought of America in 2017.

The Solar Wall (Ep. 105)  

This episode of The More Perfect Union podcast looks at President Trump's idea for a solar-powered border wall, what it will mean for the country if Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy retires, and what it will mean for Democrats if Jane Sanders' legal troubles take Bernie down with her.

Father's Day (Ep. 104)  

Episode 104 of The More Perfect Union podcast looks at Father's Day in Trumpland, as the gang reviews a week of unspeakable violence, unexplainable verdicts, chasms in the Democratic party, and potential names for the Beyoncé twins.

Comey Time (Ep. 103)  

This week's More Perfect Union podcast looks at the senate testimony of James Comey, the likelihood of impeachment charges, congress's attempt to defang Dodd-Frank, and a little gossip about Senator Dodd and Princess Leah.

Political Satire (Ep. 102)  

In this More Perfect Union podcast, the gang takes sides on the Kathy Griffin and Bill Maher comedy controversies, debates the social etiquette of the N-word, and looks forward to what may be coming in James Comey's much anticipated congressional testimony.

International Man (Ep. 101)  

Episode 101 of The More Perfect Union podcast looks at President Trump's first overseas excursion, trouble brewing for Jared at home, the Trump budget, and the infamous Saudi glowing orb.

The Impeachment Clock (Ep. 100)  

In the 100th episode of The More Perfect Union podcast, the gang talks about the prospects for impeachment now that Robert Mueller is on the case. They also look at what Democrats can do to sure up their case to voters in 2018, and why Calista was the Gingrich appointed Ambassador to the Vatican.

More Perfect, After Dark: Book Deals (Ep. 99)  

This "after dark" episode of the More Perfect Union podcast finds the gang dishes about who's on the outs with Donald Trump, Bill Clinton's deal to cowrite a novel, ideas for the name of Jame's Comey's tell-all book, what's happening in German politics, and personal stories from everyone's Mothers' Day.

You're Fired! (Ep. 98)  

This episode of the More Perfect Union podcast covers Trump's firing of James Comey, Sean Spicer hiding in the bushes, protests in Virginia over removing a statue of hometown hero Robert E. Lee, the president's commencement speech at Liberty University, and who on the panel had the most famous college graduation speaker.

Political Faith (Ep. 97)  

Episode 97 of The More Perfect Union podcast covers the prospects of TrumpCare in the senate, the president's executive order on religious freedom, his first overseas visits, the Jordan Edwards shooting, the fallout from Steven Colbert's controversial monologue, and why Mika "hearts" Morning Joe.

Death and Taxes (Ep. 96)  

In this More Perfect Union podcast, the gang talks about the Trump tax cut plan, how tax cuts have worked in the past, former President Obama's decision to give an expensive speech to a Wall Street firm, and their favorite political films.

More Perfect, After Dark: European Politics (Ep. 95)  

In this episode of "The More Perfect Union" podcast, the gang takes a look at politics across the pond, including the effects of terrorism on European elections, the upcoming runoff in France between Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen, and British PM Theresa May's call for an early general election in her country.

First 100 Days (Ep. 94)  

Episode 94 of The More Perfect Union podcast talks about Trump's first 100 days in office, Bill O'Reilly's last day at FOX News, Melania Trump's glory days as a nude model, Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz's waning days in Congress, and Julian Assange's precarious days as a free man. Plus, Greg and Helena confess to having been "a bigly child."

More Perfect, After Dark: Death Penalty (Ep. 93)  

In this "after dark" episode of The More Perfect Union podcast, the hosts discuss the death penalty and share their pet peeves of the week.

Mother Of All Bombs  

Episode 92 of The More Perfect Union podcast looks at Trump's potential plays in Syria, Korea, and the Fed. (And which one he's likely to nuke first.) Then the gang has some laughs over Sean Spicer's most recent verbal gaffes and shares their thoughts on the airline industry in light of the United Airlines passenger ejection assault.

"Winning is Easy..." (Ep 91)  

Taking a cue from VP Mike Pence's love of theatre, the gang discusses the difficulties of actually running a government, the recent developments in Syria, and Neil Gorsuch's new promotion.

Pence: Table for Two? (Ep. 90)  

This "More Perfect Union" podcast covers the reasons why Congress may be hesitant to give Michael Flynn immunity (and rumors of his tryst with a sexy Russian translator named Svetlana), Mike Pence's reluctance to dining with sexy American women other than his wife, D.J.'s attraction to a not-so-sexy carbon emissions tax, and whether or not the Trump campaign incited violence at its rallies. And Rebekah reveals the one thing that will ultimately bring Donald Trump down.

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