The No BS Guide to Life

The No BS Guide to Life

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The No BS Guide to Life gives you straight-talking, no-nonsense advice on how to navigate this ever-complicated thing called life.


How to Stay Motivated  

All the people you look up to or aspire to be like seem to be constantly motivated, driven, passionate and on point. Meanwhile, you're still in your pyjamas, watching the Game of Thrones box set. So how can you get motivated and stay motivated to actually do some shit with your life? I'm diving right in with my top five tips in this episode.

Living a Passionate Life  

Are you living your life with passion? How the hell can you do it? Why should you do it? And is it all about career?


Our addiction to our phones and social media is starting to make us pretty anti-social. Can we just put our frikkin' phones down and engage with each other in person for a bit?

Good Vs Bad  

None of us are all good or all bad, but it can be hard to remember that when someone does something we deem less than great. In light of the recent allegations against Bill Cosby, can we still appreciate his contribution to the arts while condemning his behaviour? And can we hold ourselves to those same standards? Let's discuss!

Monogamy Ain't For Everyone  

In the wake of the Ashley Madison hack where the not-so-earth shattering discovery was made that a lot of people cheat, I discuss how monogamy isn't the relationship ideal for everyone and perhaps we should be a little more open and less judgmental about that.

Bring the Good Vibes  

Today I'm talking all about spreading good energy and how we can do that through the smallest of things.

Go With The Flow  

Do you stick resolutely to a game plan, or do you allow the universe to take you where it will. There's a lot to be said for deviating from the blueprint you've laid out for yourself and just going with the flow. In this episode, I explore the virtues of going with the ebb and flow of life.

How Do you Define Yourself?  

Do you let your job define who you are? Today I'm looking at why we do this and how we can start judging ourselves and others by the truck load of other merits we have that make us awesome people.

How to Be an Early Bird  

Wanna be up at the crack o' dawn tackling your day like a BAWSE, but keep hitting the snooze button? In this week's episode I talk about the benefits of being an early bird, but also, working with the way your body is naturally wired to wake up. Either way, it's all about getting the most out of your day.

What Will People Think?  

Do you place too much importance on what other people will think of your choices? In this episode I discuss how to listen to yourself, own your decisions and step confidently into the life you want.

Dealing With Your Baggage  

Are you carrying around your baggage and doing everything you can to avoid dealing with it? Enough already! This week I'm talking about doing the work to deal with your 'stuff' and live a happy, awesome life like the true badass you are.

How to Be Successful  

This week I'm talking about success - what it means, how to achieve it and most importantly, how to define it on your own terms.

Your Online Life - Is it All About the Numbers?  

This week on The No Bullshit Guide to Life, we look at the #Instapurge and how we all seem to be caught up in the quantity of our online followers over the quality of them.

How to Grab Life by the Balls  

The No Bullshit Guide to Life gives you straight-talking, no-nonsense advice on how to navigate this ever-complicated thing called life.

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