The National: At Issue Video Podcast

The National: At Issue Video Podcast


Peter Mansbridge hosts the country's most-watched political panel, with Chantal Hébert, Andrew Coyne and Bruce Anderson debating the week's hot topics on Parliament Hill. Plus, feature interviews with political leaders and newsmakers.


At Issue | Mike Duffy acquitted  

Andrew Coyne and Chantal Hébert on the verdict at the Mike Duffy trial -- the senator was acquitted on all 31 charges against him

At Issue | The Divide in the NDP  

How divided is the NDP following this weekend's convention? At Issue discusses the future of the party.

At Issue | NDP Convention  

Andrew Coyne and Althia Raj discuss Peter Mansbridge's interview with Tom Mulcair and the upcoming NDP convention.

At Issue | Buying Political Access  

Politics and money, as old as that linkage is, it had seemed that the use of cash for access to power was something pretty much behind us. Not anymore.

At Issue | Budget 2016  

Andrew, Chantal and Jennifer Ditchburn discuss today's federal budget.

At Issue | Tom Mulcair's Leadership  

Is Tom Mulcair's continuing leadership of the NDP in doubt? The At Issue panel shares their thoughts.

At Issue | Justin Trudeau's Washington Visit  

A special Monday night At Issue on the week Justin Trudeau goes to Washington. Do state dinners really matter?

At Issue | First Ministers Meeting  

Andrew, Chantal, Shachi Kurl and Hayden King take questions from an audience of students.

At Issue | The Budget and Deficits  

How high could deficits go and can Canada afford them? Andrew and Chantal examine the rationale and the risks.

At Issue | Bombardier Bailout  

Bombardier laid off 7000 workers, got a new multi-billion dollar contract from Air Canada and wants millions more in handouts from Ottawa. Does this make sense? The At Issue panel weighs in.

At Issue | NDP and Conservative campaign errors  

Tom Mulcair apologizes to the NDP, and a Conservative insider opens up on where the campaign went wrong. Andrew, Chantal and Jennifer Ditchburn are at the table.

At Issue | Canada's ISIS Strategy  

What is the latest strategy behind Canada's fight against ISIS and just how united is the cabinet on the issue? The At Issue panel weighs in.

At Issue | Pipeline Politics, Heckling in the House and Women in Politics  

Chantal, Paul Wells and Rosemary Barton on the politics of pipelines, heckling in the House of Commons and women in politics.

At Issue | 2016 Debut  

At Issue is ready for its 2016 debut, weighing in Canada's east versus west tension, Trudeau at Davos and Tom Mulcair's position in the NDP.

Year-End At Issue  

The hits, the misses and the surprises of 2015. The At Issue panel discusses them all.

At Issue | Is Trudeau's Honeymoon Over?  

It's been a month since Justin Trudeau was elected prime minister. Is the honeymoon over? At Issue weighs in.

At Issue | The Past Four Years  

As we say goodbye to panellist Bruce Anderson, At Issue looks back on the past four years in politics

At Issue | New Prime Minister, New Opposition Leader, New Census  

Canada has a new prime minister, a new opposition leader and a new census form. At Issue weighs in on what it all means.

At Issue | Challenges ahead for Trudeau  

So many promises, and expectations. How do you deliver on hope and change? The panel looks at challenges that lie ahead for Justin Trudeau.

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