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Hailed as one of Entertainment Weekly’s “Top 20 Podcasts” (Issue #1345 - Jan. 9, 2015), celebrated genre filmmakers Adam Green (HATCHET, FROZEN, DIGGING UP THE MARROW) and Joe Lynch (EVERLY, WRONG TURN 2, KNIGHTS OF BADASSDOM) host this informative and inspiring filmmaking podcast that has been called “audio film school” by both aspiring and working artists alike. Showcasing a different celebrity or other accomplished industry professional each week, Adam and Joe lead extremely candid discussions that focus on each guest’s individual journey through Hollywood and their comical, heartbreaking, and brutally honest tales from the trenches that reveal far more insight about the business than any film class could ever offer. Listen, learn, and laugh along with this highly addictive show that has quickly become one of the most popular film and television podcasts on the internet.


The Movie Crypt: Ep 178: Dan Trachtenberg  

Director Dan Trachtenberg sits down with Adam and Joe in this fantastic episode that covers Dan’s journey from internet personality and commercial director… to short filmmaker (Dan’s PORTAL short film caught the attention of not just Hollywood but the entire world over)… to the director of last year’s 10 CLOVERFIELD LANE and an incredible episode of this week’s new season of BLACK MIRROR (“Playtest”). Including geek-tastic conversations about the genius of Spielberg, the art of John Woo, and the first films they remember seeing… this extended episode is incredibly fun and loaded with anecdotes, advice, and of course… inspiration. This episode is sponsored by our friends at Shudder.  Head to and use promo code “MOVIECRYPT” at sign-up to get a free month of the scariest streaming service on-line, courtesy of Arwen and The Movie Crypt.  And while you’re there- check out The Movie Crypt’s special curated section of films you need to watch on Shudder. Follow everyone on Twitter: @DannyTRS, @Adam_Fn_Green, and @TheJoeLynch and don’t forget- upcoming guests and calls for “Viewer Mail” all happen on @MovieCrypt.

The Movie Crypt: Ep 177: Brendon Small  

Musician/writer/actor Brendon Small (METALOCALYPSE, THE VENTURE BROS., HOME MOVIES) joins Adam and Joe to share his career journey creating his own unique television shows as well as composing music and/or acting for shows like BOB’S BURGERS, AQUA TEEN HUNGER FORCE, and SQUIDBILLIES. Recorded during The Movie Crypt’s live 48-hour marathon to benefit Save A Yorkie Rescue this past August, Brendon’s passion for music and his positive attitude for creating the kinds of original series’ that he would want to watch (against any and all odds) was not only exactly what the boys needed to keep going with their record breaking live marathon broadcast… it is also absolutely infectious and inspiring.  Enjoy! Hold your horns high and give your best DETHKLOK solute to the guys on Twitter: @_BrendonSmall, @Adam_Fn_Green, and @TheJoeLynch.  Want to keep getting this free program every single Monday morning without fail?  Then head over to where you can donate to The Movie Crypt by “Feeding Arwen A Treat” or by buying something from our on-line store.  Our studio/office can’t keep the toilet flushing properly without your support for what we do! This episode is sponsored by SHUDDER, the greatest horror streaming service in the genre world!  Get your promo code for a FREE month of SHUDDER by listening to this metal-rific episode and start screaming- um- streaming today! Find it right now at!

