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Episode 250: Tarzan of the Apes  

We take a blast to the past this week with a challenge that predates anything we've been challenged to do before! Going back to 1912, we read Edgar Rice Burroughs' novel, Tarzan of the Apes, and dig into the origin of one of pop culture's oldest heroes!

Episode 249: The Return of MST3K!  

In the not too distant future, THIS Sunday A.D., we wade through all the massive recent events in the realm of Star Wars before diving into the crowdfunded resurrection of Mystery Science Theatre 3000 currently on Netflix!

Episode 248: Getting Congressional With Jen Briney  

We enter a realm we rarely delve into this week as we have Jen Briney, host of the Congressional Dish podcast, on the show to discuss her nerdy passions of researching and understanding Congress and the exact nature of the bills being passed! While we don't delve into the political realm often, we had a blast talking to Jen about the nature of the political beast!

Episode 247: Horsin' Around  

This week exemplifies why the challenges are so important as we discuss Netflix's Bojack Horseman's first season. After chatting about the new Justice League trailer and the rumor of Joss Whedon directing Batgirl, we dive into the animated comedy starring Will Arnett and talk about the effect of its slow burning nature.

Episode 246: Power Rangers SPOILERCAST!  

It's finally (morphin') time! Myles' most anticipated film of the year, the Power Rangers reboot, hit US theatres this weekend, and he, Drew, and Patrick are going to review and spoil the crap out of it. So grab your power coins, a Krispy Kreme donuts, and get ready for our hot takes on the newest iteration of Saban's Power Rangers!

Episode 245: PAX EAST 2017 ROUND-UP!  

Drew, Myles, and Patrick return from Boston (except Patrick cause he lives there) to gush about their experience with this year's Penny Arcade Expo and all the rad games coming on the horizon that they played.

Episode 244: Traversing The Strange With Bruce Cordell  

Lauded game designer Bruce Cordell joins us this week to discuss the new Kickstarter for the deluxe boxed set for his and Monte Cook's tabletop RPG, The Strange, as well as his upcoming novel, Myth of the Maker. But before Bruce regales us with fantastical worlds, Drew and Myles excited talk about their initial impressions of the Nintendo Switch and gush over The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Episode 243 - All I Want To Do Is To Watch More Steven U  

We're returning to our favorite Crystal Gems this week! This time, Patrick has cooked up a list of story and character-centric episodes of Steven Universe that showcase the emotional gravitas the show is known. Stuff you can't quite grab from the first 7 eps of our initial challenge. But before that we Talk Nerdy about the newly announced Nightwing film, and which actor could have the assets to fit the character.

Episode 242: Zodiac Starforce!  

Our Talk Nerdy segment this week is all movie reviews! For the first time in ages, all three nerds went to different movies for non-challenge flicks. Well, technically, Myles went twice. After that, we summon the power of Astra to discuss the truly excellent title from Dark Horse Comics, Zodiac Starforce!

Episode 241: No Retreat No Surrender 3 With Jason Anarchy  

Our game designer buddy Jason Anarchy returns to the show for the latest in our series of episodes dedicated to the must-be-seen-to-be-believed martial arts franchise, No Retreat No Surrender! No Retreat No Surrender 3: Blood Brothers, as its predecessors before it, doesn't fail to live up to the hilarious hype we've set for these cinema masterpieces!

Episode 240: Re: Zero Is An Excellent Anime, I Suppose!  

After a grueling Talk Nerdy To Me, where Myles attempts to discuss his dissatisfaction with Rings, the third film in the American horror franchise, despite Drew and Patrick's attempt at a bit, the guys cannot help but gush over their newfound love of the truly excellent anime: Re: Zero - Starting Life In Another World!

Episode 239: Tales of Understanding Undertale  

On this week’s episode we meet some cool monsters and make a conscious effort not to fight them going against 30+ years of video game experience in “UNDERTALE”

Episode 238: Jetting to Jupiter with Ashley V. Robinson!  

Our old friend Ashley V. Robinson returns to the show to chat about her new coming, Jupiter Jet, currently on Kickstarter, as well as a variety of Nerd News topics!

Episode 237: Oh, The Inhumanity!  

After a rousing Talk Nerdy to Me, the guys dig into Paul Jenkins and Jae Lee's 12 issue run of Marvel's Inhumans.

Episode 236:  BBC's Robin Hood  

After Myles inspires a lengthy Talk Nerdy to Me about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and his love for the Nickelodeon iteration, the guys joust over BBC's modern-ish period piece take on the famous legendary character, Robin Hood!

Episode 235: The 2016 Morey Awards  

The guys round up 2016 with our picks across movies, tv, comics and more!

Episode 234: Rogue One SPOILERCAST  

Myles is quite ill, but like a good rebel, he attempts to power through as the boys give their impressions of the very first non-saga Star Wars film, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story!

Episode: 233: It's Coraliiiiine!  

Patrick, sadly, was taken by his Other Mother this week, so it's up to Myles and Drew to head into the wild world of Coraline, but not before they have a little video game chat about FFXV and The Last Guardian topped with a little Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer talk!

Episode 232: TMYN's Kdrama Challenge is H.O.T.!  

We had a tooooon of video game stuff to cover for Talk Nerdy this week after taking a break before getting into a brand new realm for us: the world of Korean Dramas! We watch The Master's Sun, Coffee Prince, and Reply 1997! Join us as we venture into our first foray with Kdramas and our impressions of the cultural phenomenon.

Episode 231: Starbound. STAAAARBOUND!  

Once again, we give updates on our creative projects before drifting into a little Talk Nerdy. This week, we disucss our surprisingly positive reactions to the Ghost in the Shell trailer. Afterwards, we tackle our long awaited Starbound challenge, diving into what did or didn't resonate with us about the game, and sandbox games in general!

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