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The podcast for multitasking parents - a casual discussion about everything and anything pertaining to life as working parents.


Episode 52: Disney feminists, teaching kids about money, and a little announcement  

After a couple of thwarted attempts to get this episode into your ears, we made it! This week Emma and Tess chat about the evolution of feminism in Disney films (and in the world), how to make your kids understand the value of a hard-earned dollar, and have a little (NOT-pregnancy related) announcement. Plus, our recent reads, TV recc’s and what to do with a feral goat (seriously). Enjoy!

Episode 51: Claire Berry on the ups and downs of surrogacy  

Excuse the chewing sounds in this episode, Claire brought cake to share and obviously we couldn’t wait to hoe in! Claire Berry’s story begins like most of our interviews, with a self-employed mum of two young kids, and then takes a sharp turn when she discusses the (frankly, fascinating) story of having her second child through a surrogate. Claire has a medical condition which prevented her from carrying a second child, so her and her husband went through the process of surrogacy, which was a minefield of bureaucracy, but ultimately led to the safe arrival of her son.

Episode 50: Happy marriage how-tos, attachment parenting, and the (hilarious) difficulty of trying for a second child  

It’s episode 50! And thus we celebrate by recording this episode sans-bras (but remember it’s audio only, creepy internet people). As usual we criss-cross the stratosphere of topics and touch on attachment parenting, arranged marriages, polyamory, and learning about Tinder when you’ve been married for almost a decade. Less click-baity discussion topics include our tips for taking a “holiday” with young kids (read: doing parenting in a different place for a predetermined period of time) and how to get rid of head lice the cheap way.  

Books: Liane Moriarty’s Truly, Madly, Guilty  [...]

Episode 49: Bec Mutch on co-working, taking risks and the term ‘mumpreneur’  

Bec Mutch is the lady behind The CoworkCo, a boutique co-working space in Brunswick. She saw a niche for an excellent co-working space that blends the best parts of creative studios, corporate offices and working from home. After beginning her career in luxury goods (fancy!), she began freelancing after her kids were born and struggled to find a decent co-working option, so began her own!

Episode 48: Screen time, celebrity couple crushes, and what we’re strict about with our kids  

Emma and Tess are back this episode discussing their usual wide range of parenting topics… this time they touch on screen time rules at home (and whether or not shaming mums for using screens to entertain the kids is anti-feminist); how they discipline their preschoolers and what behaviours they’re strict about; plus - importantly - who their celebrity couple idols are. Emma also has a whole cookbook to recommend after so many of you enjoyed her cheesy broccoli tip in Episode 42

Episode 47: Freelance photographer Martina Gemmola on freelancing, fibroids and fertility  

​Even if you haven’t heard of Martina Gemmola, you’ve probably seen her gorgeous images. As a freelance photographer (who is married to another freelance photographer!) she calmly negotiates her work life with parenting her young son.

Martina generously shares her story of [...]

Episode 46: Raising boys in a footy-mad culture, finding family-friendly workplaces, and surviving kid’s birthday parties  

Birthday party planning has been the topic du jour for both Emma and Tess’ kids recently, and in this episode we ask ourselves - who is this epic birthday event really for, anyway?  Alongside flipping through the pages of the Women’s Weekly Birthday Cake Book, we’ve also been reading proper grown up books, and thinking about what we’ll do with our c [...]

Episode 45: Stylist Rebecca Jane on fashion, identity and ‘mum style’  

Every mum knows that along with your boobs, your handbag and your ladyparts, your wardrobe is one thing that will completely change once kids are on the scene. It’s easy to spend days in ratty leggings and baggy cardigans, (or in our case, striped tops and skinny jeans!) but personal stylist Rebecca Jane is an expert on how to look - and feel - great with your post-baby body. 

Episode 44: HONY, mum handbags, and how to avoid overwhelm when work + sickness collide  

If parenthood itself isn’t a creativity killer, then seemingly endless bouts of acute sickness can definitely throw a spanner in your work schedule, especially if you’re self-employed. On this episode, we talk about our overwhelm-reduction strategies when the winter sniffles (or vom marathons) strike, as well as our usual stable of awesome content-consumption recommendations!

Show notes:

Episode 43: Nicole Avery from Planning with Kids on meal planning, blogging and the wonders of single tasking  

Nicole Avery is one of those people who has a whole lot on her plate, but balances it all with finesse. She is a professional blogger at Planning with Kids, an author, speaker and marathon runner - on top of being mum to five kids aged seven to 17. 