The Movie Crypt: Ep 176: SpectreVision  

Producers Daniel Noah (writer/director of MAX ROSE) and Josh Waller (writer/director of CAMINO, McCANICK) join Adam, Joe, and Arwen to discuss their individual career journeys and the formation of their production company SpectreVision (THE GREASY STRANGLER, THE BOY, COOTIES, A GIRL WALKS HOME ALONE AT NIGHT).  Including such topics as how they generate their own film ideas, what kind of submissions they look for as producers (did they really discover one of their projects through a solicited Facebook submission?), elevating genre films by producing what they consider to be “dramas… that are horror movies”, an uncanny Leigh Whannell impersonation, and why it’s so important to remain personal, human, and honest even when having to break it to someone that they are passing on them or on their project… this conversation goes beyond just sharing the story of how two individuals went from service jobs to entertainment careers.  It also dives deep into what goes into forming and running a successful and greatly respected production company. This episode is sponsored by SHUDDER, the new horror streaming service that will have you screaming for genre-joy.  Listen to the episode to find out the promo code to get an entire month of SHUDDER for FREE! Live in Los Angeles?  Then don’t miss Adam and Joe’s in-store autograph signing for the release of the HOLLISTON comic “Friendship Is Tragic” on Tuesday night October 18th at 7pm at Dark Delicacies bookstore in Burbank, CA.  Can’t make it to the in-store appearance next week?  Don’t fear!  You can order a copy in the BUY STUFF store on right now!  What are you waiting for? Say hello to everyone on Twitter: @_SpectreVision, @Adam_Fn_Green, and @TheJoeLynch.

The Movie Crypt: Ep 175: Michael Gladis  

Actor Michael Gladis (MAD MEN, TERMINATOR GENISYS, HOUSE OF LIES) sits down with Adam and Joe to share his journey from the stage to the screens both big and small.  From overcoming severe disappointment (Michael’s story about a cancelled play he *almost* starred in is both heartbreaking and inspirational as hell), to surviving the “not so badass” producer/financial/political shenanigans of Lynch’s KNIGHTS OF BADASSDOM (you’ll love hearing the two discuss what the film went through after the actual production), to landing the role of “Paul Kinsey” on the legendary TV series MAD MEN... Michael comes to the program chock full of advice and with a positive outlook that every aspiring or working artist can only gain from hearing.  This episode was recorded during The Movie Crypt’s 48-hour live broadcast to benefit Save A Yorkie Rescue which took place August 5th - 7th, 2016. This episode is sponsored by SHUDDER, the greatest horror streaming service in the genre world!  Get your promo code for a FREE month of SHUDDER by listening to this episode and start screaming- um- streaming today! Want to SEE what Adam and Joe (and Arwen) are up to?  Follow them on Instagram: @Adam_Fn_Green and @TheJoeLynch and insta-say hello!

The Movie Crypt: Ep 174: Krystal Joy Brown  

Arwen does Broadway as two time Adele and Fred Astaire nominated actress, singer, dancer, and writer Krystal Joy Brown (RENT, HAIR, MOTOWN: THE MUSICAL) joins Adam and Joe to discuss her amazing career journey in theater, television, film, and beyond. From the differences between stage and screen auditions, to the challenges faced when joining a touring cast, to the highs and lows of working and not working, to a hilarious discussion about some nefarious websites the group enjoys… this episode isn’t just extremely funny and informative, it also features one of the most powerful and inspiring endings in Movie Crypt history. We guarantee that Krystal’s personal words of wisdom will hit you right in the heart and that by the end of this conversation you’ll love her just as much as Adam, Joe, and Arwen do. Show Krystal and the gang some love and appreciation by following them on Twitter: @KrystalJBrown, @Adam_Fn_Green, and @TheJoeLynch. And PLEASE in the name of all things holy- go to the on-line store at and “Feed Arwen A Treat” or buy something from us. Your support of this free program means the world as if our studio/office shuts down we’ll have to shut down our microphones with it.

The Movie Crypt: Ep 173: Dave Anthony  

Comedian, writer, actor, and director Dave Anthony brings the laughs for Adam, Joe, and Arwen as he discusses his incredibly comical journey through Hollywood. From stand-up comedian to writer to actor to (more recently) directing some of the very best episodes of IFC’s “MARON," Dave has already been through all of the ups and downs that come with a career in entertainment - and he is just getting started. (Plus- you’ll never forget his pirate story!) This conversation was recorded during The Movie Crypt’s 48-hour live broadcast to benefit Save A Yorkie Rescue August 5th - 7th, 2016 and is being released as its very own episode for your enjoyment and inspiration. Everyone is on Twitter: @DaveAnthony, @Adam_Fn_Green, @TheJoeLynch, and @MovieCrypt where upcoming guests are announced and “Viewer Mail” questions are gathered. Don’t forget to “Feed Arwen A Treat” / donate to The Movie Crypt as when you stop supporting, we stop ‘casting! We can’t do this free weekly program without your support.

