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Since its launch in 1997, The Moth has presented thousands of true stories, told live and without notes, to standing-room-only crowds worldwide. Moth storytellers stand alone, under a spotlight, with only a microphone and a roomful of strangers. The storyteller and the audience embark on a high-wire act of shared experience which is both terrifying and exhilarating. Since 2008, The Moth podcast has featured many of our favorite stories told live on Moth stages around the country. For information on all of our programs and live events, visit


Hail Mary & Gethwana Mahlase  

In this episode, we head to South Africa for the first ever Johannesburg Mainstage show. A woman confronts her fears by sharing a personal truth, and a career-woman takes a leap of faith.

The Moth Radio Hour: Family, Neighbors and Extraordinary Proof  

In this episode we travel to Chicago, the Navajo Nation in Arizona, and then end the hour on the sidelines of the Tour de France. A man struggles with his unruly neighbors, an artists shares memories of growing up on the Navajo Nation and a journalist exposes one of the greatest sports scandals of our […]

Michael VonAllmen & Ted Conover  

A man vows to help his fellow ex-inmate, and a man pays a price for the tough attitude he develops as a corrections officer.

The Moth Radio Hour: Veterans Day 2016: Iraq, Aircraft Carriers & Candy  

A special veteran’s day episode of The Moth. A soldier trains to land his plane on an aircraft carrier, a future marine rebels against her abusive father, an Iraqi man risks his life working as a translator for the armed forces. Storytellers: Ted Hartley, Taniki Richard, and Abbas Mousa.

Election Day: Savannah, Georgia 1948  

A woman learns the value of voting after a conversation she has with her mother.

The Moth Radio Hour: Hitchhiking, Mosh Pit, and Iggy Pop  

In this hour, a daughter realizes how naïve she’s been when she learns the truth about her mother’s pregnancy; a successful businessman reveals his childhood dream; a hitchhiker is picked up by an infamous driver; an exchange student experiences Japanese mosh pit etiquette; a teenager does a newspaper review of an Iggy Pop album and […]

Matt Mercier, Brian Brown & Joe Charnitski  

A man has a séance to contact Edgar Allen Poe, a campfire myth is told, and a group of friends go ghost hunting.

Tony Birch & Brad Lawrence  

A rebellious teen copes with an abusive father and his crush on the girl from the fruit stand. And a young boy learns to see past his sins after being exorcised in an elevator by Evangelical Christians.

Tara Clancy & Adrienne Truscott  

A girl from Queens learns to think big, and a performance artist receives a death threat.

Tracy Rowland & Carlos Kotkin  

A woman dates a musician who has a dependent relationship with a life coach, and a man becomes a new father sooner than expected.

The Moth Radio Hour: GrandSLAMS Coast to Coast  

In this hour, Moth GrandSLAM stories from around the country. PTSD, a trans teen, college, eBay, prison, eye contact and the emergency room. Storytellers: Fred Johnson, Vivienne Andersen, Pam Burrell, Steve Zimmer, Tony Cyprien, Pam Colby, Bess Stillman.

The Moth Radio Hour: One Thing in Common  

In this hour, four stories of lessons learned. Lessons of sharing, flirting, parenting and religious texts. Storytellers: Ashok Ramasubramanian, Jane Green, Shayk Umar, Cybele Abbett

The Moth Radio Hour: LA Confidential: Honor Guard, Swing Dancing, and Data Hacking for a Date  

In this hour, stories from Los Angeles. A divorced woman does a complete makeover on her lifestyle, an Air Force veteran describes what its like to be a member of The Honor Guard, a mourning woman looks for solace in swing dancing, a computer hacker messes with the algorithms of OKCupid. Storytellers: Carol Leifer, Adrian Estrada, Vicki Juditz, and Chris McKinlay.

The Moth Radio Hour: REM, Car Wrecks and the Circus  

In this hour, we explore What Went Wrong: a dad gets chummy with a rock star and causes havoc, a childhood trauma shapes a super model’s outlook and The Big Apple Circus imports communist the height of the cold war. Storytellers: Gordon Edelstein, Padma Lakshmi, and Paul Binder.

George Lombardi & Mary Navarre  

A young doctor is whisked halfway across the globe to care for an ailing international religious icon and a Catholic school dropout searches for meaning.

The Moth Radio Hour: Moth Eaten: Adventures in Food  

A special live edition of The Moth at Cooper Union in NYC, "Moth Eaten: Adventures in Food." Best-selling author Adam Gopnik and his wife have an ongoing battle about the proper way to cook meat; celebrity chef David Chang shares his anxiety about receiving, and possibly losing, Michelin Stars; comedian Lisa Lampanelli tells about her hilarious and moving stint at a fitness camp. Storytellers: Adam Gopnik, David Chang, and Lisa Lampanelli.

Angela Lush & TJ McDonald  

A woman decides to rebel against her family by getting a tattoo and a New Zealander visits America only to discover he's completely out of place.

The Moth Radio Hour: Paul Bowles, Exile, and a Bar Mitzvah  

A boy's Bar Mitzvah becomes a family battle ground; three literary pilgrims search for the author Paul Bowles in Morocco; and a novelist decides that the only way to cure her writer's block is to block out the world. Storytellers: Jeffrey Solomon, Edgar Oliver, and Elif Shafak.

Shalom Auslander & Jeanette Walls  

A son finds his dad's porn collection which reveals something surprising about his parent's relationship and a woman learns to embrace her past.

Tony Wheeler & Aaron Wolfe  

A tale of family adventure from the founder of Lonely Planet and a man has a run in with some Howler monkeys in Nicaragua.

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