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Episode 231: Starbound. STAAAARBOUND!  

Once again, we give updates on our creative projects before drifting into a little Talk Nerdy. This week, we disucss our surprisingly positive reactions to the Ghost in the Shell trailer. Afterwards, we tackle our long awaited Starbound challenge, diving into what did or didn't resonate with us about the game, and sandbox games in general!

Episode 330: Chatting With The Mega Princess, Kelly Thompson!  

Our dear friend, Kelly Thompson, returns to the show to discuss her new comic from Boom Studios, Mega Princess! We then catch up with what's been going on in Jem and her future projects for Star Wars and Hawkeye for Marvel before talking about writing in general (and even some NaNoWriMo stuff)! A much needed solace to remedy the craziness of this week!

Episode 229 - Doctor Strange SPOILERCAST  

Before we conjure up spoilers for Marvel's newest film, Doctor Strange, Drew, Myles, and Patrick give updates on how their NaNoWriMo projects as well as celebrate the return of the animated show, Young Justice!!

Episode 228 - It Follows Our Halloween Spookatcular  

We're back!! After talking about the new Nintendo Switch and NaNoWriMo, we delve into our Halloween special feature: It Follows. The guys go back and forth in what tricks worked and what treats didn't (we all know Myles loved it) as they discuss the 2014 modern horror classic.

Episode 227: NYCC 2016 Special!  

New York ComicCon happened last weekend, where a number of incredibly exciting announcements and reveals took place. After some Talk Nerdy To Me, the boys dive right into all of the comic, TV, and movie news that happened at the con this week. Spoiler: Myles goes nuts for the Power Rangers trailer.

Episode 226 - SPOILERCAST: Having Coffee With Luke Cage  

Marvel and Netflix release the first season for their third Defender, Luke Cage, so we prepared one of our special SPOILERCASTS for the occasion. Drew, Myles, and Patrick dive into what they absolutely loved and what didn't always work for them about the show, all while engaging in a group cup of coffee.

Episode 225 - The Client Starred In A Great Comic  

This week we travel back to the late 90's as we read the Marvel Knights volume of Black Panther written by Christopher Priest. We delve into how this book reintroduced the Black Panther to a new audience, how this works even now without being dated, and why it's still a great superhero comic even today!

Episode 224- Nerds of Iron  

The day we've been waiting for has finally arrived! Destiny's new expansion, Rise of Iron has released, and, boy, do we have some impressions. But first! Quentin Weir and Dan Reiss from Elderwood Academy join us to discuss their new products currently lighting up Kickstarter, the Scroll and Codex dice and rolling tray! We get into how the company got their start and talk about their process on making products that spice up the tabletop gaming experience!

Episode 223 - Escape from Nerd York Double Feature  

This week Patrick lays down a Double Film Feature presentation for his Birthday Challenge: To watch both "Escape From New York", and "Escape From L.A." directed by John Carpenter. We track Snake Plisskens tours through the world of Metropolitan Maximum Security Prisons as he warns us about the downfalls of the Electoral College in U.S. Politics.

Episode 222 - Finding Molly With Justine Prado and Jenn St-Onge  

Justine Prado and Jenn St-Onge, the writer and artist of Emet Comics' Finding Molly: An Adventure in Catsitting, join us this week to discuss the inspiration behind their hilarious and sincere book as well as talking about their new Kickstarter to fund the Finding Molly graphic novel! It's a rare treat to have both creators of a comic aboard, and we had an absolute blast talking about comics, cats, and comics about cats!

Episode 221 - The WicDiv and The Nerdy  

Once every ninety years, Myles and Drew completely agree on something, so it only makes sense that Patrick doesn't! This week's challenge to read The Wicked and The Divine brings about this rare occurrence! But before that, we talk about a little nerdy movie news in Talk Nerdy To Me!

Episode 220: Stranger Things  

Netflix's Stranger Things has taken the world by both surprise and storm, and the guys are no different. This week we talk about our experiences with the show and how it succeeded every expectation we had!

Episode 219: Babblin' About Babylon 5  

It's Drew's birthday! In celebration, he challenged us to watch the two hour pilot and first episode to an old favorite show of his: Babylon 5! After some Talk Nerdy To Me, we discuss the merits of the science fiction cult classic, and why it still works over twenty years later.

Episode 218 - Suicide Squad SPOILERCAST  

DC's newest cinematic offering, Suicide Squad, is in theatres now! Drew, Myles, and Patrick take on some of DC's baddest villains to see how they translate to screen!

Episode 217: Putting the DC Back Into SDCC  

This week we wrapped up all of the cool stuff that was unveiled at the annual San Diego ComicCon International! And for the first time in years, it seemed, to us, anyway, DC stood out the most. Why? Listen on and find out!

Episode 216: Star Trek Beyond, Thunderdome  

Spoilers: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Nerd. Its continuing mission to expand nerd horizons by engaging in weekly challenges. This week, the crew finds themselves face to face with the brand new offering of a beloved franchise: Star Trek Beyond. Will the Kelvin universe consume them?

Episode 215: Monte Cook's Critical Hits  

Last time game master Monte Cook visited the show, poor Patrick was sick and had to miss out chatting with one of his heroes. Luckily, Monte kindly took time away from prepping for GenCon to chat with us more about role playing culture, what inspired him to create Numenera, as well as gifting us the ability to give a little surprise to our listeners!

Episode 214: Confetti Dresses  

After expressing their excitement for the release of the Pokemon Go app, the guys discuss their enchantment and bemusement by the French animated film, Jack and the Cuckoo Clock Heart!

Episode 213: Marvel's Runaways  

This week, the nerds dissect Marvel's classic original run of Brian K. Vaughn's Runaways! While Myles still holds the same level of love from when he first read it, Drew and Patrick recognize the series' merits while still giving the series modern criticism.

Episode 212: Power Rangers: Mythic Legends!  

With Patrick out, Drew and Myles postpone talking about Runaways. Instead, inspired by the excellent reboot of Dreamworks and Netflix's Voltron series as well as the recent bit of Power Rangers movie news, Drew challenges Myles to make his own Power Ranger show! Though on the spot, the two come up with a fun assortment of their Ranger colors, themes, Zords and villains. If any of our listeners are artists, we'd LOVE for you to interpret these ideas! Go go Power Rangers!

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