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NS#179: Brexit, Benn and by-elections  

This week, Helen and Stephen review the list of candidates for the select committee chair announcements, Helen worries that the language around Brexit is turning nasty and Stephen finds Football Manager knows more about Brexit than our politicians. Then our deputy web editor, Anoosh Chakelian, returns from a visit to Batley and Spen to discuss by-elections and what happens next for UKIP. (Helen Lewis, Stephen Bush, Anoosh Chakelian).

NS#178: YouTube, yearning & the yacht  

This week, Stephen and Helen discuss the symbolism of the royal yacht, the American election and their yearnings for a more straight-talking Brexit debate. Digital culture writer Amelia Tait joins to talk YouTubers and what might be worrying about their rise. George provides an analysis of PMQs. And you ask us: should Stop The War be protesting outside the Russian embassy?

NS#177: Tory Special  

Stephen joins fresh from Birmingham to discuss the highs and lows of Tory conference - from Theresa May’s speech to Andrea Leadsom’s comments on nan-bread. Find out why May’s promises don’t work for Helen and whether Stephen thinks the message will cut through. You also ask us: where are the weaknesses in Theresa May’s vision? What will she have most trouble getting past her MPs? And how likely is an early election? (Helen Lewis, Stephen Bush)

NS#176: Younge, guns and identity politics  

Helen and Stephen are joined by author and editor-at-large for the Guardian, Gary Younge, to discuss the findings of his new book: Another Day in the Death of America. Seven kids die every day from gun violence in the US yet very few make the national news. Is there any way to stop Americans becoming inured to the bloodshed? The enraging, incredibly sad and sometimes peculiarly funny stories of ten kids on one unremarkable Saturday attempt to change that trend. (Helen Lewis, Stephen Bush, Gary Younge).

NS#175: Conference Special  

Helen and Stephen fight through colds to bring you their first thoughts on Jeremy Corbyn's conference performance. How has the party responded to his re-election? What's the relationship with Welsh Labour? And who made this year's stand-out speeches? (Helen Lewis, Stephen Bush)

NS#174: New Times Special  

In this New Statesman podcast special we expand on our New Times issue which identifies the political, economic and philosophical shifts shaping our society. The series will run across two episodes with special guests giving their view on what lies ahead for Labour and the left. (Serena Kutchinsky, Jason Cowley, Colin Robinson, George Eaton, Philip Collins, Ros Wynne-Jones)

NS #173: Mandates, minorities and the Moreno scale  

This week, Helen and Stephen review Labour’s pre-conference predicament: will Corbyn be elected with a bigger mandate than last time? They also explore why Labour’s support increases when people see themselves as British rather than English. George joins from the Lib Dem conference in Brighton with thoughts on Tim Farron. And you ask us about the US election: would Bernie have done better? (Helen Lewis, Stephen Bush, George Eaton)

NS#172: Swing votes, schools and Snowden  

Helen is back and set to discuss grammar schools, electoral pacts and why Stephen is particularly upset about boundary change. George joins with the reaction to Corbyn’s PMQ performance. NS tech editor, Kirsty Styles, explores whether whistleblowers can maintain their credibility - and how far big data is to be welcomed. And you ask us: can Trump win and how? (Helen Lewis, Stephen Bush, George Eaton, Kirsty Styles)

NS#171: Affection, factions and fandom  

Anoosh once again joins to co-host this week’s podcast. Shadow cabinet elections and Brexit strategy are both up for debate as Parliament returns from recess. George Eaton discusses the latest thinking on grammar schools. And culture writer Anna Leszkiewicz explores the language of political fandom. You also ask us: Will the boundary changes help Corbyn? (Stephen Bush, Anoosh Chakelian, George Eaton, Anna Leszkiewicz)

NS#170: Protections, Polls and Harry Potter  

Stephen Bush and Anoosh Chakelian co-host this week’s podcast. Together they discuss the latest YouGov Polls, the feasibility of a Progressive Alliance and the strategy of the ‘Three-Brexiteers’. Our new digital culture writer, Amelia Tait, joins to review Labour's thoughts on online protection. And you ask us: which Harry Potter houses would Britain’s political leadership be in? (Stephen Bush, Anoosh Chakelian, Amelia Tait)

NS#169: Traingate, gaffes and Ghostbusters  

This week, Helen and Stephen tackle Traingate and Lunaticgate. George Eaton comes down-the-line from the valleys with the latest on the Owen Smith campaign. Anna Leszkiewicz joins to discuss feminism in the new Ghostbusters film. And you-ask-us: what is the role of the John McDonell in the Corbyn ménage? (Helen Lewis, Stephen Bush, George Eaton, Anna Leszkiewicz)

NS#168: Happy Holidays  

Helen and Stephen are both away this week. But in their absence we've delved into the podcast archive to bring you a highlight from the 2015 Labour leadership race.... (Anoosh Chakelian, Helen Lewis).

NS#167: Mayoral Special  

In the week's second podcast, Helen and Stephen talk Labour politics in relation to Scotland, sexism and mayoral selections. Did anti-Westminster sentiment effect the results? What should we make of Andy Burnham? And who rescued Stephen from a broken lift? (Helen Lewis, Stephen Bush)

NS #166: High noon in the High Court  

It's another emergency podcast! Helen and Stephen discuss the High Court's decision to overturn the ban on new Labour members voting in the leadership election. Will this help or harm Jeremy Corbyn?

NS#165: Policies, predictions and house prices  

This week, Helen is joined by Anoosh and Julia to play “Whose policy is it anyway?” and predict how new members will vote in the Labour leadership contest. Citymetric editor John Elledge joins to discuss how home ownership rates have fallen around the country. And you ask us: will article 50 ever be triggered and, if so, can it be reversed? (Helen Lewis, Anoosh Chakelian, Julia Rampen, Jonn Elledge).

NS#164: Summer, splits and social mobility  

This week, Helen and Stephen explore Jeremy Corbyn’s appeal among different parts of the Labour membership, discuss Sarah Champion's return to the shadow-cabinet, and question the value of social mobility as an aim for the Left. You also ask us: When will Labour’s turmoil end? And what do we think about More United? (Helen Lewis, Stephen Bush).

NS#163: Supporters, Smith and Social media  

This week, Helen and Stephen discuss the thousands of newly registered Labour supporters, Corbyn’s flair for campaigning and what they feel about Owen Smith. George Eaton reports on Theresa May's very first PMQs. And you ask us: what will happen if Corbyn wins the leadership election for a second time? (Helen Lewis, Stephen Bush, George Eaton)

NS#162: Reshuffle Special  

Emergency Politics Podcast! Stephen Bush is joined by NS deputy web-editor, Anoosh Chakelian, and Staggers editor, Julia Rampen, to discuss Theresa May's new cabinet appointments, pick their least favourite members, and speculate on what the changes might mean for Britain. (Stephen Bush, Anoosh Chakelian, Julia Rampen)

NS#161: Corbyn, coups and constitution  

In the latest podcast to tackle the week's fast-moving events, Helen and Stephen discuss the coup against Corbyn and how his response contrasts to the actions of Bernie Sanders in America. Also up for debate is Jeremy's popularity among members, the impact of Corbynite memes, as well as the shortcomings of some of his internal critics. And finally, you ask us: Can the Labour rebels form a new party? And how do you get a vote in Labour's leadership election? (Helen Lewis, Stephen Bush)

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