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NS#214: Manchester  

In light of the attack in Manchester, the NS podcast is pausing its politics coverage until campaigning resumes. Join us next week and, in the meantime, do consider volunteering at your local hospital or donating blood:

NS#213: Manifestos Special  

Welcome to 2017's epic, Manifesto Special edition of the podcast. Helen and Stephen begin with analysis of the Conservative's latest offerings - from the new policy on social care, to their (costly) targets on immigration. Next up is Labour, who get "Marx out of ten" for their ambitious pledges. And finally, You Ask Us: are the polls right?

NS#212: Voters and Evasion  

As the campaigns heat up, our hosts delve into the problems with the Progressive Alliance, the trouble with tuition fees, and Helen's history of rodent control. They also ask whether Corbyn will carry on as leader. And why Theresa May is campaigning in a sealed box (where she can avoid meeting the public). Plus, You Ask Us: is it time to stop using the word "Tribal"?

NS#211: Local Elections Special  

In this bonus edition of the podcast, Helen and Stephen review the results of last week’s local elections: what do they prophesy for the parties of the Left and what does Andy Burnham’s win mean for Labour? Plus: the many ways in which Emmanuel Macron’s victory in France is a good thing – even for Brexit.

NS#210: Stooge and Stable  

Helen is away this week, so Stephen is joined by Senior Writer, Anoosh Chakelian, and Citymetric Editor, Jonn Elledge. Together they explore how Theresa May's latest EU dealings are less strong-and-stable, and more "like being in a car with a drunk driver". Then discuss which candidates to watch out for in this week's local elections. Plus, you ask us: who is your least favourite Brexit minister and why?

NS#209: 1997 Anniversary Special  

20 years on from Labour's general election landslide, Helen and Stephen host a special edition looking back at the party's journey. Lord Spencer Livermore describes what it was like to be part of the 1997 campaign team. Kate Mossman reminds us what critics say Cool Britannia was listening to - and what was actually topping the charts (Barbie Girl). And Helen conducts a dramatic reading of our May 2 leader. Warning: deeply optimistic content.

Special edition: Deep Dive on mandates and manifestos  

Ian Leslie and Stewart Wood return for another episode of the Deep Dive. This time they're plunging into the murky world of election promises with Catherine Haddon, resident historian at the Institute of Government. Together they explore what an electoral mandate means, what a manifesto is for, and why we can't sue the government when they fail to keep their promises. Plus: Rant or Rave? Find out which podcasts have had our hosts on tenterhooks.

NS#208: Corbyn and Campaigns  

The campaigns are on! Helen and Stephen discuss what are likely to be some of the upcoming election's stand-out themes - from the attacks on Corbyn, to why TV debates are a problem for Theresa May, and Tim Farron's views on homosexuality and faith. You also ask us: If Labour suffers a defeat, will Corbyn stay on as leader?

NS#207: Snap Election  

Emergency Podcast! Theresa May has called for an election on 8 June. Listen in to learn Helen and Stephen’s first thoughts on what this means for Labour and the country. Will the epic Tory poll lead hold? What next for Ukip and the SNP? And can Corbyn’s ratings make a come-back?

NS#206: Airlines and Assad  

Labour has used the Easter recess to announce a raft of new policies - but will they be popular with the electorate? Helen and Stephen analyse their merits. They also contemplate the (many) fears associated with flying, especially if it's with United Airlines. And you ask us: was Boris Johnson right over Russia?

NS#205: Cadbury and Ken  

Helen and Stephen discuss what the week's two wars - with Spain and Cadburys - reveal about the political identities behind Brexit. Stephen tells of his eggsclusive on Theresa May's egg-hunt beef. Plus, what should we make of the Ken Livingtstone verdict? And what does Helen think of Labour's media operation?

Special edition: Deep Dive on tackling terrorism  

When does an attack become terrorism? In another special edition of the podcast, Ian Leslie and Stewart Wood explore the the rise of lone-actor terror. They are joined by Sasha Havlicek, CEO of the Institute of Strategic Dialogue, who advises government on how to tackle violent extremism. And by Paul Gill, from UCL's Department of Security and Crime Science.

NS#204: Carswell and Collapse  

Helen and Stephen are joined by Jonn Elledge to lament our exit from the EU, discuss what they feel about the EEA, and decide who they loathe more: Douglas Carswell or Daniel Hannan. Jason Cowley and George Eaton then introduce our special-issue on Labour's collapse. And you ask us: what do we think of the Labour Leave MPs?

NS#203: Editors and Islamic State  

In a podcast recorded before the terrible events of Wednesday afternoon, Helen and Stephen discuss George Osborne's new editorship at the London Evening Standard. The BBC's Mike Thomson joins to tell the story of an escape from the ISIS occupied city of Raqqa. And you ask us: will there be a snap election?

Special edition: Deep Dive with Laura Kuenssberg  

Ian Leslie and Stewart Wood are joined by the BBC’s political editor Laura Kuenssberg to interrogate the idea of media bias. It’s a phrase that is thrown around a lot in the age of fake news, including by some powerful politicians, but what does it really mean?

NS #202: Budgets and Bodies (with Sara Pascoe)  

Helen and Stephen reflect on the fallout from last week's Budget, news of a potential second Scottish referendum, and chat bodies with special guest Sara Pascoe

NS#201: The blinkered budget  

Helen and Stephen sum up today's Spring budget. What happened to the argument for Grammar schools? Where was the preparation for Brexit? And how did the Chancellor's jokes stand up? (Answer: Spreadsheet-Phil did not Excel).

NS#200: Harman and hate  

Helen and Stephen are joined by Anoosh Chakelian to chat UKIP's splits: should we finally be writing the party off? Or is its presence a gateway drug for more extreme parties on the right? Helen discusses her recent profile of Harriet Harman MP. And you ask us: should MPs do a deal to get Corbyn to stand down?

NS#199: Milo and Macron  

This week, Helen and Stephen discuss the fall of Milo Yiannopoulos. Pauline Bock joins with an update on the French elections and Macron's performance in London. And Anoosh Chakelian reports on concerns in Copeland. Plus: get your by-election predictions here!

NS#198: By-elections and a bad week  

Helen and Stephen discuss why it has been a bad week for Theresa May, the unravelling of Trump's stated commitment to NATO and other foreign policy fails. Anoosh Chakelian tells of the apathy she found on the streets of Stoke, ahead of next week's by-election. And you ask us: how is Chris Grayling still a thing?

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