Her blog is a goldmine of tips, [...]

Episode 42: Learning to be an adult, creative wellsprings, and talking to kids about the birds and the bees  

Do you ever feel like being a parent means having to be prepared to answer ANY question from your kids about ANY life thing at ANY given moment? In this episode, we talk about scrambling for age-appropriate answers to questions from our kids about their bodies, sex, and those strange noises they might have heard coming from the next room after bedtime. *Ahem*.

Other not-NSFW topics of conversation include our current reads online and off, whether motherhood makes you more creative, and even a recipe to try for dinner. 
Episode 41: Joanna Francis on living in France  

Joanna Francis from Miette Handmade has recently returned to Melbourne after spending six months living in France with her French husband and their two kids Anouk and Leo. We ask her definitively whether French children really do throw food (news [...]

Episode 40: Assisted dying, the pomodoro technique, and an update on Tess’ Paid Parental Leave story  

Whoa, we really cover a lot of ground on today’s episode - our 40th! Off the back of a bunch of podcast recommendations, we talk about how introverted kids adapt to the online world, as well as touch on the topic of voluntary assisted dying which is the focus of Andrew Denton’s new podcast series. Emma’s trialling a new way to be productive in short bursts of work time, and at last, Tess has an update on her Paid Parental Leave saga as described in Episode 34. 

Episode 39: Artist Hannah Fox on calling herself an artist, pricing work and sharing kids on social media  

Hannah Fox is a successful and talented mixed media artist and mother of three boys under five. She shares her journey to becoming a full-time artist after stints in events and graphic design, including what happens when your studio has to become a nursery.

In this episode, we cover the whole gamut of the parenting and business world, from having kids who aren’t interested in arts and [...]

Episode 38: Emma and Tess chat about how to spark joy, reminisce about teenage obsessions, and assign our kids’ legal guardians  

In this episode, Tess is housesitting, Emma recounts a rather messy night-before-an-auction tale, and we discuss who we’ve decided will raise our kids if the unthinkable happens. And as usual, we have lots of great recommendations for your eyes, ears, and brains to keep you sane. Enjoy!

​Marie Kondo (The Konmari Method) author of Spark Joy and The Lifechanging Magic of Tidying Up

Episode 37: Creative lady Annette Wagner on parenting different genders, post-natal depression and, um, Michael Flatley  

Annette Wagner is a lady of many talents: branding, marketing, demographics, product design, graphic design… truly multidisciplinary! On top of all that, she is mum to William and Charlotte, aged seven and four respectively. 

We chat about the angst of figuring out wheth [...]

Episode 36: Tess and Emma on modern meditation, minimalism, and are we turning into our parents?  

This episode of The New Normal is teleported to you via the Internet tubes in more ways than one (which explains why it sounds like Tess is inside a cupboard, which she is not). We talk about our summer holiday reads and podcast recommendations, our yays and nays (which include meditating in the carpark of Coles and lamenting the natural weaning process), and ask each other if there are things we do/would do differently in raising our kids that our parents did to us (pre-apologies to any of our parents listening to this!).

The Minimalists
Dear Sugar
Chat 10 Looks 3
Real Simple

Clutter [...]

Episode 35: Michelle Francis on moving her family to Detroit  

Picture this: your husband comes home and says he has a great job offer overseas. Not in New York, not London, but in… Detroit? If you are Michelle Francis, you grab hold of the opportunity with both hands, pack up your three daughters and all your possessions and move!

Local creatives may know Michelle from Frankie and Swiss

Episode 34: Sexist parental leave policies, new habits and Emma and Tess’s year in review  

For the lucky last episode of 2015, we discuss our highs, lows and in-betweens of 2015, which includes Emma randomly purchasing a new house (!), Tess giving birth to TWO babies only months apart (NB: One is a book baby!), and our personal, professional and parenting goals for 2016.

Lena Dunham’s Women of the Hour podcast

Episode 33: Not sleeping like a baby with Lara Cameron  

Designer Lara Cameron is co-founder of Ink & Spindle, a Melbourne textile printing company with focusses on ethical and enviro-friendly materials and business practices. 

Lara is also mum to 19 month old Adelaide, a gorgeous and very awake toddler! Lara has been through a tumultuou [...]

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