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The Next Faze

United Kingdom

The Next Faze is a podcast by Youtuber & Entrepreneur, Faisal Choudhry


Episode 007: Mohamed from Holland  

In this episode I speak to Mohamed from Holland about his goals in helping those with blindess and other disabilities. We also speak about how he left home at 13 years old in an attempt to gain independence. Enjoy!

Episode 006: Imran (IAmMediaUK)  

Imran is the man behind mine and Omar's latest documentary. A hugely talented cinematographer and film maker. In this episode we discuss what it is like to leave your job and go into running your own business, whether you should work with friends and family, and how to deal with parents who don't understand your business. You can hire Imran and his film crew for your weddings, events and personal projects via his website

Episode 005: Aonali Khan  

My good friend, Aonali is on the show today and we speak about university, friendships, cooking and more. Enjoy!

Episode 004: Amaan  

Amaan is a social media manager for one of the worlds biggest companies. But as usual we pretty much just go off topic from the start. Enjoy!

Episode 003: Abz  

Abz is a business marketing graduate who has been working in a graduate scheme for the past year. He talks about what it's like to go straight to a graduate scheme and also what it is like to leave home and go to a new city for work. He also happens to be a good friend of mine so we share stories from when we lived together at university. Enjoy!

Episode 002: Ajmal  

This episode is with personal trainer, dietitian and bodybuilder Ajmal. We discuss health and fitness tips and tricks, as well as how important diet really is! But mostly, we're just talking rubbish for an hour.

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