The Movie Crypt: Ep 172: Alejandro Brugues  

Filmmaker Alejandro Brugues (TV’s FROM DUSK TIL DAWN, JUAN OF THE DEAD, ABC’s OF DEATH 2) joins Adam, Joe, and Arwen to share his epic journey from a child in Cuba watching whatever horror films he could find to leaving all he knew behind him and moving to the USA, seeking a visa, asylum, and to launch his previous filmmaking accomplishments into a full blown career. Think you’ve had hurdles trying to break in, trying to get a movie made, or trying to get distribution for your work in the USA? Try doing it all when English isn’t even your first language! Listen and be very inspired by Alejandro’s story that proves once again that where there is a will (and plenty of sacrifice)- there is indeed a way! Follow everyone on Twitter: @alebrugues, @Adam_Fn_Green, @TheJoeLynch, and @MovieCrypt where upcoming guests are announced and “Viewer Mail” questions are gathered… and don’t forget to “Feed Arwen A Treat” and donate to The Movie Crypt podcast in the “Buy Stuff” on-line store on (or leave us a tip in the tip jar here on GeekNation) as without your support this program ends… and Arwen goes hungry. You don’t hate dogs, do you??

The Movie Crypt: Ep 171: CANDYMAN  

Adam and Joe’s commentary series continues as writer/director Bernard Rose joins them for the incredible CANDYMAN. This is a 'can’t miss' commentary as until now a full, true commentary has never existed for this horror classic and Bernard brings the facts and information fast and furiously! (He is INCREDIBLE.) Recorded during our 48-hour live marathon to benefit Save A Yorkie Rescue in August. Follow everyone on Twitter: @BernardJMRose, @Adam_Fn_Green, @TheJoeLynch but whatever you do… don’t look in the mirror and say “Candyman” five times!

The Movie Crypt: Ep 170: Deon Richmond  

Actor Deon Richmond (THE COSBY SHOW, SCREAM 3, HATCHET) joins the guys to discuss his career from childhood actor (he literally began acting in diapers) to adult actor (and now director). Including stories from his audition process for THE COSBY SHOW, working with Wes Craven on SCREAM 3, his choice of wigs that he wore as “Malik” in NOT ANOTHER TEEN MOVIE, the making of HATCHET, and beyond- this episode is just as hilarious as it is informative. Follow the gang on Twitter: @Deon_Richmond, @Adam_Fn_Green, @TheJoeLynch and @Arwen_Fn_Green and don’t forget to donate to THE MOVIE CRYPT today by feeding Arwen a treat on as your donations keep this program going.

The Movie Crypt: Ep 169: Jonah Ray  

Comedian/actor Jonah Ray (HIDDEN AMERICA, MARON) joins Adam and Joe to discuss his career from stand-up comedian to actor to writer/creator including details about his upcoming reboot of MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER. A fascinating discussion about the life of a comic recorded during our 48-hour live marathon to benefit Save A Yorkie Rescue. Follow everyone on Twitter: @JonahRay, @Adam_Fn_Green, and @TheJoeLynch and be sure to follow @MovieCrypt for all upcoming guest announcements and to get your questions in for “Viewer Mail!”

The Movie Crypt: Ep 168: Jeff Katz  

Hollywood hero Jeff Katz has literally done it all and forever remained “one of us." As a studio executive for New Line Cinema Katz helped bring us FREDDY VS JASON and produced SNAKES ON A PLANE and SHOOT ‘EM UP before accepting a gig at FOX where he helped on WOLVERINE and bringing DEADPOOL into the studio before parting amicably on his own terms. As a writer he brought us such comics as FREDDY VS JASON VS ASH and he is also currently in active development on 10+ screenplays that he wrote including the remake of SLEEPAWAY CAMP. He’s worked for WCW and Ted Turner, he’s headed his very own network with GEEK WEEK, and he started his journey to accomplishing all of this with a simple bet that he made about the premiere of FREDDY’S NIGHTMARES when he was only 8 years old. One of the smartest, well spoken, and spirited guests you’ll ever hear on this program, Katz details his unusual journey through Hollywood in this epic conversation that touches on… well, everything. Literally. It would be impossible to list all of the topics covered in this episode so just hold on and try and keep up while you learn just how the difficult decisions are made behind the coveted Hollywood curtain. Note: This episode was recorded back on July 17, 2016. You’ll learn more in this one episode than you would in a full year of film school, which is all the more reason to step up to the plate and support this program! “Feed Arwen A Treat” / donate to The Movie Crypt in the on-line store at TODAY because without your support we just can’t do this. Follow the guys on Instagram: @WorldWideKatz, @Adam_Fn_Green, and @TheJoeLynch.

