The New Yorker Animated Cartoons

The New Yorker Animated Cartoons

United States

RingTales brings the world famous cartoons of The New Yorker to fully animated life. They're short. They're smart. They're wickedly funny. They feature the hysterical work of renowned cartoon artists such as Sam Gross, Bob Mankoff and Roz Chast. Enjoy a bite-sized gift of comic comedy three times a week. Animation that's addictive. You can't watch just one.


The National Bird  

by Danny Shanahan

Car Talk  

by Zachary Kanin

Sheer Will  

by Harry Bliss

Leaf Club for Trees  

by Danny Shanahan

Payment Options  

by Danny Shanahan

Head Hunter  

by Jason Patterson

Beware Of Dog  

by Frank Cotham

Size Matters  

by Danny Shanahan

Save the Date  

by David Sipress

Door To Door Soulsman  

by Frank Cotham

Trick or Teeth  

by Danny Shanahan

Tax Terror  

by Jack Ziegler

Pumpkin Procedure  

by Alex Gregory

In the Dog House  

by Leo Cullum

That Crazy Bastard  

by Charles Barsotti

Horse Whisperer  

by Danny Shanahan

Don't Drink and Dart  

by Drew Dernavich

There Goes The Sun  

by Danny Shanahan

Cigar Buffs  

by Robert Mankoff

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