The Movie Crypt: Ep 167: Joe Carnahan  

Adam, Joe, and Arwen had so much fun with filmmaker Joe Carnahan (THE GREY, NARC, THE A-TEAM, SMOKIN’ ACES) that even THREE HOURS weren’t long enough! Carnahan shares his journey from an 11 year-old boy watching RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK to a man with one of the most exciting careers to watch in modern cinema. From the lessons he learned making NARC, to what it was like walking away from MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 3, to bringing the beloved A-TEAM to the big screen, to making difficult editorial decisions about a polar bear in 2011’s THE GREY (who’s wolves were better- Carnahan’s GREY wolves or Green’s FROZEN wolves?), to his highly anticipated upcoming projects like BAD BOYS 3 and UNCHARTED (which was announced only minutes before this recording took place)… Carnahan has more anecdotes, life lessons, triumphs, scars, and insight than the boys could possibly touch upon in just one episode. Your “Viewer Mail” is answered at LENGTH, the two Joe’s polish off an entire bottle of Brett Ratner’s "Hilhaven Lodge" whisky, Carnahan and Green duke it out debating "Jagger Vs. Tyler,” and the boys reveal more details than you can handle about this coming weekend’s epic 3-day long LIVE Movie Crypt broadcast to benefit SAVE A YORKIE RESCUE in this phenomenally entertaining and insanely fun episode! Follow everyone on Twitter: @CarnoJoe, @Adam_Fn_Green, @TheJoeLynch, and @Arwen_Fn_Green and whatever you do… don’t miss a single second of this coming weekend’s special Movie Crypt event where Green, Lynch, Arwen, and a ton of special guests will be staying awake and entertaining your ears LIVE from 7pm PST on Friday (8/5) through 7pm PST on Sunday (8/7) to help raise money for their dear friends at SAVE A YORKIE RESCUE. Hear a live reading of Chris Columbus’ early draft of THE GOONIES! Hear a live reading of Adam Green’s un-produced screenplay for CABIN FEVER 2! And for the weekend’s grand finale… the cast of HOLLISTON will perform a live reading of one of the NEW episodes from Season 3! Featuring artist interviews, improv comedy, musical performances, film commentaries, tarot card readings, a visit from a clairvoyant, and stories from best-selling authors Clive Barker and Joe Hill… this is the podcast event of the year! “We’re staying awake so that they don’t get put to sleep.” Join us. Laugh with us. Help us save them. We’re counting on you, Cryptkeepers.

The Movie Crypt: Ep 166: Brian Quinn  

Brian “Q” Quinn (TV’s IMPRACTICAL JOKERS and 12 MONKEYS) joins Adam, Joe, and Arwen to share his journey from High School goofball to worldwide star of of an incredibly popular television series. From working his fair share of odd jobs, to interning with Kevin Smith, to becoming a fireman with the legendary NYFD, to finding industry success at age 36 with his comedy troupe THE TENDERLOINS’ hit hidden camera comedy IMPRACTICAL JOKERS… “Q’s" story proves loud and clear that if you keep doing the things you love (for the sheer love of doing them) your path can lead you to places you never expected or even dreamed were possible. How long did it actually take for THE TENDERLOINS to get JOKERS made? What has “Q” learned along the way? How does he handle the fame that has come with the show’s success? And how does he remain so down to earth despite all of it? New friends become old friends, your “Viewer Mail” is answered, and Adam and Joe share more exciting details about their upcoming 3-day LIVE Movie Crypt broadcast to benefit SAVE A YORKIE RESCUE (August 5th - 7th) in this absolutely terrific episode that would please even Santiago, Benjamin Cat, and “LARRY!!!!" Follow everyone on Twitter: @BQQuinn, @Adam_Fn_Green, and @TheJoeLynch and don’t miss a moment of The Movie Crypt’s 3-day LIVE event August 5th at 7pm through August 7th at 7pm! With non-stop celebrity appearances, musical performances, film commentaries, a visit from a clairvoyant, and the first ever live script reading of Chris Columbus’ early (and very different) draft of THE GOONIES… you’ll want to stay awake all weekend long with the guys! “We’re staying awake so that they don’t get put to sleep.” Help Arwen save ALL of her fellow Yorkies in need of medical attention and loving homes by donating to The Movie Crypt’s 3-day benefit early: So what if the actual benefit doesn’t begin until August 5th? Give the boys a jumpstart by donating today and together let’s save as many dogs as we possibly can!

The Movie Crypt: Ep 165: Producer Cory Neal  

The enigma of ArieScope, producer Cory Neal (HATCHET 1-3, FROZEN, HOLLISTON) finally speaks in his first ever public appearance proving he actually is a real person and not just a made-up name in the credits of well over a dozen films. From growing up in Montana and getting an MBA in finance from Notre Dame to realizing very quickly that the corporate world wasn't for him, Cory's unique journey into becoming an indie film producer and finding himself in charge of the business workings of ArieScope is shared in detail. How does one convince a financier to invest in a film and how has it changed from "then" to "now"? Where do the profits actually go? How do you find your film family? What's it really like working with characters like Adam Green and Joe Lynch? And did he really once beat up 3 high school kids at the same time? Listen, learn, and laugh as the guys explore the long, hard road of trying to get a movie off the ground, made, and released. Cory and Joe spill some details about an upcoming film, "Head Producer" Civitella Pacino stops by, and Green and Lynch announce some of the exciting events you can expect during their upcoming 3-day live podcast (Aug 5th - 7th) to benefit SAVE A YORKIE RESCUE. Want to hear what's in store first? Then follow @Adam_Fn_Green and @TheJoeLynch on Twitter. And definitely follow @Arwen_Fn_Green who's excitement over saving so many fellow Yorkies has her giving out hints for many of the benefit's guests and events before even the guys know about them. Want to keep this program going? Then buy something from us or donate to The Movie Crypt by "feeding Arwen a treat" in the on-line store at We can't keep going if our mascot goes hungry!

The Movie Crypt: Ep 164: Felissa Rose  

Actress Felissa Rose has been an icon in the horror genre ever since her star-making role as "Angela" in 1983's SLEEPAWAY CAMP. With close to 100 genre films to her name (including SATAN'S PLAYGROUND and the upcoming DEATH HOUSE), Felissa has not only been a mainstay in the genre but also a fan favorite on the convention circuit due to her incredible personality and unparalleled enthusiasm for the genre itself. Listen as she details her early beginnings doing theater with the help of the ultimate "stage mom" - resulting in her being cast as a young teenage girl in a role that would involve one of the most shocking and controversial endings of the 80's. From constantly working as an actress to (more recently) producing films and music videos (SLAYERRRR!!!!), Felissa is a shining example of how to maintain a lasting career by having not just the talent but also the personality and work ethic that makes filmmakers want to work with her again and again and again. Your "Viewer Mail" is answered, laughs come in "fistfuls", and Adam and Joe share more details about their epic upcoming 3-day LIVE Movie Crypt marathon (8/5-8/7) to benefit SAVE A YORKIE RESCUE, INC where they plan to make Arwen proud by saving ALL of the Yorkies. Follow everyone on Twitter: @Felissa_Rose, @Adam_Fn_Green, @TheJoeLynch, and @MovieCrypt and don't forget to stop by to "feed Arwen a treat" and help keep this free program going. Without your support we just can't do it.

The Movie Crypt: Ep 153: Tiffany Shepis  

With well over 100 genre movies on her resume, actress Tiffany Shepis (TROMEO & JULIET, SHARKNADO 2) is one of the biggest Scream Queens in horror. Listen as she discusses her career journey with Adam, Joe, and Arwen - starting with a small, innocent fib (or two) that helped land her first role, how she has continued to work so steadily over the years, what roles she will or will not do, how being a mother may have changed the way she chooses projects, what her advice is to aspiring actors, and lots and lots and lots of ball busting between this group of good friends. Also, ArieScope intern Austin Bosley stops by briefly to discuss his upcoming feature film THE PRODUCER and Adam and Joe drop the very first info about their upcoming charity event (August 5th-7th) where they will attempt to pull off a live episode of The Movie Crypt and stay awake on the air for 3 days to help raise money for a Yorkie shelter that needs your help. Specific details will be coming next week- but mark your calendars! Can they actually keep talking for 3 days straight? This is gonna be interesting. Follow @TiffanyShepis, @Adam_Fn_Green, @TheJoeLynch, @Arwen_Fn_Green, and @MovieCrypt for all of your podcast needs. And don't forget to follow @AustinBosley for more information and links to be a part of his film THE PRODUCER! Come on, everyone! Here's a guy doing it the right way all on his own- help a fellow indie filmmaker out! He certainly ain't asking for much! Even just $1 helps!

The Movie Crypt: Ep 162: VFX with Sam Balcomb  

Filmmaker Sam Balcomb has written, directed, and done visual effects on some of the most popular and groundbreaking spectacles to hit the internet in the last few years. With his viral sensation WONDER WOMAN (2013), last year's METROID: THE SKY CALLS, and visual effects work on Adam's DIGGING UP THE MARROW and Joe's VENOM: TRUTH IN JOURNALISM, Sam and his company Rainfall Films have made a big name for themselves in the world of visual effects story-telling. Listen as Sam shares his journey, including his early exposure to the post-production process as the son of a Hollywood composer, self-teaching himself visual effects merely out of necessity, creating hugely popular "viral" web shorts simply for the love of doing them, and gaining the industry's attention with his stunning work. Just how long does it take to make a 3-5 minute VFX heavy short? What happens once the studio system comes calling to meet you? Just how much preliminary work goes into even just being considered for a VFX job and how often does it actually pan out? In a world where VFX have become such a massive part of story-telling, how crucial is it for filmmakers to understand the actual mechanics of the process? Why should you always make sure your VFX artists are on-set when shooting those sequences and what can go wrong if you don't? Your "Viewer Mail" is answered, Adam shares his experiences on the road with TWISTED SISTER in Europe these past few weeks (you can see the photos on Adam's Instagram: @Adam_Fn_Green), and Joe is fresh off of his very first 'work-in-progress' screenings of his new movie MAYHEM in this terrific episode! Watch Sam's work for FREE at and follow everyone on Twitter: @SamBalcomb, @Adam_Fn_Green, and @TheJoeLynch. Your generous donations and purchases of our merchandise (like the new MOVIE CRYPT "Cult of Arwen" T-shirts!) help keep this podcast going, so please go to and check out our merch, buy a movie, or "feed Arwen a treat" in the BUY STUFF store today!

The Movie Crypt: Ep 161: POLTERGEIST  

“They’re heeeeere….” Adam and Joe bring you the next installment of their popular “Film Commentary Series” with a feature length commentary track for 1982’s POLTERGEIST. Throw on the movie at home and watch along with this commentary as the guys fill your ghost loving, tree fearing, clown hating brain with more adoration and facts about Tobe Hooper’s seminal classic than you can possibly fit inside a desecrated burial ground! From the supposed “Poltergeist Curse” to the famous “awkward jump cut” to the rumors about just how much influence producer/writer Steven Spielberg may or may not have had in the direction of the film… the guys leave no piece of moving steak unturned and no bathroom mirror face intact as they kick back together and move towards the light. Enjoy and don’t be afraid because… "this commentary is clean.” Follow the guys on Twitter: @Adam_Fn_Green, @TheJoeLynch, and @MovieCrypt and support this program by “Feeding Arwen A Treat” or buying an official “MOVIE CRYPT: Cult of Arwen” T-shirt on Without your support the Movie Crypt will get sucked into Carol Anne’s closet forever.

The Movie Crypt: Ep 160: Rudy Sarzo  

“ALL ABOARD! A-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!” Bassist Rudy Sarzo has performed with some of hard rock’s biggest acts (OZZY OSBOURNE, QUIET RIOT, WHITESNAKE, DIO, and too many more to list) and his autobiography “Off The Rails: Aboard the Crazy Train in the Blizzard of Ozz” about his time performing with Ozzy and iconic guitar god Randy Rhoads has been the #1 best selling kindle book in Amazon’s heavy metal music section for months now. Listen as Rudy sits down with Adam, Joe, and Arwen to discuss his journey, with a heavy focus on how he survived and carried on with his life/career after suffering the devastating loss of his bandmate, friend, and musical brother Randy Rhoads in the tragic plane crash that broke the music world’s heart on March 18, 1982. From first picking up a guitar “just to try and get chicks”… to finding himself touring the world with Ozzy... to the morning that he was shaken out of bed when the private plane hit the tour bus... to learning that his best friend was gone… to not being able to enjoy playing anymore due to his devastating grief… to finding his musical joy again by stepping away from the Ozzy juggernaut to play music with his old friends in QUIET RIOT (“Metal Health” would go on to become one of the very biggest albums of all time) … to his amazing career that has followed in the decades since…. Sarzo bares his soul honestly and completely in this amazing 2 hour conversation that is the equivalent to an epic grief counseling session. Proving that life can go on even after enduring “world ending” tragedy, Sarzo’s experiences and positive philosophy are sure to inspire you to keep going even when you might feel like it’s all over. Your “Viewer Mail” is answered, tears are shed, Yorkies are celebrated, and there’s even a cool little William Friedkin story in this truly important episode that every artist and every fan needs to hear. Download Rudy’s book “Off The Rails” here: and follow everyone on Twitter: @RudySarzo, @Adam_Fn_Green, @TheJoeLynch, and @Arwen_Fn_Green.

The Movie Crypt: Ep 159: R.A. The Rugged Man  

Arwen lays down the beat and Adam and Joe bring the rhymes as rapper and film producer R.A. The Rugged Man joins them to discuss his career journey from 12 year old neighborhood rap sensation to major label recording artist and international superstar. You want a story filled with epic struggles? Then strap yourself in and prepare yourself for these incredibly inspiring 2 hours. From R.A.’s father being affected by Agent Orange in the Vietnam War (several of R.A.’s siblings were born severely handicapped and tragically died far too young because of the chemical) to being signed to a major label by the time he was only 18 years old… to being blacklisted and banned from performing in clubs across America in his early years due to his reputation for being “too dangerous to work with”… to conquering his anger issues, earning a massive following despite the industry turning its back on him, and rising above it all to become an international success… to working with some of hip hop’s biggest stars (The Notorious B.I.G., Chuck D, Wu-Tang Clan, and Mobb Deep just to name a few) and discovering and championing new talent (Afro is currently blowing up huge)… to producing Frank Henenlotter’s BAD BIOLOGY and personally raising the money for the budget himself when push came to shove… R.A.’s story is a loud and clear reminder that nothing comes easy, that there are no free rides, and that you can’t give up no matter how dire things may seem. Follow everyone on Twitter: @RAtheRuggedMan, @Adam_Fn_Green, @TheJoeLynch, and @Arwen_Fn_Green … and don’t forget that upcoming guests are always announced first on @MovieCrypt where you can get your questions in for each artist’s “Viewer Mail” segment. Show the world that you’re one of our Cryptkeepers and enlist in the official CULT OF ARWEN today by buying your limited edition Movie Crypt T-shirt at while supplies last. While you’re there… feed Arwen a treat by donating to the cause! Your generous donations help keep this weekly program going. This episode is sponsored by Fireback movies. Download the FREE app and start geeking out with your fellow Cryptkeepers today! And once you’re playing Fireback, don’t forget to challenge the guys to a game or two! Adam’s Fireback ID is “ArieScope” and Joe's is “TheJoeLynch.”

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